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10 Oct

We all try to avoid complications when working on a project or moving toward a goal. If we see something coming that might delay us and we have other options, we may steer away from it and continue forward. But we can’t see everything and there’s no way to know what lies ahead. A curve in the road may block a big detour or someone may make a decision that stops us in our tracks. Although we’re always in charge of our lives and have control over every decision we make, sometimes things get out of control because of circumstances beyond our reach. It’s like driving in the wintertime and coming upon a patch of black ice. Once we’re on it, even though we’re still holding the steering wheel, the car may veer out of control. If we remain calm and keep our wits about us, we can maneuver ahead without crashing into something. The same sort of scenario may happen in our lives. We may be moving along and then suddenly, without warning, an unexpected complication derails us and we have to quickly decide what to do next. Anything can happen, and we must be prepared to manage any surprises that come. We have all the wisdom we need to manage any problem or obstacle in our path, and with patience and clarity, can determine what we should do. We can navigate around any issue and there will always be another way forward. There are unlimited roads to every destination we desire. If the one we’ve been traveling is suddenly impassible, we can view all the other options possible, change our focus, and start again. Every goal is attainable and we have everything we need to succeed.

Sudden changes can create great stress and discomfort. If we let frustration or anger take over, it will be nearly impossible to figure out our next steps. We can’t think about options for the way forward if we’re consumed with disappointment for what hasn’t worked. It’s normal to feel discouraged when our plans fall apart, but we don’t have to let that control us. We can step back, refocus on what we need to do next, and then step forward with confidence that we will prevail.

If we’ve determined there is only one way to move forward and that has been blocked, we may decide the goal isn’t worth the trouble and let it go. We can always change our minds about anything in our lives. When problems arise, we can turn away and start on something new. But stopping every time something goes wrong will only ensure we’ll stay exactly where we are. There will always be unexpected developments and rarely will things go exactly the way we planned. We have all the intelligence and determination we need to find a new way forward, and continue toward the goals we seek. Nothing can keep us from reaching anything we desire.

Today if all the plans you’ve made have suddenly gone up in smoke and you can’t see the way forward, take a moment to objectively look at all the possible options before you. There will always be another road and nothing is out of reach. Decide what you want and then take the first step toward it. Every destination is there for you, and nothing can keep you from success.

In All the Way

6 May

As we choose our goals and decide where we want to go, we evaluate many different options. Some things might seem like what we want when we first think about them but after we see exactly where they’ll lead, how much work they’ll take or what the end result will be, we may change our minds. There are unlimited things we can do and endless places to go. It’s up to us to choose what we want and how we’ll proceed. Once we decide, we can begin moving toward the goal and press forward until we achieve it. We can do anything we want, but it’s unlikely we’ll go anywhere if we aren’t completely committed. Deciding to do half of what’s required or only moving ahead when everything is easy may keep us from reaching any goal. If we’re only somewhat interested in moving forward, we’ll only be somewhat successful. True success is only achieved when we’re focused on the goal and determined to reach it. We can’t be in only part of the way and expect success. Few roads are without problems and detours, and when issues arise that complicate our plans, if we aren’t committed to reaching the goal, we may turn away and decide not to continue. There will always be plenty of reasons to quit. We can always change our minds at any time, but if we want to reach a goal and gain the prize, we must be determined no matter what happens we’ll continue moving forward. Every destination is possible but we’ll only reach them if we refuse to stop pressing ahead. The road may get rough, the skies may get cloudy and we may miss a turn or two, but if we want the goal, nothing can keep us from it. Our lives belong to us and reflect every decision we make. We can do anything we desire and have the lives we dream about, if we’re willing to do what it takes to reach success.

Nothing in life is perfect. When we want something and are working toward it, something is bound to get in the way. We may have some false starts and rewrites, have to change direction a time or two, and the road may be longer than we thought it would be. Things may get complicated and difficult, and we may get lost trying to push ahead. Lots of issues may arise and we may get frustrated and overwhelmed but as long as we continue to step forward, we’ll get closer to the goal. It doesn’t matter how much effort it takes. Nothing can keep us from our destination if we’re determined to prevail.

Sometimes the road ahead is far more difficult than we imagined. There is no defined time table for success, and life is always changing. If we can’t manage the goal at this time, we can set it aside until our circumstances improve and we can start again. Every goal is possible and when we’re ready and the time is right, we can achieve anything we desire. We can have the lives we dream about and find every success.

Today if you’re thinking about a change, decide what you really want to do and take the first step. You can achieve anything you desire. You are smart enough and strong enough to find your way to any destination. Dream big and then make your dreams come true. You are powerful and wise, and nothing is out of reach.

Out of Sight

3 Nov

Living in the moment and keeping our eyes open to everything we’re experiencing helps us get the most satisfaction out of our lives. When we’re consciously aware of everything around us and what we’re doing we can make the best decisions and choose the most effective ways forward. But sometimes we might look another way. If there is something difficult to manage or painful to look at, we may choose to ignore it and keep our eyes averted. It’s fine to concentrate on other things while we work out issues that are pressing but if we keep our eyes away from what needs our attention we may find the situation worsens and there are more complications because of our neglect. If we need time out to think and determine our way forward we can take it, but if our time out becomes an escape hatch we may create complications. Truth is truth. It exists whether we face it or not. It’s best to look at every situation openly, see what’s really happening and do what is needed to move forward to bring us what we really want. Out of sight might take things out of focus but they will still remain. We are in control of our choices and can choose to face every situation as it arises and make the best decisions going forward. We are designing our lives and can make them any way we like. Happiness is there for us when we do what we want most and move forward toward the destinations we truly desire.

Everyone has dreams about how they want their lives to go. It’s good to dream and plan but if we want anything to come to us we must take action. Dreaming about traveling the world is great, but doing what is needed to make that dream a reality will bring success. We can do anything we desire and there is nothing out of reach if we are willing to take the necessary steps to make it happen. The longest journey always begins with the first step. We can take that step and continue forward until we reach the goal.

Our lives are busy and sometimes we must set goals aside while we manage other important responsibilities. Nobody can do everything at once and it’s wise to manage our priorities in ways that allow us to get things accomplished. Setting goals aside may be necessary but we must return to them if we want to reach them. We can revisit them as soon as we are able, reach any goal we desire, and create the lives we dream about. Being aware and remembering what is most important, and then choosing to move forward on the path toward success will bring us satisfaction and happiness. We can do anything. Being mindful, carefully planning and remaining aware will help us make all our dreams come true.

Today if you’ve been ignoring something that is holding you back, turn around and look at everything openly. Decide what is needed to address the situation and move forward. You know what you need to be happy. Take the first step on the road that will take you there. You are amazing and there isn’t anything you can’t do. Be strong, be confident, and make all your dreams come true.


23 Jun

“You just can’t beat the person who won’t give up.”  Babe Ruth

There are many challenges in life and sometimes when we’ve been striving for a while we may feel overwhelmed and ready to quit.  If we stop pressing forward we can’t move ahead but sometimes the stress of the battle wears on us and we may entertain the idea of giving up.  Nothing ensures failure more effectively than giving up.  We can do anything we want and if we choose to let go of a goal because it’s too hard or takes too long we may stop and move on to other things.  However, if we really want to succeed we can look at the options in front of us and find a way forward that will allow us to move ahead.  If we don’t quit we succeed.  We can’t lose if we never give up.  Nothing is more powerful than consistent determination.  Some things are difficult to achieve and some dreams will take a lot of effort and time but continuing forward is the only way to win.  We can be invincible in our resolve and decide that no matter what comes we will not give up.  Everything is within our grasp but we may need to reach far and stretch wide to gain it.  We have all the power we need and we can accomplish anything we decide to do.  All our dreams can come true if we’re willing to do what it takes to reach them.

When we’re struggling toward a goal and things are going wrong there may be some who will encourage us to stop and let it go.  They may not understand why we’re striving so hard, they may be concerned that it’s too much work, or they may want us to stay as we are today.  Everyone has their own opinions but we may choose what we want in our lives.  It doesn’t matter is others don’t agree, it doesn’t matter if it’s hard to reach the goal and it doesn’t matter if nobody goes along with us.  We can do what’s best for us and reach any goal we desire.  We don’t need permission or agreement.  We own our lives and may design them any way we choose.

Some dreams take a lot of work to achieve and the road may be long and difficult.  For a caterpillar to become a butterfly it must first completely digest itself.  Everything is reduced to the cellular level and then it reorganizes into the completely different organism we know as a butterfly.  When we want to make a big change in our lives we may need to modify many things in order to achieve it.  We may need to change the way we see things and how we look at our lives, re-evaluate our personal decisions or our relationships.  We are capable of doing whatever is needed and if we don’t give up nothing will stop us.  The world belongs to us.  We can do anything we want and have all the power we need to get the lives we choose.

Today if you’ve been working hard toward a goal and are tired of the struggle, before you give up think about what you really want.  You have all the power you need to succeed.  Keep moving forward and you will be successful.  There isn’t anything you can’t do.  Everything is there for you.  Reach again and you will win.

Batter’s Box

2 Dec

There are a lot of things we all want to do as our lives progress. We can’t possibly do them all at once but while we’re involved with other things we can prepare for what we want to do next. Getting ready to move forward will enable us to begin as soon as possible. Simply waiting for things to change will not bring success. If we don’t prepare for what’s coming, we may miss our opportunities when they appear. It’s like being in our own personal batter’s box ready to start when our time comes. In baseball, the batters warm up before the game and then sit waiting in the box to be called. When it’s their time, they step up confident and ready. We can be prepared for the next step in our lives as well, by planning ahead and being aware of where we are. Life belongs to those who take it. Sitting around and simply waiting for success will never work. We must be ready to move forward. We can plan for our futures today by doing what is needed to prepare for success and being ready when our opportunities arrive.

As we go through our busy lives it’s easy to get caught up in what we’re doing and set our future goals aside thinking we’ll get to them later. We’re busy and it’s hard to think about the things we want to do when we’re so wrapped up in what we’re doing now. The problem with setting goals aside when we’re busy is we’re always busy. Expecting the perfect moment to appear when we’ll have nothing to do but plan for our future is futile. There are few times in our lives when everything will be done. If we want to accomplish a goal, we must plan for it even when we’re actively engaged in other things. We can look at it, determine what we need to complete it, and with each passing day choose to do something to prepare for it. It takes conscious planning and thought to prepare for success but even when we’re busy we can find the time if we’re motivated enough. We can’t get more time into our days but we can manage our time to allow for what’s most important to us. Planning for success will help us achieve it. Achieving the goals we most want will bring happiness.

Coasting through our lives and simply managing what comes every day will keep us busy and involved. There will be countless complications, endless tasks to finish, and a continual list of things to do. Being busy allows us to get a lot of things done but if we aren’t directing our lives toward completing the goals we most want we won’t feel fulfilled and satisfied. If we want real happiness, it’s important to focus on what we most want to achieve. We can prepare and be ready for when we are able to move forward. Our lives belong to us. Planning for what we really want and then accomplishing it will bring us happiness and success.

Today if you’ve been busy and putting off something you really want to do, think about how you can prepare to accomplish it. Plan for success going forward and lay the groundwork for your future. You’ll be ready when the time is right. You have everything you need to do anything you want. Get ready, get set, and when it’s time, go forward.

Overnight Sensation

21 Nov

Overnight Sensation

“Picture an egg. Day after day, it sits there. No one pays attention to it. No one notices it. Certainly no one takes a picture of it or puts it on the cover of a celebrity-focused business magazine. Then one day, the shell cracks and out jumps a chicken.” Good to Great, Jim Collins

When we see famous people who suddenly arrive on the scene they may seem like overnight sensations. One day we never heard of them and the next they’re on the cover of every popular magazine. It’s easy to think of them zooming to the top rung of the ladder all at once but that probably isn’t the truth. Often “overnight sensations” have spent many years pushing forward and working hard to get where they are. Nobody saw them when they were working three jobs to get ahead, or paying their dues for years on end trying to move forward. It’s like an egg. Nobody really pays much attention to them until the day they start to crack and a baby chick presses its way out. Then the egg gets our attention. It seems like a momentous event but in actuality the chicken has been working hard all along. It grows and develops and moves forward each moment until the day comes to break free. Although we may see the hatching as a big deal, it’s just the next step in the process for the chicken. The same is true for success in our lives. It doesn’t usually come overnight and without effort. We must plan and work and prepare for it and once we’ve done what is needed to make it happen, it arrives.

We all have dreams of things we want to accomplish. Some of them are easily attainable and we make plans and get them done. Others are loftier and take more work and time. If we are determined to accomplish a big goal, we must do what is needed to achieve it. We can push through day by day, overcome whatever obstacles stand in our way, and continue forward until we reach success. Once we achieve success it may look to others like it happened overnight. But that isn’t the truth. Nobody will know everything we had to do to get there, or see all the sacrifices we had to make or the problems we had to solve, and there is no way for others to understand all the difficulties we had to face. All they really see is our success.

There are few instances of true overnight successes. While it’s possible that something great could happen to us without any effort that won’t generally happen. We are like the egg working behind the scenes doing what is required to succeed. We have everything we need to accomplish almost anything we desire. It may not happen overnight, but if we work at it and do what we must to move forward, we will achieve success. We can fulfill our dreams step by step and day by day. There really isn’t anything we can’t do and we will succeed.

Today if you’ve been working hard and still haven’t reached your goal, keep moving forward. It may not happen overnight but you have everything you need to win. You will achieve your goal. Success is just around the next turn and you will reach it. Take another step forward. You’re almost there.

Just Passing Through

6 Sep

Life is a journey and each day we move a little further down the road. We’re always moving forward to something else and we meet people, make friends, build relationships, and experience countless things. Wherever we go and whatever we do there are things to learn and see. It’s a continual journey. Nothing stays the same forever and no matter where we are we will move forward to something new. We can plan and prepare for the kind of lives we want and we can succeed. But even after achieving goals we desire, we will continue on the journey. There is no end to the road here on earth until our lives end. We may be settled in, live in the same place, work the same job and associate with the same people for years on end, but our personal journeys continue. We are always learning and growing. Although we may be directed in one way or another, where we’re headed is often up to us. We can look ahead and determine exactly where we want to be and guide our path in that direction. Our lives belong to us and we are in control of them. We can achieve anything we desire. We can go anywhere we choose. There isn’t anything we can’t do and despite what comes we can decide where our journey will take us.

Disappointment and sorrow are a part of life. Nobody gets a life filled with rainbows and sunshine every single day. Things will go wrong. We will be hurt. We may suffer grief and despair, loneliness and sadness, and we may feel overwhelmed. But no matter where we are, we are only passing through. We won’t remain in any situation forever. Life cannot be stopped. It always continues forward and as it does, our situations will change. If we are sad, the sadness will lift. If we are despairing, the answers will come. If we are heartbroken, we will heal. Time continues on and brings with it the soothing balm of relief. We sometimes can’t believe we’ll ever get through when we’re struggling with very difficult situations, but we will find a way. Each day that passes will bring comfort and peace and no matter how bad a situation is, it will change. Our happiness will return and the light will shine again.

Sometimes we may decide we want to change course. We may want to find a new road to travel. If we’re headed to a destination we no longer desire, we can turn another way. We can change anything at any time. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been going along or if others think we should keep traveling forward. We can step off and start another path whenever we choose. It’s all up to us. We can go anywhere we want to go and do anything we want to do. Our lives belong to us. We can pass through places that don’t fit and continue on. We can choose our personal destination at any time. We can have the lives we really want, do the things we most want to do, and be the people we strive to be. We can do anything.

Today if you’ve been passing through and you’re not where you really want to be, adjust your course. You can do anything. You know who you are and what you want. You can make all your dreams come true. Turn your direction to the destination you desire. Everything you’re hoping for is waiting for you and you will have it.