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Becoming Real

19 Feb

Becoming Real

“You become. It takes a long time. That’s why it doesn’t happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept.” Margery Williams Bianco, The Velveteen Rabbit

We have the opportunity to experience many things as we navigate through our lives. Everything that happens changes us in some way. We learn about what works and what doesn’t, what brings us pain and what brings happiness, and how to find our way forward. It isn’t always easy, and sometimes we may be overwhelmed with what we must face, but in time the answers always come and we find our way. Each day brings us something new and we learn as we go, taking our lessons forward to help in the future. Life is constantly changing and as we struggle through difficulty, we learn to be strong. As we face sorrow, we gain insight and understanding. Over time and with each step, we can let go of superficial ideas and become more authentic. Growth comes when we learn to accept and trust is what is real. We have enormous potential and can accomplish anything we desire, but first we must be willing to see things as they truly are and embrace truth going forward. Life doesn’t always go the way we wish it would, things don’t always work out and sometimes we’ll fail. But every challenge teaches us something valuable and if we remain focused, each step will take us closer to where we want to be. There isn’t anything we can’t do and no destination is too far to reach. We are strong and capable, and when we embrace things as they are, can do anything.

As adolescents our primary concerns are generally focused on our personal lives and those in it. Being part of the group is important and we may not be ready to stand alone or express anything unique or different. But as we grow, we learn more about life and understand we’re important just as we are. We step into adulthood knowing what we have to contribute is valuable and worthwhile, and find our way forward.

Letting go of childhood and embracing life as an adult is imperative if we want to find success. There are few things more annoying or disappointing than adults who act like children. Holding onto the past will never move us forward. We can step up and embrace our lives where we are, choose the paths we want to travel, and take charge of our futures. Every blessing is possible and we can achieve any goal we set.

Today if you’ve been afraid to let go of something that’s holding you back, trust yourself and remember how strong you are. Embrace your life as it is and choose the road that will take you where you want to go. You are amazing, and nothing is too far for you to reach. Make your dreams come true and live the life you desire. Be confident and step forward. Everything is possible.

Shape Shifter

1 Oct

There are endless possible expressions we can adopt in our lives.  We’re exposed to all kinds of people doing all kinds of things all the time.  It’s like shopping in a huge, diverse shopping mall with unlimited variations to every situation we could imagine.  There are many types of behaviors and interpretations, and when we come across something we like we can make it our own.  We can create any type of life we desire, fit into a group we admire, adjust our appearance to look like those we want to emulate and make any other changes we want at any time.  It’s possible to project any image we like even if it doesn’t represent ourselves accurately.  Modifying to fit in or go along so we can get something we desire is always an option.  We can live any way we choose and pretending to be something we’re not may get us where we want to go at first but being authentic about who we are is the only option that will bring us lasting happiness.  Shapeshifting to match those around us will only make us more like others.  It will never clarify our most personal desires or help us find our unique way forward.  We aren’t like anyone else in the world and are the only ones who can share our personal expressions and gifts.  If we choose to set our individuality aside in an effort to blend in, the world will never know all the blessings we might bring.  Our individual worth is priceless and everything we do brings something new to the world.  We don’t have to change who we are to find success.  We are valuable as we are and can be confident, even if we’re different, that our input and interactions will bring benefit and joy to those around us.

It’s often easier to get along as a group if everyone is the same but if we’re all exactly the same there will be nothing new to learn.  There are unlimited expressions and interpretations possible and being willing to explore them, listen to them, and embrace them will bring great depth and understanding to our lives.  The world is filled with differences and each person has something important to offer.  We don’t have to be the same as everyone else to be valued.  We can be ourselves and trust that we are not only good enough, but excellent and an important part of the world around us.

When we want to do things differently than those around us, we may keep our opinions to ourselves in an effort to prevent disharmony.  We can hold our cards close to the chest for as long as we like but eventually our differences will show.  When they do, if we’re challenged, we may confidently express our viewpoints and move forward even if we’re in opposition.  Our lives are ours to design and we may live them any way we choose.  We never need to become someone we aren’t and are entitled to our individuality and independence.  Variety brings refreshment and wonderment, and we can be exactly who we are and move forward with confidence.

Today if you’ve been shapeshifting in an effort to blend in, remember your personal uniqueness brings great value to those around you.  Be confident and be yourself.  Show us who you really are and share your unique individuality.  The gifts you bring are yours alone to give and the world is blessed because you are here.

One of a Kind

10 Jun

There are about 10,000 species of birds on our planet, and over 2500 different types of butterflies. There are millions of different animals, and countless varieties of insects, and bugs. The variety in the wildlife kingdom is astounding. It’s amazing to think of the vast array of living things that inhabit our planet. Even the ordinary dog encompasses hundreds of different breeds. And they are all unique – every one of them.

This earth is an amazing place. If we traveled to every location on the planet we would see unique, and interesting animals at each stop. They come in every color imaginable, in every shape, and in every design we could possibly dream up. There are so many different kinds of creatures, there are limitless designs, and each one is unique unto itself. It’s amazing really. But that’s not the most impressive thing about living here on earth. The most impressive part is that there are over seven BILLION people here with us. They come is all colors as well, each fascinating in his or her own way, each perfectly unique, and one of a kind. Billions of us. And, just like the other creatures inhabiting our planet, there is nothing common or ordinary about us. Not one single person is exactly like the other. No matter where we go, we will never find anyone else exactly like us.

All of these differences are a great blessing to us. Imagine what it would be like if all the animals were the same. Only one kind of mammal, one kind of bird, one kind of butterfly, and so on. And then imagine we were all the same. We all looked exactly alike, our personalities were the same, and everything about us mirrored the person beside us. It would be so boring! I’ve heard people say, “If everyone would just do things my way, it would be so much easier.” And it might be. Although our differences can sometimes bring us disagreement, and conflict, those differences are sacred. They make us who we are. They give life depth, and meaning. There are so many varieties of people, how we look, how we speak, how we dress, and how we act. And all those varieties make all the difference.

Today, no matter where you live, as you walk or ride from place to place, look around. Look at whatever animals are around, and notice their uniqueness. Then look around at all the people, and see how amazingly different they are. Feel the pleasure that comes as you notice their individuality. And remember that you are amazing, and unique to others. You are perfectly filling the space you were created for. You are special. The world is different because you are here. There is nobody else like you. You’re exactly as you should be. You are one of a kind. And that’s a perfect design.