Has to Happen

14 Sep

Life is busy and there are often many tasks that need to be completed, appointments that must be met, and meetings to attend. If there’s a lot going on and we have many commitments, it can be hard to juggle everything and succeed. We can try to prioritize what’s most important and plan our time effectively, but there will always be unexpected developments that may arise and throw a wrench into our schedule. When problems come or something suddenly changes, what was most important earlier may have to take a backseat while we adjust our plans to continue on. Often, we can work around whatever happens, but there may be times when we absolutely must accomplish something, no matter what gets in the way. Maybe there’s a personal commitment we can’t renege on, or a work-related issue that has to be done by a certain time, or a thousand other details that need our attention. Obstacles may complicate the way forward, but there will always be a way around them. Others may try to prevent us from advancing, but we are creative enough to get through. Few roads are paved and clear, and getting from point A to point B will rarely be a straight, unobstructed line. Nobody gets a free pass where everything always goes their way. We’ve already overcome many kinds of snags and roadblocks, and have everything we need to find our way to any destination we desire. Trouble may come, we may get stopped and stunned, but nothing stays the same forever, and with patience and determination, we will succeed. We can figure out how to keep our most important commitments, and accomplish whatever is needed. Success will always be possible, and nothing is powerful enough to keep us from it.

Nobody knows what’s happening in our lives better than we know ourselves. We can do anything we like and agree to any request, even if we’re already busy. Our time is ours to use as we desire, but it is finite, and we can’t stretch it just because we’ve over committed. By understanding our limits, and making appropriate and wise decisions, we can ensure we’ll accomplish the goals we desire most, and reach success.

The world is filled with all kinds of amazing and attractive things to do. We can spend hours on-line looking at all the possibilities, and dream of all the places we could go, and activities we could enjoy. It’s fun to think about new ideas, but spending time imagining what we could do will never take us to them. Every dream we desire is possible, but we must become actively engaged to make them ours. With determination and action, we can create the lives we want the most, and accomplish anything we desire.

Today if you’re bogged down with things you must accomplish, plan your time effectively and move forward with confidence. You are the most important person in your life. Decide what you want the most, and make a plan to accomplish it. Be confident and wise. Every single goal is possible, and every dream can be yours. There isn’t anything you can’t do. You can have the life you desire most, and reach every success.


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