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Better Late

23 May

Life is busy and we often have a lot of things to take care of and accomplish. It would be nice if we had people to do our chores, run our errands and take care of details for us, but that is a luxury most of us don’t have. It’s always nice, despite our busy schedules, to make time for friends and family. We might set up lunch dates or times to walk and talk together or any number of other activities that re-connect us and allow us to share our lives. When we set a time to meet, we expect everyone to be there. If someone is late, we can be understanding and continue on, but if they’re late every time it may become an issue. There is an old saying, “Better late than never,” well maybe. We can certainly excuse late arrivals once or twice, but if it’s a constant issue, and every time we set a time to meet the other person is consistently, habitually late, it may become a problem. Our time is valuable, and deserves to be honored. Constantly showing up late shows a lack of respect and can logistically create problems for our personal schedules. If we see that our appointments with someone will always run late, we can decline future requests to meet. We are always in control of our own lives and never have to do anything that doesn’t work for us. We can make excellent choices and decide how we will proceed in every instance. Our lives are ours to design and with clarity and focus, we can choose the best way forward.

Some people have trouble keeping their word. If they don’t show for appointments, and don’t follow through on commitments, it will be hard to trust them. They may apologize profusely when they drop the ball, and promise it won’t happen again, only to forget the promise the next time something comes along. We’re all responsible for our own lives, and every decision we make – good or bad. Nobody will cover our mistakes indefinitely, and we must accept accountability for every choice. If we’re negligent, we will face the consequences of our actions. Change is always possible, and when we’re ready we can correct any problem or issue.

Blaming others or situations when we’re at fault never works. If we’re irresponsible we can say it’s the way we were raised. If we’re rude we can say the situation warranted it, and on and on. We can try to excuse any bad behavior, and others might believe us for a time, but that won’t work indefinitely. By looking at every choice carefully, choosing the best path forward, and keeping our word, we will gain the trust and companionship of those around us. We can create the lives we dream of by being wise and considerate of others. Every goal is possible if we’re willing to follow through and do what is needed to make it ours.

Today if you’ve dropped the ball on a commitment, decide how you want to proceed. There is greatness inside you, but it’s up to you to choose the better part. There isn’t anything you can’t do, and every dream is possible. Be the best you can be and every door will open. You are amazing. Show us your best, and every success will follow.

Holding the Bag

20 May

We share our lives with lots of other people. Everyone has their own responsibilities and things they must address, and we all have things we continually need to get done. We’re all different and not always on the same playing field. Some of us have more money than others, more opportunities, more influence, more contacts and endless other benefits. We each have specific and unique lives, can control some things, and deal with the rest. When we interact with those around us, we may make commitments to do things, or be somewhere to help or assist in some project or task. If we’re honest when we make the deal and keep our word, generally everything works out fine. But some people don’t value honesty or loyalty, and may say they’ll do something they have no intention of following through on. If we’re the ones they gave their word to and they fail to show, we may be stuck holding the bag. It may be very uncomfortable to have issues we didn’t commit to pushed over onto us because someone else didn’t follow through. If that happens, what we do next is up to us. We can shake our heads, drop everything, and simply walk away, but if that affects others negatively, even though we weren’t initially at fault, it may come back to bite us. We can try to choose what’s best for all involved, but that may require our time and energy. By looking at everything clearly and objectively, we can decide how we want to proceed. We never have to cover for anyone else’s bad decisions, and can make the best choice for each situation. Every answer we need will be there and we can trust ourselves to choose wisely. The decisions of others may complicate our lives from time to time, but we know who we are and can move forward with confidence.

Families are complex. We all have our own ideas about how things should go and what should be done, and they may vary greatly even in the same family. If one person struggles with poverty, some may step up to help, and others may not. Each has their own reasons, and despite being in the same family, they may philosophically be very far apart. We can do what we like and make our own decisions, but still be respectful of those whose choices are very different. Few things have only one right answer and there are endless interpretations for everything. By staying true to who we are and honest with those around us, we will feel good about our choices, even if they are different.

Wherever we are, if there are others around us, we may feel pressure to conform to the group. If we make a suggestion they don’t agree with, but it will benefit our situation, we can proceed on our own. We never need permission or agreement to do anything we desire. We know what we want to do and possess everything necessary to make it ours. If we need information, we can find it. If we need help, we can ask for it. There isn’t anything too difficult or complicated for us to manage, and with persistence, focus and determination, we can accomplish whatever we desire.

Today if you’ve been left holding the bag because someone didn’t follow through, decide how you want to proceed. If the goal is important, look at all the possibilities and choose the best road ahead. You are intelligent and capable, and there isn’t anything you can’t do. Trust yourself and stand strong. Every single destination is possible and nothing can keep you from success. It’s all there for you. Step forward and claim it.

Breaking Through It

24 Mar

Our lives are often busy and we never know what we’ll face each day. Our plans may change, the road we’re on may get blocked, someone might step in the way, or any of a million complications may arise. There’s a lot going on much of the time, and if we’re concentrating on getting our chores, responsibilities, meetings and other commitments done, the time may fly by without notice. It’s hard to think about our personal goals when others are relying on us to take care of things, and we have a lot of distractions. We may have a job where we can set “office hours,” times when our door is open and others may interrupt us. It may be understood that outside of those defined periods, we are not to be bothered. It’s very convenient to be able to define when distractions may interfere, but in the real world, there are no such restrictions. Things happen, we get turned around or bumped off course, and it may be a long while before we can reset and start again. It’s important to take care of our needs and responsibilities, but our personal goals are also important. No matter where we are or what’s going on, we are always in control of our lives. We can manage our time in ways that allows us to get things done, but gives us time for ourselves. We can break through all the noise and activity, and find respite and contemplation. It doesn’t have to be a long time, but it needs to be dedicated to ourselves to ensure we’re moving toward what we desire most and are doing what we need to be happy. We can be loving and caring and give to others, but we are the most important person in our lives. If we’re not happy, nothing else is going to work. By making ourselves a priority and taking the time we need, we will find great peace and satisfaction. Every goal is possible, and with patience and clarity, we can have the lives we want the most.

Fear is a powerful emotion. If we let it, it may hold us in place and keep us from our dreams. How we think will often predict what will happen. If we want something but are afraid we can’t achieve it, it’s likely we will never succeed. Nobody knows everything and it can be intimidating to step onto a new road when we have no idea how it will go. But as the saying goes, “Fortune favors the bold,” and if we trust ourselves, and push ahead despite our uncertainty, odds are we’ll win. We have all the courage we need to do whatever we desire. We can break through any doubt, and find great success.

Routines and patterns may be deeply ingrained in our lives. If we’ve been doing the same things for a long time it may be daunting to think about changing things up. We know where we are, we know all the players and we know what to expect. But the whole world is there for us and limiting our experience simply out of habit will never take us where we most want to go. Every single dream is possible if we’re willing to do what is necessary to make it ours. We are stronger and more powerful than we imagine, and nothing is out of reach.

Today remember you are the most important person in your life and you deserve complete happiness. Take the time you need to think about what you want the most and make a plan to achieve it. There is greatness and power in you and nothing is out of reach. Dream big and step forward with confidence. You are amazing and every success is possible. Move ahead and they will all be yours.

Acorns and Oak Trees

15 Mar

Most of us have seen acorns on the ground. If we live in areas where there are a lot of oak trees, in autumn they may be everywhere. After they fall we may rake big piles of them, but the ones we miss may get buried in the ground and become oak trees. An oak tree can grow to be enormous, and its wood is strong and durable. When we look at a full grown tree, it’s hard to imagine that a small, little acorn could have produced it simply by being buried and taking its time. There are endless things we can do in our lives, unlimited places we could go and many goals we may achieve. At the beginning, some things may seem too hard, too complex or too difficult for us to consider, but if we are determined, like the tiny acorn, we can do something big. Trees aren’t formed overnight. They grow one cell and one layer at a time. It’s the same for us. We can do anything if we take things in small bites and build as we go. There is no rush to reach success. We can take our time, look at everything objectively, and move ahead step by step. Life is constantly changing and with each development we can adjust our trajectory to stay on track and keep moving forward. When we want something badly, it’s hard to be patient, but not everything will come easily. By building one layer at a time, and keeping our eyes focused on the road ahead, every destination we desire is within reach. We are capable of accomplishing anything. We can be confident of success if we’re willing to do what is necessary to make it ours. Every dream is possible, and we can have the lives we want the most.

It would be so great if all we had to do to change our lives was make a wish. We could wake up in the morning ten pounds lighter, our jobs could magically become fulfilling and rewarding, and our bank accounts would be filled with cash. Yes, that would be amazing, but since nobody actually lives in fantasyland that isn’t going to happen. If we want something different we have to do something different. Change is always possible but will only come with effort. Nobody is going to show up and fix everything we don’t like. It’s up to us to design our lives the way we want them. Nothing is out of reach, and when we’re ready, we have what we need to make our dreams come true.

Some people don’t like change and want to keep everything exactly as it is. If we need their agreement to do something, and they refuse to budge, we may feel stuck. What we want may not be possible right now, but life is constantly changing and there are many roads and endless ways to reach any destination. If one avenue is blocked we can go around another way. If we must wait, we can work on something else that moves us forward. We are creative enough to find the answers we need that move us closer to the destinations we want the most.

Today if you want a change but it seems too hard to achieve, trust yourself. Remember the acorn, and take the first step forward. There isn’t anything you can’t do, and with patience and focus, every goal is possible. You are smarter and stronger than you think you are, and nothing is out of reach. Be confident and stand firm. Your dreams are possible, and you will achieve them all.

Sticks and Rocks

4 Mar

There is a lot of uncertainty in life and we never know what will happen next. There’s no way to see what’s around the next bend or what lies ahead. The best we can do is build the best foundation possible in our plans, and modify them as needed to accommodate whatever changes may come. When laying the foundation for a road, the area is plowed smooth and cleared of debris before the first layer of pavement is applied. If rocks and sticks are left in the way and get covered, as they move or disintegrate, they will compromise the strength of the base being prepared. As we try to lay a strong foundation for the future, if we ignore problems that need our attention, or leave issues unsettled, just like sticks and rocks in the foundation, our plans may become unstable and falter. Nobody likes to face difficult, hard to manage situations but looking the other way and pretending they don’t exist will never help us move forward. Crap happens, and it’s going to happen to us all at some point. What we do when things go wrong will impact how successful we are as we move ahead. By taking the time to unravel complications and find solutions to problems as they arise, we can pave the road ahead and make our journey easier. We are wiser and more capable than we imagine, and there isn’t anything too complex or hard for us to overcome. Every destination is possible if we take care of problems along the way, build a solid foundation, and do what is needed to succeed. We can go anywhere and do anything, and nothing is out of reach.

When there is a lot to do or a long way to go, we may look for shortcuts and ways to make the journey easier. Shortcuts may seem like a good idea, and sometimes they work out just fine, but if we miss necessary steps that ensure our success, they may come back to bite us in the end. If there’s a big event coming up we want to look our best for and have put off losing the ten pounds we wanted to lose before it happens, we may decide to go on a starvation diet to try and lose it all in two weeks. That’s definitely a short cut but it’s so extreme it may not work. By looking at the goal clearly and openly, we can choose the best way to achieve it without taking shortcuts, and reach success.

If we want to accomplish something, but do nothing to prepare to get to the goal, it’s unlikely we’ll get there. If we need to alter our plans due to complications or unforeseen changes, we can. If we need more information, we can get it. If we need help, we can ask for it. Everything we desire is possible, but we must put forth the effort required to make it ours. We are powerful and strong, and have all the wisdom we need to do anything we like. Every goal is possible, and when we’re ready, nothing can keep us from success.

Today if there’s something you want to do, begin laying the foundation to begin. You have everything necessary to prevail and all the answers you need are there for you. Decide what you want the most, and chart your course forward. Every dream is possible, and nothing is too difficult or complicated for you to manage. Trust yourself and be confident. All your dreams are there waiting. Step forward and make them yours.