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Uncovering Truth

13 Jun

As we go through our lives we experience many things. We have bad experiences, good ones, difficult times, easy moments and a huge spectrum of emotions. We feel everything we go through and whatever we experience involves some sort of emotion. Some people are stoic and it’s hard to know what they are feeling and others wear everything out in the open for all to see. Whether we display them or not we will feel a broad range of emotions every day. They help us understand what we’re going through but we must be careful that our emotions don’t deceive us. Feelings can lie to us and make us believe things that aren’t true. They are often reflective of experiences we’ve had in the past and if we have unresolved fear, unsettled disappointment or uncertainty our emotions may bring it to the surface again. They may color our interpretation of what we’re going through now even though they have nothing to do with our current situation. When we feel unsure or afraid we can take a moment to think about what is triggering the emotion. Does it pertain to what’s happening now or is it just a memory resurfacing? We can uncover the truth and take control of our lives. Emotions are complex and deeply ingrained in who we are. We can manage them effectively by looking at them objectively and seeing them for what they are.

Our emotional memories are very strong. Someone may say something or we see something that reminds us of a difficult time and all the emotions we felt may come flooding back. We can’t control the response but we can control what we do when it happens. If we’re suddenly overwhelmed with sorrow or fear we can take a breath, let the flood wash over us and then objectively determine how we will go forward. We don’t have to crash and burn because a difficult memory has momentarily overtaken us. We can resettle ourselves and remember the past is behind us and need not control us going forward. Every day brings new opportunities for growth and learning, and we can let the past go and keep walking.

Everything we experience changes us in some way. We are all the sum total of our experiences and each experience teaches us something we can take with us going forward. Even our worst trial gives us some value that benefits us. When old emotions take us back to the struggle, we can find the lesson we learned to help us going forward. Feelings may lie to us and tell us we haven’t moved at all, but we can uncover the truth and continue forward with confidence. We are amazing, capable and strong. There isn’t anything we can’t do or overcome.

Today if you feel bad over something in the past and it’s affecting your ability to move forward, look at the situation clearly and see everything you’ve learned. You can take the best lessons forward with you and leave the rest behind. You have everything you need to find happiness and success, and nothing will hold you back. Take control and move forward. The best is there for you and you will be happy.


Bump Bump

12 May

When we’re trying to accomplish something important or get to a goal there are sometimes bumps along the way.  Even if we plan effectively and try to prepare for possible eventualities, there may be surprises that stop our progress.  When we first start out and come upon a snag we may navigate around it and keep going with confidence.  However, if we’ve been working to move forward for a while and we keep running into problems again and again, we may begin to feel the goal is unattainable.  One bump is easily overcome but if the road is continually difficult and there are a lot of things in our way we may start to re-think our ability to succeed.  Every road has construction from time to time and there will always be things we don’t expect and can’t control.  If we are determined we will more easily be able to get through but each compromise and each problem takes a toll.  As time passes if we don’t see any progress we may begin to feel defeated and think about giving up.  We can always change our course if the original plan isn’t workable and we can choose to let go of any goal we set.  But if we really want to achieve the things we desire, stopping and quitting will never get us there.  Instead we might stop and revise our plan forward, or we may set the goal aside and try again later.  Sometimes success is all about timing.  We don’t always know our timing isn’t right when we begin and we get more information as we move forward.  There is no need to rush to accomplish our goals.  We can let them go for a time and when things change and we’re in a different place we can try again.

We learn a lot as we go through difficult times.  As we overcome problems and complications we gain skills that help us going forward.  We learn more about our situation and what is needed to continue on.  We can’t read the future and as things develop we can be flexible and use the information we’ve gained to navigate the way ahead.  If we take complications as opportunities to see our situation more clearly instead of the end of the road we will get through them more easily.  No road is without problems and there will be bumps and potholes along the way.  We can learn from each setback and decide how to effectively continue on.

If we must set a goal aside we may feel disappointment or even a sense of failure.  Change doesn’t mean we stop but that we need to redirect how we will go forward.  We can accomplish anything we desire but we may need to modify how and when we get to the destination.  We are flexible enough to do what is needed to succeed.  If we must wait, we can wait.  Everything changes every day and soon our situation will be right to begin again.  Success will come to us if we are willing to be flexible and determined enough to continue forward.

Today if you’ve been working hard to accomplish something and there have been continual problems and complications along the way, step back and decide how you want to go forward.  If the timing isn’t right, set the goal aside until things change.  You can do anything and you are wise enough to find the way through.

Blame Game

4 May

Sometimes things go wrong and our plans don’t work out. Perhaps we were in the wrong place, it was the wrong time, we worked with the wrong people, or dozens of other reasons. When we’ve worked hard to achieve something and everything falls apart we may look for someone or something to blame. There are times when the decisions of others stop our plans, and other times when circumstances prevent us from moving forward. We can certainly place the blame anywhere we like when we’re facing disappointment, but placing blame doesn’t help us move forward. If we’re angry, concentrating on what we believe is at fault may stop our progress. In the end, no matter who or what we blame, we are where we are and it really doesn’t matter what went wrong. We can voice our opinions about how things should have happened and express our frustration over decisions that have been made, but none of that will change our situation. We will still be exactly where we are. If we want to move forward and achieve the goal we can try again. Taking time to review where things fell apart may help us find a better road ahead that allows us to reach the destination. Every experience – both good and bad – teaches us something. If we learn all we can from the things we’ve done already we have a better chance of finding the right way through next time. There is no goal too daunting for us to achieve. We can let go of disappointment, start again, turn in a different direction, and move forward.

Life is full of challenges and opportunities. We can go anywhere we want to go but if success on our journey depends on the decisions of others we may have to re-route our course from time to time. Everyone has their opinions and ideas about the way things should be. If we’re swimming upstream and pushing against the norm we will likely face barriers. That doesn’t mean we have to turn around and follow everyone else but we may have to modify our course to accommodate the situation. We can be flexible and turn when needed to navigate our way to the destination we desire.

There may be times when someone purposely prevents us from moving forward. Perhaps they don’t agree with our plans, don’t understand what we’re doing, or simply want us to stay where we are. If they block our path and there is no way around them now, we may set our goal aside for a time and begin again when our circumstances change. There is often no set timetable for success. Although we may be impatient, if the goal is not possible now, we can wait and try again later. Things will change and our opportunity to move forward will come. When it does, we can be ready and begin again.

Today if something has prevented you from reaching a goal, don’t waste time blaming the situation or those around you. Look at everything objectively and decide how you want to proceed. You can accomplish any goal you desire. If you must wait, prepare and be ready for when the right time arrives. Success is there for you. You can plan effectively, and you will win. There isn’t anything you can’t do.


28 Mar

There are times in everyone’s life when things go wrong. Mistakes may be made, wrong turns taken or something we have no control over arises and brings us hardship and heartache. If we are overcome by what’s happened and feel unable to move ahead we may lean on someone else for support and encouragement. It’s wonderful to have others near us who are willing to help us through difficult times when we need them. Leaning on someone else for a while gives us respite from the storm and holds us up while we figure out our next step. As we lean we can recharge and take a moment to think but while we’re leaning on someone else the balance we need to move forward is set aside. We are not standing solid and ready to walk. While the break is helpful, soon it will be important to stand up straight again and begin forward. We will need to compose our confidence, garner our courage and regain our stature so we can move ahead. Some trials are very difficult and it sometimes takes a little time before we feel ready to face them but face them we must if we want to progress. When we’re ready we may right ourselves and start forward. There isn’t any problem too difficult for us to navigate and even when we feel we may not survive we have everything we need to continue. Trusting in our ability to adjust and solve the problem and courageously step forward will move us through the trial to the other side. We are stronger than we think we are and completely capable of facing anything that comes to us. We can stand tall and walk forward with confidence and assurance.

When we’re facing a heavy problem, we may believe we can’t do it, we can’t face it and we can’t get through it. We may be convinced we don’t have what we need to manage and feel like giving up. We can always surrender to any problem that comes our way and try to escape it, and we may be successful for a time. But problems that are left unsolved have a way of returning and revisiting us until we settle them once and for all. Instead of ignoring them or giving up and facing them again in the future, it’s best to face them head on when they arrive and solve them.

Help is always available to us when we need it. If we are confused about what to do or how to proceed there are many people around us who have answers we haven’t yet found. If we ask they will help us find the way forward. Everyone’s experiences are different and a new experience for us may be something someone near us has already encountered who will have advice and counsel that will help. We can ask for help when we need it and listen to suggestions that will assist us. We don’t have to face everything alone. We can enlist the help of others and find success.

Today if you’re facing a big problem and you’re leaning on someone close for support, take the rest you need until you feel confident. Then, stand up straight and determine to solve the issue once and for all. If you need help, ask for it. You are smart enough and wise enough to solve any problem that comes to you. Trust yourself. You are an amazing person with incredible abilities. Let them shine and the answers will come.

On the Lookout

17 Mar

“Never to suffer is never to have been blessed.”   Edgar Allan Poe

We all have ups and downs in our lives.  Some days are wonderful, some days are merely okay, and some days try us with difficulty and trouble.  When we’re struggling with complications and problems and our lives are twisted up in confusion we may feel overcome with stress and anxiety as we try to find a way through.  When terrible times come upon us we may feel beset, completely surrounded by trouble, and uncertain we can manage.  But no matter what we’re going through there is always something beneficial for us.   No matter how hard the trial, or how difficult the problem, as we navigate it there will be something positive waiting for us.  We may not see it at first but if we are on the lookout for the one good thing, the one piece that works, or the one bit of information that is helpful, we will find it.  It’s always there and is the blessing to help us through.  It may not be evident at first, and it may not be easy to see but it is there and will lift us and help us through.  We find our true courage when we face difficult trials.  We learn how to solve problems by solving problems.  No life is without difficulty but with each challenge comes a blessing.  Looking for it, finding it and embracing it, will give us added fortitude and power.  There isn’t anything we can’t do and nothing we can’t solve.  Every trial we face makes us stronger and more powerful.  We are invincible and unwavering in courage.

When we are children and things go wrong we may lose our temper, cry, scream or run from the situation.  As we grow and face disappointments along the way we have the opportunity to gain tools that will help us mature and process problems effectively.  If we choose not to face our problems and instead try to hide or push them off onto someone else, or make excuses instead of addressing them, the opportunity for growth is lost.  We can embrace every difficulty that comes to us, take it apart piece by piece and with each step forward find resolution. As we solve each problem our understanding of how life works will deepen and we’ll become stronger and more capable.

Learning to face life bravely takes experience.  If we never have problems we cannot understand how to manage them or overcome them.  Every experience – good and bad – teaches us something and everything we learn works for our benefit.  Even in our darkest hours when we aren’t sure we will survive there is a blessing that will help us.  We can keep our eyes open and actively look for the good in every situation.  When we do, our experience will be embellished and we will have added courage and confidence that we will prevail.  There isn’t anything we can’t do and do well.

Today if you’re facing a big problem and you feel beset and overwhelmed, look for the one thing that is going right.  It’s there for you.  Embrace it and let it lift you and help you along.  You can solve anything and you are strong enough and brave enough to prevail.  Success is always there for you.  You will find the answers and you will win.

Brand New

16 Mar

There comes a time in life when we may want to do something new. If we’ve been on the same road for a long time perhaps we are bored or no longer feel challenged. Maybe we feel we’ve done all we can in our current endeavor and want something more. Taking on a new challenge may bring us great refreshment and great change. We can set out on a new road at any time and go forward with confidence. We all have dreams but life can take over if we aren’t careful. We may find ourselves on a road we never really intended to travel because of chance or circumstance. Perhaps a job we took twenty years ago, because it was all we could find, may have turned into a career we never really wanted. There are all kinds of things that happen that create scenarios we may fall into that become habit or patterns in our lives we really didn’t choose. If we aren’t where we want to be we can change our plans, redirect our course and redesign our lives. It’s never too late to change. We only need to decide we are ready and begin. The world belongs to us. We can do anything we want to do and go anywhere we want to go. We are not shackled by restraints so powerful they cannot be changed. Our lives belong to us and when we’re ready, we can try something new.

Routines are great when we want predictability in our lives. We know what to do, we know when to do it and we know where to go. There is nothing wrong with having a life that is settled and familiar so long as it’s the life we really want. But if we yearn for something more, something different or something new, we can turn as we move forward and step away from the norm. There are millions of things to do and learn in life and we can try as many as we like. Everything is available to us and if we want something new, we can get it.

Some people live their lives wide open, trying different things all the time and pushing themselves to learn new ideas every day. If we want lives like that we may certainly have them but we don’t have to change everything to have a new experience. We can take one step away from our normal behavior and try one idea at a time. We can reach for something new and see how it fits and then reach for something else. There really isn’t anything we can’t do and we may embellish our lives any way we choose. Each day is a blessing and there is so much to see and learn. We can stretch a little further and try something new, and see the world a little differently. Our lives can be as full and rich as we want them. We need only decide we are ready to try.

Today if you’ve been doing the same things and feel ready for something new, open the door a little wider and see the opportunities waiting there for you. There is more you can experience and every experience will enrich your life. Do everything you dream of and stretch beyond your comfort zone. You’ll be amazed at what you find and your life will be fuller and augmented by each experience. The world is yours. It’s all there and it’s waiting for you.

Wide Water

25 Jan

Our lives are filled with all kinds of trials and challenges.  We face them as they come and get through them the best we can.  Sometimes we may feel overwhelmed at what lies before us and unsure we can get through it.  It’s like standing on the shore of a very wide river and looking at the other side.  If it’s very far away and the water is deep we may be uncertain that we can cross over and hesitant to begin.  We don’t know how long it will take or what will happen once we step into the water.  If the wind is blowing or it begins to rain, we may become more apprehensive and worried.  The hardest challenges we face may be very difficult to comprehend at first.  We may be stunned trying to figure out what to do or feel lost at the enormity of what we must overcome.  But no matter how complex the issue, no matter how deep the water or how far it is to the other side, we can succeed by taking one step at a time.  We can build a boat to navigate the water by using all the skills and abilities we already possess, and move forward little by little.  The water may be wide but that only means it may take us a little longer to reach the other side.  We have all the wisdom and endurance we need to traverse any river we face.  We can be confident of success even if the winds are blowing and the rain begins to pour.

Our minds are like libraries that hold onto everything we see, or hear, or learn. All our experiences are stored for future reference.  When we come upon something difficult or challenging we can access everything we’ve learned so far and bring it forward to help.  Sometimes an experience we thought inconsequential holds the keys we need to unlock our way ahead.  We can take some time to pull from the skills we’ve already gained to help us when we’re facing a new complex issue.  By using what we’ve got and being open to what we can learn as we go we will find the way to unlock any complication and clear the way ahead.  We have a lot to draw from already and as we navigate our new situation we’ll gain more tools to carry with us.

When we’re facing a huge hurdle or a situation that is more intense than we’re comfortable with, we can take it apart piece by piece and proceed.  Every complex issue has many parts and if we look at each individually we will find the answers we need.  A jigsaw puzzle has many pieces and when we dump it out of the box it’s hard to fathom how they’ll all fit together.  But we can start with the straight edges and put them together, find pieces that are the same color and begin to connect them, and piece by piece we’ll make the picture and solve the puzzle.  We can do the same thing with complicated issues we’re facing.  Piece by piece and step by step we’ll find our way through and before long we’ll be on the other side.  The water may be wide but we can find our way over and we have everything we need to get there.

Today if you’re on the edge of a big issue that is overwhelming and difficult, take it one piece at a time.  Give yourself time to think and pull from everything you’ve learned already.  You are wise and intelligent.  There isn’t anything you can’t manage.  Move forward.  Success is there for you.