Perfectly Imperfect

3 Nov

We all have goals we want to accomplish. Some of them are places we want to go, or things we want to do, and others may be very personal. Perhaps we want to change our personality in some way, or change our appearance, lose or gain weight, become more muscular, or change the way we dress and present ourselves. The world is full of suggestions and there is a pervasive implication that if we will only try harder, we can be perfect. The problem of course, is that perfection is generally unattainable. It may be the goal, but will rarely, if ever, be the achievement. Those ads featuring gorgeous, and completely fit happy people, are just actors, altered and enhanced by computer technology. There are extremely few examples of perfection in nature, and although we may strive for it, nobody in life is perfect. Our idiosyncrasies and unique expressions may seem to keep us from a level of perfection we desire, but they also make us interesting and deepen our personalities and appearances. Imagine how boring it would be if everyone looked and acted perfectly all the time. The excitement of meeting someone new is enhanced by learning about them and seeing their individual interpretations and expressions. It’s fun to get to know them and unravel what makes them tick. Everyone is different and expresses their own version of perfect imperfection. Our lives are ours to design and if we want to, we can spend a lot of time, energy and resources trying to change who and what we are to fit some model we admire. But in the end, we’ll still be ourselves, flaws and all. Loving what makes us unique and special in our own way, will bring us great comfort and blessing to the world around us.

Oftentimes it seems we always want what we don’t have. People with curly hair want it straight, and vice versa. Old people want to be young, and youngsters long to be grown up. The grass may seem greener on the other side of the fence, but every situation has its problems and blessings. No matter where we are, some things will be great and other things will be a hassle. We will excel in some areas and struggle in others. It’s the nature of life. There will be few times when everything will be exactly as we want it. All these things give us experience and help us to better understand ourselves and the world around us. Being thankful for where we are right now will bring us joy and great comfort.

Change is constant and if we’re unhappy where we are, we can always do what is necessary to make things different. We are never frozen in time, unable to move or modify our lives. By deciding what we want most, and then moving toward the goal with confidence and clarity, we can have the lives we dream about. Nothing is out of reach and we will succeed.

Today if you’ve been trying to fit into a perfect model of yourself, remember you are precious just as you are. Be confident and grateful for what you possess now. Your influence is a gift to the world, and we’re all blessed because you are here.

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