12 Apr

We do thousands of things every day. We go places, we look at people, we talk, we interact, and everywhere we go and everything we do shifts our reality just a bit. We’re perceptive and when others impact us negatively or positively it can stay with us. If someone is rude to us it can make us feel bad for the rest of the day. And if someone is unexpectedly nice to us, it can brighten us and make us feel good. As we go through the motions of our lives we have the chance at every turn to make a difference. We can make the world a better place by doing something positive. Just one small act of kindness can lift not only the receiver but the giver, and all those who witness it or hear about it. We’re all connected and when we hear or see someone doing something good, we all feel better. Knowing that, if we determined to do one small positive thing every day, over time, we could change the world. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, we don’t have to donate money, or run into a burning house to save someone, or take all the neighbor kids to a movie, although those are all impressive. We could do something small to lift someone and make their day better. For instance we could help someone with a heavy bag, or cheer a crying child, or let someone who’s in a hurry go in front of us.  Those small acts don’t seem like much, but they can mean a lot. And they can change a day that is lonely or sad or stressed into something better. We are all capable of sharing goodwill, and each time we do, we bless those around us and receive blessings as well. If we decided every day to do one small act to make the world better, we would be amazed at how it lifts us and how much happier we’d be.

We can get caught up in our personal lives. We have a lot of responsibility and every day seems to bring more that needs to be done. If we focus only on ourselves and not those around us we might think we’re being more efficient, and maybe we are. But those around us are part of our world and impact our experiences here. When we look up and notice them we see they are just like us. They are trying hard to get things done too, and they have challenges and triumphs just like we do. If we extend ourselves just a little to let them know we’re aware of them and that we care, we would all feel more connected. And feeling connected is a wonderful thing. It makes us remember that we’re lovable and cared for, and it communicates the same messages to others.

There are countless ways to be of service.  Often, once we do one small thing to help out, it opens our eyes to something else. If we keep our eyes open and look, each day will bring us an opportunity to serve. Day by day as we practice extending ourselves we’ll notice that service makes us feel good. We feel better knowing we’re doing something noble. It doesn’t take a lot of time, it doesn’t take money, and it’s an easy thing to do. The blessings will be abundant – both to us and those around us. We can shift everything to the right, and be a source of great happiness.

Today look around you. See if there isn’t some small way you might help someone else. You’ll find it and when you do, offer a hand. Tomorrow do the same thing. Soon your perspective will change and you’ll feel more connected, and you’ll be happier. You’ll still be busy, but there will be a shift in how you see things. Bring the sunshine. You’ve got it all inside you.  Share it and it will return to you tenfold.

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