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Against the Odds

15 May

Some things come easily. They are quick to achieve and we gain them with little effort. If everything we wanted happened that way our lives would be simpler and certainly less stressful. Unfortunately, those situations represent a very small percentage of our experiences. Most of the time we must work for what we want, and sometimes the task is so difficult success may seem doubtful. There are times when what we’re trying to do is steeply uphill from where we are and the odds of completing it are not in our favor. We can aim for any goal we desire and even if we must push against the odds, we can do what is needed to achieve it. It’s not easy to push forward when the road is hard and long, and we may tire from the struggle and reconsider our plans when frustration becomes intense. But we can do anything we really want to do, even if it’s difficult. We are capable of understanding even complex situations and can find our way through. Everything worth having is worth fighting for. We can always achieve the lives we want but we must work for them. Nobody is going to hand us success. We must be determined to do what is needed to get there. No road is too steep for us to climb, and with focus and persistence we will reach the top. We can push against any odds and find success. They will not all be easy to reach, but every destination is possible. There isn’t anything we can’t do. We can take a step closer to our goals every day and continue forward until we reach them.

Although all our dreams can come true but we won’t achieve them without effort. If they are complex and far from where we are now, we must plan the way forward to reach them. As we move ahead, if the first road we’ve chosen doesn’t take us closer, we can choose another. There are limitless options possible and even if we’ve taken a wrong turn we will find the one that works. Problems may arise but if we are determined to reach the goal we can stay the course and find success.

If we’ve been pushing forward for a while and are still far from the goal, those around us may tell us it’s too hard and to let it go. They may be concerned that we will spend our time working for something we can never achieve. Nobody knows what we want more than we do and the opinions of others have no bearing on our personal decisions. We can design our lives any way we choose and do what is needed to get to the goals we desire most. There isn’t anything we can’t do. We can take another step and move closer to where we want to be.

Today if you’ve been pushing against the odds and are tired of the struggle, decide how you want to continue. Determine what you want the most and then choose the road that will take you there. You have all the courage and wisdom you need to accomplish anything you desire. Every dream is possible. You are strong and capable, and nothing is out of reach. Decide how you want to move forward and take the next step. The whole world is there for you. Every possibility awaits and you will succeed.


Scene Change

27 Oct

Sometimes events come together in our lives in such a way that suddenly everything changes.  The road we were on turns and is altered completely.  It’s like a scene change in a play.  The curtain closes and when it opens again we are in a new place altogether.  When our lives unexpectedly change and suddenly modify our way forward it can be confusing and unsettling.  We can’t predict what will come to us and even if we plan effectively there may be times when outside factors divert us from our chosen course.  We can only control our own actions and when unexpected winds push us in a new direction we must find a different way to move forward.  There are limitless roads to every destination and if we are forced off one we can move to another that will take us where we want to go.  In the midst of a sudden change, we can review all our options and choose the best way ahead.  Every destination is there for us and we have everything we need to successfully redirect our course.  We may take all the time we need to determine how to continue and understand what we need to do.  Life is full of changes and we have everything we need to do anything we desire, even if the road turns.  We can take our time, be confident in our choices, and continue forward toward success.

When we begin a journey we may plan our steps carefully.  We may believe the road we’ve chosen is the only way forward, but there will always be options available to us.  We need not give up on a goal simply because we reach an impasse.  A full stop will give us time to evaluate where we’re headed and affirm our desire to reach the goal.  If we still want to move forward we can find another way to get there.  People may stand in our way, there may be a huge obstacle to overcome, and we may tire of the struggle.  But if the goal is worth the effort we can push through and reach it.  We can do anything we want to do and there is nothing too strong or difficult for us to navigate around.

Sometimes after pushing toward a goal for a time we may re-evaluate and decide not to continue.  If we no longer desire the destination we’re headed toward, or our lives have changed and we can’t give the goal the time needed right now, we can set it aside and work on something else.  Choosing to stop does not mean we fail.  We are always in control of our lives and can change direction any time we desire.  Every goal is available to us and no matter how difficult the road, we can reach it.  If we decide we want a change we can move forward toward something new.  The world belongs to us and we may design our lives any way we choose.  We can go anywhere we desire and achieve success.

Today if your situation has suddenly changed and everything you thought was ahead has turned, take the time you need to regroup and decide how you want to proceed.  You can go anywhere you want and do anything you desire.  Choose the best path forward and begin again.  Success is always there for you.  Nothing will stop you from getting there.


30 Jun

There are endless roads we can travel as we go through our lives.  We can make any decisions we like and choose any way forward.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter which road we choose and other times the choice is critical to where we want to end up.  When we’re facing a lot of options it may be difficult to clarify exactly which way is best and we may seek directions from others.  We may certainly ask for advice at any time and listen to any suggestions we receive.  It’s great to get directions when we need them but we must always remember that in the end, the choice is ours and ours alone.  If we choose a path that was recommended and it takes us somewhere we did not want to go we may be disappointed and have to start again.  If we take someone else’s advice and it turns out badly we may feel they are responsible and blame them for our results.  However, if our choices don’t work out we are the only ones responsible.  Advice is just a suggestion.  If we take it and things go wrong we own not only the decision we made but the results from that decision.  If we end up in the wrong place we can start again and choose another way forward.  We don’t have to stay anywhere we don’t want to be.  We can begin again and turn our course until we reach the destination we desire.  We have unlimited chances to choose and we can find the right road forward.  We have enough confidence and wisdom to make excellent decisions and reach any destination we desire.

Personal inspiration is available to all of us all the time.  We can listen to it, trust ourselves and rely on our ability to choose wisely.  Nobody knows what we want better than we do and even if we get a lot of suggestions about how to achieve it, we can listen to our own inspiration and base our decisions on what we feel is best.  There are unlimited roads we can take, endless turns we can make and countless destinations to reach.  We can define what we want and how we want to achieve it.  We know who we are and have everything we need to design a journey that fits perfectly.

Some people are very strong and determined and may feel they know what we need.  They may tell us which way to go, what to do and how to move forward and we may listen to any suggestion they make.  If they are wise and knowledgeable, their directions may be valuable but we must choose for ourselves.  If we allow others to decide where we’ll go and how we’ll get there we may lose the confidence we need to make good decisions.  We may also end up going places we don’t want to go.  Good advice is a valuable tool we can use when we need it.  There will always be plenty of opinions about how we should live our lives but if we want to find true happiness we must make sure the decisions we make reflect what we want most.  Everything is available to us and we can reach any destination we choose.

Today if you know where you want to go but are confused by directions from others, trust yourself and choose what’s best for you.  You have all the wisdom and inspiration you need to find your way forward.  Be confident and move ahead.  Every destination you desire is there for you.

Blame Game

4 May

Sometimes things go wrong and our plans don’t work out. Perhaps we were in the wrong place, it was the wrong time, we worked with the wrong people, or dozens of other reasons. When we’ve worked hard to achieve something and everything falls apart we may look for someone or something to blame. There are times when the decisions of others stop our plans, and other times when circumstances prevent us from moving forward. We can certainly place the blame anywhere we like when we’re facing disappointment, but placing blame doesn’t help us move forward. If we’re angry, concentrating on what we believe is at fault may stop our progress. In the end, no matter who or what we blame, we are where we are and it really doesn’t matter what went wrong. We can voice our opinions about how things should have happened and express our frustration over decisions that have been made, but none of that will change our situation. We will still be exactly where we are. If we want to move forward and achieve the goal we can try again. Taking time to review where things fell apart may help us find a better road ahead that allows us to reach the destination. Every experience – both good and bad – teaches us something. If we learn all we can from the things we’ve done already we have a better chance of finding the right way through next time. There is no goal too daunting for us to achieve. We can let go of disappointment, start again, turn in a different direction, and move forward.

Life is full of challenges and opportunities. We can go anywhere we want to go but if success on our journey depends on the decisions of others we may have to re-route our course from time to time. Everyone has their opinions and ideas about the way things should be. If we’re swimming upstream and pushing against the norm we will likely face barriers. That doesn’t mean we have to turn around and follow everyone else but we may have to modify our course to accommodate the situation. We can be flexible and turn when needed to navigate our way to the destination we desire.

There may be times when someone purposely prevents us from moving forward. Perhaps they don’t agree with our plans, don’t understand what we’re doing, or simply want us to stay where we are. If they block our path and there is no way around them now, we may set our goal aside for a time and begin again when our circumstances change. There is often no set timetable for success. Although we may be impatient, if the goal is not possible now, we can wait and try again later. Things will change and our opportunity to move forward will come. When it does, we can be ready and begin again.

Today if something has prevented you from reaching a goal, don’t waste time blaming the situation or those around you. Look at everything objectively and decide how you want to proceed. You can accomplish any goal you desire. If you must wait, prepare and be ready for when the right time arrives. Success is there for you. You can plan effectively, and you will win. There isn’t anything you can’t do.

Best Friend

1 May

Most of us are probably pretty good friends.  We’re supportive when others need help, we listen when they are concerned, and we try to be there when they need us.  It’s good to be a faithful friend and we all need them in our lives from time to time.  Sometimes we are better friends to others than we are to ourselves.  If we don’t do something well we may criticize our actions and disparage our decisions.  Our reactions to our shortcomings may be far more condemning than we would ever offer someone else.  When others come to us with concern over a wrong move we might be supportive and positive and offer them encouragement.  However, sometimes when we see the same situation in ourselves we are far more abrasive and critical.  We can decide to be as good a friend to ourselves as we are to others.  We can give our choices the same understanding and patience we offer so freely to those around us.  If we become our very best friend and learn to rely on our own personal support, our challenges will become easier and when we falter we’ll feel better knowing we are always in our corner.  We deserve to be treated with kindness and encouragement and we can offer it to ourselves.  Loving ourselves with the same measure of patience and compassion we give others will bring us peace in struggle and comfort in disappointment.  We are worth the very best of everything.  Remembering how precious we are and valuing our self-worth will help us achieve greatness and find success.

Nobody is good at everything or does everything right every time.  We all stumble from time to time and learn as we move along.  Opening new doors brings new experiences and sometimes we have to backtrack or turn in another direction to find the way forward.  We can succeed at anything but the road forward isn’t always straight and paved.  We may stumble along the way, but as we continue we learn what works and find the way forward.  No matter how many times we get lost we can find our way again.  It doesn’t matter if we go the wrong way.  What matters is that we continue the journey until we succeed.

Some things come easily to us and other things are hard to comprehend.  If we’re having trouble understanding we can take the time we need and get the help necessary to get the job done.  No matter how difficult the issue we can find our way through.  We have all the wisdom and determination we need to accomplish anything we desire.  When we stumble we can get back up.  When we take a wrong turn we can choose another way forward.  We can trust in our ability to succeed and we have enough courage to face whatever comes.

Today if you’ve been punishing yourself for a mistake you’ve made or belittling your judgment for a wrong turn, decide to be your best friend.  Treat yourself with the kindness you offer others.  You are precious and valuable.  There is greatness ahead for you.  Remember how important you are.  Trust in your wisdom and you will find the way forward.

Where do we go from here?

16 Apr

There are a lot of roads we can travel and paths we can choose. There is no one perfect way to live a life, and we have limitless options. Sometimes we come to a crossroads and look both ways unsure of which way to turn. If we go one way the outcome will likely be different than if we go another. It doesn’t always mean one way is better than the other, but they will surely be different. It isn’t always easy to figure out which way is best for us and sometimes even when we try to choose the path that will take us where we want to go, it turns out to be a dead end, and we have to turn back. We’ll face many times in our lives where we’re at a turning point. Maybe a relationship has ended and we aren’t sure what to do next. Maybe our professional lives have changed dramatically and we feel lost without a compass. And maybe we’ve changed and decided the path we’re on needs to change as well. Lots of things happen and sometimes when they do we wonder, where do we go from here? What do we do now if what we’ve been doing is no longer working or is no longer unavailable? It’s important to remember we are in charge of our lives. No matter what happens we have everything we need to figure out the next step. We can evaluate our situation, look at all the options available and make a good decision going forward. If it doesn’t work out, we can re-evaluate and choose again. There is no end to the choices we can make. We just need to keep moving forward. We’ll find the way in time and all the dead ends and missed turns will mean nothing.

Some people decide early in their lives what they want. They’re self-directed and have defined where they want to go and what they want to do. Others take their time and let things unfold for a while, and try several different scenarios before deciding what works for them. It doesn’t really matter what we choose to do as long as it’s what we really want to do. If we want to be a circus clown, we can be. If we want to be a business executive, we can do that too. But sometimes what we want may not be possible for us. We don’t usually know that in the beginning but as time passes if it’s not workable it’ll be obvious, and then can adjust our trajectory to a slightly different destination. There is no failure if we keep moving forward. It doesn’t matter how many times we change our course if we keep moving closer to where we want to be.

If we really want to reach a specific goal and although we’ve tried our hardest, it eludes us, we may need to re-think where we’re headed. Some things may be out of our reach. We may not have all the talents or skills to achieve exactly what we had hoped for but that doesn’t mean we can’t find success. Some people say anything is possible if we want something badly enough and many times that’s true. But sometimes no matter what we do, we can’t get there. There are a lot of factors in play all the time. If we haven’t gotten to the ultimate goal, we can be excellent where we are, and continue to grow forward. Wherever we end up we always have the option of asking ourselves where do we go from here? We can make any plans we want going forward. The world belongs to those who take it. And we can take our turn in getting what we want.

Today if you’re at a crossroads and aren’t sure which way to turn, look at all your options. You will make the best decision. If it doesn’t take you where you want to go, you can change your course. You are successful because you are moving forward. You know where you want to go. If you need to make a turn, you will make it. You life belongs to you. Take it, make it yours, and you’ll be successful.

What now?

22 Jun

Sudden, and difficult changes can come into our lives unexpectedly. They are never easy to face, but sometimes it’s the way things go. I have a professional friend who had a lucrative position contracting with a large corporation, and did very well. He was successful, and happy, and looked forward to a long, and prosperous career. His boss got a big promotion, and told him it was partially due to the great work he had done. But when his boss left, and the new leader came in from another agency, she brought her own team in with her. As a contractor, my friend was not an employee of the company, and with the change in leadership, his position was no longer available. He was without a job. Though always a possibility, because he was so good at his work, he never dreamed this would happen. He was devastated, and concerned about what would happen next. Everything had suddenly changed.

When these things come, they are hard to process. Initially we may be in shock, and then we may be angry. But eventually, we have to face the situation, and figure out how to go forward. If a job is involved, time may be critical. In other situations we may have more time. Either way, we still have to face the enormous change that has come to us. We may feel lost at first, and ask, “What now?”

A drastic change in our lives can be very hard to face, very difficult to manage, and emotionally devastating. But if we look at the situation objectively, it’s really just a change in direction. The path we were on has turned, and we feel unsure because we’re on unfamiliar territory. It’s hard to find our footing when we don’t know the road. It’s hard to know where we’re going when all the landmarks have changed. But if we keep our sights set on the way forward, we can find our way. This is just an alternate route. We have enough courage to handle that, and we can figure it out. There isn’t only one way to live our lives. There are countless roads we can take. If we’re in a position of sudden change, it just means it’s time to choose another road. We just need to turn a little, and go forward a different way.

Today if you’re facing a big change, an unexpected roadblock, try not to be overwhelmed. It’s just a change in direction. You can change directions. You’ve probably done it before, and although it will feel uncomfortable for a while, you will find your way. You have everything you need to figure this out. You will navigate it step by step. Big changes are unsettling, but you can handle them. You are strong, and you are capable. Take a deep breath. Choose something new. Be fearless. The destination is still ahead. This is just a turn in the road.