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Never Ending

21 May

Life is full of decisions and choices, and we all want to make the best ones we can. Good decisions will often bring us results we like, but nobody is perfect and we’re all going to falter from time to time. There are a lot of things that may come into play that affected our ability to choose wisely. Maybe we didn’t get all the facts beforehand, or perhaps someone misled us, or we couldn’t see the whole story, or it was Wednesday. There’s a lot going on all the time and there are constant distractions happening around us. There is no way to do everything right every time. We might make a choice that just makes us uncomfortable, or it might be so far off the mark it blows up in our faces and everything crumbles. The worst disaster of all time cannot possibly last forever. Everything is always changing, and nothing is never ending. No matter what’s happened, it will eventually resolve. We might have to do some serious lifting to fix it, and we may need the help of others, but we will find all the answers we need and be able to repair whatever has gone wrong. Life will go on. A wrong turn is just that. It doesn’t mean we have to remain in place, or that there will never be the chance of success. We can re-direct our course and change direction at any time. The whole world is there for us and nothing can hold us down forever. There are unlimited roads to every destination and with determination and focus, we will find our way forward. There is endless potential for success, and we can do anything. By letting go of what went wrong, and keeping our eyes on the road ahead, we’ll find our way forward. We are powerful and wise, and will prevail.

If we’ve made a serious error in judgement, when it’s done, it’s done. We can do what is needed to correct our course ahead, and then move on. However, there may be someone who refuses to let us forget it, and may remind us of it constantly. We don’t need reminders of a past mistake, but they may bring it up over and over again. When they do, we can politely explain we’re aware of what happened and ask them to let it go. If they continue to hold onto it, it will be their burden to carry and we can ignore them.

Every experience teaches us something of value to carry forward. Instead of berating ourselves for making a mistake, we can look at everything objectively, see where we could have done things differently, and learn all we can from the experience. No matter what’s happened, life will continue, and tomorrow will come. We have unlimited chances to change our lives, and we can let go of any wrong turns and begin again. We have so much to offer. By trusting ourselves and stepping forward with confidence, we will succeed.

Today if you’re bogged down by a past error in judgement, remember how intelligent and capable you are. Previous mistakes do not determine your future. You are strong and wise, and have everything you need to reach any goal. Trust yourself and be confident. Every single destination is there for you and nothing can keep you from success.


13 Oct

There are all kinds of people in the world.  Although most of us try to be the best we can be, there are some who have other ideas.  They think nothing of lying, or cheating or displaying other forms of unethical and difficult behaviors.  They may be ruthless having no feeling or compassion for others.  Their reasons are their own and have no effect on our lives unless we let them close to us, unaware of their true nature.  If we fall into their game we may develop connections with them not knowing the full story.  We may end up in a nest of vipers without even knowing what happened.  But truth is very powerful and will always rise.  Nobody can fool everyone forever.  In time we will know the real story and if we want to change our situation, can do what is needed.  We are very intelligent and perceptive.  If things don’t add up, and there are continual doubts and questions about what someone is doing, we will uncover the truth.  Snakes are certainly sly and can be very sneaky but we can see everything clearly when we’re ready.  We deserve the best relationships possible and if we find we’re in a situation where we’ve been manipulated to believe things that are not true we can correct our course.  We can turn away from those who are disingenuous and dishonest.  Our lives are ours and no matter what connections we’ve made, if they are not what is best for us, we can disconnect and begin again.  Every success is possible for us.  By wisely choosing with whom we share our lives we will reach every desired destination.

Beautiful packaging can be interpreted as value.  Lovely words, compliments, and seemingly sincere offers to help can draw us in and make us believe we are cared for.  If the person offering these is honest and ethical we may develop a close and lasting bond.  But if they are merely playing a game to get something from us they desire, believing in them may bring us trouble in the end.  If things are not as they seem, we may question the situation and find the truth.  It’s good to trust others but if we discover that trust was misplaced we can step back and reroute our course.

If we discover someone we’re very close to hasn’t been honest and we have believed in a lie, we may be devastated.  We may blame ourselves for falling for them and decide we will never trust anyone else again.  Bad behavior belongs to those who use it and not those they hurt.  Believing someone and trusting them is appropriate.  If we find they have been dishonest, we are not at fault.  Every experience teaches us more about our lives and those with whom we associate.  We can learn as much from the situation as possible and take that knowledge forward to help us discern truth more effectively in the future.  We are capable of making excellent decisions, and using what we learn as we move forward will enhance our ability to succeed.

Today if you discover you’ve been tricked into believing something that isn’t true, step back and see the entire situation clearly.  You are smart and strong and can discern what is real.  Determine how you want to go forward and correct your course.  Be confident and wise.  Every success is available to you and nothing will keep you from it.

Letting It Go

11 Apr

Pain is a part of every life. Sometimes things go wrong, people make choices that hurt us, or unexpected developments derail our lives and we suffer. It’s impossible to live a perfectly happy existence every single day. We will get hurt from time to time, people will offend us, our plans will go awry, and we will fall. Although it’s unpleasant when we’re going through it, we can overcome whatever happens and find joy again. Sometimes if something truly disastrous happens, something that hurts us so badly we feel broken, we may struggle to keep going. When the pain is intense and it’s hard to face the future, we may hold on tightly to what has happened. It may seem holding onto the pain helps us hold onto what has been lost and we can hold on so tightly we hold ourselves in place indefinitely. If we can’t let go we can’t move forward. What’s done is done and what we do next is up to us. There is nothing, no matter how horrible or disastrous it may be, that can control our lives unless we let it. We can face any situation clearly, feel the sorrow for the loss and then let it go. Letting go does not diminish what has happened. We can grieve for what we’ve suffered and then move forward with confidence knowing we have overcome and will find happiness again.

It’s possible to get stuck going over the same scenarios again and again looking for answers. Sometimes it’s important to know why things went wrong if we’ve made a mistake so we learn from the experience and don’t make it again. But other times we suffer loss through no fault of our own because of situations out of our control or decisions made by others. If there was nothing we could do to prevent the loss, there is nothing to be gained by reviewing it over and over. Every experience teaches us something but we can only learn the lesson if we are willing to see it objectively and then move forward. We have all the courage we need to face whatever comes to us and we can rely on that courage to move forward and begin again.

The road ahead is filled with many experiences and events. In our darkest hours if we take one step forward there will be something new waiting for us. There are countless doors we may walk through that will bring us happiness and satisfaction. They’re all there just ahead waiting to be opened. If we stay where we are and hold onto what is gone we cannot get there. Our lives are precious and each day, each moment is a gift that once passed can never be recaptured. We can go forward a little at a time and as we gain strength discover limitless arenas of happiness waiting for us. Life flies by in an instant. We don’t need to give another moment away to something that has been lost. We can move forward into the sunshine and be happy.

Today if you’ve been holding onto a big disappointment or pain that hurt you deeply, you can set it aside and let it go. You have so much to offer and there is so much happiness waiting for you. Take a step forward and begin again. There is sunshine just ahead and light to find the way.

The Other Way

12 Oct

As we go through our lives we make countless decisions.  Many of them are of little consequence but some may have far reaching ramifications.  When we’re faced with an important decision we may take our time and consider all our options.  If we are careful and wise we will often come up with a solution that brings us the desired result.  But sometimes, despite everything we’ve done to make the best decision possible, things go the other way.  We may make a wrong turn and end up uncomfortable or worse.  There are risks with every decision and even when we try hard to be proactive and choose well we may be wrong.  It’s impossible to make the right decision every single time.  We are going to miss the mark at some point and when we do it may be hard to figure out how to go forward.

If we want to go on a road trip we often consult maps.  We look at the destination and find the route we most want to travel.  There are many, many roads to get to any destination.  We can take a super highway and cut some time off the journey or we may choose to take the side roads and visit all the towns we pass as we travel.  If there are problems with the road we’re on we can circumvent them by taking another one.  There isn’t just one way to get there.  The same is true of our decisions in life.  Although we may choose which way we want to go, sometimes the choice we make fails and we have to find another way.  And sometimes the destination we’ve chosen isn’t available to us at this time and we have to wait.  But no matter what happens, even if the road is closed for now, things will change.  We can re-route, make a new plan, find another way, and wait if needed.  We can go anywhere we want to go and do anything we want to do even if we have to wait.

When we’ve made a decision that fails and it’s important to us we may feel great disappointment.  We may be angry we didn’t get our way, and if others are involved we may feel it’s their fault.  However, the change in our plans may open a new door for us.  We may see something we missed at the beginning and we might find the new path we’re on is better than the original.  It is true that often when one door closes another opens.  We can always move forward, but we may have to alter our course to get there.  We are capable of being flexible and we can find our way no matter where we are now.  We can set the disappointment aside and see things clearly.  We can take a good look at all our options and find the best road.  There really isn’t anything we can’t accomplish if we keep our eyes on the goal ahead.  We can keep walking forward and we will find success.

Today if your plans have failed and you’re stopped at a road block, look around.  Consider all your options going forward.  You can re-route your course and find your way again.  You have everything you need to succeed.  Keep your eyes focused on the goal ahead and you’ll reach it.


16 Aug

There may come a time in our lives when we realize we’ve made a horrible mistake. We’ve chosen something that took us far away from where we want to be and the decision has impacted us greatly. We may feel devastated, and shocked at what has happened and where we are. And if the disaster is great enough and far reaching enough we may even believe we’ve ruined our lives. We might think it’s over – we’ll never recover from what’s happened and we’ll never be right again. Moments like that come to most of us at some point. We don’t know everything, we aren’t perfect and we will make mistakes. If those mistakes are disastrous and put us in terrible situations we may feel destroyed. Ruined. But no matter what has happened, no matter how far we are from fixing it, or how much we are impacted by the situation, we are never ruined. Being ruined implies utter destruction – complete annihilation. We are never completely destroyed until we die. If we’re still alive we can find our way through anything no matter how bad it seems.

It can be hard to forgive ourselves when we’ve lost our way and done things that bring us hardship and heartache. Looking back on the situation we understand where we went wrong because we can see all the facts. We may feel foolish and frustrated that we made decisions that brought us failure, and think we should have known better or could have predicted the ending more effectively. But we would never have chosen to fail purposely and we can’t know everything at the beginning. Although we can’t change what has happened we can correct our course and move forward from where we are. It can be humiliating and certainly humbling to falter. We learn as we go and the lessons learned when things go wrong can teach us a lot about how to be successful going forward.

The influence of others around us can be great. If we value them or love them we may listen to their advice even when we aren’t sure it’s what’s best for us. If we follow their suggestions and falter we may blame them for our situation. But we are in control of our lives and responsible for everything we do, influence or not. If we follow along and find failure, we are accountable. Others may be responsible for their part in our demise but our decisions belong to us. Saying it’s someone else’s fault prevents us from owning our part and learning from the situation. We can stand firm and accept a bad decision no matter what it brings. And then we can focus forward to correct our course and find success. There isn’t anything we can’t do and nothing we can’t fix. We are strong and capable and we can modify going forward. We have everything we need to be successful and happy. No problem or detour can keep us from success.

Today if you’re in a terrible situation because of decisions you’ve made face the problem openly and honestly. See where you went wrong and correct your course. You are smart and capable of managing anything that comes to you. This is just a detour and you will find your way around it. You have everything you need and you know what to do. Keep your eyes focused ahead. You will find success and happiness. You will prevail.