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Out in the Cold

9 Oct

The friendships and relationships we build as we go through our lives give us great comfort and a sense of belonging. It’s wonderful when we are part of a community, and when we have close connections to those around us we feel validated and supported. But we may face a time when we choose something different than what those around us think we should do. We may take a different road or start a new journey that takes us away from where we are and those we love. As we step forward, if our current companions stay in place, the distance between us will stretch and if we don’t hold onto to our connections we may become separated. We can always make any changes we like and go anywhere we want to go but sometimes if those we love don’t choose to go with us, although we are happy with our decision, we may feel left out in the cold alone. We are certainly capable of finding our way forward in any endeavor and have all the resources and courage we need to go anywhere we choose. But even if we’re happy with the choices we’re making, being alone can be unsettling for a time and we may question our decisions. Although it’s nice to have concurrence when we choose a new path and it’s fun to have our friends with us, there may be times when what we want must be accomplished on our own, all by ourselves. In those situations, we can be confident in our choices and trust that we have everything we need to succeed. We know what we want and are capable of doing whatever is needed to reach happiness and success.

There may be great power in a group situation. When several people join together in a common cause they may overcome great obstacles and find many answers. Although there are many benefits to working as a team, there will be times in our lives when what we want to do must be done alone. We are always free to choose the direction of our lives. Sometimes that may be what everyone else is doing, but other times the road we choose is set apart from those around us. We can take any path to any destination at any time. If we must go alone, we can. Every destination is possible and we can travel anywhere we desire.

Every choice and decision is ours to make. If we like, we can have the lives others design for us and follow any direction we’re given. But if we want complete happiness and satisfaction we must choose our own path. Nobody knows what we want better than we know ourselves. We can be confident in our decisions even if they differ from those around us. We know where we want to go and what we want to accomplish. Life is a great blessing and we don’t need the agreement of anyone to create the lives we want the most. Every destination is possible and every dream can come true.

Today if you’ve decided to turn away from the path you’ve been traveling and there is opposition around you, remember your life is yours to design. You can do anything you like. If you must travel alone, you will find your way. All options are possible and there isn’t anything you can’t do. Step forward and create the life you want the most. Every dream is possible and you can make them all come true.


Facing It

28 Jul

We all have times when we must do something we truly do not want to do.  It may be unpleasant, frightening, stressful, or difficult and we may feel we can’t go through it.  We might be able to find our way around some things we don’t want to do but there will be others we’ll have to walk through and manage.  If they involve other people who have been mean to us or manipulated us in ways that are infuriating or painful the idea of having to deal with them may be repugnant and overwhelming.  We may think we can’t do it, and even if we could, we definitely don’t want to do it.  It’s hard to look at very difficult situations in front of us and feel comfortable but nobody gets a life filled with only flowers and butterflies.  We all have to face the fire from time to time.  Holding our confidence close and determining to do whatever is needed to move forward will help us navigate any complication we must face.  No matter what lies ahead we have everything we need to manage it and we can be strong through any turmoil or trouble.  Life can be tumultuous but we can work through anything that stands in our way and do what is needed to restore harmony.  It’s not comfortable to do things that are difficult but comfort will come on the other side.  We are powerful and capable and we can face anything and overcome.  There is nothing too difficult or complicated for us to figure out and we have all the strength and courage we need to do what is required to move through any problem we’re facing.

Everyone has their own ideas about how things should go and how relationships should work.  If we have a relationship that brings us pain but is valuable to us we will have to weigh our options carefully going forward.  We never need to stay in any relationship that is detrimental to us.  We can choose our own way and determine how we will live our lives.  We deserve to be happy and respected and we can find ways to manage our relationships that allow us to feel comfortable and confident going forward.  Just because we’ve done something one way in the past doesn’t mean we must continue doing it if we aren’t happy.  We can always modify our course and choose what is best for us.

If we must face a situation that is daunting and we feel threatened trying to find a way through we can trust in our ability to make excellent choices and be confident that we will succeed.  We have already faced many difficult times in the past and have overcome them and continued forward.  There isn’t anything we can’t face and manage well.  We have everything we need to face any complicated or difficult challenge.  We are a blessing to the world and we can be confident that we will prevail.

Today if you’re facing a situation that is overwhelming and you feel unsure about going forward, remember you have everything you need to face anything and prevail.  You are powerful and strong.  There is nothing too difficult or complex for you.  You have everything you need right now to face anything before you.  Be confident.  You will win.

Shallow Roots

2 Mar

There are billions and billions of trees all around the world. They give us shade and beauty, and provide oxygen. The very tiniest of saplings starts out with a single root that reaches down into the earth to absorb nutrients and water essential for survival. As trees mature their root structures expand and depending on circumstances will be either secure or precarious. If there is a lot of surface water and rich soil they may develop a shallow root network having no need to dig deep for what they need to survive. All roots feed the tree but shallow roots are vulnerable to wind damage and deterioration. Without sufficient anchor, in a storm if the wind is strong enough, a tree with shallow roots may fall over. As we go through our lives all the experiences we encounter enrich and strengthen us. If we don’t develop vitality in our relationships or commitment to what we’re doing, we may create shallow roots. We may have enough strength and understanding to get through easy times but if a storm rolls in and we are challenged we may lack the depth we need to find our way. We probably won’t actually fall over, but we may feel overwhelmed because we’ve done nothing to deepen our understanding or become strong. There are many storms in life. When they come, we must be ready with sufficient strength and courage to endure.

There will always be countless opportunities for us to grow and learn. If we reach beyond where we are for something greater we will gain new attributes and skills. Our understanding of life and those around us will be enriched and we’ll have a secure foundation of confidence. We can stretch beyond where we are and try to become something more to deepen our experience and become stronger and more capable. There is more to learn and do than we could ever accomplish and applying ourselves every day will give us a great foundation that will be firm and invincible.

If we prefer to stay in our small area and don’t extend ourselves, we may find comfort in doing the same things each day and feel safe in the familiarity of our lives. But life is unpredictable and there are countless things that may come we can’t anticipate. If all we know is what is comfortable and have no skills for coping with something new, we may be overcome when things change unexpectedly. Instead of hiding out and keeping ourselves isolated it is far wiser to reach out beyond what is comfortable and test our wings. We are far stronger and more capable than we think we are. As we extend ourselves we will find added security and courage. We can do anything. Deciding to reach beyond what is easy will make us stronger and happier as we learn more about life and those around us and we will be ready when things change.

Today if you’ve been keeping yourself in your own world, look a little further. Reach for something new and test your wings. You have incredible abilities just waiting to be experienced. You are strong and capable and you can handle anything that comes to you. Dig deep and let your roots find new direction. You have so much to share with us and we need your influence. Reach out and try something new. You will be enriched and invigorated by what you find.

Topping Off

25 Oct

Sometimes when someone offers us something delicious to drink we want a full glass and ask them to top it off. We want them to go all the way to the rim to get the most out of the experience. It’s great to get a full measure of something we really enjoy. Each drop is delightful and having a full glass is pleasing. But there are other times when things aren’t going well and we feel overwhelmed. When we don’t think we can handle any more complications and something else goes wrong we may feel like we’re tapped out. Topping off our glass of misery isn’t where we want to be. We may think we can’t handle any more problems and are at the point of breaking. However, no matter how hard the challenge we’re facing becomes or how many disappointments we must endure we have reserves equal to our needs. Even if we feel we have nothing left and are pressed further we will find the courage and strength to get through. We are really much stronger than we think we are. Hard times come to us all and even when we don’t think we can face them, we march through them. And as we overcome each obstacle and carry the heavy weight of endurance we become stronger and learn more about ourselves.

Serious disappointments, extreme loss, and acute sorrow are difficult burdens to bear. We may be stunned by the situations we must face and feel there is no way we can survive them. At the beginning of an extremely difficult challenge we may be sure it will overcome us and have no idea how to navigate through it. But as we take each step forward, moment by moment, we will find our way and gain more strength to face the problem. Desperation may fill our minds from time to time but we can calm it by reaching for the reserves of courage deep within us. There really is nothing too difficult for us to overcome and time is on our side. We can face any problem step by step and unravel our way back to peace of mind.

The old saying, “No pain, no gain” is often true. Resistance brings strength. Each time we face and overcome something difficult we become stronger. Although we don’t look forward to facing hard times and nobody wants to suffer, the pressure it takes to overcome difficult challenges is what clarifies our strengths and defines our courage. We are capable of facing anything that comes to us. We can reach deep inside ourselves and find all the determination and fortitude we need to overcome any problem we must face. There is nothing too difficult for us and we can be successful in every challenge.

Today if you’re facing something very hard and feel you can’t manage it, you can. You are much stronger and more capable than you imagine. You have everything you need to face whatever comes. You are invincible and powerful. Reach deep for the courage you need. Walk forward and look ahead. Success is waiting for you.

Darkest Hour

4 Aug

Life is filled with all kinds of experiences. Some of them are wonderful but dark times come to us all. We have disappointments, sorrow, pain and suffering. If the trial is severe enough we may be devastated and feel overcome. We may face very dark times as we try to navigate our way through. They say the darkest hour is just before dawn. Dawn comes every single day. We can count on the light returning no matter what the night has brought. But just before it arrives, we will have endured the darkness for the longest period of time possible. When we are struggling and hurt, and when we feel lost and hopeless it’s like being in that last hour of darkness. We can’t feel the light of hope or the anticipation of happiness. We may feel oppressed and weak, but the light always returns. Always. There will never be a day when the light will not arrive and bring with it the chance for healing. Just before that happens we may feel at our worst but we can hang on and wait for the sun. Even in our darkest hour we can remember the sun will rise.

Sometimes when we are facing very difficult situations we feel they will break us. We may think we can’t endure them or we won’t survive. Although we know intellectually they probably won’t actually kill us, we might feel their impact will be so great that we’ll never be the same again. It’s true that every experience changes us in some way, but we can always take the lessons learned and apply them to our lives in ways that will help us and not hurt us going forward. In reality, there is no situation we can’t face. We have everything we need to navigate even the most challenging trials. We can be confident that no matter what we’re facing we will find the answers and survive.

Some believe that every time we struggle a small bit of us is chipped away never to return. Like blocks of ice being carved they believe we can never be the same after something has been broken away. But we are resilient and able to heal from whatever life brings us. We can restore ourselves in time and no matter what has been lost, be whole again. Life teaches us with each challenge and if we lose something we held before, we can replace it with a richer, more thoughtful understanding. What we gain from overcoming hardship deepens us and makes us stronger. The superficial is scratched away and deeper perception replaces it. Every experience brings information and as we go, even in the darkest hour, we become stronger and richer.

Today if you’re struggling with a trial and feel overwhelmed or uncertain, there is an answer and you will find it. You are capable of managing whatever comes to you and you will prevail. There isn’t anything you can’t do. Remember the light is just around the corner. The darkness will lift and you will find joy. Be strong. You have everything you need to conquer and find happiness.

On the Level

14 Jun

As we go through our lives we experience a lot of ups and downs, successes and disappointments, and give and take. We never know what each day will bring and sometimes things go well, and sometimes they don’t. As we navigate all the changes and challenges we adjust and accommodate whatever is happening to keep ourselves on an even keel as much as possible. We can usually cope with whatever comes and mostly take it all in stride. We know the importance of perspective and as we face each situation try to keep things as level as we can so we can move forward with confidence. But if something extreme happens, something unpredictable and devastating, we might find our balance upset and everything leaning to one side. Our perspective is slanted and we struggle to stand up straight. Although we all go through hard times there isn’t anything we can’t manage. We can figure out how to right ourselves and find our way but it may take time as we process everything that’s happening. When our world has been shaken and we feel unstable, and when the road we’re on feels rocky and unsure it’s sometimes hard to look ahead. But we have all the courage we need and all the inspiration required to make things right again. It’s all inside us. We need only take some time to find our way and we’ll be able to correct the balance again.

Sometimes we all wish we could see the future. It seems if we could know what’s coming before it arrives we could better prepare for it. That might be true, but knowing what lies ahead could work against us as well. If we are overwhelmed at what we’re going to face we may try to hide instead of face it head on. We really don’t know how we’ll respond to anything until we experience it. We are where we are right now, and we’ll respond to whatever comes to us when it arrives. We can draw on all the experiences we’ve navigated already and find our way through whatever happens. There is nothing we can’t face and nothing we can’t conquer.

There are certain things we all think we could never survive. The loss of a loved one, the betrayal of a close friend, or maybe a serious financial setback. We may think there are things that will break us and from which we could not recover. But that is never true. Nobody wants to go through devastating losses or face extreme disappointments but even if we’ve been knocked completely down, we can get back up again. There isn’t any problem without a solution. There is no storm that doesn’t end. Even if we’ve completely lost our balance and our world has been shattered, tomorrow will come. And we will find a way through. We have more courage and strength than we know. We have everything we need to conquer anything we face. We can reset our level, we can rebalance the scales, and we can move forward. There is nothing that will stop us from succeeding.

Today if you feel overwhelmed and devastated by something that’s happened, remember how strong you are. You have overcome so many things already. This is just one more challenge and you have everything you need to conquer it. You are strong and capable and you can overcome any problem. Look ahead. This is just a storm and it will pass. Move forward with confidence. You have everything you need to succeed.

Mount Everest

19 May

When someone decides they want to climb Mount Everest, it takes a long time to prepare. They must have a lot of experience climbing other peaks before they attempt such an arduous journey, and they must be in top physical condition. Before they go they have to be sure they can manage the physical requirements that will be placed on them by enduring other similar experiences. The climb to the top will be long and difficult and the weather is always unpredictable. Additionally, they will need to interact with others in a way that will ensure their safety and support. It’s a big challenge and a serious decision. Going unprepared or unwilling to do what is needed could mean extreme danger or even the loss of life. Climbers sometimes prepare for years for this challenge, and even then sometimes don’t succeed on getting to the summit. It pushes them to their limit but the only way to know if they can do it is to try. And so they climb.

We may never choose to climb Mount Everest or any other mountain. But we will face extreme challenges in our lives that will push us to our limits and make us question our abilities. They may be physical challenges but often are other types of situations. We will all face big decisions, major disappointments, and changes in our lives that may make us question our ability to overcome or at times, even survive. Things don’t always go the way we want them to or even the way we think they will. And when there’s an unexpected ringer, something that rocks us to our core, something so disappointing or unexpectedly difficult we may, at first, believe we won’t find our way through. But no problem is so devastating that we can’t manage it. There is no change so pervasive that we can’t navigate it. If we trust ourselves, and lean on our proven capabilities, we will find our way.

There is really no way to prepare for the unexpected. We can try to live our lives to help us become strong, independent people capable of doing many things. And we will be tested time and again with problems and challenges, some big and some small. Every time we sort through an issue and find an answer, every time we push through a problem and get to the resolution, our skills for managing the unexpected are refined. Each day brings something new and as we face each situation, good or bad, we learn. It’s like preparing to climb a mountain. We carry a lot of weight that makes us strong, we make decisions that teach us how to proceed, and we keep moving forward and improve our endurance. This life is a journey. Every turn will bring something new. We have everything we need to face whatever comes and we can reach the summit every time.

Today if you’re facing a big challenge and it feels like you’re climbing Mount Everest, and if you’re struggling to keep going, dig deep. You have resources you’ve refined over time inside you ready to come forward to help you find your way. No matter how far the summit is, you will get there. You already have everything you need. There isn’t anything too big for you to handle. Keep pushing forward and the answers will come.