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Cloud Break

30 Dec

Our lives are filled with different experiences. We never know what’s coming around the bend. Some days go easily, and our plans work out the way we want them to, and other times the bottom falls out and the sky is dark and threatening. Nobody gets a perfect life where everything always goes well. We all face troubling times of uncertainty and doubt, and situations that complicate the road ahead. Stressful times may come, and we might be so inundated with the struggle that it seems we won’t survive. The darkest storms may push us against trials we never imagined. Just because the sky is black, the rain is pounding and we can’t see the road ahead, doesn’t mean it’s not there. If we look hard, we may see a break in the gloom where a tiny pocket of sunlight is peeking through. The sun is shining brightly above the ceiling of clouds and even if it’s not visible, we can trust it’s still there. It’s always there waiting to shine down on us after the storm passes. When hard times press and we feel overwhelmed and overcome, we can trust that the answers are waiting and will show the way through. Every answer we need will always be there for us. Each moment we endure gives us greater strength and courage to continue on. There isn’t anything that can hold us down indefinitely. We can be sure we will prevail no matter how hard or complex the problem may be. Life has already taught us many powerful and helpful lessons, and we have all the experiences we’ve already faced pushing us toward success. There will always be enough power and wisdom for us to draw on, and we will find the way forward. Change is constant, and in time, however long that takes, things will change, and we’ll be able to move ahead. By trusting ourselves to prevail, and taking each step as it comes, we’ll reach every success we desire.

Trouble may come when we already have a lot to deal with and we may feel overwhelmed and unable to manage. We don’t have to do everything at once and can take the time we need to look at everything objectively and decide on the best way forward. We are smarter than we think we are, and nothing is too complex for us to overcome.

There may be times when we may be tempted to simply walk away and ignore a problem we don’t want to face. If we need time to think about how we want to handle something, we can set it aside until we’re ready, but we must return once we’ve decided how we want to proceed and take care of it. We can unravel any issue and find the solutions we need. Nothing is too difficult for us to manage and we will succeed.

Today if you’re overwhelmed with a difficult problem and aren’t sure you can succeed, trust yourself. The sky may be dark but there is sunshine overhead waiting to shine through. You have all the skills and intelligence you need to accomplish anything. Nothing can overcome you. Every success is there for you, and you will reach it.

Down and Out

24 Oct

Life is filled with all kinds of experiences. Some days are great and everything moves along well, but other times things go wrong, sometimes terribly wrong. We may experience serious loss, intense grief, and fierce disappointments. There may be moments we feel overwhelmed by sorrow or sadness, and it’s hard to look ahead. Things happen and when something happens that takes our breath away, it can be hard to manage. However, each moment that passes, as we continue on, we gain more strength and confidence. The world isn’t going to end just yet. Time will help us process whatever changes have occurred, and we will recover. Just how much time that takes depends on many factors. We don’t have to push faster than we’re comfortable and if we need time away, we can take it. Our lives are valuable and we are a blessing to the world around us. We can sit things out for a while and when we feel stronger, can step back up and move forward with renewed confidence and courage. When we break a bone it’s painful and it takes time to heal. But after the healing is complete, the bone will be stronger and more resilient than it was before we broke it. The same is true of our spirits. We may go through terrible trials and have to face very hard challenges. They may test our mettle and push us to the limits of what we think we can handle. But in the end, after we’ve survived everything, we will be stronger and more secure than we were before everything happened. We can trust ourselves to face anything and prevail. We are powerful and nothing is strong enough to hold us down indefinitely. No matter what happens we can continue forward and find success.

We all want lives filled with sunshine and roses, but that’s not how it works. Bad things are going to happen and we are going to be tested. It’s the nature of life. Unexpected developments may knock us off course and at first, we may fall down under their weight. Being down will give us a moment to rest and adjust, and when we’re ready we can rise and begin again. Nothing can overcome us. We will always have everything we need to move forward.

Everyone has their ideas about how things should go, and when we’re suffering, we may get lots of advice and direction for getting through it. We can take any advice we like and follow any prompting we think might help, but the way forward is our decision. If we need help, we can find it. Every answer will always be there for us, and with patience and determination we will find them and be able to continue ahead with confidence and faith.

Today if you’re overwhelmed with despair over something that’s happened, give yourself time to think and process everything that’s occurred. You are wise and capable, and will find the next steps forward. There isn’t anything you can’t manage. You are amazing and strong, and every success is there for you. Deep breath. Success is still possible and you will reach it.

First Rays

4 Oct

During cold months, early in the morning when it’s still dark outside the air can be frigid. We feel the chill as our breath freezes and the cold creeps into us the longer we remain outside. But with the very first ray of sunshine everything begins to warm. The first bit of sun brings with it incredible warmth and before long everything is different. It takes only moments for the sun’s rays to begin to change the entire landscape. What was only visible in black and white before their arrival bursts forth in glorious color and the frost we experienced only moments ago disappears. The first rays of sunshine change everything. What was cold and bleak, and dark and dim, becomes warm and inviting and easy to see. It’s magical when you experience it and it seems impossible the whole world could change so quickly. The sun’s reach is amazing and constant, and we count on it every single morning.

In our lives there will be times that are dark and cold. We may face situations that feel impossible to navigate, where the answers are hard to find and everything seems cloudy and grey. We may feel frozen and anchored, unable to move. There is a chill deep inside and it’s hard to see the road ahead. When we feel isolated and alone, and there is no light, it may seem we will never find our way again. But time passes and as we cope with each step we eventually find an answer – something that opens a tiny crack in the door blocking our way. A small ray of light beams through giving us inspiration. We push forward a little more and as we do answers become available and we uncover the way ahead. Before we know it there is sunshine all around us and we have found our way through. Many problems we face don’t have sudden and quick answers. Often we need to work moment by moment until we find our way back into the light.

No problem is unsolvable. There is no situation we’ll face that will endure forever. Everything changes and nothing is constant. If we remember that when we’re in the dark and everything feels gray and cold, we’ll feel more hope that we’ll find our way. The first rays of sunshine are there for us just on the other side of the door blocking our path. We will get to it and the comfort it will bring. No night, no matter how dark, lasts forever. The sun will rise no matter how tempestuous the night has been. We can endure the darkness knowing the first rays of morning will warm us and light our way forward. We can work toward them, and wait for them patiently until they arrive. The light will surely come. Keeping our eyes focused on it will make the path easier and we’ll have more confidence as we navigate the way forward.

Today if you feel dark and troubled, if you’re in a difficult place that seems impossible to overcome, remember the light is just ahead. Keep moving forward. What is gray and cold now will soon be bright and warm. Everything will change and you’ll thrive going forward. Nothing can stop the sun from shining or from you prevailing. Soon everything will change. Keep your sights set on the road forward. Happiness is just ahead.

Looking Up

19 Sep

We go through trying times in life and sometimes when they stack one on the other, or the trial is extreme we can feel overwhelmed, and down and out. We may be so discouraged we can’t see the end of the trouble and become completely disheartened. At times like these we can feel like we’ve hit bottom. There is no hope left, and we feel used up and done. We’re sure we’ll fail, but then something happens unexpectedly that gives us a bounce. Something actually goes right and we are buoyed up once again. We begin to believe things may improve. We begin to look up. We start to see the end of the tunnel and the light beaming in. The skies clear, and we realize all is not lost after all.

Nothing is permanent in life. Everything changes continually. The only real guarantee we have is that whatever we’re going through now will change. But when we’re daunted and feel hopeless, we may forget that. It can seem like the trouble will never end, and if we believe that, it’s hard to go on. But nothing we face will last forever. No matter how bad it gets, no matter how hard it is to face, it’s going to change. Eventually we will solve the problem or it will work itself out. If we can keep that in our minds when we feel down and out, it will help restore our hope and give us the courage to go forward.

When we’re struggling and something good happens it can be hard to trust it. We may be suspicious that it’s not really a blessing but rather a fluke that fools us. But along with trouble, we all experience blessings as well. When they come, we should embrace them and bask in all the joy they bring. Life can bring us down but it can also lift us up. When the up times come, when things go well, when we see the sunshine we should take in as much as we can. The good experiences give us resilience for the times when the bottom falls out. If we focus on the lift we’ll be stronger in times of trial knowing we have the reserves to carry us through.

Today if you feel hopeless, if you’re discouraged and can’t see how to move forward, try to remember the other times you’ve overcome difficult obstacles. Remember the moments when you’ve succeeded and relive the experience again. You will gain strength and courage as you go through this trial. You have everything you need to get through it. You will prevail. You have come so far. Hold on. There is sunshine just around the next bend.

Above the Clouds

30 Apr

One time while traveling, the city I was leaving was having horrible weather. The sky was black and dense with clouds, and it was pouring rain. The air felt heavy and oppressive. It was dark and threatening. After I boarded the plane and we were underway, we bounced through some bumpy patches, and then suddenly we were above the storm, and the sun was beaming through the windows. It was gorgeous. I looked out my window and could see the dark, black storm below us. It was amazing to look down and see what we had left behind as we sailed along ablaze in the rays of the brilliant sun. There was such a difference from where we were, to where we had gone. It was bright up there, the sky was clear and blue, and we could see for miles. Not at all like the heavy, closed in space under the storm where we had begun the journey.

Our experiences can be like that. We may be having cloudy, stormy days, everything going wrong, tension in the air, we can get confused because of the darkness, and we can’t see ahead. We feel oppressed, and the constant thrumming of the stress weighs on us. We don’t know how long the storm will last before it finally plays out. We find ourselves wishing it would just stop now. Just clear up so we can move on.

It can be difficult, but we need to keep our perspective in times like these. Yes, there are clouds, yes it’s dark and threatening, maybe our lives are not where we want them to be, maybe our decisions haven’t worked out the way we planned, maybe people are upset, and we may feel lost. It’s easy to forget that there is sunshine just above the storm. It’s up there, beaming brightly. It’s always there. It never leaves, and it never fades. It’s just slightly out of reach right now, but if we hold steady, we can ride this out, and get to the clear skies again. No storm lasts forever. Eventually it plays out, and ends.

If you’re going through something difficult, if it feels bad there in the clouds, if it’s dark, if the thunder is threatening, if the rain feels like it will never stop, take heart, it will end. It can’t last forever. It will stop in time. Soon light will shine through, and you’ll be basking in the warmth of the sun’s rays. Everything will settle. You’ll be able to see clearly again, and all the darkness will lift. Keep your eyes on that. Remember that. The sun is always shining above the clouds no matter how dense and heavy the storm is today. The sun is always there. It’s there for you. This storm will pass. Just hold on a little longer. Better days are ahead.