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Roll Over

28 Feb

When we’re facing a big disappointment or difficult development in our lives, our first instinct might be to ignore it, hide from it, or try not to think about it.  It’s hard to look head on at something that hurts us and it may seem stepping back to avoid it is a good option.  We may think if we give ourselves some time to adjust it’ll be easier to go back to it later.  Devastating issues and terrible problems may come to us as we navigate our lives.  There might be times we feel the situation is too painful and extreme to face, and run in the other direction trying to avoid it.  We can ignore anything that happens but the issue will remain in place until we look at it fully and do what is needed to get through it.  No matter what has happened or how bad things seem, we are strong enough to manage it and find our way forward.  Instead of trying to hide, it’s best to stand strong and let everything roll over us, completely exposing every single detail.  A huge, intense wave in the ocean is strong and powerful but all the power is expended when it hits the shore.  Our most serious difficulties may hurt when we look at them openly and let them in, but once they are completely uncovered their power over us will diminish and we can begin to find our way through them.  There isn’t anything too strong or complicated for us to navigate.  We have all the wisdom and courage we need to handle anything we must.  We can be confident even when we’re unsure and step forward knowing we will prevail.

We all have ideas about what we can manage in our lives.  There are possible developments we may think we could never face, and sincerely hope they will never come.  But life is unpredictable and sometimes the very thing we don’t think we can manage actually happens.  If it does, we may be stunned in place and think we cannot survive it.  No matter what we think, or how horrible the situation seems, we can overcome it.  We are strong enough to face hard times and very difficult problems, and successfully find our way through.  Step by step we can move forward and manage anything.

Sometimes we must face many difficult trials at the same time.  When they come one after the other we may tire and feel overwhelmed.  It’s harder to continue forward when there are many struggles pulling on us and it may seem we’ll never get to the end of the trouble.  Nothing lasts forever and no problem can continue indefinitely.  If we keep our eyes focused on the road ahead, we can solve every issue one step at a time.  We are capable of managing anything in life, and even if we feel lost, will find our way through.  The whole world is available to us and we can overcome anything and find success.

Today if trouble is looming ahead and you aren’t sure you can manage it, stand strong and face everything head on.  You are wise and intelligent, and certainly capable of handling anything you must.  There is no problem too difficult or devastating for you to untangle.  Be confident.  Every issue has a solution and the answers are there for you.  Keep walking and you will find the way forward.

The Long Long Road

18 Apr

Some goals we want to achieve are easy to accomplish and we get them done quickly. We know what we want, we know how to get it and we simply do what is needed to get it done. It’s great when we complete a goal and can move forward but sometimes the objective is more elusive and takes more time. If the goal is complicated or difficult we may have to work toward it for a long time. Bigger goals tend to take longer but our greatest satisfaction comes when we work hard toward something we really want and finally achieve it. While we push forward there will likely be problems along the way, we may get pulled from our focus by other things, plans may go awry, and we may take a wrong turn and have to head back a few steps to find the way forward again. When we’re trying to get something we really want, if there are a lot of difficulties going forward we may become frustrated and think about giving up. Most things in life worth having require effort and often the bigger the goal the more effort it takes to accomplish. We can pace ourselves to travel even the longest road. Endurance is sometimes just a question of patience. We can get through any challenge by taking it one step at a time. There is no goal we can’t reach and no road too long for us. We can do what it takes to accomplish any goal we set and we will succeed. If we keep our eyes focused on what we want most, no matter what confounds us we will find our way forward.

As we navigate ahead if we don’t move forward as quickly as we want we may begin to doubt our ability to succeed. Doubt may make us question every step we’ve taken so far or even the decision to try at all. We may start to believe we could never accomplish what we’ve set out to do and wonder why we ever thought we could. If we listen to doubt we may convince ourselves we will never succeed. But doubt is often just a result of fatigue and if we take a rest and step back for a time we may re-evaluate our way forward and when we’re ready, begin again. There really isn’t anything we can’t do. We can plan our way forward and fearlessly continue on.

We can design our lives any way we want them and we can change things any time we like. If we aren’t happy living the way we’ve been living we can turn our course and choose another road. It doesn’t matter if others agree with us and it doesn’t matter how hard it is to make the change. We are perfectly capable of getting the lives we most want and we can turn our course at any time. We deserve complete happiness and if we don’t have it now, we can do what is needed to get it. Our lives belong to us. How we live them is our responsibility. We can accomplish anything we like and have the lives we desire most.

Today if you’ve been on a long road toward a goal that has been hard to achieve and you are beginning to doubt you will succeed, remember you have everything you need to win. You are strong enough and wise enough to do anything. Keep pushing forward. The goal is just ahead. One more step forward is all you need. Take one more step and you’ll be there.

Making Predictions

27 Feb

As we go through our lives and interact with those near us we gain an understanding of their reactions and over time we may think we know what they’ll do and what will happen.  We may begin to feel comfortable anticipating the future and get so confident we make predictions before situations even arise.  If we’ve seen the same things happen again and again we may decide they’ll always go that way.  Even if we feel sure of an outcome, and even if the same outcome has happened before it’s dangerous to assume anything.  Sometimes our ideas of what will happen may be right but we can’t know everything and there are bound to be times when our predictions will be way off the mark.  Change is constant and even if things have been the same for a while, those around us can change at any time.  Making predictions will work against us and it’s always wiser to leave the doors open to all possibilities.  We can use all the experiences we’ve had to help us understand situations and the people in our lives, but it’s important to remember everyone has the ability to choose anything at any time.  We can honor their ability to make choices without deciding ahead of time what we believe those choices will be.

We know ourselves better than we know anyone else.  We know how we feel about things, we know where we’ve been and we know what we want.  There are times in everyone’s life when things go wrong and if we focus on instances when we’ve made bad decisions or chosen something that didn’t work out, our confidence may suffer.  If we lose confidence in our ability to make good decisions we may not take advantage of opportunities that come.  If we’ve failed in the past we may believe we’re destined to fail again.  Failure is never a predictor of the future but only a reflection of something that has already happened.  What’s behind us is gone and can never be changed.  We can learn from what we’ve experienced and let it go.  Our futures belong to us and we can be confident, no matter what’s happened before, that we can make excellent choices and achieve anything we want.

Some people like to keep their lives the same as much as possible.  They aren’t comfortable doing new things or being in unfamiliar places.  If we’ve watched them do the same things again and again we may believe we can predict what they’ll do in the future but we may be surprised.  Just when we’re sure we know what others will choose, they may change.  Instead of predicting their choices, we can keep all the options open.  If they stay the course, we can work with their decision.  If they change the pattern, we can work with that as well.  Nothing in life is written in stone.  Being receptive to new ideas and open to all possibilities will open doors for us and help us going forward.

Today if you’ve been making predictions about what will happen or what decisions will be made, revise your thinking and be open to any possibility.  If you’ve decided against trying something new because of a mistake in the past, remember what’s happened before does not control what happens now.  Life is filled with change and nothing is permanent. You have everything you need to do anything you want.  There is greatness in you.  Today bring it forward, open all the doors and consider all the possibilities.

One Wrong Move

6 Feb

Every single day we make thousands of decisions and most of the time things go as planned. We try hard to make choices that bring us the results we want and don’t complicate our lives with problems. But nothing ever goes perfectly and there will be times when our decisions turn out badly. We might choose unwisely, or decide to do something for the wrong reason and experience sorrow or discomfort. Even if we’ve made 10,000 good decisions before we erred we may allow one mistake to ruin our confidence. If we focus on what we’ve done wrong instead of all the things we’ve done right, we may end up feeling like failures. It’s illogical to base our success on one botched decision when we put it up against the thousands of good decisions we make, but sometimes that’s exactly what we do. One wrong move doesn’t diminish all the good we’ve done. We can keep our focus and remember we are capable and strong and generally do things well. Everyone takes a step backward from time to time but taking a step back doesn’t prevent us from stepping forward again. We can correct any mistake we make, keep our eyes pointed ahead, and continue on with confidence.

There are few mistakes that are so damaging we can’t recover from them. Most of the time whatever we’ve done can be corrected and amended. We may feel great disappointment if we’ve faltered but that will give us added determination to rectify any problems that result. We don’t have to stay anywhere we don’t want to be and we can modify whatever is needed. No matter what we’re facing today, it will change and we can make sure it changes in a way that is positive. We all make mistakes but focusing on them, obsessing about them and allowing them to rob us of our confidence will not correct them. We can be objective, remove our feelings from the situation long enough to find workable solutions, and then proceed ahead sure that we will win.

Everyone has opinions about everything. If we’re in trouble, we may seek the advice of those around us in an effort to find answers. We may listen to all the suggestions and counsel we receive, and determine the best way forward. We can take any advice we’ve been given or after hearing other ideas we may uncover the answers we’re seeking from within. There really is no complication too difficult for us to figure out. Even if we’ve caused a problem we can solve it. There are many roads in life. Sometimes we choose one that ends in a detour or takes us to a ditch too large to cross. But we can turn back around and find another way. We are smart enough to figure out anything we face and wise enough to choose the best way forward.

Today if you’ve taken a step back because of a decision you’ve made, turn around and find your way forward again. You have everything you need to solve any problem before you. You are wise and capable and no matter what the situation is, you’ll find the answers you need. Success is always waiting for you. Walk toward it and be confident.

For Us

23 Aug

We interact with all kinds of people as we go through our lives and as we develop relationships we learn new things and understand more about who we are. Sometimes our friendships and close relationships bring us happiness, and sometimes we struggle with conflict. It’s inevitable that we’ll be hurt at some point. Someone will do or say something that is offensive and we feel the sting of pain. If the damage is great enough it may threaten the relationship or even sever our ties completely. When that happens we may carry the pain forward with us. How long we hold onto it depends on what we do. Sometimes we are able to let it go and move forward but sometimes it stays with us and we struggle trying to find our way. If a relationship has been severed, we may grieve for the loss. It can be hard to get over a deep disappointment or devastating personal injury. We may be angry at the person who hurt us and we may find it hard to forgive their actions. We may get stuck unable to move forward as we try to understand what’s happened and how to cope with the loss.

Forgiveness means to be able to stop blaming or be angry with someone else for something they’ve done. When we’re hurt and feeling bad our lives are impacted and we may be stalled as we try to navigate through. If we feel betrayed and sad it’s hard to find happiness. The disappointment may control our focus and we may get stuck trying to find our way. When we’re able to forgive we can begin to let go of the pain we’ve been carrying and move forward, and any guilt or sorrow may be assuaged. We all understand that forgiveness is a blessing for the person who commits an offense. But when we are able to forgive it changes the situation for us as well. Forgiveness brings relief from pain and anger. We can let go of the sorrow and start again. In the end, forgiveness is as much for us as for those who hurt us.

We deserve every happiness and success. Our lives belong to us and we can strive for all our dreams. But things will go wrong from time to time and we will be hurt. Getting derailed by pain and loss can hold us back and prevent us from moving forward. As long as we allow the pain to have control over us we will be stuck. When things go wrong, we can’t change what has happened but we can determine to do what is needed to release us from what is holding us back. Forgiveness is the key that will unlock the gate and let us move past. It’s a gift we give to ourselves to set us free. We can choose it and allow the pain to recede so we can walk past it and onto to our goals. We have everything we need to find happiness. We can do anything. Learning to forgive will help us accomplish everything.

Today if you’re hurt from something someone has done, and if you feel stuck and are suffering, you have the power to change it. Consider what has happened and learn what you can, and then forgive. Let it go and move into the light again. There are so many wonderful gifts waiting for you. Open the gate to forgiveness and walk toward them. You can do anything and you have all the power you need. Move forward. Happiness is there for you.

Red Rover

27 Jul

There is a children’s game Red Rover where there are two teams of players lined up opposite each other holding hands and forming a line.  One side calls a player from the other team over to their side.  That person runs over to the other side and tries to break through the line.  If they succeed they take one person from that side back to join their team.  If they fail they must stay and join ranks with the other team.  It’s a fun game and the winner is the team that gets all the players on their side.  In our lives we might feel we’re playing Red Rover when we try to convince others of an idea or plan.  We present our idea and hope others will join us and sometimes they do.  But sometimes they counter with a revised plan and we end up joining them on their side instead.  When things go our way and others join us we feel confident and happy we prevailed.  But if our idea was important to us and we have to go another way it can be hard to let it go and join the other side.  Life is all about give and take, and sometimes we have to give when we’d prefer not to.  Compromise isn’t always easy especially when the compromise means we have to give up what we want.  If our ideas aren’t embraced the first time we present them, we can return to them again later.  If we must change our plans and go a different way for now we can wait.

Learning to wait for what we want can be a struggle.  If we’re sure what we desire is good and don’t see any reason we can’t have it we may be frustrated if it isn’t forthcoming.  But sometimes we have to wait even if what we want is beneficial.  There are a lot of factors influencing our lives – the decisions and desires of others, the current situation, timing, future plans, and present stressors may all come into play.  When we have a great idea and feel certain it will bring a desired result, we want to make it happen.  If that doesn’t work out the first time we try, we can back up and set it aside for now.  Things change every day.  We can try again later when the situation is different and we may find immediate success.

When we’re waiting for something we want if we focus on other things the wait will be easier.  If we obsess over the original idea, and worry about when we’ll make it happen we may lose focus of what we’re doing now.  We are living right now.  If we’re involved in what we’re doing at the moment and where we’re headed we will feel fulfilled.  Constantly thinking about a situation that isn’t where we are will only bring frustration.  We can plan for the future and how we want things to go, but if we must wait we can live effectively in the meantime.  When our lives change and the opportunity arises for us to try our plans again we will.  Until then, we can live fully where we are and learn as much as possible going forward.

Today if you’ve been thinking about something you really want to do but it’s not possible right now, move forward.  You can set it aside for now and live well.  Later when things are different revisit your plans and try again.  You have everything you need to accomplish anything you like.  Be patient.  Everything will come to you in time.

Sharing It

3 May

When we are young, most of us are taught to share. We’re encouraged to share our crayons and our toys, sometimes our food or treats, and in doing so we learn how to give. As we get older sometimes we lose focus of the blessings that come from sharing. We’re busy taking care of ourselves and making sure our needs are met. We manage our time and our possessions and may hold them tightly in order to control them. Although it’s important to control our lives effectively, we can still include others in them as well. There is a lot of need in the world. Some of it’s financial and we may certainly give to a limitless number of programs or projects, but some of the need is personal. Not all needs are material in nature. We all need compassion, kindness and consideration. And our capacity to share those things is virtually endless. Unlike our checkbooks, there is no limit to what we can share emotionally. If we’re having a good day we can boost those around us. We can choose to be kind and engaged instead of rude and aloof. We can be polite and helpful and when we are, we share our very best.

The world is a big, complicated place with all kinds of problems and issues. Because we have so much access to what’s going on everywhere we can see suffering and trouble every moment of every day. Unfortunately, those who produce our news stories focus on all the negative things that are happening all the time. And there is no end to trouble. But with all that duress and strife, there are people doing well. There are people helping each other, caring for one another, easing each others’ burdens, and sharing what they can to make things better. We rarely hear about those stories but the people sharing their lives in service to others are the ones really changing the world. Sometime it’s not the big events that make the lasting changes. Sometimes it’s the small gift of personal charity that turns everything around.

We don’t have to do huge, impressive acts of kindness to make a change in the world. The smallest thing – helping someone who’s fallen get back up – can turn things around for others. We can be kind and share goodness with those around us and make a big impact on the world. Of course we can share our money and our food and our possessions and those are all helpful. But when we share ourselves by being kind and considerate, when we reach higher to be more present and available to others, and when we do a little more to serve those around us, the world becomes a better place. Lives are lifted and we impact everything for good. We have an unlimited ability to be loving and caring. If we focus on sharing those attributes with others, everything will be better. Our lives will be more fulfilled and those around us will feel happier. We have so much to offer. If we remember to share it, we can change the world.

Today remember to offer your kindness to those around you. Be polite and caring in all your dealings and your impact on the world will be great. You have nobility inside you. Show it to others. Be the change we all want to experience. You have so much to offer. Share it with those around you today. And you will change the world.