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22 Mar

Lots of things happen to us in life. Sometimes we have great experiences that bring us happiness and satisfaction, and other times we go through ordeals that try our patience, push us to despair, and make us miserable. Ups and downs are the nature of life and we’ll likely go through things we never imagine will happen. When we’re struggling, someone may tell us, “Everything happens for a reason,” as though that will comfort us. While it’s true that everything does indeed happen for a reason, it’s ridiculous to think there is some sort of master plan at work manipulating and steering our lives. The reasons for what we’re going through may be a result of someone else’s bad decision, or circumstances beyond our control, or something we did, or the Bermuda Triangle. This is life – not fairyland, and the fact is, crap happens. What comes, comes, and we must deal with it when it arrives. There is no way to predict the future or see beyond the next bend. Things may go exactly as we expect them to, or everything may go sideways, and we may end up flat on our backs wondering what happened. It doesn’t mean we’ve done anything wrong, or we must suffer to get ahead. It’s just how it goes. Unexpected and unwelcome surprises will come, and we may be confused about how to manage them, but we are intelligent and highly capable. There will be a resolution for every problem, and with patience and determination, we will find our way through. There may be times when the road ahead of us is paved and nothing gets in our way as we move toward success, but those times are few and far between. Most of the time, there will be obstacles and complications, but we will always have what we need to find the answers to continue forward. Every destination is possible, and nothing can keep us from them. We are smart enough and strong enough to do what is necessary to reach success.

Those close to us who care about us and want us to be happy may give us all kinds of advice for our lives. They may tell us where they think we should go and what we should do. They are certainly entitled to their opinions, but we are in control of our lives. We can listen with grace, and then do what we want. It’s impossible to find complete happiness living someone else’s life. We already know where we want to go and have everything we need to achieve any goal we desire.

Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. When trouble comes, we may believe it’s because of a mistake we made in the past. While a previous decision may take us somewhere we don’t want to go, we can always change direction. There is no scorecard that needs balancing because we took a wrong turn. Mistakes teach us what doesn’t work and give us new skills for success moving forward. We can be confident as we move ahead, and trust that we’ll succeed.

Today if your plans have fallen apart and the road ahead has suddenly disappeared, think about what you want the most. Difficulties and problems cannot keep you from your goals. Decide how you want to proceed and step forward with confidence. Nothing can keep you from any destination you desire, and every success will be yours.

The Sky is Falling

23 Jul

When we’re making plans for something we need to do or somewhere we need to go, we try to plan effectively so everything will go well.  But sometimes complications occur that are out of our control.  Sometimes it’s a small manageable glitch, but other times it seems like everything goes wrong.  The sky falls, and it’s a complete disaster.  It’s like our lives have turned into the Bermuda Triangle – everything has gone crazy, and nothing is working.   When we’re in the midst of these situations, it is very trying and difficult.  It can seem that the stars have aligned against us, and there are supernatural forces at work.  Of course, none of that is true.  We’re just going through a difficult situation that, for reasons we can’t explain, just keeps getting worse.  In the midst of the mess, it’s hard to keep going, and it’s hard to remain positive.  But sometimes we have no choice, and no matter how bad it gets, we have to trudge through it.

It’s important to reach out when we’re tormented, and feel beset.  We can ask for help.  Those who care about us want us to be safe, and happy.  They will assist us if we ask.  Sometimes we think we can handle things on our own, or we are embarrassed by the situation, and asking for help is difficult.  But if we try to face everything on our own, and it’s overwhelming, it will be much harder to solve than if we get help from others.  We’re only human, and everyone has been in situations like this.  We can get the help we need, we can get advice, and we can get assistance to navigate whatever we’re going through until we can manage it more effectively.  After things settle down we can learn from the experience and move forward.  Later when someone else is going through something similar we can return the favor and help them.  Our compassion for their situation will be enhanced by the experiences we’ve already faced.

It’s hard to cope when a lot of things go wrong at the same time.  We may find ourselves asking, “Why me?”  It can feel like we’ve been singled out for trouble.  But everyone gets the opportunity to experience these kinds of situations from time to time.  It’s never easy.  It’s never fun.  And it’s rarely expected, but we can navigate it.  It takes courage and patience, but we can handle it.  There really is nothing we will face in this life that we can’t manage.  Nobody wants to go through times like these, but when they come, we can manage them.  We are capable of handling whatever comes to us.  There is nothing that will defeat us.

Today if you are overcome with a situation that has become intense, and complicated, don’t hesitate to ask for help.  Turn to someone you trust.  Those who care about you will help and you’ll be able to get through the situation more comfortably.  You will conquer this, and you will be successful.  When the trial is over, remember how much it meant to have support when you needed it.  And then, do the same for those around you.  Remember, we’re not going through this life alone.  We’re all in this together.  Reach out when you need help, and be there when others need you.