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Complete Darkness

27 Nov

There are times in everyone’s life when things go wrong. We may face times of great struggle and extreme duress during something very difficult and painful. It can be hard to find our footing when we feel bad and the road ahead is unknown and uphill. If the situation is extreme we may feel we can’t live though it and we will be overcome. As we stand in the midst of hopelessness and darkness we may feel overwhelmed and lost. But even in the bleakest of times, we can look outward toward the way forward and see a light ahead. There will never be a time in our lives when we are in complete darkness. There will always be a light to guide us forward. There is no problem so encompassing and difficult we can’t find the way out. We are stronger than we realize and have reserves of wisdom and courage deep within us to pull from to help us through. No matter how hard the problem, there will always be a solution. No matter how painful the situation, we have everything necessary to not only endure but overcome. We already possess everything we need to continue forward. We can be confident in distress and self-assured we will find the answers. Everything is possible and nothing will defeat us. If we remember all the things we’ve overcome already and trust in our ability to manage whatever is before us, we will find comfort even in sorrow and certainty in conflict. There isn’t anything too strong or difficult for us to manage and overcome. We are powerful and strong, and can succeed even when things go wrong.

The influence of others around us during times of distress may be a comfort or a distraction. Everyone has their own ideas about how to manage every situation. We may get suggestions that are helpful or may further complicate our way forward. We can listen to any ideas we receive and decide what to do. The decisions are ours to make and we must determine our steps ahead. We know what we need and where we want to go. We can point our compass forward and confidently step toward resolution. There isn’t anything we can’t accomplish.

When we’re in the depths of a complicated and difficult situation our thoughts may be jumbled and in disarray. We may be confused and overwhelmed with what has happened already or worried about what might happen next. No matter how much we may wish to, we cannot change the past and have no control over the future. But we can control what we do. If we take a moment to look at the possibilities before us we will find the best steps forward. Taking control of our personal actions will empower us and help us feel more confident. We don’t need to feel lost. We will find the answers and the road ahead.

Today if you’re overwhelmed by a difficult and painful situation and have no idea how to move forward, remember how strong and wise you are. It doesn’t matter how hard the situation becomes. You have everything you need to manage it. You are powerful, wise, and strong. You have overcome many challenges and you will succeed. Step forward with confidence. There is a light ahead and you will find it.


Showing Up

17 Dec

Happy days come to us all. Things go well, we’re healthy, our loved ones are doing great, and we feel good. We like our neighbors, enjoy our jobs, and have plenty of relaxation and fun.  When everything is going well and life seems easy, we don’t have to do much to get through our days. They sail by and we feel content, and don’t have to draw on much within ourselves. We’re enjoying our lives, but we aren’t really learning much, which at the time is just fine with us. However, those times never last and when they change into more difficult periods, life becomes more challenging and it’s harder to process what we’re going through. When hard times come, as they inevitably will, we have to rely on ourselves to find courage and strength. Thankfully, both show up when we need them. We have everything we need to face anything that comes to us. Courage and strength wait in the wings when things are going well, and rise to the top just as we need them.

We can trust ourselves to find answers and get through any trial or difficulty we face. No matter how old we are, chances are we’ve faced hurtles before and surmounted them. We’ve figured out difficult puzzles and complex situations already so when they come again in their endless variations, we know we can face them. Of course, nobody wants to go through difficult times, and we may think we want our lives to be an endless picnic of fun without the ants. But life isn’t like that, and it’s in the trials where we learn to be brave and in the fire where we learn to be strong. Our courage is honed through practice, and our ability to process and untangle problems comes with experience.  Every single bump brings with it a blessing. As we go through them, figure them out, and conquer them, we get closer to the person we most want to be. We burn off a little more superficial shell, and get down to who we really are deep inside.

It takes faith to believe we can overcome obstacles that come to us, especially if they are very painful. We will experience many difficult things in our lives – death, sadness, loss, hurt, and shame to name a few. Although we don’t enjoy the hard times, they teach us the most, and on the other side of them we are deeper and more enriched than we were before they began. And we have everything we need to face them. Our courage, our stamina, our determination and our wisdom will rise the moment we need them. They are always there ready to assist, and with them we can conquer anything. Even in the most difficult moments, we can continue to go forward. Nothing lasts forever and as each problem untangles itself, as we heal from the loss, we begin to rebuild into someone stronger and more capable because of what we’ve overcome – again. This life is a continual round of lessons to be learned. We can learn them all and we can defeat any adversity. There is nothing we can’t do.

Today if you’re facing something very difficult and painful, remember you have everything you need to prevail. You have sufficient courage and wisdom to find resolution and move forward. There isn’t anything that is too hard for you. Everything you need is there for you already. Draw on it, pull from it, and let it rise. You will overcome this. It’s just one more step.

Face in the Wind

29 May

Human beings are complicated. Each one of us is different and unique. That uniqueness gives the world depth and interest, but it can also bring difficulty as we try to understand one another, cooperate with one another, and love one another. Most of us know who we are, what we want, and how we relate and react, but understanding that in others can be tricky. It takes patience and it takes time. When you add difficult circumstances and bad decisions to the mix, we may face trials that are very difficult, and we may feel daunted. Sometimes, because of our differences and the complex nature of this life, we can get into situations that are extraordinarily hard for us. When those come, we may think we can’t face them.

When we get into situations that we don’t understand, situations that hurt us, situations that are confusing and make us feel bad, we can feel lost. It’s hard to understand. Sometimes we aren’t sure which way to go. We need direction. We need inspiration. We need help to navigate and go forward. And sometimes we don’t think we can get through it. It’s too hard. It’s just too much. And trying to navigate any difficult situation when we’re convinced we can’t do it just makes it harder.

The truth is that there is nothing that will come to us that is so complex and difficult that we can’t face it. Nothing. No matter what comes to us, even the really difficult things, the really horrible things, we can face them. It will take time, and courage, but we can figure them out. We can overcome them. We may need help, and if we do, we should seek it. We can get help, we can get advice, we can think about the issue, and eventually we can solve it. All of us have been through trying times. And we will undoubtedly have more of them before we leave this life. Each trial brings experience, understanding, and growth. It would be nice if we could get all we need without trials and problems in our lives, but that is not the case. And so, we must face the hard times. We must put our faces in the wind, and walk forward. And the good news is that we can.

Today if you’re going through something hard, something really difficult, have faith. You will overcome this. You will succeed. The other side is there, waiting for you. Go forward one step at a time. Take your time. Have patience. This is just a moment. It will not last forever. Your peace will return, and you will be so much stronger after this trial has passed. Hold on. Be brave. There is nothing you can’t face. There is nothing you can’t do. You can do this.