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All the Way Around

10 Dec

Life teaches us many lessons that help us understand ourselves and the world better.  Sometimes we experience issues that are very difficult and hard to face.  When we’re in a situation that’s painful and hard to get through, in our discomfort, we might rush forward without looking too closely or staying too long.  Nobody likes to be anywhere that makes them feel bad.  We may think if we run fast enough the pain won’t follow us and we can put a bad experience behind us in a hurry.  However, unresolved issues don’t just magically float away because we don’t want to deal with them.  We can try to ignore them, run past them, look the other way and pretend they don’t exist, but they will remain until we face them openly and completely.  There is no way to move through any problem and leave it behind if we’re unwilling to address it.  Some things take time to fix and we don’t have to solve everything at once but if we want to be happy and something is holding us down, we must face it.  Life isn’t always easy and we may have very difficult and challenging times, but they aren’t permanent and we can find our way through.  We can manage any complication or problem that comes and with courage and determination, continue forward.  Life is an incredible gift and learning to live it happily will enhance every experience.  We have enough courage and wisdom to stand firm and be confident we will prevail even in the darkest moments.  Nothing is strong enough to keep us from moving ahead.  We’re in control of our lives and can do whatever is needed to find success.

Not every day is filled with sunshine and rainbows.  There will be times when things go wrong and we end up struggling and looking for answers.  Most of the time we’ll know what we need to do to get through, but if we’re completely confused and lost, we can ask someone we trust for help.  Things will go wrong and we’ll have hard days – it’s the nature of life.  But no matter what comes, we already have everything we need to prevail.

In difficult situations that are very painful, although we know what we need to do, the answer may be something we don’t want to face.  In an effort to avoid the issue, we may go all the way around everything else trying to find an easier, more agreeable solution.  That might work once in a while, but often the only way to solve a bad situation is to go straight through it.  We can stand firm and face everything exactly as it is and then with patience and wisdom, trust ourselves to find our way.  There isn’t anything strong enough to hold us in place indefinitely.  We are powerful and strong, and can always find the answers we need.

Today if you’re in the midst of a situation you don’t want to face and feel like running the other way and leaving it behind, stop and look at everything clearly.  You have everything you need to prevail.  The solutions are there for you and you have enough courage and wisdom to find them.  Trust yourself.  You are amazing and powerful, and nothing is too hard for you to manage.  Nothing will keep you from success.


Setting the Standard

22 Jan

Opinions and interpretations are as unique as each of us. Nobody is completely like anyone else and that’s reflected in how we perceive things and make our personal judgments. We each determine what we want, how we want to be, and where our lives will go. And we decide what standards we’ll hold as we move along. What is acceptable to one person may be objectionable to another. What is immoral to one may be common place to another. There is a wide variety of impressions and interpretations. What we determine is right for our lives is what we may hold fast to. It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing or what is common. If it doesn’t fit with what we want to embrace, we need not accept it. Sometimes this causes friction but if we’re open and honest in sharing who we are and what we want, others will respect us, even if they disagree.

Those close to us may try to convince us to do things their way. People are generally most comfortable being around others who are like them. When we differ or choose a different path, it may be difficult for others to understand our choices and accept them. Trying to convince us to be more like them sometimes seems to be a way to make things easier by eliminating the differences. But differences are important. We need to be who we genuinely are, and we are entitled to embrace that. We need not succumb to pressure and try to fit in. We may set our own standards and hold onto them. In time, those who care about us will understand how important our choices are to us, and will eventually accept us as we are. In the meantime, we can be polite and choose our own path.

Conformity is a vehicle that on the outside seems to bring peace. If everyone is reading from the same book and on the same page, we all know what to expect. But conformity comes with a price. If we conform to ideals and choices that aren’t what we really want, we lose part of our individuality and uniqueness. If we were all the same the world would be very predictable, maybe even peaceful, but quite boring. We need all the colors of the rainbow to make the painting complete. We need to hear all the voices, and be true to who we really are. We deserve to make our own choices and whatever we choose will be exactly right for us. Our lives are ours to live as we see fit. We can make any choices we want and we can design them exactly the way we want them. If they don’t fit the norm, we will be the spice that brings the flavor. If we don’t look like everyone else, we’ll be the accent that brings the pop of color. We know what we want, and we can be anything we want to be. We don’t have to bow to convention, we don’t have to follow along, and we don’t have to stay in line. We can bring our own influence and embellish life by being exactly who we are.

Today if you’re feeling pressure to conform, if you feel like the odd duck because you don’t look like or act like those around you, embrace your uniqueness. You get to set your own standards for your life and you will do it perfectly. You are a great blessing to the world. Be yourself.  Show us all how wonderful you really are.

Just As You Are

11 Jun

Today there is a lot of pressure on us to be perfect. We’re bombarded with messages that we have to be fit, and look good. We have to eat a certain way. All our relationships need to be happy. We have to wear nice clothes, style our hair in the latest trend, and have money in the bank. We must look young, and vibrant at every age. These messages are constant in the media all around us every day. The goal is perfection, but nobody is perfect. Since we aren’t perfect, we may question ourselves. Are we doing enough? Are we trying hard enough? Why aren’t we enough just as we are? It’s exhausting. Somewhere the world went crazy, and perfection became the new expectation. But perfection is just a goal. In this life, it’s not the achievement.

It’s easy to feel like we are less than we should be up against such high standards. It’s easy to feel bad, and think we don’t measure up, when in fact, we’re probably just fine. Our standards should be set by us. We need to determine what we want our lives to be like, and what they should look like. Nobody is living our lives but us. We get to custom make them, and decide how they work. We can set our own goals as high as we like. We can do anything, but we should do what we want to do, and not what others think we should do. It’s okay if we’re average height, average weight, average intelligence, and have an average sized bank account. We can strive for more if we want, but wherever we are, we can be happy. We’re fine where we are. In fact, we’re perfectly fine.

Our lives can be anything we want them to be, and they never have to match someone else’s ideas. If we let others decide how we should live, we will never figure out what we really want. And discovering what we really want for ourselves is the first step to true happiness. We will be happy if we are living our lives our way, and we all deserve to be happy.

Today, be who you are. Ignore all the messages that you have to be more, do more, and look a certain way. If you want to change something, make a plan and change it. If you’re happy with things the way they are, enjoy yourself. This is your time to make the most of your life. Do it your way. Nobody can live your life better than you. You know exactly how it should go. And when you’re doing it your way, nothing will stop you from getting what you want. The end of the rainbow does not have a pot of gold. You have it every day you choose to be happy. Today, make that choice. Be happy. You are perfect just as you are.


26 May

I took a walk outside today, and as I walked I noticed all the many different green leaves on the trees. There were dark green ones, light green ones, some that looked bright, some that were dull, and the new ones were almost fluorescent. It really is amazing the number of greens there are in nature. There isn’t just one generic green – there are dozens and dozens of shades and hues. And incredibly, they all seem to match.

As I walked along I also noticed many flowers in all their glory. There were roses in several different shades of pinks, reds, yellows and whites, pansies in purple and gold, petunias in every color imaginable, and delightful tiny blue phlox. There were more colors, and more flowers, than I can possibly name, and I was just walking through the neighborhood.

As I ran around completing my errands later, I looked up at the sky. We have a storm rolling in so there was a bright blue background with enormous fluffy white clouds, backed up against a menacing gray that crept closer and closer. And not just one dark gray, but many different shades. I marveled at the range of colors in the sky, and I thought of how many times I hadn’t looked up and noticed. And I realized what a blessing color is our lives.

We take a lot for granted here on planet earth. Every single morning, without fail, the sun rises in the east. If you’re lucky enough to watch it, you may see a dazzling kaleidoscope of colors. Reds, yellows, and oranges bursting forth on a background of pristine blue. And every single evening, without fail, the sun goes down, and again puts on a glorious show filled with incredible colors. This happens all the time. And each time it’s amazing.

And then there is the miracle of the prism that brings us those delightful rainbows we all love to see. I saw a double rainbow last month. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It was beautiful. Completely beautiful. The arches were perfectly matched. The colors were intense and gorgeous, and I was spellbound. Such an amazing sight resting there above us, quietly waiting to be seen.

Color – something we see every day, and take for granted. But color is a miraculous blessing to us all. Think about it – what if everything was just differing levels of gray. The world would look completely different, and it would be much less joyful to be outside. But it isn’t gray. It’s filled with glorious, perfect, beautiful, amazing colors. So many colors, it’s impossible to name them all. So many shades, so many hues, so many wonderful differences. It’s amazing.

Today as you go about your life, look around. Look at the miracles around you. Marvel at the glorious colors provided for you here on earth. Take it all in. It blesses our lives in many ways. Do you have a favorite color? Today, while you’re running around, see if you can find it. I bet you will!