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What We Get

14 Dec

Our lives belong to us and we’re responsible for every decision we make.  We can make excellent choices as we try hard to do our best moving forward, but there may be times when we’re unhappy with where we are or what we’re doing.  Where we are is often the result of decisions we’ve made and if we’re not comfortable we have the power to change things.  We can always stay in place for as long as we like, and it’s easy to keep doing the same things even if we’re unhappy.  We are the ones making the choices that affect our lives, and in the end, we all end up with the lives we wanted the most.  If we hate our job but are unwilling to find another, our choice is to stay and endure.  If we’re in a difficult relationship but prefer it to being single and we stay, we decide our happiness must take a back seat.  We can complain about our lot in life but complaints will never change anything.  If we want real happiness and the chance to create the lives we want the most, we must be willing to do what is needed to make it happen.  What we get in the end is reflected by the decisions we make.  We never need to stay in a situation that isn’t working and even if it’s hard to break away, we have everything we need to do just that.  Our lives are ours to design.  Whether we have happiness and satisfaction, or frustration and disappointment, is up to us.  There are often many factors involved when we want to change, and it’s not always easy to step away from where we are to get to where we want to be.  But we are strong and capable, and have everything we need to succeed at anything we desire.  We can have happy, fulfilling lives if we make the choices necessary to create them.

Change is constant and nothing ever stays the same indefinitely.  Learning to roll along with the punches as they come helps us manage any situation we’re in.  But if the road we’ve been traveling turns into something we didn’t expect or ends up taking us somewhere we never wanted to go, we can step off it and turn in a new direction.  It takes courage to change lanes and start again but we are brave enough to face whatever is needed to create the lives we want.  We never have to stand still if we want to move.  We’re in control of our lives and can do what is needed to make them happy.

One thing always leads to another and every decision takes us somewhere.  It’s up to us to make sure the choices we’re making are creating the life we want.  If we don’t control our lives, someone else will.  Nobody knows what we want or need better than we do.  We must be the ones driving the train if we want to get to the destinations we desire.  We can go anywhere and do anything, and every option is possible.

Today if you’ve been coasting through a situation you don’t want, remember your life is yours to design.  You can do anything and go anywhere.  Take control of your decisions and make choices that will take you exactly where you want to go.  You are incredible and deserve complete happiness.  Choose the roads that will take you to it and step forward.  Every success is waiting for you.

In Disguise

1 Jun

We experience a lot of different things as we go through our lives.  No matter how hard we try there is no way to control everything that comes to us.  Sometimes life is great, and other times the tide turns and we have to walk through difficulty and trial.  When things go wrong and we’re miserable trying to find our way through a complicated and challenging mess, it can be hard to see any benefit from what we’re enduring.  Sometimes there is just a crap storm and we may feel there’s nothing valuable in what we’re experiencing.  There may be moments when the situation is awful and nothing we can do changes it.  But there will undoubtedly also be other moments when we’re facing a big disappointment, and sure it’s the end of the world as we know it, when suddenly we see the turn has brought us a blessing we could never have predicted or expected.  We can’t read the future and a change in direction doesn’t always spell disaster.  Sometimes the turn takes us exactly where we want to go.  It’s hard to imagine a blessing when our lives are turned upside down, but when we see things from a new perspective we may find the road we’ve been seeking is already under our feet.  Life is filled with all kinds of contradictions and being willing to see everything openly will help us recognize blessings in disguise when they come.  Every success is possible but they don’t always come to us the way we plan.  Sometimes the unexpected challenge opens the door to our goal.  We can see every development as a possible window that shows us how to find our way forward.  Every destination is possible and with continued determination nothing is out of reach.

Few things come to us the moment we want them.  Most of the time we must wait for our plans to move forward or for things to fall into place so we can achieve the goal we’re seeking.  Learning to wait isn’t easy when we want something badly but patience allows us to be productive while we wait and helps us manage complications as we push ahead.  It would be wonderful if we could achieve our goals simply because we desire them but that isn’t reality.  Whatever is worth achieving is worth working for.  We can do what is needed to have the lives we desire and find success.

There is great potential in all of us but potential is only unrealized achievement.  Potential means nothing if we are unwilling to work for what we want.  We may be talented and capable but if we are lazy and do nothing to move forward we will not succeed.  Every blessing is possible and no goal is out of reach if we are willing to do what is needed to achieve it.  Waiting for our dreams to come true is like waiting for the sky to turn green.  It’s not going to happen.  We can take control of our lives, push through conflict, learn the skills we need, and create the lives we want.

Today if you’re in the midst of trouble and can’t see how anything is going to work out, be patient.  The road you’re on may lead you to the very goal you’re seeking.  You have everything you need to do anything you want.  All options are possible and no destination is too far.  Make a plan, stay the course, and reach for the stars.  They are there for you and all your dreams can come true.

The Destination

15 Aug

Whatever we’re doing in our lives we are headed somewhere.  Our lives change every day in some way and even if we’re doing the same thing today we did yesterday, we are on the road to something new.  The destination may end up being a modified version of exactly where we are now if that’s what we want, or it could be someplace very different.  Every experience brings us information and teaches us something.  Our lives are ours to direct and we can use our experiences to point the way forward.  They say we always do what we want to do most and that’s generally true.  We can move toward a new goal or stay where we are.  We get to choose but one thing is sure, we will arrive at the destination we’re traveling toward.  If we’re on a road we don’t want to travel but do nothing to step away, we will go where it takes us.  Conversely, if we decide we want something different we can change our direction at any time.

Some people bemoan their lives and say they never got to do this or that and are unhappy with the way things turned out.  There are some circumstances that may prevent us from doing things we want to do at the moment, but nothing is permanent and everything changes.  When the tide turns, as it inevitably will, we can change our focus and move in the direction we want to go.  But everything takes effort.  There is no free lunch in life.  If we want something we can generally get it but we’ll have to do what it takes to achieve it.  If the cost is more than we want to cover, we can let the goal go.  We can make the decision not to pursue it.  Our lives belong to us and we can manage them any way we want to.  But if there’s something we want to achieve and  things don’t work out the first time we try, instead of complaining about the loss we can keep our eyes focused on the future and when the situation changes we can try again.  There is no limit to the number of times we can open new doors.  If we’re persistent and keep our eyes on the prize we will attain it.

Personal courage is needed when we want to make a change or seek a new goal.  We have to believe we are capable of achieving it and then be brave enough to move forward and do what it takes.  It’s easy to get stuck and complacent, and ignore dreams we want to achieve.  But each day is a chance to start again.  It doesn’t matter if we’ve let things go before, we can start any time we’re ready.  If we missed the chance the last time, we can grab it now.  There is no time limit for success.  It comes to us when we are ready to achieve it.  It’s always there waiting for us.  We can take control of our lives and begin the journey to the destination we want most.  We can move forward day by day and step by step and we can win.  We have everything we need to be successful.  We are strong and capable and we know what we want.

Today if you’ve been waiting to move forward toward a desired destination, take the first step.  You know where you want to go and what you want to do.  You have all the courage and strength you need to get there.  Start moving.  Success is waiting for you.  Go get it.

With Purpose

28 Jul

No matter what we’re doing with our lives, we have purpose. We are here for reasons that may elude us at times, but we are important and essential in our lives and to those around us. Recognizing our importance helps us live with purpose and define our journey each day. Life can get away from us if we aren’t careful and before we know it we may forget why we’re here or who we really are. But if we remember we are important and if what we’re doing isn’t what we want to do, we can change course. If we think about our purpose each day, and determine what we want to accomplish we will be more effective. Each day is a gift and every moment we’re here brings the chance to do something amazing and incredible. Living on purpose, meaning it every moment, and paying attention will help us become the very best we can be.

Routine has a way of numbing our focus. We know where we’re going, we know what to do, and we pretty much know what to expect. There is nothing wrong with routine but if we tune into each thing we’re doing instead of just going through the motions, even if we’ve done it a thousand times, we can learn something new. Everything changes every day but sometimes we have to look for the changes to see them. Meandering around and hanging back may keep us in a holding pattern. If we explore new ideas and ways to get things done, and apply ourselves to each activity we will open new doors and discover new ideas. We can’t expect to embellish our experiences and grow if we repeat them over and over again and do nothing to enhance them.

Being patient is valuable and if we choose to we can sit patiently and wait for everything we want to come to us. We can go through our lives day by day doing the same things and hoping something will come along to change them. But waiting for changes to come to us and doing nothing to make them happen is often fruitless. Waiting is fine if there is nothing we can do to make things happen, but often while we wait opportunities pass us by. It’s like being trapped in a flood and treading water because we have no boat to save us. While we’re patiently waiting and hoping for a boat we may let a large log that could carry us to safety pass by. If we sit and wait for exactly what we think we need to move forward and focus only on that, we may not recognize other things that could propel us ahead. But we can purposefully look for solutions instead of waiting for them to arrive. We are in charge of our lives and if we live them with purpose we will achieve our greatest goals and find success.

Today if you’ve been waiting for an answer to come to you, look around and find a solution that will work. Try something new and go forward with purpose. You have so much to offer. You know how to get things done and where you want to go. Stop waiting. All the answers are already there. Recognize them, use them, and start walking forward.