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Wiper Blades

15 Nov

Windshield wiper blades help us see when it’s raining or snowing outside. They move everything off the glass and clear the way ahead. Without them, when the weather gets bad, it may be impossible to see the road and we may have to stop until things change. When they are new, they work perfectly but as they wear, there may be areas that don’t touch and over time it gets harder and harder to see the road. It’s the same for us when we are doing our tasks and working our way through. There are always endless complications and details that may move us off course, and endless tasks to accomplish. If we keep our minds clear and focus on what needs to be done, we will likely find success. But all those details and complications may wiggle their way to the front of our vision, and we may get distracted and stuck, unable to see the way forward. Life is filled with all kinds of unexpected developments and we may tire trying to solve them all. We know where we want to go, and setting aside the journey to take care of this over here, or that over there, will never help us reach the goal. We only have control over our own decisions and there is no way to predict what will happen. Sometimes, everything gets jumbled up and the road gets blocked. But many times the distractions that come can wait. The journey we’re on is important and if we’re determined to succeed, we can find a way to attend to whatever comes up and still continue forward. We know what we want, and already have everything we need to get it. By choosing to stay on track and doing what is needed to make the goal ours, we will prevail. Nothing is out of reach if we are determined to win. We are smart enough to know what to do at every turn, and we will succeed.

Life is complex and we may face a time when we’re so busy taking care of details we neglect to take care of ourselves. Yes, it’s important to solve problems as they arise, and make new plans when necessary, but we are in control of our time and how we use it. There will always be more work to do, no matter what we accomplish. We can be diligent and work hard, and still do what is necessary to ensure our own safety and good health. By taking the time we need to rest and restore, we will more easily find the answers we need, and reach the goal ahead.

If we’re exhausted from too much work, our judgement will likely be compromised. It’s hard to see details when our vision is blurred by fatigue. When we’re tired we may miss important clues we need to move ahead. By being proactive and taking time when we need it, we will be clear and aware of everything we need to do, and where we need to go. Success is always possible, and with patience and wisdom, we will reach it.

Today if you’ve got a lot going on and there is much to accomplish, remember you are the most important person in your life. Be mindful of your needs and step back when you need a break. You are amazing and highly capable and nothing is beyond your grasp. Plan carefully, and step forward confident of success.


27 Mar

Life is full of opportunities for growth and learning.  We all have limits we are aware of and some we haven’t yet discovered, but no matter where those limits lie we can push them and stretch them further.  A small life takes little effort to achieve.  We can coast and be comfortable and never try anything new.  It might be simpler to live that way but choosing to stay within pre-set limits restricts us from learning and growing in new ways.  We never really know what we can do if we never step beyond where we’ve been.  We are capable of doing anything we want but it may mean pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and pressing further than we’ve tried before.  As we stretch forward we may be uncomfortable because we’re in foreign territory and aren’t sure what will happen.  We have enough courage to try anything we really want to do and enough temerity to face any challenge we must to get to a destination.  There are countless things to do and learn, limitless possibilities for our lives and endless chances to try new things.  We can recognize our limits and push forward right through them to something new.  Our lives can be richer and fuller and we can make all our dreams come true.

There is safety in knowing where we are and what to expect.  We know how things will likely go and we feel ready because we’ve been there before.  It’s good to feel safe and we may appreciate the stability of sameness in our lives.  Sameness creates routine and we may change our routines any time we choose.  They are created by repetition and when we’re ready we can start doing things differently and develop new patterns.  It just takes one step in a new direction to change our trajectory a little to the left or right.  One step may open new doors for us and push us in a new direction that will bring fresh opportunities and people into our lives.

Some people change constantly.  They cannot tolerate sameness and are quickly bored.  They push forward and engage in new activities as a matter of course.  Their lives are broad in scope and wide in interpretation because they have opened many doors and continually allowed new ideas to shape them.  We don’t have to push our limits that far to stretch a little further.  We can be open to new experiences at our own pace and learn new things as we feel comfortable.  We can allow new ideas and new patterns to enrich our experiences and help us stretch and learn.  The world has a lot to offer.  We can grab onto new ideas that teach us new things and allow us to grow.

Today if you’ve been keeping your life close and small, take a look around and see what’s there for you.  Open the door a little wider and step a little further away from what is comfortable.  You’ll be amazed at what you discover and how far you can go.  There isn’t anything you can’t do when you’re ready.  Take the first step today.  The whole world is there waiting for you.  Step out and discover something new.

With Purpose

28 Jul

No matter what we’re doing with our lives, we have purpose. We are here for reasons that may elude us at times, but we are important and essential in our lives and to those around us. Recognizing our importance helps us live with purpose and define our journey each day. Life can get away from us if we aren’t careful and before we know it we may forget why we’re here or who we really are. But if we remember we are important and if what we’re doing isn’t what we want to do, we can change course. If we think about our purpose each day, and determine what we want to accomplish we will be more effective. Each day is a gift and every moment we’re here brings the chance to do something amazing and incredible. Living on purpose, meaning it every moment, and paying attention will help us become the very best we can be.

Routine has a way of numbing our focus. We know where we’re going, we know what to do, and we pretty much know what to expect. There is nothing wrong with routine but if we tune into each thing we’re doing instead of just going through the motions, even if we’ve done it a thousand times, we can learn something new. Everything changes every day but sometimes we have to look for the changes to see them. Meandering around and hanging back may keep us in a holding pattern. If we explore new ideas and ways to get things done, and apply ourselves to each activity we will open new doors and discover new ideas. We can’t expect to embellish our experiences and grow if we repeat them over and over again and do nothing to enhance them.

Being patient is valuable and if we choose to we can sit patiently and wait for everything we want to come to us. We can go through our lives day by day doing the same things and hoping something will come along to change them. But waiting for changes to come to us and doing nothing to make them happen is often fruitless. Waiting is fine if there is nothing we can do to make things happen, but often while we wait opportunities pass us by. It’s like being trapped in a flood and treading water because we have no boat to save us. While we’re patiently waiting and hoping for a boat we may let a large log that could carry us to safety pass by. If we sit and wait for exactly what we think we need to move forward and focus only on that, we may not recognize other things that could propel us ahead. But we can purposefully look for solutions instead of waiting for them to arrive. We are in charge of our lives and if we live them with purpose we will achieve our greatest goals and find success.

Today if you’ve been waiting for an answer to come to you, look around and find a solution that will work. Try something new and go forward with purpose. You have so much to offer. You know how to get things done and where you want to go. Stop waiting. All the answers are already there. Recognize them, use them, and start walking forward.