Look Over Here

29 Mar

Life is full of distractions.  When we’re trying to accomplish something there is rarely a straight line from where we are to where we want to go.  In addition to all the twists and turns we travel there are outside situations that pull our attention away.  We may see something off to the left that looks good, something on the right that’s shiny and attractive or even something behind us that seems to have changed and is drawing us back.  We can lose our focus going forward as we look over here and look over there.  It’s normal for distractions to tempt us and there is always a lot going on outside our personal sphere.  If we aren’t careful we may find ourselves spending a lot of time in the same place as we look at all the many things around us, listen to all the voices speaking, and wait until we’re sure we can move again.  If we want to accomplish anything we have to find a way to be involved in the world around us while still keeping our eyes on the ball.  Moving forward toward our goals is what brings happiness.  As we achieve them we feel more confident and sure of ourselves.  If we tread water in the same place, spinning around and looking at all the activity around us we may get stuck.  It’s wonderful to have a lot of options and we can be involved in many things and still keep moving forward.  We can sharpen our discipline when we need to and achieve every success we desire as we maintain our focus.

There are all kinds of attractive and alluring things around us all the time.  We can enjoy them, participate in all kinds of activities, and play with all kinds of toys.  If we set aside personal time to do all the things we want to do we can still keep focused on where we’re going.  We don’t have to be serious or work to push forward all the time.  We can take a respite from the path and do other things but if we want to achieve the goal we must return to the journey and keep moving forward.

We cannot be in two places at the same time.  When we have things we want to get done and other options present themselves and we want to participate in them we can.  We can make any decisions about our time that we like.  We will always choose what we want to do most.  If we find that we keep choosing activities that take us away from the goal we’ve set it may be time to re-evaluate and decide if the goal is really important to us.  Looking for ways to step away from it is often a clue that we don’t want to move forward on the same path.  We can change direction any time we like and change our focus when needed.  There is no one perfect road to travel.  We can do anything we like and if we want to switch lanes we can.

Today if you find you’re often distracted and haven’t been able to move forward with a goal you’ve set, take some time to consider all your options.  You can change your plans if you like and move in a new direction that is more attractive.  There are many roads open to you and you may go anywhere you like.  Decide what you want and you’ll move forward with confidence.

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