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29 May

If we hurt our lower extremities and can’t put weight on them, we may use crutches to help us keep moving. They take the weight off the injured limb and help us continue to move forward despite the complication. It’s not easy to walk on crutches, but eventually, as we get used to them, we appreciate the support they give us so we can continue on. Crutches are helpful when we need them but once things have healed and we’re able to set them down, we can learn to walk again without them, and start over. In our personal lives, there may be times when we feel weak and unsure, and want an emotional crutch to help us through. Maybe we lean on those around us and rely on their judgement, or we step back and sit out important decisions because we don’t feel brave enough to participate. Whatever the reason, if we lack confidence, we may rely on the crutches around us to get through. There’s nothing wrong with leaning on something strong for support during times of duress, but if we make it our pattern and let go of our autonomy out of fear or worry, we may forget how capable and strong we really are. We have everything we need to do anything we like, and when we step forward, every answer will be available. We can depend on others to cover for us, and that might work for a while, but nobody knows what we need or what we want better than we do. Even if we’re unsure, we can make good decisions and take a step forward. We can go slowly and take each turn cautiously until we feel confident. The road ahead is there for us and we can find our way to the destinations we desire. Nothing is out of reach and success is always possible.

Facing a big hill on the road ahead can be daunting. The closer we get, the larger it seems, and at the bottom it can appear overwhelming and unattainable. It’s impossible to overcome a huge obstacle all at once, but we can take the first step forward, and then take another. It doesn’t matter how tall or wide the hurdle is, we can conquer it by taking each step forward. Inch by inch we’ll get closer to the goal, and if we persist, will reach our destination.

Strength comes from resistance. Every time we overcome a difficult situation, we gain greater wisdom and strength to carry forward. If we rely on others to hold us up and manage our struggles, we may get through them, but we won’t gain the blessings possible by managing them on our own. It’s good to get help when we need it, but we are wiser and more capable than we realize. Nothing is too difficult for us to manage and we can proceed with confidence that we will find the answers we need.

Today if you’ve been relying on others to get you through a complicated situation and don’t feel strong enough to manage things on your own, have faith and trust yourself. You have everything you need to handle any complications that may come. You are strong and wise, and can accomplish anything you desire. Step forward with courage and be confident. Nothing is out of reach. Stand strong and proceed with determination. Every answer is there for you and you will prevail.


12 Apr

We do thousands of things every day. We go places, we look at people, we talk, we interact, and everywhere we go and everything we do shifts our reality just a bit. We’re perceptive and when others impact us negatively or positively it can stay with us. If someone is rude to us it can make us feel bad for the rest of the day. And if someone is unexpectedly nice to us, it can brighten us and make us feel good. As we go through the motions of our lives we have the chance at every turn to make a difference. We can make the world a better place by doing something positive. Just one small act of kindness can lift not only the receiver but the giver, and all those who witness it or hear about it. We’re all connected and when we hear or see someone doing something good, we all feel better. Knowing that, if we determined to do one small positive thing every day, over time, we could change the world. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, we don’t have to donate money, or run into a burning house to save someone, or take all the neighbor kids to a movie, although those are all impressive. We could do something small to lift someone and make their day better. For instance we could help someone with a heavy bag, or cheer a crying child, or let someone who’s in a hurry go in front of us.  Those small acts don’t seem like much, but they can mean a lot. And they can change a day that is lonely or sad or stressed into something better. We are all capable of sharing goodwill, and each time we do, we bless those around us and receive blessings as well. If we decided every day to do one small act to make the world better, we would be amazed at how it lifts us and how much happier we’d be.

We can get caught up in our personal lives. We have a lot of responsibility and every day seems to bring more that needs to be done. If we focus only on ourselves and not those around us we might think we’re being more efficient, and maybe we are. But those around us are part of our world and impact our experiences here. When we look up and notice them we see they are just like us. They are trying hard to get things done too, and they have challenges and triumphs just like we do. If we extend ourselves just a little to let them know we’re aware of them and that we care, we would all feel more connected. And feeling connected is a wonderful thing. It makes us remember that we’re lovable and cared for, and it communicates the same messages to others.

There are countless ways to be of service.  Often, once we do one small thing to help out, it opens our eyes to something else. If we keep our eyes open and look, each day will bring us an opportunity to serve. Day by day as we practice extending ourselves we’ll notice that service makes us feel good. We feel better knowing we’re doing something noble. It doesn’t take a lot of time, it doesn’t take money, and it’s an easy thing to do. The blessings will be abundant – both to us and those around us. We can shift everything to the right, and be a source of great happiness.

Today look around you. See if there isn’t some small way you might help someone else. You’ll find it and when you do, offer a hand. Tomorrow do the same thing. Soon your perspective will change and you’ll feel more connected, and you’ll be happier. You’ll still be busy, but there will be a shift in how you see things. Bring the sunshine. You’ve got it all inside you.  Share it and it will return to you tenfold.


11 Mar

As we go through our lives we make millions of decisions. If those decisions don’t take us where we want to go, we may be unhappy. We may complain about our lot in life and think it’s unfair. We might say we should have gotten this or that, and we’re unhappy with our relationships, or family, or jobs.  We may say we never got the chance to do the things we wanted. However, we choose the direction of our lives and each choice we make takes us somewhere. If we aren’t going where we want to go we’re the only ones who can change it. We have the option to change anything at any time. If we’re unhappy we can change to find happiness. If we’re in a difficult relationship and feel uncomfortable, we can leave. If we’re unfulfilled in our jobs, we can find better ones. No matter where we are or what we’re doing, if we aren’t happy, we can chart a new course. There are a lot of reasons why we continue in situations that aren’t beneficial to us. If we’re unhappy and do nothing, we will continue to be unhappy.  But if we want to change, we can.  The choice is always ours. In the end, the choices we make give us the life we want most because it’s the life we’ve chosen.

Life can be complicated.  There’s a lot going on all the time.  Our relationships are important and we can get caught up in situations other people choose for us even if we don’t want them ourselves. We may feel we need to go along to keep the peace, or maybe it’s just easier. If we do that, we may end up living a life that isn’t genuinely ours but a reflection of what someone else thinks it should be. Our lives belong to us and every day is precious. What we do with our days is important. If we go along and make choices because we feel pressure or want to please someone else, we give away the chance to be ourselves. We are all unique and possess specific gifts for the world. If we keep those inside and only share what we’re told we should, or what’s expected, the world will miss the great blessings we have to offer. Nobody can give the world our gifts but us. We will always be at our best when we are uniquely and perfectly ourselves.

When movies are made, directors tell the actors what to do and how to do it in order for the desired message to be communicated. If we allow others to director our lives, we communicate the message they have to tell, not our own. But our messages are important and they are valuable. The way we see the world is different than anyone else. We don’t need a director to tell us what to do. We already know what we want to do. If we allow ourselves to make the choices we really want to make, we’ll be happy. We have all the courage we need to take control or our lives, and all the wisdom we need to find our way. In the end, we will surely end up with the lives we choose, good or bad. We make our own destiny. We can determine to make it happy, and uniquely ours. If we do, every day will bring us new promise, and our futures will bring us joy.

Today if you haven’t been living the life you really want, or if you dream of things being different, you can change. You can live your life any way you want to. You can do anything. You have everything you need to be happy and fulfilled. You know what you want. Point your eyes in the direction that will take you there. Choose your own path and determine your destiny. You have everything you need to get


18 Feb

In today’s technical age there are all kinds of ways to make things seem different than they really are. Pictures can be altered to produce images that aren’t real or make the subject appear to be more perfect. These techniques are used constantly in advertising and the media has made them commonplace. When our lives aren’t going exactly the way we want them to, or we aren’t exactly where we want to be, we may wish we had something like that to make us appear different than we are. We might wish to appear taller, smarter, thinner, more attractive, more confident or a dozen other adjectives. But there is no way to “Photoshop” our lives to make them look the way we’d like them to. We are where we are, and all the pretending in the world won’t change anything. Even if we could use illusion and deception to make things look different, it can’t last forever. Eventually the curtain will fall and we’ll be exposed. But if we don’t like where we are, and if the situation we’re in isn’t working, there are things we can change. If we don’t like what we’re doing, we can stop doing it. We can make any decision we want to and adjust our lives. We probably can’t make ourselves taller but we can change a lot. We can do more than just look different on the outside. We can truly change any way we like.

It takes time to figure out what we want and where we want to go. While we’re finding our way, we may try on different things to see if we like them. Sometimes they’ll feel natural and fit where we’re headed, and other times they’ll fall away. But as we’re striving to find what we want, our lives are going by and we are expressing ourselves as we are. Sometimes those expressions aren’t exactly what we’d like. Maybe our temper needs to be tamed, or our language needs improvement, or we want to alter our appearance to better suit the desired destination. It takes time to change but we will accomplish it step by step. In the interim, we may feel unsettled and struggle to find what works best. However, even if we’re in transition we can be confident. If where we are isn’t exactly where we want to be we can continue going forward until we get there. Continuing to move forward is the key, and the confidence that comes from doing that will help us. We are fine as we are now even if it’s not where we want to be. We can manage today as it is, and each day we move forward will take us a little closer to our goal.

Sometimes the idea of changing can seem daunting and if we choose to, we may instead live our lives dishonestly. We may pretend to be someone we aren’t, say we believe things we don’t, and go along with others even when we don’t agree. But if we choose that option we can’t share our genuine unique influence. We all have special gifts to offer that nobody else can give. If we keep those gifts to ourselves and instead pretend to be something else, the world will miss the blessings we have to offer. We have the distinct privilege of making a difference because of who we are. We don’t have to use illusion and we don’t need “Photoshop” to help us. Who we really are can shine through and be a positive influence on the world. If we want to change, we can. Whatever we want to achieve, we can achieve. Wherever we want to go, we can get there. But until we do, we can genuinely be ourselves along the journey. Our contribution is valuable no matter where we are in our lives. We have a lot to offer, and the world wants to hear it.

Today if you’ve been pretending to be something you aren’t, or if you’ve been trying to look different than you really are, let it go. You have so much to give and we all need your special influence. You are great just being you. If you want to change, you can. Until then, be the best you can be exactly as you are now.

Being Happy

27 Sep

Most of us want to be happy in our lives. We try to do things that will bring us happiness and avoid things that will make us miserable. But being happy is more than just a state of mind. It’s important for our well-being, and there are studies that show happy people have better health. Some even suggest happiness may improve our immune systems. A strong immune system would certainly be beneficial. We are calmer when we’re happy, and more apt to be aware of our bodies and what’s going on around us. And happy people tend to make better decisions. Given these benefits, it seems not only desirable to try to be happy, but essential for a strong, and healthy life.

One way we can open the door to feeling happier is to learn to be grateful. We all have a lot to be thankful for but we take so much for granted. It’s wonderful to have clothes to wear and a place to live. It’s good to have food available to us, and fresh air. If we’re tired, a nice, comfortable bed is nothing short of a blessing. But we get used to these things and we can forget how much comfort they bring into our lives. If we try to remember to be thankful for everything we have, we’ll find more joy in our lives, and more happiness. If we’re feeling low, just writing down all our blessings at the end of each day, will remind us of how much we have and how blessed we are. Those feelings will bring joy into our hearts.

We have a lot of influence over others we come in contact with every day. If we are glum and grumpy, we may negatively impact their lives. But if we’re positive in our interactions with them, and express an attitude of happiness, we will brighten everyone we meet. Happiness is highly contagious. If we smile, most of the time the person we smile at will return one right back to us. If we share some positive message with them, they are likely to share it with others, and embrace it in their lives. Of all the things we can do to impact others, perhaps the easiest thing is to share joy with them. If we all tried to be more grateful for what we have, and share more happiness with those around us, we could change the world.

Today as you go about your tasks, remember how much you have to be thankful for. Remember all the positive things you have that bring you joy and comfort. And share a positive attitude with those around you. You’ll be amazed at the responses you’ll get. People will be drawn to you, and want to share their lives with you in return. Recognize your blessings. Rejoice in them. And share them with everyone you meet. Be happy.  You have the power to change the world.

Under the Influence

20 Aug

Every day as we go about our lives, we are exposed to other people. We may talk with them, spend time with them, and get to know them. As we share our lives, we learn things about each other, and we have the opportunity to exchange ideas. They will learn from us, and we will learn from them. What we learn depends on our relationship with them, their authority over us, our respect for them, and how they live their lives. If they are people we admire, we will appreciate their influence, and may try to emulate them. And the same is true for them. If they admire us, they will appreciate us, and may adopt some of our behaviors and actions.

We are responsible for everything we do, and we must answer for every action, both positive and negative. That responsibility includes how our behaviors affect others. If we are rude and mean, and negatively impact someone else, we will answer for that. Defending bad behavior, saying we learned it from our families, or we are just giving back what we’ve been given, will not excuse us from hurting others. There is no excuse that will take away hurt feelings. However, if we are kind and patient, and lift those around us, we will answer for those attributes as well. We rarely, if ever, receive any blessings in our lives when we are badly behaved. When we hurt others through commission or omission, it does not elevate us. If this is a pattern in our personalities, the chances for personal growth and development will be hindered. But if we are kind and gracious, if we are patient and helpful, rewarding blessings will return to us.

When we are considerate to those around us, they are often considerate to us in return. If those we interact with come to know us as patient and caring, and as someone they can trust, we are more likely to build strong relationships that are positive. Because everything we do affects those around us, it’s important to remember that although we have the right to live our lives any way we see fit, almost everything we do will impact someone near us. We can be the ones who set the standard for kindness, who wait a little longer and are a bit more patient, and who offer encouragement instead of criticism. If we do these things, those around us will find comfort in their relationships with us. There is already enough suffering in the world. We can do our part to ensure we don’t increase it by being kind, caring, patient, and loving, and making sure our influence is positive.

Today take care and pay attention to your behavior when you interact with others. Remember to be patient and show you care so that those around you will learn they can trust you, and be comfortable with you. Be kind, be caring, and be supportive. You will never regret the blessings you will gain. Share the good you have to offer. It will return to you tenfold.

What if?

28 May

Have you ever had a near miss where the hit would have been devastating? For instance, a car pulls right in front of yours, and you have to slam on the breaks, and just before you hit it you stop. Or you slip going down the stairs, and at the last minute are able to grab the rail – just in time. Or maybe you’re at a ball game, and a wild ball whizzes past your head just as you bend forward. Near misses. What if you hadn’t been able to stop, and you hit that car going so fast? What if you had fallen all the way down the stairs to the tile floor below? What if you hadn’t bent over just as that baseball came flying at your head? Near misses are frightening. Looking back at them on the other side can shake us. We wonder, what if?

Our lives are filled with “what ifs.” A thousand things could go wrong. If we think about all the possibilities of what could end in disaster, and how many things could misfire and lead to destruction, we may begin to wonder how on earth we’ve survived for so long. Everything can turn in a moment. In a fraction of a second, everything could change. It’s unsettling to think about, but thankfully, so far, we’re still here.

In our lives we can become complacent. We have our routines, we do our stuff, we take care of things, and generally we don’t  really think about the risks of what could go wrong. If we thought about every danger that could happen, it could keep us from moving forward. After all, we really can’t be successful at anything if we’re afraid of everything, so we just soldier on, and try not to think about the “what ifs.” We assume that everything will pretty much work out, and most of the time it pretty much does. But sometimes it doesn’t. And then everything changes. We can’t predict what is coming our way. We can only deal with it when it arrives. And sometimes the “what ifs” happen to us all.

There are no guarantees for any of us. Since we don’t know what lies ahead, perhaps we shouldn’t take a single moment for granted. Perhaps we should be more thankful for each day we have that goes well. Every single day that we get to do what we want, every single day that things go well, every single day that we survive – we should be grateful.

Today, think about all the blessings you have in your life. There are a lot of them. Don’t take any of them for granted. We have a lot to be grateful for. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, but you have today. It’s a wonderful gift to have today. Don’t forget that. Make it count. And don’t forget to be thankful for it.