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28 Aug

We can do anything we want, and make any decisions we desire, good or bad. Our lives are always in our control and we can take any road, and choose any path we like. We may make good decisions most of the time, but life can get complicated and sometimes the waters can get muddy. Maybe someone who has influence over us wants us to do something that goes against our values, or is dishonest. Or someone we love does something wrong and asks us to keep it to ourselves, even though it may hurt others. We can do anything we want and if we go along with things that aren’t in our best interest, may justify the decision because of our relationships or some other excuse. We can try to justify anything and we might be able to explain the situation away in some ways, but there is no way to change the truth. Explaining our reasons for making a wrong turn will never make it right. We can talk until we’re blue in the face, but the facts will still remain. Nobody is perfect and we all err from time to time. Hanging onto a bad decision and trying to convince others it’s really a good choice will never work in our favor. It’s exhausting, and unlikely to bring the results we’re seeking. If we’ve made a mistake, we will suffer the consequences. No justification can keep us from reaping the harvest we’ve sown, but all is not lost. When we falter, we can acknowledge the situation and then do what is needed to correct our course, and repair any damage we’ve done. We are strong and wise, and can change direction at any time. Every goal is possible, and with determination and careful consideration, we can make the best decisions to reach them.

It’s nice to dream about how life could be, and when we’re unhappy we can spend all the time we like imagining a better situation, but dreams will never change our reality. If we’re unhappy, and aren’t on the road we want to travel, we can do what is needed to change. Nothing is permanent and we can step onto a new path at any time. We need only decide what we want, and then begin to move toward it. Our lives are in our control, and we can do anything we like. We deserve complete happiness and satisfaction, and can make choices that will take us to it.

Decisions are a constant fact of life. Every single day we make dozens of them, and every step we take is affected by the choices we make. If we find we’re headed in the wrong direction, continuing forward will not magically turn us toward where we want to go. The wrong road will never turn into the right one on its own. We’re in charge of our lives and can stop, consider all possible options, and then choose the best way ahead. Every dream is possible and we can achieve the goals we desire most.

Today if you’ve made a bad decision and have been trying to justify it to yourself and those around you, reconsider the way forward. You already know what you want. Change your course until you’re headed in the right direction. Make decisions that will bring your dreams into focus and create the life you desire the most. Everything is possible. Be wise and thoughtful, and every dream can come true.

Fabricating Happiness

3 Jul

We interact with many different types of people on a daily basis. We connect with them as we move through our lives and build relationships with those we enjoy, those we love, and those on whom we rely. Many times, those connections bring great pleasure and security to our lives but sometimes we may build a relationship with someone who makes choices that bring us disharmony and confusion. If we want strong and healthy relationships there must be complete honesty in our interactions. But some people aren’t consistently honest and bend the truth to suit their needs. It’s not pleasant to confront a lie and we may choose to give them the benefit of the doubt despite their choices. It’s difficult to be in a relationship with someone who lies or pretends that things are different than they really are. Truth is truth and the only way to live successfully is to face it openly and completely. Wanting to believe in a lie will never make it the truth. Looking the other way in the face of dishonesty will never bring us happiness. Everyone makes their own decisions and we are all accountable for every choice. We can choose to be honest in all our dealings and build strong relationships based on real trust. We never have to go along with a lie. We can live straight and true to the values we honor and choose the right at every turn. When we do we will find happiness and peace going forward.

Few things in life are constant. Things change continually and just when we’re sure we know what will happen next, something turns us around and everything is different. Our situations are constantly in flux and if we want to reach success we must be clear and honest about our intentions and desires. We can’t control what may happen but we are always in control of our decisions. If we are honest and up front in our interactions we will more effectively find the path we need to travel and reach the goals we desire.

Honesty doesn’t come on a sliding scale. There is no such thing as being somewhat honest, or honest most of the time. We either are honest is our dealings or we aren’t. If we bend the truth, color the facts to get what we want, or pretend that things are different than they are, we are lying to ourselves and those around us. Lies may bring us immediate gratification but they will never bring us lasting happiness or success. We can face our lives as they are even if they aren’t where we want them to be. Change is always possible and if we aren’t happy we can truthfully and honestly do what is needed to modify our course to reach the happiness we desire. Our lives are our responsibility and our choices make us who we are. We can choose well and find great contentment and success.

Today if you’re dealing with someone who isn’t honest with you, look at the situation openly and completely. Let the facts show you the truth and decide how you want to proceed. What you choose tells the world who you are. Show us your best and lead the way to success.



14 May

The world is a big place with millions of people making all kinds of decisions.  Many people are kind and loving, and make choices that bring goodness and charity.  However, there is wickedness all around us and sometimes those who seek it make decisions that create problems and danger for the rest of us.  Although there is plenty of light for us to trust and rely on, there is also an element of darkness just a step away.  As we navigate our lives sometimes our path is influenced by pressures around us and we may end up somewhere far away from where we want to be.  Those who wish to control or manipulate can be very cunning and convincing, and if we aren’t careful we may be fooled into following them.  When we allow others to control our lives or color our decisions we may choose things that impact us negatively.  We know what we want and have all the power we need to achieve anything we desire.  We can be wise in our decisions and choose the best way forward even in the midst of confusion.  If we take the time to see everything objectively before we decide we will find the road that will take us where we want to go.  Our lives belong to us and we are responsible for every decision we make.  If we take a wrong turn we can change direction and redirect our course going forward.  Nothing is permanent and even if we’ve gone far away from where we want to be we can find our way back.  We deserve every happiness and success.  Nothing is impossible and we can do anything we desire.

There are many influences around us all the time and if someone wants something from us and it compromises our standards they may try to convince us by telling us they’ll only ask us this once and never again.  If we care for them we may go along but if we step away from our core values one time it will be easier to do it again.  Once we open the door to options outside our ethical standards we may muddy the waters going forward and it may become harder and harder to find the road back to where we really want to be.

Some people lie to accomplish their objectives.  If we do, we may well reach the goal but the lies will follow us and until we’re ready to tell the complete truth will live dishonestly.  There is nothing positive to be gained by deceit or trickery.  It will only lead to more lies and more confusion.  Our lives may get so tangled up and turbulent it may be hard to find our way forward.  We can always stop and correct our course and choose another road.  We can turn toward truth and choose wisdom going forward.  When we do we will find comfort and clarity, and every option will be available to us.

Today if you’ve been tempted to do something that is not in keeping with your personal standards, remember who you are.  You are precious and valuable, and every choice you make expresses your worth.  Nothing is more important than your personal integrity.  Be wise and make excellent choices.  They will take you where you want to go and bring you increased success.  You are powerful and intelligent, and nothing is out of reach.  Choose wisely and every destination will be possible.

Nobody Knows

14 Jan

They say everyone has secrets of some sort. Maybe there are personal things we keep to ourselves or maybe we lie about our age, or our background, or stretch the truth when talking about our experiences. Or we may be dishonest about big things like if we were married before or have broken the law. We can say anything we want and can be honest or lie. We can do things privately when nobody is looking, perhaps unethical or even illegal things, and hope no one finds out. We may think if nobody knows what we’re doing we’ll get away with it and be fine, but nobody is perfect, and we may leave a trail that leads back to us. If we’re found out we may deny the allegations, but once we’ve done something, no matter what it is, it’s permanent and cannot be undone. It will be there forever. Doing something badly or dishonestly can never bring us happiness. Our personal integrity is priceless. It’s worth more than anything we could ever acquire or own. If we compromise it, even if nobody knows, we lose. We are what we do and in the end if we choose well, even when it’s hard to make a good choice, we will gain. We can choose the higher course and opt for nobility even when other options arise. There is nothing more powerful than being honest and true, and it shows in everything we do.

Some people think if nobody knows what we’ve done, it’s like it didn’t happen. It’s almost as though they believe in a parallel universe where our secret actions can hide, never to be revealed. We could live two lives at the same time – the one we live out in the open and share with others, and the one we live in secret doing things we hope nobody will ever see. However, deception will complicate our lives and get in the way of our decisions, and can block our way forward. Only by being honest and straightforward, by living cleanly and openly, will we ever achieve our greatest hopes and dreams.

A spider’s web is an intricate and sticky creation. It’s designed to hold whatever crawls onto it or gets too close. Once captured, struggling only increases its hold on the victim and it’s impossible to escape. When we tangle our lives up with dishonest choices and lies, when we hide what we’re doing and keep secrets, we create a personal web that captures us and holds us tight. Everywhere we turn we must be careful not to reveal some private information or let others too close. If we continue the deceit, we may find ourselves stuck and unable to move forward. But we can free ourselves by choosing to be honest. Each time we make a good decision it will open a new door for us, and in time, we will be able to let go of all the trappings we created. There is nothing better than an honest, noble life. It will bring us happiness and peace, and we will move forward with confidence.

Today if you’ve been tangling your life up with the complications of dishonesty and secrecy, change your path going forward. Living openly and nobly will open all the doors for you. Choose wisely and move ahead with confidence. You deserve the best of everything and choosing well will bring it to you.

Pretty Packages

29 Sep

There is something alluring and exciting about a stack of beautifully wrapped packages waiting to be opened. Whatever the occasion, pretty wrapping paper, graceful bows and shiny boxes are captivating and draw us in with all the possibilities. Although we don’t know what’s inside, just looking at them can bring us excitement and wonder. What’s underneath may be the prize but the packaging is what pulls us close. The bright colors tantalize us, the shimmer enchants us and we may feel almost mesmerized by the sight. Wrapping things up in pretty packages is very effective. It’s a tool sometimes used in our everyday lives to captivate us and get our attention. If there is something we don’t want to face, or something someone wants to sell us, dressing it up in lovely illusion may bring us close. And the closer we get the harder it may be to see things objectively. If we get caught up in the beauty and fail to see what lies at the heart of the matter, we may get lost. Shiny boxes and beautiful paper may capture our attention, but what lies inside is what’s important. It may be something wonderful or something entirely different. Turning our focus away from the sheen and luster, and really seeing things as they are will help us find what’s real.

Personal beauty is a powerful force. If we see someone who is physically very attractive we may feel strongly drawn to them. Even before they say a word we may want to be close to them. The way they smile is enchanting, the way they move is hypnotic and we may feel unable to look away. But outward appearance tells nothing about who is inside. Are they honest, kind, loving, sensitive, and sincere? We may believe they are wonderful without any evidence simply because they are so appealing on the outside. But the wrapping only covers what lies beneath. Although the attraction may be great we must discover what is real before we can proceed with confidence. Sometimes outward beauty is all there is. Discovering the truth before traveling too far down the road will help us move forward more effectively.

Lies are an effective, if dishonest, way of dressing up distasteful or unpleasant situations. We can make things seem prettier by saying they are different than they really are. We can embellish the truth to make a situation more beautiful and more attractive, and we can use distraction to help get our message through. All lies are eventually uncovered and just like unwrapping a beautiful package and finding something unappealing or offensive inside, we will find the truth in every situation. If we can be perceptive enough to remember pretty words and shiny paper mean nothing and wise enough to see through the shimmer, we will find the truth more easily. We don’t need pretty packages to face our lives. We are capable of understanding and accepting things as they are and smart enough to find the truth.

Today if you’ve been fooled by something alluring and attractive, and now see things are different than you thought, accept the complete truth. You know what’s real and are strong enough to face it. You can understand everything. Move forward with confidence knowing the whole story and you’ll find great success.

Smoke and Mirrors

27 Jan

It would be wonderful if everyone was honest with us and told us the truth. But there are all kinds of people in the world and sometimes that doesn’t happen.  Most people are honest most of the time, and try to choose the best path going forward. But there are some who aren’t, who don’t see any reason not to lie, and will do whatever it takes to get what they want. We can try to avoid people like that and sometimes we can, but unfortunately they look just like everyone else and sometimes we get tangled up in them before we know what’s happened. Trusting others is a noble trait and until someone gives us a reason not to trust them, it’s good to give them the benefit of the doubt. The catch is when we trust them at the beginning, if they aren’t worthy of that trust, we don’t find out until the end. And then it’s too late and we’ve already been deceived.

It’s like a game of smoke and mirrors. In a very smoky place, it’s hard to see and discern details. We can make out large forms but have to be careful where we step because we can’t see what’s in front of us. Things may appear to be one thing but upon closer inspection are something entirely different.  And we all know how mirrors may distort our vision. The best magicians in the world use them in their most amazing tricks because of their ability to bend what we see and how we see it. People who lie are like that. Some can look us in the eye and tell us something completely untrue, insisting it’s fact. Or they may convincingly make promises they have no intention of fulfilling. If what we’re being told is something we really want, or the person telling us the story is someone we love, we may believe them. As time passes and the promises don’t become reality we may question them, and try to find the truth. But if they are intent on keeping the lie, they may talk in circles and spin stories that sound reasonable to keep us on the hook. It’s confusing trying to find our way between what we’re being told and what is really happening. No matter what we ask them, if they are determined to keep the lie going, they will find an answer to keep us locked in.

Human beings are very perceptive by nature. We can discern what is real and what is false. If we get emotionally caught up in a lie, it may take us a little time, but eventually we’ll figure it out. And when we do, we must determine how to go forward. If the liar is someone very close to us who we really want to trust, even though we’re sure they aren’t being truthful, we may stay in the game. Emotional attachments can be very strong and hold us even when we know we need to let go. But we are important and deserve to be treated with complete honesty. If we remember that, we will find the right way forward. Dishonesty never brings lasting happiness. It can never make us noble or honorable. We may find immediate gratification by lying, but it will always bring us sorrow in the end. If we want real, lasting happiness, we must choose the higher road and be truthful in all things.

Today if you’ve discovered you’ve been lied to, think about your way forward. If you are the one deceiving others to get something you want, stop. You may get to your goal, but in the end it will cost the trust and respect of those you care for. Honesty is a noble choice. Strive to be your very best today, and require honesty from those near you. You are worth more than you can imagine and you deserve complete honesty in everything. Strive for that and demand it in return.


8 Jan

As we go through all the many experiences in our lives, we sometimes come across situations that confuse us.  Maybe we aren’t sure exactly what’s going on, or something someone says doesn’t agree with what they’re doing.  Because most of the experiences we have involve other people, and they can do anything they like even if it doesn’t make sense, it’s sometimes hard to understand situations.  Some people may pretend that things are different than they really are and try to convince us that everything is one way when in fact it’s the complete opposite.  Some people may even lie to us, and manipulate us into believing things that aren’t true.  When we’re unsure because things aren’t making sense, when we can’t believe something is happening but all the evidence points in that direction, we can feel lost.  We don’t know which way to turn.  We don’t know what to do.

When we’re confused about a situation, it’s helpful to take a step back away from it and see it more objectively.  We can more easily discern truth if our emotions aren’t involved.  When we’re tangled up and enmeshed in a situation, we may be too close to see the whole story.  If we step back just a little our vision will clear, and we may see things we couldn’t before.  People are complicated and make all kinds of decisions – both good and bad.  Their reasons are their own, and if the reason is selfish, it can hurt others.  Sometimes they don’t care if they hurt others and will continue even after they see the pain they’re causing.  And sometimes the pain is just a byproduct of what they’re trying to do.  Either way, if we’re in their crosshairs and are getting hurt, we can find out why.  We can step back and see things clearly, and then we can make the best decision going forward.

There are times when what we think is happening can be an illusion created by a situation or those involved in it.  It’s possible to be manipulated into believing things are very different than they really are.  Perhaps someone wants something from us and knows we will never give it to them unless we believe it’s for someone else so they manufacture a situation that gives that impression.  Or maybe someone wants us to do something they know we won’t agree to and make the request appear to be something entirely different.  If these things happen we can get caught going down a path we never intended to travel.  There really is no limit to what others can do or say to us.  But we can figure out the truth if we step back when we feel something isn’t right.  We can trust our instincts to know what is real, and when we’re ready, we can uncover the truth.  We will know what to do.  We have everything we need to discern the right path, and then go forward.  We can correct our course at any time, and turn back to the right direction to find peace and happiness.

Today if you feel something isn’t quite right in a situation involving you, and if you’re unsure, step back a little and see it more objectively.  Pretend you’re not involved and see everything clearly.  You’ll find the truth and you’ll know what to do.  You are insightful and wise.  You have everything you need to go forward with confidence.