Archive | March, 2017

Moving In

31 Mar

Sometimes the bottom falls out of our plans, the road we’re on suddenly turns to the left or a door we’re walking through abruptly slams in our faces.  There may be moments when everything changes at once in ways that upend us and our vision ahead is temporarily blocked.  When we face sudden and unexpected setbacks we may lose our composure, have a meltdown and come unglued.  Nobody is perfect and unforeseen immediate loss is hard to face.  When it happens it’s important to remember we are going through a difficult passage that is temporary.  We don’t have to move into the disaster and let it consume us or become a permanent scar that we continually pick at and obsess over.  Nothing in life is forever and tomorrow, no matter what we’re facing today, something will change.  No disaster lasts forever and we don’t have to pack up and move into sorrow.  We can navigate the problem even if it’s far reaching, reign in our emotions so we can think, and find a way to continue.  We can regain our composure and face whatever we must to move forward.  No life is without disappointment and no matter what happens it is not a permanent fixture.  We can step back, see everything objectively, take the time we need to readjust and grieve, and then we can begin again.  There will always be blessings ahead for us no matter where we are now.  We can find happiness and peace again as we continue on.

When we’re overcome with disappointment or sorrow it may be hard to see the road ahead.  But even when we can’t see it, it’s there for us.  There will always be a way forward no matter what has happened.  It may take time for us to recover from the setback and we can take it.  We can stand still to regroup and refocus.  We can breathe quietly until we are ready to begin again.  No matter when we step forward, there will be a road waiting.  We are always in control of our direction and what we want to do.  Nothing can stop us when we’re ready to move forward.

If something has completely changed the direction of our lives or has a lasting impact on what we can do going forward we can still find a way to happiness.  There are countless destinations and endless journeys we may travel.  We can change our way forward and find a new path.  There is nothing we can’t overcome or conquer.  We can determine that no matter what we will find our way.  Happiness is a gift we give to ourselves.  We deserve every happiness and we can have it no matter what comes to us.

Today if you’re facing a huge roadblock and everything you thought was real has suddenly changed, take a moment to step back and give yourself time to think.  There is a road ahead for you that will lead you to happiness.  You deserve the best of everything.  You can overcome any problem or complication and succeed.  Revise your journey forward and begin again.  Nothing can stop you and you will win.


Blocked Number

30 Mar

Getting a call from a blocked number is like playing one-sided tag. Someone is there to tag us but we can’t return the favor. They are invisible and we can’t call them back. If we block our number before we call someone we can find them but they can’t find us. It’s a control mechanism we may employ to protect our privacy and keep our information secret. While there may be appropriate times to block ourselves before we reach out, often it’s done to keep us apart and separate. It’s a one-sided game. The caller is protected and locked away. We may meet people who are very good at telling us what they want, and defining what works for them but unable to hear us when we express our feelings in return. They know how to ask for their needs but seem unable to hear the needs of others. If we only see ourselves and what we want and only focus on our own road ahead ignoring those around us, it’s like sending out a blocked call. We know where we’re going and we aren’t interested in seeing anything else. It’s the truest form of selfishness. It’s good to look out for ourselves and determine our own way forward and we can make any decisions we like. But if we only see our own narrow road ahead we will miss the opportunities and lessons we may learn by interacting and embracing those around us. We don’t have to block our number to get what we want. We are smart enough and wise enough to be open and still reach our destination.

When one person carries all the cards in any relationship there will be problems. Every successful relationship requires balance. They give a little, and we give a little. If one is always up and the other down, the relationship is destined to fail. There is risk in anything worth pursuing and nothing is stable without balance. If we want a successful relationship in any arena we must let our walls down and be open. We cannot completely protect ourselves with armor and expect to get close to anyone. Shields and blocks are good for keeping an enemy out but if we employ them when we’re trying to build connections we will fail.

It can be unsettling to let others get close to us and know us deeply. When all our doors are open and the light is pouring in we may feel vulnerable and tremulous. Our connections will only be as close as we let them. If we keep ourselves a step back we may have a workable relationship but it will be superficial. Only when we’re brave enough to show our true selves completely will we achieve a deep and satisfying association. The more we give the more we’ll get in return. Our lives are richer when we let others in and we’ll find true happiness when we unblock our connections.

Today if you’ve been keeping yourself a step back and not completely committing to a relationship, think about your options. You can let your walls down and have rich and rewarding connections to those around you. Open up and let others in. Your life will be richer and embellished in positive ways you can’t imagine. Connect with those around you. You have so much to offer and we all want to know you.

Look Over Here

29 Mar

Life is full of distractions.  When we’re trying to accomplish something there is rarely a straight line from where we are to where we want to go.  In addition to all the twists and turns we travel there are outside situations that pull our attention away.  We may see something off to the left that looks good, something on the right that’s shiny and attractive or even something behind us that seems to have changed and is drawing us back.  We can lose our focus going forward as we look over here and look over there.  It’s normal for distractions to tempt us and there is always a lot going on outside our personal sphere.  If we aren’t careful we may find ourselves spending a lot of time in the same place as we look at all the many things around us, listen to all the voices speaking, and wait until we’re sure we can move again.  If we want to accomplish anything we have to find a way to be involved in the world around us while still keeping our eyes on the ball.  Moving forward toward our goals is what brings happiness.  As we achieve them we feel more confident and sure of ourselves.  If we tread water in the same place, spinning around and looking at all the activity around us we may get stuck.  It’s wonderful to have a lot of options and we can be involved in many things and still keep moving forward.  We can sharpen our discipline when we need to and achieve every success we desire as we maintain our focus.

There are all kinds of attractive and alluring things around us all the time.  We can enjoy them, participate in all kinds of activities, and play with all kinds of toys.  If we set aside personal time to do all the things we want to do we can still keep focused on where we’re going.  We don’t have to be serious or work to push forward all the time.  We can take a respite from the path and do other things but if we want to achieve the goal we must return to the journey and keep moving forward.

We cannot be in two places at the same time.  When we have things we want to get done and other options present themselves and we want to participate in them we can.  We can make any decisions about our time that we like.  We will always choose what we want to do most.  If we find that we keep choosing activities that take us away from the goal we’ve set it may be time to re-evaluate and decide if the goal is really important to us.  Looking for ways to step away from it is often a clue that we don’t want to move forward on the same path.  We can change direction any time we like and change our focus when needed.  There is no one perfect road to travel.  We can do anything we like and if we want to switch lanes we can.

Today if you find you’re often distracted and haven’t been able to move forward with a goal you’ve set, take some time to consider all your options.  You can change your plans if you like and move in a new direction that is more attractive.  There are many roads open to you and you may go anywhere you like.  Decide what you want and you’ll move forward with confidence.


28 Mar

There are times in everyone’s life when things go wrong. Mistakes may be made, wrong turns taken or something we have no control over arises and brings us hardship and heartache. If we are overcome by what’s happened and feel unable to move ahead we may lean on someone else for support and encouragement. It’s wonderful to have others near us who are willing to help us through difficult times when we need them. Leaning on someone else for a while gives us respite from the storm and holds us up while we figure out our next step. As we lean we can recharge and take a moment to think but while we’re leaning on someone else the balance we need to move forward is set aside. We are not standing solid and ready to walk. While the break is helpful, soon it will be important to stand up straight again and begin forward. We will need to compose our confidence, garner our courage and regain our stature so we can move ahead. Some trials are very difficult and it sometimes takes a little time before we feel ready to face them but face them we must if we want to progress. When we’re ready we may right ourselves and start forward. There isn’t any problem too difficult for us to navigate and even when we feel we may not survive we have everything we need to continue. Trusting in our ability to adjust and solve the problem and courageously step forward will move us through the trial to the other side. We are stronger than we think we are and completely capable of facing anything that comes to us. We can stand tall and walk forward with confidence and assurance.

When we’re facing a heavy problem, we may believe we can’t do it, we can’t face it and we can’t get through it. We may be convinced we don’t have what we need to manage and feel like giving up. We can always surrender to any problem that comes our way and try to escape it, and we may be successful for a time. But problems that are left unsolved have a way of returning and revisiting us until we settle them once and for all. Instead of ignoring them or giving up and facing them again in the future, it’s best to face them head on when they arrive and solve them.

Help is always available to us when we need it. If we are confused about what to do or how to proceed there are many people around us who have answers we haven’t yet found. If we ask they will help us find the way forward. Everyone’s experiences are different and a new experience for us may be something someone near us has already encountered who will have advice and counsel that will help. We can ask for help when we need it and listen to suggestions that will assist us. We don’t have to face everything alone. We can enlist the help of others and find success.

Today if you’re facing a big problem and you’re leaning on someone close for support, take the rest you need until you feel confident. Then, stand up straight and determine to solve the issue once and for all. If you need help, ask for it. You are smart enough and wise enough to solve any problem that comes to you. Trust yourself. You are an amazing person with incredible abilities. Let them shine and the answers will come.


27 Mar

Life is full of opportunities for growth and learning.  We all have limits we are aware of and some we haven’t yet discovered, but no matter where those limits lie we can push them and stretch them further.  A small life takes little effort to achieve.  We can coast and be comfortable and never try anything new.  It might be simpler to live that way but choosing to stay within pre-set limits restricts us from learning and growing in new ways.  We never really know what we can do if we never step beyond where we’ve been.  We are capable of doing anything we want but it may mean pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and pressing further than we’ve tried before.  As we stretch forward we may be uncomfortable because we’re in foreign territory and aren’t sure what will happen.  We have enough courage to try anything we really want to do and enough temerity to face any challenge we must to get to a destination.  There are countless things to do and learn, limitless possibilities for our lives and endless chances to try new things.  We can recognize our limits and push forward right through them to something new.  Our lives can be richer and fuller and we can make all our dreams come true.

There is safety in knowing where we are and what to expect.  We know how things will likely go and we feel ready because we’ve been there before.  It’s good to feel safe and we may appreciate the stability of sameness in our lives.  Sameness creates routine and we may change our routines any time we choose.  They are created by repetition and when we’re ready we can start doing things differently and develop new patterns.  It just takes one step in a new direction to change our trajectory a little to the left or right.  One step may open new doors for us and push us in a new direction that will bring fresh opportunities and people into our lives.

Some people change constantly.  They cannot tolerate sameness and are quickly bored.  They push forward and engage in new activities as a matter of course.  Their lives are broad in scope and wide in interpretation because they have opened many doors and continually allowed new ideas to shape them.  We don’t have to push our limits that far to stretch a little further.  We can be open to new experiences at our own pace and learn new things as we feel comfortable.  We can allow new ideas and new patterns to enrich our experiences and help us stretch and learn.  The world has a lot to offer.  We can grab onto new ideas that teach us new things and allow us to grow.

Today if you’ve been keeping your life close and small, take a look around and see what’s there for you.  Open the door a little wider and step a little further away from what is comfortable.  You’ll be amazed at what you discover and how far you can go.  There isn’t anything you can’t do when you’re ready.  Take the first step today.  The whole world is there waiting for you.  Step out and discover something new.