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Making an Impact

28 Feb

Nobody lives in a bubble exclusive to those around them. We’re all part of the world and everything we do has an effect on something around us. Newton’s Third Law of Motion states, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Everything we do causes something else to happen. The response may be small and we may not notice anything different but it’s impossible to live our lives without creating some sort of change. Each decision causes a ripple effect that may create a new situation somewhere else. What kind of effect we have depends on the decisions we make, and our behavior influences everything around us. If we have a happy demeanor and positive outlook, we may bring light to others. Conversely, if we’re rude or grumpy, angry or curt, we may bring something else entirely, and if we’re vengeful or manipulative, may sow seeds of discontent and distrust. Every choice will produce some sort of response. We aren’t responsible for the feelings and choices of others, but we are responsible for the way our behavior and decisions impact their lives. We are part of the whole and whether we acknowledge that or not is irrelevant. Each step leaves an imprint and it’s up to us to decide what that will do. We can be mindful of every decision and think about all the possible ramifications before we act. We have everything we need to live happily and successfully. We have so much to offer, and with patience and careful consideration, can bring light and joy to those around us.

Nobody lives in nirvana and sometimes disappointing things happen that hurt us and change how we feel about the world. When things go wrong and we’ve been hurt, we may decide we’ve had enough and determine to seclude ourselves from others. We have a lot to offer but it will be impossible to share our gifts if we lock our lives away because of pain or disappointment. We can manage anything that comes and find our way back to happiness. We are capable, strong and wise, and nothing can keep us from the lives we desire.

Happiness comes from our actions but some people think they can find it by hurting others out of spite or maliciously causing problems for those around them. Their motivations will never justify the hardship they create and, in the end, they may find themselves angry and alone. The law of the harvest is inescapable. If we sow seeds of discontent, we will never reap joy. Everything we do takes us somewhere. We can make excellent choices that take us where we want to go and bring us great happiness.

Today, think about your decisions before you act. Make sure they will bring you the results you desire. You’re in control of your life and can do anything you choose. Make choices that will take you to the destinations you want the most and bring happiness into your life. You are a blessing to us all and have so many gifts to offer. Share them with us and make the world a better place.


All the Way Back

4 Dec

We go through all kinds of ups and downs as we navigate through the many days of our lives. Sometimes we get hurt and if the pain is intense and we feel completely heartbroken, it may take a lot of time to heal. While we’re struggling, all the details and demands of our lives continue. Our families, our jobs, our commitments, and all the responsibilities of life still have to be taken care of. Each moment demands our attention and there are endless distractions. We can face them all and manage whatever we must, but if we’re hurting it will take determination and focus. Nothing we go through is powerful enough to completely stop us forever. We have inner strength that’s always there for us and we can overcome anything in time. Heartbreak can be paralyzing and make us doubt our ability to survive but we always have enough inside to get through. We can face any pain and disappointment by going all the way back and uncovering everything that’s happened. We can see it all and then set it down and walk away. Looking at everything objectively and allowing ourselves to see it clearly will help us find the answers we need to move forward. Life is a great blessing and there is always a new day before us. No matter what has happened, no matter what we’ve lost, there is always hope for the future. Every sunrise brings undiscovered blessings. We can hold on when we feel weak, and continue forward even if we aren’t sure. Each step will reaffirm our confidence and as we walk forward, we’ll find our way again. There isn’t anything we can’t overcome. We are invincible and there is power within. We can go all the way back and begin on a new road forward.

When others see us struggle, they may try to help by telling us the situation isn’t as bad as it seems, but nobody can know the depth of our personal suffering but us. It might feel impossible to get through and we may be overwhelmed by pain and doubt. Life is all about change and no matter how bleak things may seem today, tomorrow will be different. We can take the journey forward one small step at a time. We don’t need to rush or try to move in a hurry. We can take things as they come and with each step our strength will return. In time, however long it takes, we’ll feel in control again and have all the confidence we need to move forward.

Personal pain teaches us many things and helps us understand ourselves more completely. When we suffer, we learn to endure and exercise internal strength. We discover our personal fortitude and uncover the depth of our courage. We are more powerful than we think we are and nothing can overcome us. We can step forward with confidence even when we’re unsure, trusting in our own wisdom to find our next steps.

Today if you feel broken and devastated over something that has hurt you, remember you are stronger than you realize. Everything you need to continue forward is already there inside you. Reach deep and hold onto your courage. You are amazing and nothing can hold you down. Pain is only a passage to greatness. Take a step and move forward toward success. It’s all there for you and you will reach it.

Getting Power

11 May

Life can be complicated. Some days we sail through without a care and then in an instant everything changes and what was true becomes completely false and we stumble. We may experience doubt and frustration trying to right ourselves again, and if the situation becomes very difficult we may wonder how to find a way through. There are countless things that can go wrong every day and when they do we may feel temporarily confused and lost. Fear may encompass us as we try to navigate forward and we may not know what to do. We might wish for power to overcome the issue but power doesn’t come at the beginning of a trial. We gain it as we move forward through the problem. Taking action even when we’re unsure brings us confidence. If we remember all trials are temporary and keep the long view in mind we will conquer our fears and have the courage needed to press forward. We have everything we need to succeed even in complicated and difficult times. We can rely on our strength and trust in our faith to move forward. There is nothing too difficult for us to unravel. No life is without problems and challenges. We have the courage and the wisdom to find our way and gain all the power we need to succeed. We’ve come through problems before and prevailed, and the power we’ve gained so far will help us do it again.

When we’re in the midst of a personal struggle we may only see our own lives. It can be hard to see others when the pain of what we’re dealing with is intense. We may withdraw for a time, keep our heads down and try to hide out until we feel more confident. Taking a break from other pressures while trying to solve a problem can be helpful but we must not bury ourselves so deeply we don’t come out again. The world is filled with all kinds of pressures and problems and hiding from them will never solve anything. If we need a break we can take it but as soon as possible we can return to the situation and do what is needed to move forward.

Some problems are very personal. We may not wish to bring others into the situation because we are embarrassed or concerned about what they may think. However, if we’ve been struggling for a time and still can’t find the way forward we may reach out for help. Those who care about us will listen with compassion and do what they can to offer assistance. There isn’t anything we can’t overcome no matter how hard it may seem at the beginning. We can find the power we need to prevail through any complication.

Today if you’re facing a difficult issue and aren’t sure how to proceed, if you’re afraid you can’t find the way forward and feel powerless to continue, remember all the times in the past you’ve prevailed and overcome. Take your time, get help if you need it, and be strong. You will overcome any issue you must face, gain power as you move forward and find your way through. You have more courage than you realize. Trust in yourself and stand tall. You will succeed and be stronger in the end.

Cut and Paste

20 Jan

Life brings us all kinds of experiences.  Whether they are good or bad depends on what’s happening and where we are.  We learn something new with everything we experience and decide as we move forward what we’ll take with us.  We don’t have to carry everything along as we go and can cut the things we don’t want.  If we experience something that won’t benefit us we can simply leave it behind.  However, if we learn something that helps us get to our goals we can hold onto it and incorporate it going forward. The trick is to accurately discern between the two.  Sometimes there may be things we’ll want to forget, especially if there are moments we don’t feel we did our best, but there will be other things we learned that strengthen us and give us additional courage.  We can hold onto new behaviors that help us or make us more confident.  As each challenge comes and goes, if we’re careful and pay attention, we will find things to take with us that enrich us and deepen our understanding.  Life is a great educator.  There really isn’t anything we’ll go through that won’t teach us something and no matter how much we’ve learned, there will always be more waiting for us.  Learning to cut and paste the things we experience will help us get the most out of each lesson and move us forward more effectively.  We are capable of changing and learning many things and as we travel through our journey can find our way to where we most want to be.

Some experiences stick to us because of their intensity or difficulty.  If the experience was very painful, even after it changes we may have trouble letting go and moving on. If the process created a permanent change in our lives or our relationships have been affected, we may grieve for what has been lost and it may be difficult to find our footing again.  If we’ve been hurt deeply we may need time to heal.  Even very good changes that are intense may take time to adjust to but we have everything we need to manage our lives well and no matter what happens we’ll find our way.

Life changes constantly and no matter how we may want things to stay the same, everything will eventually change.  If we are attached to keeping our lives in stasis, if we are intimidated by the process of change or are afraid of what the changes will bring, we may struggle to let go.  But we can cut what is no longer useful.  We can leave the baggage behind that we don’t need to carry.  We can let go of anything that is holding us back.  There is a long road ahead filled with promise and expectation and we can walk forward unencumbered by pain from the past.

Today if you’ve experienced something that has changed you in some way and you feel different than before, move forward with confidence.  You can let go of the things you no longer need, hold onto to what is helpful, and find success.  You’ve learned so much already and you know where you want to go.  You are courageous and wise enough to create a brilliant future filled with happiness.

Topping Off

25 Oct

Sometimes when someone offers us something delicious to drink we want a full glass and ask them to top it off. We want them to go all the way to the rim to get the most out of the experience. It’s great to get a full measure of something we really enjoy. Each drop is delightful and having a full glass is pleasing. But there are other times when things aren’t going well and we feel overwhelmed. When we don’t think we can handle any more complications and something else goes wrong we may feel like we’re tapped out. Topping off our glass of misery isn’t where we want to be. We may think we can’t handle any more problems and are at the point of breaking. However, no matter how hard the challenge we’re facing becomes or how many disappointments we must endure we have reserves equal to our needs. Even if we feel we have nothing left and are pressed further we will find the courage and strength to get through. We are really much stronger than we think we are. Hard times come to us all and even when we don’t think we can face them, we march through them. And as we overcome each obstacle and carry the heavy weight of endurance we become stronger and learn more about ourselves.

Serious disappointments, extreme loss, and acute sorrow are difficult burdens to bear. We may be stunned by the situations we must face and feel there is no way we can survive them. At the beginning of an extremely difficult challenge we may be sure it will overcome us and have no idea how to navigate through it. But as we take each step forward, moment by moment, we will find our way and gain more strength to face the problem. Desperation may fill our minds from time to time but we can calm it by reaching for the reserves of courage deep within us. There really is nothing too difficult for us to overcome and time is on our side. We can face any problem step by step and unravel our way back to peace of mind.

The old saying, “No pain, no gain” is often true. Resistance brings strength. Each time we face and overcome something difficult we become stronger. Although we don’t look forward to facing hard times and nobody wants to suffer, the pressure it takes to overcome difficult challenges is what clarifies our strengths and defines our courage. We are capable of facing anything that comes to us. We can reach deep inside ourselves and find all the determination and fortitude we need to overcome any problem we must face. There is nothing too difficult for us and we can be successful in every challenge.

Today if you’re facing something very hard and feel you can’t manage it, you can. You are much stronger and more capable than you imagine. You have everything you need to face whatever comes. You are invincible and powerful. Reach deep for the courage you need. Walk forward and look ahead. Success is waiting for you.


26 Mar

Every day we live we have the chance to do anything we want to do. Every day brings with it the promise of happiness. Even if today doesn’t not turn out to be the best day of our lives, it is the only day we have. Yesterday is gone and will never return, and tomorrow is out of our control. All we have is today. We can decide how we’ll live it, what we’ll do, where we’ll go, and what we’ll learn. If we make the most of it, today may bring untold blessings and countless benefits. If we squander it just going through the motions it will pass, and nothing will be gained. We cannot stop the march of time. We can’t make it last longer or slow down. We can only navigate it as it comes and do our best to make the most of it. It’s easy to close our eyes and drift through the hours, mindless of what we’re doing and oblivious of what’s available. But our chance to live right now is fleeting, and the hours will be wasted if we don’t pay attention and live wide awake.

Today is a good day to start. If we’ve been thinking about something we want to do, somewhere we want to go, or someone we want to see, today is the perfect day to begin. We can take the first step on a new journey, or begin the plans we’ve been making and putting off. Sometimes just taking the first step is the hardest but once we’ve set our foot in the direction we want to go we can be off and running. Every dream is a possibility. Every goal is achievable, and today is a good time to start making them happen. We can set time aside and really begin to move in the direction we want to go. We can reorganize our priorities to make sure we continue moving forward, and we can succeed. If we aren’t quite ready, today is the day to start making a plan. Unrealized goals often bring with them frustration and unhappiness. If we are consciously working toward where we want to be and actively pursuing what we want to gain, we will find contentment even before we reach the goal. When we’re on the road moving forward we will gain the confidence we need to succeed.

If we’ve been grieving or hurting from something in the past, today is a good day to start letting go. No matter how many tears we’ve cried, no matter how many sleepless nights we’ve endured – it’s enough. Maybe we can’t let go of all the hurt but today we could look up and let happiness creep in just a little. Pain sometimes has its own timetable and we can’t rush it, but we can give ourselves a breather. We can take a day off from the worry and sorrow. It will still be there tomorrow if we return to it. But if we’ve had enough, we can choose today to let it go and move forward. Happiness is a gift we give to ourselves. Nobody else can give it to us. We have to decide to take it and make it a reality in our lives. This life flies by in an instant. We can choose to be happy and make the most of each day, and today is the perfect day to start.

Today – if you’ve been wanting to do something and haven’t begun, start. If you’ve been suffering and are ready to move forward, let it go. You are worth more than you know. The world is blessed because you are here, and your presence brings light to us all. Choose today to move forward and be happy. You deserve every happiness. You can have it. Today is the perfect day to get it.

No End

23 Mar

There are times in all of our lives when something terrible happens and we don’t think we can survive it. It may be the sudden death of a loved one, a crushing professional disappointment, the betrayal of someone close, or other things that are extremely hard to face. Nobody has a blissful, perfect life all the time. Things go wrong and sometimes they go very wrong. When we’re in the throes of these experiences we may feel so overwhelmed we can’t see the end. We can’t imagine how to navigate the situation and we may feel sure it will overcome us. But then a day goes by and we are still here. And then another day goes by, and then another. And as time passes and we find our way through each moment, we get a little stronger, and a little braver. There isn’t anything we can’t face. Even if we are convinced we can’t face it, we can. We are far more resilient than we believe we are, and as strong as we need to be. We don’t have to see the end at the beginning. All we need to do is get through today. We might have to take it one breath at a time, but we will take it, and we will manage. Each moment that passes moves us along a little bit. And bit by bit we will overcome.

There may be times when our decisions bring the walls crashing down around us and if that’s the case, we can accept our role in the disaster. We can learn from it and take all the lessons forward with us. We learn by doing and sometimes that means making mistakes. Even if they hurt deeply, mistakes teach us important lessons. We know more after than we knew before. It’s impossible to go through life without doing some things wrong. This life is all about learning, and even when it hurts, it’s important. We don’t know everything and even if we try to do everything right we’re going to stumble from time to time. We can take ownership of our actions, look at the situation clearly, learn all we can, do what is needed to make things right, and forgive ourselves. The road is long and there is time to correct our course.

If we’ve suffered a terrible blow because of decisions made by others, we may be devastated. Serious hurt takes time to heal. We have to take it as it comes but eventually it will ease and we’ll move forward. We may carry a scar with us, but a scar is just a reminder of where we’ve been, and not an indicator of where we’re going. Day by day, step by step we’ll find happiness again. There are a lot of ups and downs in life. The hard times hurt but they give us a deeper appreciation for the times when things go well. Joy is the absence of sorrow, but to feel true joy, we have to feel true sorrow. Painful days hurt but they carry blessings with them. As we navigate them, those blessings will become part of who we are.  Each blessing takes us closer to the person we most want to be.

Today if you’re going through a difficult time and feel overwhelmed, hang on. You really do have everything you need to succeed. There is nothing too difficult for you. Take it one step at a time. You have so much going for you. You can manage anything. Happiness is just outside the door. Open it. It’s waiting for you.