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The Pace

5 Sep

Everything we do has a beginning and an end.  Both are important but what goes on between them is generally where all the learning, and struggle take place.  There are often many things pressing on us and sometimes our “to do” list may be long and daunting.  As we navigate through it, we prioritize what is most important and try to do that first, and then hope to get as much of the rest done as possible.  If there are a lot of difficult items to address we may get weary.  If we’re exhausted it won’t really matter what is next to do, we may decide it isn’t worth the effort and simply stop.  We may reach a point when fatigue takes over and we’re done – whether the list has been completed or not.  Running out of steam and feeling the pull of exhaustion is a clue that perhaps we’ve planned to do more than is reasonable.  It’s good to set goals that stretch us and help us learn new things but if those goals are beyond what we can physically manage, it may be time to regroup and make a new plan.  We don’t have to move constantly and do everything at once.  We’re in control of how we spend our time and can plan our days to accomplish what is most important and allow ourselves time recharge.  We set the pace of how we’ll go forward.  By being realistic about what we can do and honoring our personal needs, we will accomplish much and feel energized.  We can take care of business and take care of ourselves at the same time.  We are strong and can manage many things well.  There isn’t anything we can’t do with careful planning and effective time management.  Everything is within reach and we can accomplish anything we set out to do.

There may be pressure from those around us to do more, do it faster, and push ourselves harder.  There are lots of different opinions about how we should live our lives and we may certainly listen to all of them.  We know what we want and how we want to accomplish it.  Everyone may choose the roads they want to travel and the speed they want to run.  We know who we are and will find success when we are true to what works for us individually.  Deciding the direction and pace we will travel will take us to the goal.  We can go anywhere and do anything, and we can do it our way.

The world defines success in many different ways.  To some it’s how fast the goal is accomplished.  To others it’s how far we push ourselves to get there.  We can decide what determines our personal success and it need not agree with anyone else’s ideas.  We’re all unique and our interpretations are valuable and important.  We may not see things the way others do, and we may not travel the same roads.  But we can still reach success and accomplish anything we desire.  There are endless roads to every destination.  We can travel our own way and find the treasure.

Today if you’re being pressured to get things done more quickly or to change direction, decide what you want the most and plan the way forward to get there.  You can do anything you desire and nothing will keep you from your goals.  Set the pace that works for you and step forward.  You know what you want and you will get there.



7 Aug

We all have particular behavior idiosyncrasies that make us unique and special.  We have some traits that bring us happiness and help us manage our daily lives and we are grateful for them.  We may also have some behaviors that don’t work so well and hang us up from time to time.  We all learn behavior patterns as we grow and when we’re accustomed to doing things a certain way we may continue even if they bring us discomfort.  Whether or not we continue to repeat them is up to us.  We can have any kind of life we want.  If we want a life filled with drama and tension, it’s not difficult to create.  But if we want lives filled with peace and harmony we may need to look at our behaviors clearly and objectively and change some patterns in order to achieve it.  We all know what’s best for us and when we’re doing things that will bring problems and complications to our lives.  In every decision we can do our best to create situations that bring order and calm instead of conflict and tension.  We can’t control what others do but we can determine to carefully consider all the options before us and choose the options that bring resolution and comfort.  Every day is a blessing.  Learning to care for ourselves and make the most positive choices will help us enjoy our time and bring us peace and added joy.

Some decisions fill our lives with conflict.  They may include some kind of deception or manipulation that intensifies the problem.  If we like tension or feel energized when there are problems to solve it’s not difficult to create a life filled with trouble.  If we want constant struggle we can create scenarios that make it happen.  We may manufacture situations to prove how strong we are or how affective we can solve difficult situations.  It takes a lot of energy to live in continual conflict. There is enough natural complication in our lives already and we don’t have to prove anything to anyone.  We can revise decisions that may bring added conflict and make choices that resolve it by choosing peace over contention.

Learning to live peacefully opens doors to new opportunities.  Everyone enjoys being around those who have a positive outlook and seek the best options in their decisions.  There is no way to completely avoid conflict but when it comes we can decide to do things that will minimize the problem and defuse the intensity.  We are in complete control of our decisions and can make any choice we desire.  Since we can never choose the outcome of any choice we make it’s in our best interest to weigh our options carefully and make the decisions that have the greatest chance of bringing the results we desire.  There isn’t anything we can’t do and do well.  Learning to live peacefully and happily will bring us great reward and satisfaction.  Our lives are precious and we can fill them with joy.

Today if you’ve been struggling with conflict and pushing against resolution, look at the issue clearly and decide the best way forward.  You have everything you need to be happy and successful.  Make decisions today that will bring you joy in the future.  You are precious and priceless.  Be happy and choose wisely.

All In

19 Apr

When there is something or someone we really believe in and want to support, we may give all our attention and focus to helping them. If what they stand for is something we firmly believe in, we may dedicate countless hours to helping them or doing things that move them forward. It’s good to believe strongly and it’s good to have people we admire and support, but it’s important to always remember who we are and keep our personal standards. Blind allegiance will never work in our favor. No matter what we do in our lives our first responsibility is to ourselves. We set our own standards of who we are and what we’ll do. If we get caught up in situations where our faith is so intense we follow directions without thinking, we may find ourselves doing things that don’t match who we really want to be. We can be committed and still remember who we are. If a situation requires us to give up our personal standards we need to stop and re-evaluate our way forward. Being true to ourselves is our first priority. We are in charge of our lives and no matter what anyone else decides, we can always choose for ourselves. We can be dedicated and still hold strong to what is best for us. Our gifts are unique and when we share the best of who we are the world is a better place.

If there is a venture we want to be involved in we may devote our time and energy to it and work hard to move it forward. If we are asked to do something that is outside the scope of what is appropriate for us, we may consider our options. We don’t have to do anything that compromises our standards or is in conflict with the example we want to set. We don’t have to follow along blindly to show support. We always have the power to make the best choices for ourselves and choose how we will engage in any situation. Being true to who we really are is important and we may find ways to support the cause that ensure we continue to hold fast to that.

Some people are very charismatic and convincing. Their actions and words may be very attractive and compelling, and it’s possible to become attracted to their energy and intensity and get involved before we have time to think. When we are captivated it’s wise to take a step back and see the situation completely. It’s important to make choices that take us where we want to go most and help us become the people we truly want to be. We never need to sacrifice our personal standards for someone or something else. We have a lot to offer. When we are true to what we want most, we become the people we want to be.

Today if you’ve been caught up in a situation that is taking you off the road you most want to travel, you can step back. You can support any situation you choose and still be true to yourself. Remember who you are and what you want. You bring gifts to the world that nobody else can give. We all want to know who you really are and are blessed because you’re here.


2 Jun

Playing dodgeball is fun and can be exciting and challenging. The game involves several balls being thrown by opposing teams. The idea is not to get hit by a ball thrown by an opponent. If we do get hit, we’re out. But if we’re quick and pay attention we can catch the balls that are being thrown at us and preserve our spot in the game. It’s a challenge to dodge the balls and be fast enough to catch them before they strike us out. Life can be like playing dodgeball. There are always things being thrown at us that can catch us off guard. Maybe someone wants us to do something we don’t really have time for, or we accumulate too much work as we move along and things need attention. If we get distracted by everything that’s happening, or become overworked, we can get hit with something that knocks us off our feet. But if we’re quick and paying attention, we can turn and face whatever is coming, catch it, and address it successfully. The constant needs of others or things we have to do can derail us if we get caught up in them. But we can manage and control our time and efforts. We can avoid getting hit and losing our place. It all depends on how we play the game.

Our lives are busy and there is always something that needs to be done. We have our personal needs, maintenance issues that crop up, work tasks, and relationship needs among a thousand other things. There’s a lot going on all the time. In addition to our regular responsibilities, others may ask us for more even when we’re overloaded. We can try to dodge the additional tasks but most of us want to be helpful and try to do all we can. If we get overwhelmed, we can get hit by a ball and knocked out of the game altogether. If we allow ourselves to commit to too much, we may become overwhelmed and overworked. When that happens we have to stop and take ourselves out of the game until we can regroup and start again.

Most of us want to be helpful and do as much as we can for others. The problem is there are always more “others” than there are “us.” We have limits on our time and energy and if we fail to control how much time we’re promising away or how much energy we’ve committed to giving, we will lose in the end. It’s up to us to manage our time and if we can’t take on more, we need to dodge the ball by saying no. We can’t catch all the balls all the time. Understanding our limitations and working within them makes us successful and confident. Nobody can do everything. Only we know where our limits are. Recognizing them and doing our best to navigate them will make us successful and confident.

Today try to recognize where your limits are and work within them. You do a lot but you don’t have to do everything. Catch the balls you can and do your best. Let the rest go. You know what’s best for you. Do that and you’ll be confident and successful. You have so much to give. Be wise and manage your time. You’ll be happier and more successful when you do.

Five Years

5 Sep

As we navigate our lives there are lots of ups and downs. We’re happy, sad, frustrated, weary, angry, and many other emotions. As human beings we feel everything. We sense when things aren’t going well, we celebrate when they do, and most days we do our best to get through whatever comes. Sometimes we get worried about things. We worry about the future, we worry about today, and everything in between. But as we’re worrying, we’re not thinking about the present. Our minds can’t be in two places at once. So, if we’re thinking about what might happen or what has already happened, we can’t be thinking about what is happening now.

Most of what we go through is transitory. We are passing through our experiences day by day. Everything changes as we go, and what’s worrisome today may not even enter our minds tomorrow. In five years, most of what we’re worrying about will be forgotten. Of course there are some very serious and long lasting things that may happen, but for the most part, our worries are for the moment, and when it passes, it’s gone. That being the case, the worry can be set aside. If we can put things into perspective, if they really are transitory, as most things are, worrying is a waste of energy. Whatever is bothering us is going to pass. We’re going to walk right through it to another day.

Sometimes we worry over indefinable situations. We worry about our families and the decisions they might make. We worry about the economy. We worry about the future and what it will bring. We worry about worldwide situations that may evolve. There is plenty to worry about if we sit and think about it. Nobody knows what today will bring. It may be a perfectly fine day, or the bottom might fall out of our plans. All we can do is our part. If we do that, and things go wrong, we will face it. We are able to face whatever comes to us. Worrying won’t change anything. It has never prevented or caused anything to happen – it just takes us out of the present, where we’re living. And being in the present is the best we can do to make things go well.

Today if you’re worrying about something that might happen, or has already happened, let it go. We can’t control all the things that come to us, but whatever they are, we will face them. You have all the courage you need to face whatever happens. Today is all you need to be concerned with. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow will come when it comes. There isn’t anything that will come to you that you can’t face. You are strong and capable. Concentrate on that, and just focus on today.