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It Doesn’t Just Happen

11 Apr

Everyone decides what kind of life they want. We make dozens of choices every day that define who we are and help us become the people we desire. By paying attention before we decide, we can choose the direction that moves us closer to our goals and further clarifies our personal expressions. But life is busy and sometimes when there’s a lot of distraction, we might choose something in a hurry that turns out differently than we hoped. We can do anything we like but if we want to be the best we can be, and move forward in gaining the attributes we desire most, we must focus on each decision we make. Mediocrity is easy. It comes without effort or attention, but excellence requires thought and consideration. Choosing excellence won’t just happen on its own. We must decide what we want and then pursue the best course of action at each turn. When we do, we’ll move closer to our goals and become more like the person we want to be. There are unlimited things we can do every single day. We can be lazy and do nothing, take the easy road when the best road is hard, or let things simply roll out on their own. We can let life take us where it will and be persuaded by other people’s ideas and decisions. Our lives will continue whether we take ownership over them or not. But if we want to achieve excellence, if we want to get to the goals we really desire and experience personal satisfaction and greatness, we must take control over our actions. Complete and fulfilling happiness is possible. By determining what we want and then focusing on excellence as we push forward, we will achieve it. We can do anything we desire and with focus, and determination, we can have the lives we dream about.

It’s so easy to be average. We don’t have to do much, we don’t have to get involved, or exert our energies above what’s comfortable. We can coast along and pretty much get through without too much effort or distress. But a mediocre life can never bring us the intense pleasure we feel when we’ve overcome something difficult, or the incredible joy that comes from succeeding against great odds. Every single road is possible and even if the journey is hard, if we want the goal, we can achieve it. Nothing is too far to reach and we can do anything we desire.

Routines are comfortable and staying inside what we know is simple. There is nothing inspiring about monotony and we can’t learn anything new by repeating the same patterns. We have so much potential and if we step away from the familiar, even just a little, we’ll discover talents and strengths we may not know we possess. We are stronger and more capable than we may realize and nothing is beyond our abilities. Striving for excellence instead of sitting still will bring us incredible gratification and satisfaction. Our lives will be enriched and we’ll experience complete joy.

Today if you’ve been sitting back and going along with the world around you, remember how unique and incredible you are. You have gifts to offer nobody else possesses. There is greatness in you. Choose excellence and be confident. All your dreams are possible and with determination and focus you will make them yours.

Just As You Are

11 Jun

Today there is a lot of pressure on us to be perfect. We’re bombarded with messages that we have to be fit, and look good. We have to eat a certain way. All our relationships need to be happy. We have to wear nice clothes, style our hair in the latest trend, and have money in the bank. We must look young, and vibrant at every age. These messages are constant in the media all around us every day. The goal is perfection, but nobody is perfect. Since we aren’t perfect, we may question ourselves. Are we doing enough? Are we trying hard enough? Why aren’t we enough just as we are? It’s exhausting. Somewhere the world went crazy, and perfection became the new expectation. But perfection is just a goal. In this life, it’s not the achievement.

It’s easy to feel like we are less than we should be up against such high standards. It’s easy to feel bad, and think we don’t measure up, when in fact, we’re probably just fine. Our standards should be set by us. We need to determine what we want our lives to be like, and what they should look like. Nobody is living our lives but us. We get to custom make them, and decide how they work. We can set our own goals as high as we like. We can do anything, but we should do what we want to do, and not what others think we should do. It’s okay if we’re average height, average weight, average intelligence, and have an average sized bank account. We can strive for more if we want, but wherever we are, we can be happy. We’re fine where we are. In fact, we’re perfectly fine.

Our lives can be anything we want them to be, and they never have to match someone else’s ideas. If we let others decide how we should live, we will never figure out what we really want. And discovering what we really want for ourselves is the first step to true happiness. We will be happy if we are living our lives our way, and we all deserve to be happy.

Today, be who you are. Ignore all the messages that you have to be more, do more, and look a certain way. If you want to change something, make a plan and change it. If you’re happy with things the way they are, enjoy yourself. This is your time to make the most of your life. Do it your way. Nobody can live your life better than you. You know exactly how it should go. And when you’re doing it your way, nothing will stop you from getting what you want. The end of the rainbow does not have a pot of gold. You have it every day you choose to be happy. Today, make that choice. Be happy. You are perfect just as you are.