You’re It

8 Jun

We go through many changes as our lives progress. Change is constant, and no matter what our situation is now, it will eventually change. Time goes by and as life changes, we age, and change with it. The dreams we have as children rarely become the dreams we seek as adults. What was important a few years ago, may be insignificant now. As we go through each experience, we learn more and our ideas and desires modify. Our lives are in our control, but others may try to exert their influence over us in an effort to make us follow them, and they may succeed. We can follow anyone we want, take the same roads as those around us, and basically ride along in the back seat for as long as we like. But the life we end up with is the life we created as a result of all the decisions we make along the way. We are in charge of where we go and what we do. We can’t expect others to push us to success or present our dreams to us simply because we desire them. It’s all up to us. Like a game of tag, we can run around and dodge every problem and try to live on the periphery. That may work for a while but eventually our lives will catch up to us and we’ll have to decide what we’ll do. We’re it – we’re the ones who decide where we’ll go and what we’ll do. If we simply follow along, we still own the destinations we end up in. If we’re unhappy, we only have ourselves to blame. We have all the wisdom and intelligence necessary to make excellent choices. There isn’t anything we can’t figure out and every answer we need is there for us. By stepping forward and choosing the roads that will take us where we most want to go, we’ll find great satisfaction and happiness. Every single blessing is there for us, and with determination and clarity, we can go anywhere and do anything.

When things go wrong and we’re facing a situation that is difficult and unsettling, we may be sorely tempted to pretend it doesn’t exist. We can hide away indefinitely, but nobody else will step in and take care of our personal issues for us. They belong to us and we must solve them. There isn’t anything too complex or hard for us to figure out, and we can be confident we will prevail no matter what we must face.

Sometimes life brings us challenges we never dreamed we would face. They may be complex and confusing, and at first, we may have no idea how to proceed. It’s hard to see through a tangled maze, and the road ahead may be hidden. But every answer is already there, and if we trust ourselves, and take our time, each step, no matter how small, will move us closer to resolution. There isn’t anything we can’t do. Every destination is possible, and we will succeed.

Today if you’ve been avoiding a difficult issue, stop and face it head on. Look at everything clearly and decide how you want to proceed. There isn’t a problem difficult enough to hold you in place indefinitely. You know what you want, and where you want to go. Step forward with confidence, sure of success. You have everything you need to prevail, and you will win. Success is just ahead, and nothing can keep you from it.


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