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19 Dec

Sometimes we imagine life would be perfect if nothing ever went wrong and all our dreams magically came true without effort. It’s a nice dream and we certainly deserve it, and when things go wrong and we’re struggling, we may wish for it with all our might. But life is filled with all kinds of experiences, some really good ones, some nice ones, and unfortunately some that are difficult and painful. Nobody wants to suffer and we don’t look forward to facing hard challenges or painful complications. It seems that a life without anything negative would make us completely happy, but there is great benefit gained from facing trouble and finding our way through. A beautiful painting, rich with color and depth, would not be possible without dark hues and shadows throughout. The intensity gained from adding black and grey brings the subject to life and enhances its contours and shape. Our lives are much the same way. We sometimes have happy, bright times filled with light and sometimes darkness moves in and we must face difficult days. While it’s fun to drift through the easy moments, the struggles we face teach us about ourselves and the world around us. The depth of understanding we gain as we untangle problems and navigate through hardship is an incredible gift. We become more focused on what is real and what we want, and we learn how to move forward with confidence and courage. We are often stronger and more capable than we think we are and every experience teaches us more about life and helps us define who we are. Life is a blessing and everything we go through makes us the people we most want to be.

Patchwork quilts are amazing to behold. The many different colors sewn together in intricate patterns captivate us and hold our attention. If all the colors were exactly the same the pattern may still be lovely, but there would be little fascination. If our lives were always easy and happy, they would be like a quilt of one color, without depth or interest. There would be no need to learn or grow, and our lives would be flat and simple. The trials that come bring us challenge and help us push away from what is common to what is exceptional. We have incredible potential and the growth we gain from struggle helps us reach it.

Life is ever changing and no matter what we’re experiencing today, tomorrow will bring something new. As we learn to navigate through different challenges and try new possibilities, we learn more about who we are and what we want. Clarity comes from experience and we can design our lives any way we choose. The options before us are unlimited and with courage and determination, we can go anywhere and do anything. We can have the lives we dream about and every success can be ours. Nothing is too hard for us to manage and we can achieve anything we desire.

Today if you’re enduring hard challenges and it seems you’ll never get through, remember how strong and brave you are. You already have everything you need to succeed. There is nothing too difficult for you to manage and every dream is possible. Be confident. You are amazing and nothing can keep you from success.

Closed Doors

24 Mar

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”  Helen Keller

Disappointment and happiness are a part of every life.  Sometimes things go well and we find happiness.  Other times things go another way and we feel loss.  There is no one perfect way to live life and we take what comes to us.  We can create our own happiness but there may be times when we may feel lost, sad, scared, or frustrated.  If we focus on them and what has gone wrong it may be difficult to see the possibilities of what could go right.  There are many doors we’ll face as we go through our lives.  If we stand staring at those that are closed we may get stuck considering what might have been and be unable to move forward.  It’s fine to consider our disappointments and it’s wise to learn from them, but we can also change our focus and look in new directions.  The whole world is available to us.  We can do anything we want to do.  A setback may be difficult to face but it’s never the end of the road, and there are countless roads we may travel.  We can look up and we can look around, evaluate all the options possible and choose another direction.  There isn’t anything we can’t do and nowhere we can’t go.  Everything is possible but it will only be possible when we decide to keep moving.  If we need time to grieve we can take it.  And then when we’re ready we can begin again.

No matter how many things may have gone wrong or how discouraged we may feel, tomorrow will be the chance to start again.  The sun will rise and as a new day begins we can choose a new plan.  There is nothing powerful enough to keep us in place when we are motivated to change.  All we need is to decide where we want to go and what we want to do and then begin forward to accomplish the goal.  We are in control of our lives and no matter what comes we can decide what we will do.  We don’t need permission to design the lives we want.  We need only decide.

When we face great disappointment we may need time to determine what we want to do next.  Wrapping paper comes in all kinds of colors and designs.  If we’ve wrapped our future up in a plan that fails we can unwrap it and start again.  We can redesign where we want to go and how we want to get there.  There is never only one road to any destination.  We can choose another path and find another way forward.  We can do anything.  We don’t have to focus forever on what has gone wrong.  We can see the disappointment, process what we’ve learned and start over.  Life is long and we have unlimited chances to do all the things we want to do.

Today if you’re facing a door that has closed and you’re disappointed, look around.  There are other doors waiting for you.  Open them all and find what you’re looking for.  You can do anything you want to do.  Keep moving forward.  All your dreams are there waiting to come true.

Setting the Standard

22 Jan

Opinions and interpretations are as unique as each of us. Nobody is completely like anyone else and that’s reflected in how we perceive things and make our personal judgments. We each determine what we want, how we want to be, and where our lives will go. And we decide what standards we’ll hold as we move along. What is acceptable to one person may be objectionable to another. What is immoral to one may be common place to another. There is a wide variety of impressions and interpretations. What we determine is right for our lives is what we may hold fast to. It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing or what is common. If it doesn’t fit with what we want to embrace, we need not accept it. Sometimes this causes friction but if we’re open and honest in sharing who we are and what we want, others will respect us, even if they disagree.

Those close to us may try to convince us to do things their way. People are generally most comfortable being around others who are like them. When we differ or choose a different path, it may be difficult for others to understand our choices and accept them. Trying to convince us to be more like them sometimes seems to be a way to make things easier by eliminating the differences. But differences are important. We need to be who we genuinely are, and we are entitled to embrace that. We need not succumb to pressure and try to fit in. We may set our own standards and hold onto them. In time, those who care about us will understand how important our choices are to us, and will eventually accept us as we are. In the meantime, we can be polite and choose our own path.

Conformity is a vehicle that on the outside seems to bring peace. If everyone is reading from the same book and on the same page, we all know what to expect. But conformity comes with a price. If we conform to ideals and choices that aren’t what we really want, we lose part of our individuality and uniqueness. If we were all the same the world would be very predictable, maybe even peaceful, but quite boring. We need all the colors of the rainbow to make the painting complete. We need to hear all the voices, and be true to who we really are. We deserve to make our own choices and whatever we choose will be exactly right for us. Our lives are ours to live as we see fit. We can make any choices we want and we can design them exactly the way we want them. If they don’t fit the norm, we will be the spice that brings the flavor. If we don’t look like everyone else, we’ll be the accent that brings the pop of color. We know what we want, and we can be anything we want to be. We don’t have to bow to convention, we don’t have to follow along, and we don’t have to stay in line. We can bring our own influence and embellish life by being exactly who we are.

Today if you’re feeling pressure to conform, if you feel like the odd duck because you don’t look like or act like those around you, embrace your uniqueness. You get to set your own standards for your life and you will do it perfectly. You are a great blessing to the world. Be yourself.  Show us all how wonderful you really are.

Voice Over

25 Nov

We all have our own impressions of this life.  The things we go through, and the experiences we have give uniqueness and color to those impressions. We interpret things our own way and we make personal choices based on who we are and what we want. As we go along we develop our own voices, exclusive to us, and different from anyone else. The impact we have on the world is ours alone to make, and we have both the privilege, and the responsibility to ensure it is heard. We all have something to offer and we can be brave and bold in presenting ourselves. This life flashes by in an instant. It’s important we recognize who we are, and what we want to share, and then go about doing just that. There are some who might try to silence our uniqueness and make us conform to a model they prefer. But we have a true, clear voice, and it needs to be heard.

When painters compose a painting and they want a strong image and excellent texture, they often choose many colors to bring it to life. There are warm, rich tones that bring light to the painting and deep, dark shades that give it foundation and depth. They might try white here and there to add shape, and black for darkness and shadow. Rarely is a remarkable painting made using only one shade or hue. It takes all the colors – all the voices – to bring life to the composition. Like an artist’s palette, it takes all our voices for life to be complete. We need to hear from the realists, the optimists, the pragmatists, and even the pessimists. We all have a version to share, and opinions that bring depth and challenge to our everyday experiences. We have the right to express our voices, even if they are different than what the choir is singing. Our part counts, and needs to be heard.

If we struggle with self-doubt, we may believe our voice isn’t good enough, smart enough, or strong enough to be heard. But we don’t have to be perfect to sing out. We don’t have to know a certain melody, we don’t have to sing in the same key, we don’t even have to sing the same song. The important thing is that we share who we are, and express ourselves. Nobody else knows everything we do, or sees things our way. Our contribution is important. We can be bold in speaking out, and we can be confident. Each voice has depth and color that will bring richness and texture to life. We all have a lot to offer, and our contribution is priceless. Nobody else can offer it but us.

Today if you’ve been keeping quiet, if you’ve let others convince you that your contribution isn’t worthy, don’t believe it. Your voice is needed and valuable. You have so many incredible thoughts inside you. Share with those around you. Open your heart, and let your voice be heard. We need to hear your perspective, and your perceptions. You are a wonderful gift to the world. Sing out. You have a beautiful voice.

Outside the Lines

15 Jul

When we’re children we’re told all sorts of things about how we should act, and what we should do. “Take turns, no cutting in line, play fair, and color in the lines,” among others. It is polite to take turns, and we shouldn’t cut in line, and it’s nice when everyone plays fair, but that doesn’t always happen. However, do we really have to color in the lines? Do we really have to keep the colors where the picture tells us to, or can we color outside the lines and make our own pictures? Some of us are more comfortable with the lines there to define where we are, but some of us prefer to ignore them, and make an abstract. Inside or outside the lines, wherever we choose to color, our creativity can blossom, and we can fully express who we are.

There are all kinds of rules, and laws in the world. We mostly try to obey them because they bring order, and order is something most of us like. But when it comes to expressing ourselves, we need to be free of restriction. We should be able to show as much of who and what we are as we like. Our personalities, our gifts, our talents, and our offerings are unique to each of us. We need to feel free to express them completely. How we do that is up to us.

Some people are natural at coloring outside the lines. They dress in styles unique to them, they play interesting and different music, they wear their hair in unconventional styles, and every day, and in every way, do exactly what feels right to them. Others prefer a more conservative approach. They like to dress to fit the norm, they are comfortable in predictable patterns, and they like traditional activities, and things. They prefer the picture with the colors in the lines. Neither expression is wrong. We just need to decide which we prefer.

Whether we color in or outside the lines, the important thing is that we color in some way. We can use broad strokes and be bold, or we can define each detail as we go. Either way, we need to express who we are genuinely. It’s important that we give the world the exceptional gifts we have to offer, our way. We’re the only ones who can bestow our specific talents, and the world is blessed because we share them. Everyone around us is embellished when we share who we are with them. They say variety is the spice of life. When it comes to us as people, nothing could be more true. We’re all different. We’re all supposed to be different. Whether we are in the lines or outside of them, we are blessing the world because we’re here.

Today be who you are in everything you do. Let go of restriction in expressing yourself. Be free to be your true self. Be confident, and let your uniqueness shine. You don’t have to fit a mold or an idea to be worthwhile. You are perfect just as you are. Today, share your best, unique self to those around you. Just be you. That’s the very best person you can be.