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In Disguise

1 Jun

We experience a lot of different things as we go through our lives.  No matter how hard we try there is no way to control everything that comes to us.  Sometimes life is great, and other times the tide turns and we have to walk through difficulty and trial.  When things go wrong and we’re miserable trying to find our way through a complicated and challenging mess, it can be hard to see any benefit from what we’re enduring.  Sometimes there is just a crap storm and we may feel there’s nothing valuable in what we’re experiencing.  There may be moments when the situation is awful and nothing we can do changes it.  But there will undoubtedly also be other moments when we’re facing a big disappointment, and sure it’s the end of the world as we know it, when suddenly we see the turn has brought us a blessing we could never have predicted or expected.  We can’t read the future and a change in direction doesn’t always spell disaster.  Sometimes the turn takes us exactly where we want to go.  It’s hard to imagine a blessing when our lives are turned upside down, but when we see things from a new perspective we may find the road we’ve been seeking is already under our feet.  Life is filled with all kinds of contradictions and being willing to see everything openly will help us recognize blessings in disguise when they come.  Every success is possible but they don’t always come to us the way we plan.  Sometimes the unexpected challenge opens the door to our goal.  We can see every development as a possible window that shows us how to find our way forward.  Every destination is possible and with continued determination nothing is out of reach.

Few things come to us the moment we want them.  Most of the time we must wait for our plans to move forward or for things to fall into place so we can achieve the goal we’re seeking.  Learning to wait isn’t easy when we want something badly but patience allows us to be productive while we wait and helps us manage complications as we push ahead.  It would be wonderful if we could achieve our goals simply because we desire them but that isn’t reality.  Whatever is worth achieving is worth working for.  We can do what is needed to have the lives we desire and find success.

There is great potential in all of us but potential is only unrealized achievement.  Potential means nothing if we are unwilling to work for what we want.  We may be talented and capable but if we are lazy and do nothing to move forward we will not succeed.  Every blessing is possible and no goal is out of reach if we are willing to do what is needed to achieve it.  Waiting for our dreams to come true is like waiting for the sky to turn green.  It’s not going to happen.  We can take control of our lives, push through conflict, learn the skills we need, and create the lives we want.

Today if you’re in the midst of trouble and can’t see how anything is going to work out, be patient.  The road you’re on may lead you to the very goal you’re seeking.  You have everything you need to do anything you want.  All options are possible and no destination is too far.  Make a plan, stay the course, and reach for the stars.  They are there for you and all your dreams can come true.


Potential Greatness

12 Jul

Everyone is different. We all have our share of problems, talents, gifts, and drawbacks. Nobody gets all the good stuff or all the bad stuff. Everyone has a combination of things that make them feel confident, and things that try their patience. And every day we all have the potential for greatness. Not greatness in the worldly sense, like becoming President or world leaders, but greatness in the human sense. We can be great assets to those around us, great examples for good, and great inspirations to everyone we come in contact with. The potential is there, but potential does not guarantee we’ll gain those qualities. Potential is unrealized expectation. We have the ability to become great but we have to realize it, and we have to express it.

It’s easy to skate through life. We can do just enough to get by, we can be just nice enough to get what we want, and we can share just enough of ourselves that we are accepted. It takes effort to do more. We are all certainly capable of more, but that requires time, and it requires attention. Instead of choosing to do just enough to get by, if we want to be great, we need to choose to do the best we can all the time. Instead of being just nice enough to get what we want, we must choose to extend ourselves for others, and help whenever help is needed. And instead of sharing just enough to be accepted, we have to be fully engaged, fully participating, and actively involved.

Mediocrity is easy. We don’t have to do much, or give much. It’s easy to blend in. But it’s not as rewarding or fulfilling as pushing ourselves to be the best we can be. When we push for greatness we learn to feel things more deeply, and we become a higher version of ourselves. We can always be more than we are. We can be more sensitive, more understanding, more compassionate, and more human. If everyone tried to be the best they could be, the world would become a far different place. There would be more love and less conflict, more sharing and less greed, more caring and less indifference. It would be a better place, and we can do our part to make that happen.

Today as you go about your life, as you take care of your details, as you interact with others, remember you have the potential for greatness within you. It’s already there waiting to be expressed. Today do something more to extend that to those around you. Use your potential to the fullest. You have the power to change the world. Today think about how you could change it for good.