Being the Storm

13 May

“Fate whispered to the Warrior, “You cannot withstand the storm.”  The Warrior whispered back to Fate, “I am the storm.”   Unknown

Life is filled with opportunity, challenges, problems, blessings and a million other experiences. We will all face moments of great joy, and we may face moments of intense sorrow. Nothing is sure, and everything can change in an instant. The road we’re on may turn or get blocked, the relationships we thought were solid may fail, we may suffer financial ruin, or any number of unexpected developments that stop us in our tracks. It’s hard to feel confident if the rug has been pulled away from under our feet. It’s hard to trust if we’ve been betrayed. It’s hard to look ahead when all we can see is trouble and pain. There may be times when we believe we can’t go on, the trial is too great, and we are sure we will never survive. But we are stronger than we think we are and even though there’s no way to know what will happen next, nothing can stay the same forever. No matter where we are or what’s going on, we can be sure it will change. How that change comes and where it takes us is anybody’s guess, but one thing is certain, we can trust ourselves to be able to face whatever comes. There is greatness inside us no matter what is going on around us. We have sufficient courage, stamina and intelligence to uncover every answer we need to find our way forward. Bad times may come, but nothing is powerful enough to hold us down indefinitely. We don’t have to simply endure the storm, we can decide to be the storm, take control, stand firm and step forward with clarity and determination. There are endless blessings waiting. There is untold success just ahead, and we have everything we need to reach them and make them ours. 

Nobody gets a perfect life filled with paved roads, and endless peace and happiness. This is the real world with millions of other people making millions of decisions. They may be making choices right now that will impact our lives. We may be sailing along and moving forward with little resistance and suddenly it may all disappear. Our plans may become impossible due to factors beyond our control. We never have to do anything we don’t want to do, and if our goal becomes too difficult we can certainly set it aside. Postponing a journey does not end it, and failure only comes when we give up and quit. There isn’t anything we can’t manage, and if we keep our eyes on the road ahead, we will reach every goal.

Sometimes it seems nothing goes right. It’s like the planets have aligned against us and everything we touch falls apart. When trouble comes, we may be helpless to change it today, but tomorrow will bring another set of circumstances and new chances to start again. By keeping our vision clear, and seeing everything objectively, we will find the way ahead, and be able to continue forward. We are powerful, strong and fierce, and nothing, absolutely nothing can keep us from success.

Today if you’re struggling and it seems you can’t get ahead, stop and clear your thoughts, and look at everything around you. The answers are already there. Be fierce and step forward with confidence. You are amazing, and every destination is possible. Every dream, every goal, and every journey awaits. Continue moving ahead, and you will find great happiness and satisfaction.


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