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The Long Long Road

18 Apr

Some goals we want to achieve are easy to accomplish and we get them done quickly. We know what we want, we know how to get it and we simply do what is needed to get it done. It’s great when we complete a goal and can move forward but sometimes the objective is more elusive and takes more time. If the goal is complicated or difficult we may have to work toward it for a long time. Bigger goals tend to take longer but our greatest satisfaction comes when we work hard toward something we really want and finally achieve it. While we push forward there will likely be problems along the way, we may get pulled from our focus by other things, plans may go awry, and we may take a wrong turn and have to head back a few steps to find the way forward again. When we’re trying to get something we really want, if there are a lot of difficulties going forward we may become frustrated and think about giving up. Most things in life worth having require effort and often the bigger the goal the more effort it takes to accomplish. We can pace ourselves to travel even the longest road. Endurance is sometimes just a question of patience. We can get through any challenge by taking it one step at a time. There is no goal we can’t reach and no road too long for us. We can do what it takes to accomplish any goal we set and we will succeed. If we keep our eyes focused on what we want most, no matter what confounds us we will find our way forward.

As we navigate ahead if we don’t move forward as quickly as we want we may begin to doubt our ability to succeed. Doubt may make us question every step we’ve taken so far or even the decision to try at all. We may start to believe we could never accomplish what we’ve set out to do and wonder why we ever thought we could. If we listen to doubt we may convince ourselves we will never succeed. But doubt is often just a result of fatigue and if we take a rest and step back for a time we may re-evaluate our way forward and when we’re ready, begin again. There really isn’t anything we can’t do. We can plan our way forward and fearlessly continue on.

We can design our lives any way we want them and we can change things any time we like. If we aren’t happy living the way we’ve been living we can turn our course and choose another road. It doesn’t matter if others agree with us and it doesn’t matter how hard it is to make the change. We are perfectly capable of getting the lives we most want and we can turn our course at any time. We deserve complete happiness and if we don’t have it now, we can do what is needed to get it. Our lives belong to us. How we live them is our responsibility. We can accomplish anything we like and have the lives we desire most.

Today if you’ve been on a long road toward a goal that has been hard to achieve and you are beginning to doubt you will succeed, remember you have everything you need to win. You are strong enough and wise enough to do anything. Keep pushing forward. The goal is just ahead. One more step forward is all you need. Take one more step and you’ll be there.

Taking Chances

25 Jan

There are limitless choices we can make every day.  We can play it safe and do what is expected, or we can try something new.  We can take a chance on a different experience and stretch our wings a little.  If we want to we can take big chances and really push ourselves.  We could try base jumping, or ice climbing, or sky diving, or we can be a little more cautious and just do something small.  Some people are fearless and will try just about anything, and others of us take a more reserved stance.  If we’re fearless, trying new things may be a common experience, but if we’re more reserved we may struggle to step out of our comfort zones.  This life is all about learning.  Every day we get the chance to learn many new things and if we choose to we can take advantage of those opportunities and embellish our lives.  Taking a chance will open new doors for us, and take us to places we haven’t seen before but we have to be willing to take the first step to get there.  If we are, the world becomes our oyster and we can feast on many new experiences.

Playing it safe and sticking to what we know brings comfort for many of us.  We may not want to venture too far from home plate and risk not making it back.  But we can’t prevent what comes to us whether we take a chance or not, and control is just an illusion.  We can do everything possible to stay within the lines and still face complications.  There is no such thing as perfect safety.  We live in a world with many other people, all of whom are making decisions all the time.  Some of those decisions will impact us no matter what we do.  Unless we isolate ourselves in some sort of fortress and never venture out, it’s probable that the unexpected will come.  And when it does, we will manage it.  There isn’t anything that will happen that we can’t manage.  That being true, stepping out a little and taking a chance on something new is always possible.

When we open the door to new experiences, we discover hidden talents within ourselves.  Our routines only stretch us so far.  If we really want to know what we can do, we need to break the mold.  There is no way to know what we can accomplish unless we try.  We all have skills that lie dormant because our current lifestyles don’t require them.  If we change things up, we have the opportunity to awaken them and learn more about ourselves.  We are complex and capable people.  We can do anything we want to do.  Stepping out, stretching, trying new things, and taking a chance will open our lives up to experiences that will enrich us, and deepen our understanding of our world.  We only get one time around in this life.  If we make the most of it, and try many new things we’ll be more fulfilled and happier with our experience here.

Today if you’re thinking about taking a chance on something new, go for it.  You won’t know what you can do until you begin.  There really is nothing too difficult or complicated for you to try.  Get the most out of your life and stretch your wings.  You may be surprised at how quickly you learn to fly.

What now?

22 Jun

Sudden, and difficult changes can come into our lives unexpectedly. They are never easy to face, but sometimes it’s the way things go. I have a professional friend who had a lucrative position contracting with a large corporation, and did very well. He was successful, and happy, and looked forward to a long, and prosperous career. His boss got a big promotion, and told him it was partially due to the great work he had done. But when his boss left, and the new leader came in from another agency, she brought her own team in with her. As a contractor, my friend was not an employee of the company, and with the change in leadership, his position was no longer available. He was without a job. Though always a possibility, because he was so good at his work, he never dreamed this would happen. He was devastated, and concerned about what would happen next. Everything had suddenly changed.

When these things come, they are hard to process. Initially we may be in shock, and then we may be angry. But eventually, we have to face the situation, and figure out how to go forward. If a job is involved, time may be critical. In other situations we may have more time. Either way, we still have to face the enormous change that has come to us. We may feel lost at first, and ask, “What now?”

A drastic change in our lives can be very hard to face, very difficult to manage, and emotionally devastating. But if we look at the situation objectively, it’s really just a change in direction. The path we were on has turned, and we feel unsure because we’re on unfamiliar territory. It’s hard to find our footing when we don’t know the road. It’s hard to know where we’re going when all the landmarks have changed. But if we keep our sights set on the way forward, we can find our way. This is just an alternate route. We have enough courage to handle that, and we can figure it out. There isn’t only one way to live our lives. There are countless roads we can take. If we’re in a position of sudden change, it just means it’s time to choose another road. We just need to turn a little, and go forward a different way.

Today if you’re facing a big change, an unexpected roadblock, try not to be overwhelmed. It’s just a change in direction. You can change directions. You’ve probably done it before, and although it will feel uncomfortable for a while, you will find your way. You have everything you need to figure this out. You will navigate it step by step. Big changes are unsettling, but you can handle them. You are strong, and you are capable. Take a deep breath. Choose something new. Be fearless. The destination is still ahead. This is just a turn in the road.