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3 Dec

When we want to build something, we must assemble all the tools needed to get the job done. Tools are great assets that help us in many ways. All tools are good for something, but none are good for everything. A hammer is a very useful and valuable tool, but if we need to screw a bolt into a board, a hammer is useless. Choosing the right tool for our needs enables us to get the job done. Having lots of tools is nice, but they are only helpful if we actually have the tools we need. Identifying the right tool is easy when we’re building. We know when we need a hammer, a screwdriver, a measuring tape, etc. But in our personal lives, when problems arise we may be confused about how exactly to proceed, and what skills will help us through. Everyone has their own unique personal toolkit accumulated for all the experiences we’ve had as we’ve navigated through our lives. What one possesses may be very different from someone else. We might face a situation where we find we don’t have the tools we need to comprehend what’s happening or how to proceed. Someone close by may have exactly what is required to help us, and they can share their wisdom and experience with us and give us the information we need to move forward. We all have tools to share, and there will always be a solution possible. By reaching out to those around us and asking for help when we need it, and sharing our knowledge to assist someone else, we can reach success in every endeavor.

Life is complicated and unpredictable. We never know what will happen next. Even if we plan carefully and do our best to ensure we avoid as many problems as possible as we move ahead, things may go wrong. Someone or something may get in the way and prevent us from moving forward. If we can’t move, we can stand still and look at the situation objectively. There will always be another way forward. By using the skills we already possess, and trusting ourselves, we can find a way around any obstacle, and continue on toward success.

Conflict is a normal part of life. We’re all individuals and no two people are exactly alike. Our differences bring depth and richness to our experience, but they can also bring disharmony and stress. During times of conflict we can scream and yell, and demand that others listen and obey, which really never works. Or we can draw on our experiences and express our viewpoint gracefully and with patience. By using the skills we’ve already gained we can effectively communicate our opinions and find compromise that honors everyone. We are smarter and more capable than we think we are, and with determination and focus, can achieve anything.

Today if you’re facing a big challenge and don’t have the tools you need to get through, reach out to those around you and ask for help. Each experience will give you new skills that will enrich your understanding and help you move forward. Be confident and trust yourself. You are intelligent and wise, and can manage anything. Nothing can hold you in place for long. Every success is possible, and you will prevail.

Perfectly Imperfect

3 Nov

We all have goals we want to accomplish. Some of them are places we want to go, or things we want to do, and others may be very personal. Perhaps we want to change our personality in some way, or change our appearance, lose or gain weight, become more muscular, or change the way we dress and present ourselves. The world is full of suggestions and there is a pervasive implication that if we will only try harder, we can be perfect. The problem of course, is that perfection is generally unattainable. It may be the goal, but will rarely, if ever, be the achievement. Those ads featuring gorgeous, and completely fit happy people, are just actors, altered and enhanced by computer technology. There are extremely few examples of perfection in nature, and although we may strive for it, nobody in life is perfect. Our idiosyncrasies and unique expressions may seem to keep us from a level of perfection we desire, but they also make us interesting and deepen our personalities and appearances. Imagine how boring it would be if everyone looked and acted perfectly all the time. The excitement of meeting someone new is enhanced by learning about them and seeing their individual interpretations and expressions. It’s fun to get to know them and unravel what makes them tick. Everyone is different and expresses their own version of perfect imperfection. Our lives are ours to design and if we want to, we can spend a lot of time, energy and resources trying to change who and what we are to fit some model we admire. But in the end, we’ll still be ourselves, flaws and all. Loving what makes us unique and special in our own way, will bring us great comfort and blessing to the world around us.

Oftentimes it seems we always want what we don’t have. People with curly hair want it straight, and vice versa. Old people want to be young, and youngsters long to be grown up. The grass may seem greener on the other side of the fence, but every situation has its problems and blessings. No matter where we are, some things will be great and other things will be a hassle. We will excel in some areas and struggle in others. It’s the nature of life. There will be few times when everything will be exactly as we want it. All these things give us experience and help us to better understand ourselves and the world around us. Being thankful for where we are right now will bring us joy and great comfort.

Change is constant and if we’re unhappy where we are, we can always do what is necessary to make things different. We are never frozen in time, unable to move or modify our lives. By deciding what we want most, and then moving toward the goal with confidence and clarity, we can have the lives we dream about. Nothing is out of reach and we will succeed.

Today if you’ve been trying to fit into a perfect model of yourself, remember you are precious just as you are. Be confident and grateful for what you possess now. Your influence is a gift to the world, and we’re all blessed because you are here.

Has to Happen

14 Sep

Life is busy and there are often many tasks that need to be completed, appointments that must be met, and meetings to attend. If there’s a lot going on and we have many commitments, it can be hard to juggle everything and succeed. We can try to prioritize what’s most important and plan our time effectively, but there will always be unexpected developments that may arise and throw a wrench into our schedule. When problems come or something suddenly changes, what was most important earlier may have to take a backseat while we adjust our plans to continue on. Often, we can work around whatever happens, but there may be times when we absolutely must accomplish something, no matter what gets in the way. Maybe there’s a personal commitment we can’t renege on, or a work-related issue that has to be done by a certain time, or a thousand other details that need our attention. Obstacles may complicate the way forward, but there will always be a way around them. Others may try to prevent us from advancing, but we are creative enough to get through. Few roads are paved and clear, and getting from point A to point B will rarely be a straight, unobstructed line. Nobody gets a free pass where everything always goes their way. We’ve already overcome many kinds of snags and roadblocks, and have everything we need to find our way to any destination we desire. Trouble may come, we may get stopped and stunned, but nothing stays the same forever, and with patience and determination, we will succeed. We can figure out how to keep our most important commitments, and accomplish whatever is needed. Success will always be possible, and nothing is powerful enough to keep us from it.

Nobody knows what’s happening in our lives better than we know ourselves. We can do anything we like and agree to any request, even if we’re already busy. Our time is ours to use as we desire, but it is finite, and we can’t stretch it just because we’ve over committed. By understanding our limits, and making appropriate and wise decisions, we can ensure we’ll accomplish the goals we desire most, and reach success.

The world is filled with all kinds of amazing and attractive things to do. We can spend hours on-line looking at all the possibilities, and dream of all the places we could go, and activities we could enjoy. It’s fun to think about new ideas, but spending time imagining what we could do will never take us to them. Every dream we desire is possible, but we must become actively engaged to make them ours. With determination and action, we can create the lives we want the most, and accomplish anything we desire.

Today if you’re bogged down with things you must accomplish, plan your time effectively and move forward with confidence. You are the most important person in your life. Decide what you want the most, and make a plan to accomplish it. Be confident and wise. Every single goal is possible, and every dream can be yours. There isn’t anything you can’t do. You can have the life you desire most, and reach every success.

Not Yet the End

31 Aug

We go through all kinds of experiences as we live our lives. Sometimes things go well and we feel settled and comfortable, but we may experience seriously difficult challenges that make us miserable. If we go through a terrible heartbreak, we might feel we’ll never get over it. Breaking a relationship can bring a lot of pain and distress. It hurts to lose someone we love, and it may be impossible to think about the future. If we’re truly suffering and it’s painful to even breathe, we may think we’ll never get over it. This is it, and our lives are ending. Even the worst-case scenario where we are devastated and completely lost doesn’t mean we’re done. The end of a relationship isn’t the end of us. It may really hurt badly, and we may think we can’t survive, but then one day passes and we’re still here. Then another day passes, and if we just keep enduring, time will ease the pain and help us continue on. There are no quick fixes when our lives have taken a dramatic turn that brings us great discomfort. We won’t be back to our happy selves overnight, but we will return. How long it takes depends on a lot of factors, but we can trust that we’ll find peace and comfort again. Life is filled with all kinds of events. It doesn’t matter how difficult they are, we are stronger than anything we’ll face. If we can’t have what we want, we can change our focus. There will always be another road and another opportunity to reach success. Although we may suffer, nothing is powerful enough to hold us down forever. If we can’t stand up and look ahead with confidence today, we will do so tomorrow. We are more resilient than we know, and nothing, not even heartbreak, can keep us from success. Tomorrow will come and the storm will clear. Every dream is still there for us, and with determination and faith, we will reach them all.

There are few things more painful than betrayal. When someone we trust or love, lets us down or does something purposely to hurt us, it can be devastating. We may stand in disbelief, wondering how this happened. We can only control ourselves and the decisions we make. It’s good to trust others, and believe in them, and we can design our lives in ways that bring us great happiness and satisfaction. Our relationships are important, but if they hurt us, we can step away and move in a new direction.

We only know what others reveal to us. They may be open and honest about their feelings, or they may hold back information that may hurt us, or reveal something they don’t want us to know. Truth is powerful and no matter what we do to conceal it, will always rise and become clear. If we discover our relationship isn’t what we thought, we can decide how we want to proceed. We are never doomed to stay in any situation we don’t want. There will always be new options possible, and we can choose the way ahead with confidence and clarity.

Today if you’re struggling with heartbreak and feel like you’ll never be happy again, remember how strong and powerful you are. Nothing can break you or hold you in place indefinitely. Take your time and trust yourself. You are amazing and capable. There is great happiness just ahead and every success is still possible.

Up or Down

28 Aug

We are in control of our lives and with whom we choose to associate. Some connections are positive and lift us up, help us move forward, and bring great satisfaction and happiness. Others may not be as beneficial. There may be problems and issues that bring us down and complicate our lives. We never have to stay in any situation that isn’t working for us, or that brings hardship and difficulty. Instead of enduring a relationship filled with stress and frustration, we can change our direction and build new ones that are strong and favorable. When our connections give us light and support, we are happier and more confident. Our lives and all the decisions we make are up to us. We don’t have to keep associating with someone who hurts or demeans, or draws away all our energy, no matter who they are. There will always be another road to travel, and we can decide who’ll go with us. We can choose people who lift us up, or bring us down, make us happy or miserable. We deserve the best of everything, and that includes the relationships we build. We know who we are, and can do whatever is needed to ensure we’re on the best road headed to the destinations we most desire. Nobody is powerful enough to control us or prevent us from reaching success. We cannot be held back against our will. Every single dream is possible, and by choosing to connect with those who encourage and help us find our way forward, we will reach every goal we desire. Nothing is out of reach, and we will succeed.

We’re all born into families of some sort. While there are many varieties of what family means to us, one thing is sure, they will be important influences in our lives. If we’re doing things they like and following the family model, the road will be easier than if we push away toward something different and choose another direction. We’re entitled to live our lives any way we choose, and never need to conform to keep the peace. With respect and grace, we can listen to any advice given, and then choose our own road moving forward. We don’t need permission or agreement to create the lives we want the most. Every goal is there for us, and with determination and focus, we will reach them.

Staying in a difficult relationship will never bring us lasting happiness. If we’ve been connected for a long time, we might think we must stay to honor the time we’ve invested. But change is constant, and if we don’t feel satisfied or fulfilled, we can make a new plan. We can take the lessons we’ve learned forward with us, and start on a new road. We have all the courage and wisdom we need to create the lives we want the most. Nothing can keep us from our dreams if we’re determined to make them ours. Life is the most precious gift we’ll ever get. Choosing the roads that take us to the destinations we desire will bring us great satisfaction and happiness.

Today if you’re in a situation that isn’t working but are hesitant to step away, remember your happiness is important. You are a gift to us all and deserve every blessing. You can do anything.  Decide what you want the most, and step forward with confidence. All your dreams are possible, and you will find great success and happiness.