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Learning to Fly

30 Sep

There is so much we can experience in this life.  We try different things and learn a lot as we go along.  Sometimes there are things we dream of doing, things we want to do but aren’t sure we can manage.  We may be afraid we won’t succeed, or it’s frightening to begin.  We may dream about doing those things for a long time and because we’re unsure we may not try.  But we can accomplish far more than we believe we can.  We are capable of managing great changes, and we can master new things if we want to.  While some things may elude us, we can accomplish just about anything.  But it takes courage to begin.  The first step is the hardest when we’re hesitant.  We have to venture into uncharted territory, take action seemingly in the dark, and proceed with confidence even when we’re unsure.

Baby birds are very tiny and extremely fragile.  They begin their lives safely tucked in a nest that keeps them secure and they have a mother who protects them, feeds them, and watches over them.  But eventually they must stand on the precipice of the nest and make their first attempt at flight.  They can’t stay in the safety of the nest forever, and they must jump.  They have to push off the sturdy edge of the nest, and leap into the air with nothing to support them but their wings – wings they have never used.  Although it’s instinctual, and they are compelled to move forward, it must be with some trepidation that they jump.  It’s the same with us.  We get comfortable in our lives and our routines, and if we want to try something new we have to take the first step.  We have to take the leap of faith and believe we can do it, and we have to jump.

It’s easy to go through life doing the same, comfortable things.  It’s easy to make our lives predictable and simple.  It’s reassuring when are days are constant, and we can, if we choose, keep things in the same order all the time.  But if we really want to experience all this life has to offer, we need to take some risks, and try new things.  We don’t have to put ourselves in danger, but we can stretch to learn something new, something that takes us out of our comfort zone and gives us a new and refreshing perspective.  Often when we chance it and push ourselves into situations and experiences that are new and exciting, we start out tremulous and unsure.  But soon we find we are capable of managing the experience and when we’re on the other side having succeeded, we’ll be amazed and thrilled at what we’ve done.  We overcame the fear and accomplished something we didn’t think we could.  It’s extremely rewarding and helps us understand that just like those baby birds, we can jump, and we can learn to fly.

Today if you’re thinking about trying something new, something you want to do but aren’t sure of, go ahead and jump.  Take the first step.  Be brave.  You can do anything you want.  You can accomplish all your dreams.  There isn’t anything that’s too scary or too difficult for you.  Today is the day to open that door, and push into something new.  You’ll be amazed at what you’ll accomplish.  You’re a rock star.  Go for the gold!


Full Stop

29 Sep

Recently there was a story in the news about a young fast food worker who did something extraordinary.  During the dinner rush, a man came into the restaurant that was paralyzed and in a wheelchair.  After placing his order, he told the worker he needed help cutting his food up and eating it.  The worker got the man’s food, immediately closed out his register, and walked him to a table where he sat with him, cut his food for him, and helped him eat his meal.  Despite being busy, he saw a need and instead of brushing it off, he stopped everything to help.  It was a stunning example of compassion and generosity, and it was humbling for those around them to see the worker’s example.

Sometimes in order to help out, we have to bring our personal lives to a full stop.  We have to take our eyes off ourselves and our personal goals, and look another way.  We have to see those around us, notice what’s happening, and assist when we can.  Unlike the patron at the restaurant, the person in need may not ask us for help.  They may independently try to struggle through on their own.  But that shouldn’t stop us from offering.  If we see someone trying hard, struggling to do something, we can jump in, smile and offer a helping hand.  Everyone appreciates the kindness that comes when someone offers to help.  We all have a lot to get done, and some things are hard for all of us.  If we can extend ourselves in some small way to help someone else, we will be greatly blessed.  We will have a better understanding of compassion, feel humble for the opportunity to serve, and happy we extended ourselves.

Every day we have an opportunity to serve those around us.  Of course, if we choose to we can ignore the needs of others, and continue on our course.  Nobody would blame us for getting our jobs done and being focused on our personal goals.  But if we stopped to help and offered our time when the opportunity arose, and tried to assist and accommodate someone else, our experiences in this life would be enhanced and benefitted.  There is nothing that will teach us more about ourselves than when we are in the service of others.  We learn to be more patient, more kind, more gracious, and we become more noble.  It’s great to be successful in our goals, but it’s even better to be successful as people.  And we achieve no greater success than when we help someone else.

Today if you see someone in need, someone struggling alone, stop for a moment and offer your help.  Lift them by giving your assistance and showing you care.  You have great generosity inside you.  Share it with those around you.  Offer your hand, offer your time, and enjoy the gratitude you feel for the opportunity to help.  Make someone’s day easier and your day will be brighter and happier.

Good Intentions

28 Sep

There are lots of things we can do for others.  We can help in small ways to let them know we care, we can help with special projects, and we can be there when they need us.  In our busy lives though, there are times we may commit to something, and even plan on doing it, but time gets away from us or we get distracted, and it doesn’t happen.  If we drop the ball once in a while it’s generally not a problem, but if it becomes a consistent behavior trait, we may find we lose the trust of those around us.  Good intentions are nice, but if we don’t follow through they don’t mean anything.  There is an old saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”  Perhaps we won’t actually go to hell if we drop the ball, but it certainly won’t work in our favor.

We all have a lot to offer those around us.  Most of us want to be good friends and family members, and try to be there when the need arises.  We make promises to help and most of the time we follow through, but if something comes up and we miss the commitment, it’s important that we apologize.  Most people are forgiving when plans don’t work out and they’ll trust us again if we fail to show once.  But we need to be careful we don’t make promises we can’t keep.  If we say we’re going to be there and don’t show again and again, we will damage our relationships.  There is no way to prevent the loss of trust if we keep letting others down.  Trust is something we earn, and if we drop the ball and lose that trust, it can be hard to restore.

We can get caught up in situations when we’re asked to do something or be somewhere that will be difficult for us.  If the person requesting our help is adamant in their need, we may agree to be there even if we’re not sure we can.  The pressure to go along with an idea can be intense, and some people can be very persuasive.  But even if they are insistent, it’s up to us to make the best decisions possible.  If the situation is such that we aren’t sure we can follow through, we need to express that.  It’s important to state our concerns about the request, and clearly explain that we aren’t sure we can be available.  Keeping our promises is important, and if we aren’t sure we can, we need to say so.  It would be great if we could all do everything we’re asked to but that isn’t generally possible.  And so it’s up to us to define when we can and when we can’t.  We can be confident in making the commitments we’re sure of, and we can be just as confident in declining requests we can’t fulfill.

Today if you’re being asked to do something you can help with, commit your time and make sure you follow through.  If you can’t do it, be confident in declining the request.  It doesn’t mean you don’t want to help, and you will assist another time.  Have the best intentions by being clear about your ability to commit.  You are in control of your life and you know what you can do.  Keep the trust of those around you by being honest and careful in making your decisions.  A trustworthy friend is a valuable asset.  Be that person to those around you.

Being Happy

27 Sep

Most of us want to be happy in our lives. We try to do things that will bring us happiness and avoid things that will make us miserable. But being happy is more than just a state of mind. It’s important for our well-being, and there are studies that show happy people have better health. Some even suggest happiness may improve our immune systems. A strong immune system would certainly be beneficial. We are calmer when we’re happy, and more apt to be aware of our bodies and what’s going on around us. And happy people tend to make better decisions. Given these benefits, it seems not only desirable to try to be happy, but essential for a strong, and healthy life.

One way we can open the door to feeling happier is to learn to be grateful. We all have a lot to be thankful for but we take so much for granted. It’s wonderful to have clothes to wear and a place to live. It’s good to have food available to us, and fresh air. If we’re tired, a nice, comfortable bed is nothing short of a blessing. But we get used to these things and we can forget how much comfort they bring into our lives. If we try to remember to be thankful for everything we have, we’ll find more joy in our lives, and more happiness. If we’re feeling low, just writing down all our blessings at the end of each day, will remind us of how much we have and how blessed we are. Those feelings will bring joy into our hearts.

We have a lot of influence over others we come in contact with every day. If we are glum and grumpy, we may negatively impact their lives. But if we’re positive in our interactions with them, and express an attitude of happiness, we will brighten everyone we meet. Happiness is highly contagious. If we smile, most of the time the person we smile at will return one right back to us. If we share some positive message with them, they are likely to share it with others, and embrace it in their lives. Of all the things we can do to impact others, perhaps the easiest thing is to share joy with them. If we all tried to be more grateful for what we have, and share more happiness with those around us, we could change the world.

Today as you go about your tasks, remember how much you have to be thankful for. Remember all the positive things you have that bring you joy and comfort. And share a positive attitude with those around you. You’ll be amazed at the responses you’ll get. People will be drawn to you, and want to share their lives with you in return. Recognize your blessings. Rejoice in them. And share them with everyone you meet. Be happy.  You have the power to change the world.


26 Sep

Some of us are great public speakers and performers. We don’t have any problem getting up in front of others and being the center of attention. Some people climb tall towers as part of their jobs. They aren’t concerned about the height and like the challenge. Some people are firefighters who run into burning buildings to save others, and put the fire out. All of these things require courage. While we may not feel brave enough to climb tall towers, we’re probably great at something else that requires us to be courageous. Most of us have something we aren’t afraid of that makes others cringe with worry. But what about those times when we’re in strange situations, and we have to do something that makes us tremulous? Even if it’s perfectly safe, it’s something we are uncomfortable doing. How do we manage those?

Inside each of us are reserves of confidence and courage. We don’t have to draw on them every day, and we may forget we have them. But if a crisis develops and we absolutely have to do something extraordinary, we can pull from those reserves and get the job done. There are lots of stories about people having super human strength when they had to save someone else. Stories about people doing seemingly impossible things in extreme situations when it was necessary to save a life. The ability to do the extraordinary is within each of us. If a situation arises where we have to step up, we can. We actually do have super powers – when we need them.

Having faith in our ability to use extraordinary gifts is imperative. If we don’t think we can do something, chances are we won’t be able to do it. But if we go forward, determined that no matter what happens we will accomplish the goal, chances are we will do it. A lot depends on how much faith we have in ourselves. If we want to, there really isn’t anything we can’t do. If we want something badly enough, it doesn’t matter what or who is in the way – we’ll figure out how to make it work. Believing in ourselves is imperative to being successful at anything. If we are scared, we can still be courageous. What we believe we can do, we will do.

Today if you’re worried about accomplishing something that seems formidable, have faith in yourself. There isn’t anything you can’t accomplish if you want to. Believe that you have the power to overcome any obstacle and you will overcome them all. Get your head set to go and push forward. You will be successful and amazed at your abilities. You can to anything. Today is the day to make it happen.