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Under Water

19 Apr

Every day we experience something new. We can manage our own lives but most of what comes to us is beyond our control. Other people constantly make decisions we know nothing about, circumstances change, and sometimes the road that was clear and open yesterday is completely blocked and cloudy today. Lots of things can change all at once and we may find ourselves suddenly and completely overwhelmed. Like being under water we can see what’s around us and manage things for a time, but if we want to survive, we must find a way to surface. It’s unlikely any problem we face will have the threat of actual death, but it may seem we’re being destroyed if all our plans have suddenly collapsed and we’re left standing in the wreckage. We may feel like we’re drowning and can’t breathe. Terrible things may happen, disasters may come, and in the beginning, we may have no idea how to get through, but we are stronger than we think we are and already possess everything we need to succeed. We can trust that no matter what comes we’ll find our way. We can take time to regroup, see the options before us and then step forward toward the future. Life is filled with uncertainty and we can’t predict what will come, but everything we need will always be there for us and we will find the road ahead. There will always be another day and the sun will rise again. Nothing is powerful enough to hold us down forever, and we will prevail.

People are creative and when they’re determined to do something, will figure out how to get to it. They may not care if what they want pushes us out of the way or blocks us from the road we want to take. They may take something we wanted for ourselves and barely look back as they rush forward. We can learn to modify our plans when needed, adjust to unexpected changes, and continue forward despite any unplanned developments. We know what we want and are smart enough to find our way to the destinations we desire, no matter what comes.

Some people are loud and need to broadcast every success they achieve. “Look at me, look at me,” they seem to say. It’s nice to get recognition when we’ve accomplished something difficult, but the real prize is what we’ve learned and how we’ve grown along the way. Everything we do teaches us something new and as we struggle through difficulties and complications, we gain skills we can take with us in the future. Nothing can compare to the great satisfaction that comes from overcoming a very hard challenge. We are intelligent and wise, and can solve any problem that comes, no matter how complicated or tangled. Success is always there for us and we will achieve it.

Today if the road ahead is suddenly no longer available and everywhere you look there are problems and complications, step back and look at all the options before you. Decide how you want to proceed and look forward. You have everything you need to reach the goal. Nothing can overcome you and you will find success. Be confident. You are amazing and capable, and will find the way.


3 Oct

We have all kinds of personal connections in our lives.  There are family members, trusted friends, lovers, partners, associates, co-workers and the list goes on.  In order to build our connections we must have contact with each other to create a strong and viable relationship.  When we want to talk to those near us or spend time with them, if they are continually unavailable the relationship will suffer.  Connections require continued contact to be healthy and vibrant.  If the door to them is always shut we will eventually grow apart and in time may lose the relationship altogether.  If we want to be close to others we must be present with them.  There is no way to have a lasting association with anyone if we’re never there.  Everyone is busy and it’s easy to get caught up in all the details we have to address every day.  But our relationships are important and help us throughout our lives.  When we share our lives with others and enjoy the give and take that meaningful connections bring, we are happier and more fulfilled.  It’s good to spend time with others and learn about them, get their input, and share our experiences.  Life can be complicated and sometimes difficult.  Having close connections will always be a benefit to us in any situation we encounter.  We can take the time we need to build strong relationships and nurture companionship and friendship.  We’re all in this together and are far more connected than we may realize.  Our lives are embellished and improved when we share them with others.  The world is a huge place and there are many who would value the friendship we offer.  We can share our lives with those around us and find great blessings going forward.

Intimate relationships don’t happen all at once and need time to develop.  When we’re close enough to someone else to share our most personal thoughts and dreams, our lives are enriched and we feel the joy of the connection.  If we want a deep and personal link to someone else, we must be willing to share our time with them.  If we aren’t available, are too busy when they want to be near, or are constantly distracted, there will be no way to build the close relationship we desire.  Wishing for a deep, rewarding relationship will not make it reality.  We must invest the time and effort needed to get there.

We don’t have to be close to anyone if we don’t want to.  It’s possible to go through our entire lives without building a single intimate relationship.  But the rewards of sharing our lives completely with someone else are great.  It’s easy to feel isolated and alone in the world but when we are completely accepted and understood by someone else, we feel validated and important.  Life brings us great blessings.  Those blessings are enhanced when we share our lives with others.

Today if you’ve been doing everything by yourself, think about engaging someone near you.  Open your heart and share your life with them.  Build a strong and close relationship and great blessings will follow.  You have so much to offer and we all want to know you.  Reach out and let us in.  Your connections will bring you great happiness and reward.

One Tiny Boat

28 Apr

The world is a big place. There are billions of people and endless miles of geography. We comprise limitless cultures, languages, and experiences all at the same time. There is so much diversity and distance that our lives can seem insignificant in the large scope of things. It’s like being on the ocean in a tiny boat. The oceans are enormous, and one small boat is nearly impossible to notice in such a huge expanse. With the millions of people on the planet and the great distance it covers we might feel like that small boat, and that we don’t count in the big scheme of things. But we’re important, even significant. We are all here for a purpose. And we are the only ones who can live our lives for that purpose. We are essential and necessary. And even if our boat is very small we can have a great impact on the waves ahead. Every living thing makes an impact of some sort. Nothing is worthless. Everything counts. Even the tiniest organism makes its mark on what’s around it. Our presence here, no matter how small we believe it to be, will leave a mark as well. What kind of mark we leave depends on what we do.

Each day brings with it endless opportunities. We have the chance to serve, to help, to offer support, to be happy, to give back, and to extend ourselves to others. We also have the chance to be selfish, self centered, focused only on our own lives, and keep ourselves apart. We can live our lives any way we choose. If we only want to see ourselves and strive for what’s important to us, we can. We can shut ourselves off from others and live a solitary existence. We don’t have to reach out except to serve our own needs. We can be in our tiny boat with the doors locked shut and the hatches secured. But if we do that, the world will never gain the blessing of our presence here. We all have special gifts to offer. We all have unique and individual blessings to give. When we provide them freely, and allow others into our lives we change everything. Every interaction creates another, and every experience brings something new.

Sometimes we might think we don’t have anything to offer. We’re just ordinary, average people going through our lives. But there is no such thing as ordinary or average. We are all unique and have special gifts only we can present. Each of us has our own perception of every situation and sometimes our perceptions are the ones that will change things for the better. Maybe our thoughts are the very ones that make a positive push forward. Sometimes what we offer is exactly what is needed to move ahead. If we keep to ourselves, our suggestions and comments will go unheard. Nobody knows how much impact they have on those around them. A simple word may change someone’s whole perspective or lift a burden that beforehand felt too heavy to carry. We are all connected to each other in ways we can’t possibly comprehend. Each gift we offer, each time we help, every word of encouragement is valuable. We are a priceless gift to the world. Yes, our boat may be small but it may be the one thing that turns the tide. We have so much to offer. The world needs us all and everything we have.

Today if you feel insignificant and unimportant remember you are the only one like you in all the world. You are unique in every way and we need you. You have things to share we all need. Your influence is vital and essential. Share it and show us who you are. The world is better because you’re here. We’re all better because you’re here.

Heads or Tails

30 Jan

We have a lot of choices in life and make millions of decisions as we go along. What will we wear, what will we eat, where will we go, who will we see, what will we do, the list is endless. Sometimes the decisions we make are important and the way we choose alters our lives in one way or another. If we choose badly when there’s a lot at stake, we can lose a lot. If we choose well, we gain. But sometimes there is no one right answer. All the options are possible and appropriate. If all the roads we can take are good, how do we choose between one or another? It seems strange but at times like that, when every possibility is workable, those decisions can be the hardest to make. It’s like flipping a coin. There is no right side to the coin when we choose. It just depends on how it lands. If we’re considering which road to take and they all look good, perhaps it won’t matter which one we choose. But every road has an end, and every choice takes us somewhere. If we can determine exactly where we’ll be be at the end of the road, we will choose more effectively.

Ice cream comes in many flavors, and if we like ice cream, we probably like a lot of them. Chocolate is rich and deep, strawberry is light and fresh, butter pecan is creamy and incredible, mocha is amazing, and all the others have wonderful qualities as well. If we go to a shop with dozens of flavors, it’s hard to choose. It doesn’t really matter which one we pick because they’re all good. When we’re facing a decision with lots of possibilities, and they all look good at first, we can take some time to evaluate all the parameters of each choice, and we’ll be able to narrow the field. Then we can choose what most fits what we want to achieve. If it’s a decision we can only make once, we’ll have to weigh all the options more carefully. If it’s something we can change after we’ve started, and the first choice doesn’t work out, we can stop at any time and choose another road.

Our lives have no “re-do” option, like games we played as children. Once we do something, it’s done. It will always be done, and nothing we do can undo it. We can’t go back and edit or delete anything. It will stand as it happened until the end of time. That’s great if we always make the right choice. But mistakes happen and if we aren’t happy with a choice we’ve made, although we can’t go back and make it again, we can modify our lives, turn our course, and change direction. There are few things in our lives that can’t be adjusted or corrected. We can’t change what’s been done, but we can change ourselves, and where we’re headed going forward. We are in control of our lives and every decision we make. If we aren’t happy, we can do what is needed to change things. If we aren’t where we want to be, we can alter our course to another direction. There isn’t anything we can’t do. Making decisions will help us find our way. Making them well, will take us where we want to go.

Today if you’re unsure about a decision you need to make, and all the options look good, take a closer look. You’ll notice differences and find the one that fits the best. You already know where you want to go and what you want to do. Choose the choice that takes you there. You can do anything you want. You are perfectly capable of making excellent choices. Today you will do just that.

Changing Directions

6 Jan

Being in control of our lives is something most of us strive for. We want to make our own decisions, and live the way that makes us feel happiest and most authentic to who we really are. We have a lot of connections with those around us and sometimes we find that although our relationships start out with a dynamic of give and take, sometimes they change and we feel we are giving more than we are comfortable with. If that happens, we may feel we’ve lost some control over our lives and it can be uncomfortable. If the relationship is important to us we may be concerned about trying to change it or even discussing the issue openly. But just because we may need to modify something in the situation, doesn’t necessarily mean we must abandon it. Being in control of our lives doesn’t always mean we have to stop what we’re doing. Sometimes it just means we have change direction.

Interpersonal relationships are made up of people, and people are complicated. We have all kinds of ideas, emotions, plans and dreams constantly rolling around in our heads. Those complications can make even small adjustments seem bigger than they really are. If we’ve decided our life needs to go a specific way and are adamant about those parameters, relationships may become difficult for us. There is not one true way to live a life happily or successfully. There are limitless varieties, each worth as much as the one next to it. If we decide there is only one way to do things, it may be difficult for us to give in our relationships. Success with others is often directly related to our ability to compromise. After all, the other person’s ideas, emotions, plans and dreams are every bit as valuable and worthwhile as our own, even if they are very different. It’s important to remember that. We all want to feel cared for, respected, and have our ideals honored. Nobody wants to be in a situation where they must do everything somebody else’s way.  There must be both give and take if we want to succeed.

It’s fair to ask for what we want and what we need in our lives. It’s appropriate to make adjustments when we feel those parameters aren’t being met. We can modify our relationships and still succeed at them. We are entitled to live our lives in ways that make us comfortable and if we’re giving too much away, if we aren’t being valued, if we’re being ignored, or if we feel uncomfortable, we can make whatever changes are necessary to create a better situation. Sometimes if the other person is unwilling to change and we are struggling, or if they refuse to compromise, the relationship may fail. But it doesn’t fail because we want the change. It fails because it’s not workable the way it is. We deserve to be happy. If we have lost some control, we can change directions. If those we care about really care about us, they will want us to be comfortable and happy. But we must tell them what we need. When we do, we may be amazed at how quickly things improve, how much better we feel, and how much closer we are because we worked together to go forward.

Today if you feel you’ve lost some control over your life and need to change direction to regain it, you can do that. Tell those involved how you feel. Speak up and explain clearly what you need to be happy. If they truly care about you, they will work with you and help you change things so you are facing the direction that takes you where you want to go. This life is all about adjustments. You can make them and you can be happy.