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Peter Pan

7 Oct

As we grow and go through our lives we learn new things and develop new behaviors.  As we get older if we want to succeed we must mature and take on the attributes of fully capable adults.  We must learn how to reason and make adult decisions, and exercise self-control to help us manage all kinds of different situations.  If we neglect to mature we may find ourselves stuck in situations that hold us in place and bring us hardship.  Like Peter Pan if we refuse to grow up we will be unable to move forward.  If we can’t commit to relationships, or can’t perform in a steady work environment, or can’t behave rationally when things go wrong, we’ll get stuck.  Childish behavior is appropriate for children but will generally impede our progress as adults.  People with childish tendencies may be difficult to work with and if we’re involved with them may complicate our lives.  If we don’t have these characteristics it’s probable we’ll meet someone during our lives who does.  And if we must work with them or have a relationship with them it may be turbulent and difficult to navigate.  If we fall in love with them we will probably be disappointed and hurt.

When children don’t get their way, they may stamp their feet and march off in disgust.  They may refuse to talk, or voice their dissatisfaction by screaming and yelling.  Because they don’t have adult understanding, when they are furious they may display that fury in a number of difficult ways.  As adults, when things go wrong we may certainly do all the things we did as children to express our unhappiness but those behaviors won’t allow communication and resolution.  Even if the answers seem obvious to other adults, if we’re stuck in a childish pattern we may not see them.  But we certainly have the ability to change and we can learn how to effectively manage conflict and disappointment.  We can learn how to be capable adults and manage our problems and challenges well.  Learning to be fully functioning adults will help us move forward more easily and open doors to success.

Becoming a true adult doesn’t mean we have to let go of childlike wonder or the pure joy of life.  We can still enjoy fun activities and need not restrict our ability to try new things.  But acting like an emotional child when we’re fully grown will only impede our progress and complicate our lives.  Being a true adult helps us change when we need to and embrace growth as we move forward.  We have all the courage we need to allow ourselves to grow and are capable of becoming truly functioning adults.  We can recognize what we need to change and do what we must to facilitate the growth we are seeking.  There isn’t anything too difficult for us to understand and we can succeed.

Today if you see behaviors in your personality you want to improve to become more successful you can begin to change them.  You know what’s important and you can change anything in order to succeed. You have all the courage and understanding you need to become the person you most want to be.  Be the best you can be and all the doors ahead will open for you.