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Voice Over

25 Nov

We all have our own impressions of this life.  The things we go through, and the experiences we have give uniqueness and color to those impressions. We interpret things our own way and we make personal choices based on who we are and what we want. As we go along we develop our own voices, exclusive to us, and different from anyone else. The impact we have on the world is ours alone to make, and we have both the privilege, and the responsibility to ensure it is heard. We all have something to offer and we can be brave and bold in presenting ourselves. This life flashes by in an instant. It’s important we recognize who we are, and what we want to share, and then go about doing just that. There are some who might try to silence our uniqueness and make us conform to a model they prefer. But we have a true, clear voice, and it needs to be heard.

When painters compose a painting and they want a strong image and excellent texture, they often choose many colors to bring it to life. There are warm, rich tones that bring light to the painting and deep, dark shades that give it foundation and depth. They might try white here and there to add shape, and black for darkness and shadow. Rarely is a remarkable painting made using only one shade or hue. It takes all the colors – all the voices – to bring life to the composition. Like an artist’s palette, it takes all our voices for life to be complete. We need to hear from the realists, the optimists, the pragmatists, and even the pessimists. We all have a version to share, and opinions that bring depth and challenge to our everyday experiences. We have the right to express our voices, even if they are different than what the choir is singing. Our part counts, and needs to be heard.

If we struggle with self-doubt, we may believe our voice isn’t good enough, smart enough, or strong enough to be heard. But we don’t have to be perfect to sing out. We don’t have to know a certain melody, we don’t have to sing in the same key, we don’t even have to sing the same song. The important thing is that we share who we are, and express ourselves. Nobody else knows everything we do, or sees things our way. Our contribution is important. We can be bold in speaking out, and we can be confident. Each voice has depth and color that will bring richness and texture to life. We all have a lot to offer, and our contribution is priceless. Nobody else can offer it but us.

Today if you’ve been keeping quiet, if you’ve let others convince you that your contribution isn’t worthy, don’t believe it. Your voice is needed and valuable. You have so many incredible thoughts inside you. Share with those around you. Open your heart, and let your voice be heard. We need to hear your perspective, and your perceptions. You are a wonderful gift to the world. Sing out. You have a beautiful voice.


Being Worthy

13 Jul

Trust is one of the most important facets of any relationship. When we have the trust of those who care about us, they know they can count on us, and we’ll be there for them. If we honor that trust, and follow through for them, our relationships will be fulfilling, and gratifying. If we break our word, fail to follow through, and leave them hanging, the relationship will suffer, and possibly fail.

Maybe you know someone who is very nice. They’re kind to animals, polite to strangers, pleasant, and generally fun to be with. People like them, and spend time with them socially. But despite their positive attributes, they can’t keep their word. They break it over, and over again. They say they’ll do things to help out, say they’ll be there, but when the time comes for them to follow through, they drop the ball. They do this routinely, and continually. People who know them have learned they aren’t trustworthy. Everyone agrees they are nice, but they can’t be trusted. They just won’t be there. They won’t follow through with their commitments.

It takes time to build trust in relationships, and it takes just a moment to ruin it. Once we’ve lost the trust of others, it’s hard to get it back. If we’ve let them down, and break the trust they had in us, it can take a long time for them to believe in us again. Even if we’re trying to change, and have successfully followed through a few times, it will take a while to restore the trust because we’ve broken it in the past. It’s important to value the trust we have from those who care about us. It’s priceless when we have it, and heartbreaking when we lose it. It’s a fragile thing, and one small bad decision can damage it. Repeated bad decisions can destroy it, sometimes forever.

Today if you’ve lost the trust of a friend because of something you’ve done, you may be able to restore it if you really want to. Talk to them, apologize for the offense, and determine that from here forward you will be worthy of their trust. Then do everything you can to be there when you say you will, and do what you said you would do. Over time you may be able to rebuild their trust again. We need to be able to trust others, and we want them to trust us. Be worthy of that trust. It’s precious. Value it, care for it, and be careful with it. The relationships you build are worth the effort. Be worthy of them today.