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22 Mar

Lots of things happen to us in life. Sometimes we have great experiences that bring us happiness and satisfaction, and other times we go through ordeals that try our patience, push us to despair, and make us miserable. Ups and downs are the nature of life and we’ll likely go through things we never imagine will happen. When we’re struggling, someone may tell us, “Everything happens for a reason,” as though that will comfort us. While it’s true that everything does indeed happen for a reason, it’s ridiculous to think there is some sort of master plan at work manipulating and steering our lives. The reasons for what we’re going through may be a result of someone else’s bad decision, or circumstances beyond our control, or something we did, or the Bermuda Triangle. This is life – not fairyland, and the fact is, crap happens. What comes, comes, and we must deal with it when it arrives. There is no way to predict the future or see beyond the next bend. Things may go exactly as we expect them to, or everything may go sideways, and we may end up flat on our backs wondering what happened. It doesn’t mean we’ve done anything wrong, or we must suffer to get ahead. It’s just how it goes. Unexpected and unwelcome surprises will come, and we may be confused about how to manage them, but we are intelligent and highly capable. There will be a resolution for every problem, and with patience and determination, we will find our way through. There may be times when the road ahead of us is paved and nothing gets in our way as we move toward success, but those times are few and far between. Most of the time, there will be obstacles and complications, but we will always have what we need to find the answers to continue forward. Every destination is possible, and nothing can keep us from them. We are smart enough and strong enough to do what is necessary to reach success.

Those close to us who care about us and want us to be happy may give us all kinds of advice for our lives. They may tell us where they think we should go and what we should do. They are certainly entitled to their opinions, but we are in control of our lives. We can listen with grace, and then do what we want. It’s impossible to find complete happiness living someone else’s life. We already know where we want to go and have everything we need to achieve any goal we desire.

Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. When trouble comes, we may believe it’s because of a mistake we made in the past. While a previous decision may take us somewhere we don’t want to go, we can always change direction. There is no scorecard that needs balancing because we took a wrong turn. Mistakes teach us what doesn’t work and give us new skills for success moving forward. We can be confident as we move ahead, and trust that we’ll succeed.

Today if your plans have fallen apart and the road ahead has suddenly disappeared, think about what you want the most. Difficulties and problems cannot keep you from your goals. Decide how you want to proceed and step forward with confidence. Nothing can keep you from any destination you desire, and every success will be yours.

Big Swing

24 Jul

Life is filled with opportunity and there really are no limits to what we can accomplish if we set our minds to the goal and do what is needed to make it ours. The world is filled with things to do and places to see, and we can move forward toward any goal we desire. Taking a big swing and pushing toward something new can be intimidating and we might hesitate, unsure of our ability to succeed. Our lives will always be a reflection of the choices we make, and if we want a small, simple existence, it’s easy to accomplish. We can stay in our seats, and watch the world go by, safe and secure in our place, where everything remains the same. But if we stand still and stay within our comfort zones, we will never know what we could do or where we could go. Nothing is really beyond our reach and if we want to, we can make our dreams come true. Swinging for the fences takes courage and strength. We may be doubtful at first but we have everything we need to do anything we want. We can reach further, press harder, and push ourselves toward new, and higher goals. We have nothing to lose. If we fall down, we can get back up. If one road fails, we can try another. Every possibility is there and we can fill our lives with rich and varied experiences that will give us great satisfaction and bring us complete happiness. We deserve every benefit in life, and they’re all there for us. We’re stronger and more capable than we may realize and can do anything we desire. Nothing is too far away or too difficult to reach. We can be confident of our success, and step forward with determination and clarity. Everything is possible. We can do anything we desire and have the lives we dream about.

Nobody knows us better than we know ourselves. People are filled with their own opinions about how life should go and may tell us what they think we should be doing. They may share their views with us, but those views don’t need to become ours. We know what we want and where we want to go. It doesn’t matter if others agree or come along. We can chart our own course and achieve any goal we desire. Our lives belong to us and we can design them any way we choose. We can make our own decisions and have the lives we want the most.

Perfection may be our goal, but it will rarely be our achievement. If we expect things to go perfectly simply because we desire them, odds are we’ll be disappointed. There are a lot of things going on all the time, and endless complications can arise. It doesn’t matter what gets in our way, we have everything we need to adjust our trajectory and continue moving forward. Every goal is possible. Every single one. We can have the lives we dream about, and find complete happiness.

Today if you’re thinking about a big goal but aren’t sure you can achieve it, step forward and start anyway. Nothing is too complex or difficult for you to overcome. You are strong and wise, and more powerful than you may realize. Be confident and take a big swing. You can do anything. Success is there and you will reach it.

Again and Again

19 Apr

There is much to learn as we go through our lives. There are unlimited possibilities for understanding and growth and if we choose to, we can master many different things along the way. Learning to do anything well doesn’t generally just happen. It takes dedicated effort and repetition to really understand anything deeply. If we want to play an instrument, it will take hours of practice. If we want to climb a mountain, it will take determined physical training. Things of little worth may simply appear but nothing of value comes easily. We must be determined to work and learn again and again if we want to find mastery and become proficient. We may not see the incremental advances we’re making as we push forward and it’s not easy to stay the course when it seems we’re working hard but going nowhere. But even if we can’t see it, every effort we make moves us closer to the goal. We can do anything we want to do – anything – if we are committed to doing what it takes to accomplish it. We are never too settled or too old to try something new. There are endless chances to open every door. Our world can be as big and broad as we desire and we can step away from what is customary and reach beyond our current grasp. Being open to new horizons and ideas will deepen our understanding of life and broaden our vision. The world offers us everything it possesses. We need only decide what we want, and then move forward to claim it.

There are few times when we do something perfectly the first time we try. It could happen, but generally it takes practice and repetition to find perfection. We don’t know what we don’t know. It’s easy to look at something on the outside and think we know how it works but once we’re involved we see things differently and complex details appear. The more we delve deeper into the situation, the more we learn and if we are persistent, will achieve mastery over it. We are capable of understanding anything we desire and nothing is beyond our reach.

Each experience we have teaches us something. We learn what doesn’t work by enduring failures along the way. Each failure opens new ideas for going forward and if we continue we will find the way through. Every road has passage. We can find our way by continually pushing ahead, practicing what works, and doing what is necessary to find success. We are stronger and more capable than we realize and nothing is too hard for us to overcome.

Today if you want to accomplish something that will require extensive time and effort, make a plan to move forward. Take the first step and learn as you go. There is nothing too far for you to reach or too difficult to achieve. You are powerful and strong. Every dream is possible and can become a reality. Nothing is out of reach and you will gain great satisfaction as you deepen your knowledge and become successful. You can do anything. Start moving forward and all your dreams will come true.


10 Mar

We’ve all heard of interventions, and maybe seen them on television or witnessed them in real life. They are done in an effort to change or improve a situation with someone, and are sometimes used to help people who struggle with addictions, or who have trouble facing the truth about something. Often they are initiated by family members or other loved ones worried about someone close to them. One of the first things done in this situation is telling the complete truth about what is happening. Seeing everything as it is begins the process of change. Sometimes we may have times in our lives when we need to make a drastic change or face something very difficult. We don’t need to go through a formal intervention to face our situation and move forward. If we are ready and really want to turn our lives we can facilitate the change ourselves. All we have to do is decide it’s time to begin. We know what’s best for us, and we know when we’re on the wrong road. We know when we’re not being honest with ourselves, and we know what we need to do. Once we decide to change, the process of turning can begin. It doesn’t matter how we do it or how long it takes. What’s important is that we’re ready to start.

Most of us are honest with those around us. We try to be fair, wait our turn in line, pay our bills on time, and want to be nice. But sometimes we aren’t as kind and honest with ourselves. We expect more from ourselves than we would ever expect from others. We can be critical when we aren’t perfect, or feel shame when we don’t think we measure up. These kinds of personal judgments can prevent us from moving forward. We may even feel if we don’t do everything exactly right nobody will love us. We would never put those kinds of requirements on others. We allow for their mistakes, we don’t expect perfection, and we still care about them. But sometimes we have a double standard when it comes to expectations for ourselves. It’s important to remember that we are perfect just like we are now. We don’t have to be the best, the fastest, the tallest, the smartest, or the most successful to be loved. We have unique gifts and talents that nobody else possesses, and we already have a lot to offer. We are lovable just as we are.

Being honest with ourselves isn’t always easy. If we want to really know who we are, we have to be willing to open all the secret doors we’ve kept shut, and pull the curtains away letting all the light shine through. We need to look at what we’re actually doing and decide if it’s what we really want. If it isn’t, we can make decisions that will put us on the road that will take us where we want to go. There isn’t anything we can’t change. But first we have to be willing to see things as they are. We can’t hide behind our families, our jobs, our money, our reputations, or anything else. We can have our own personal intervention, face our reality as it exists, and then decide how to go forward. We can have any kind of life we want but we won’t achieve anything we’re looking for if we look away from where we are. We can face our lives, decide what we want to change, and move forward.

Today if you feel you aren’t where you want to be, and you aren’t sure how to move forward, stop and take a good look at your life. See everything as it is, and decide where you want to go from here. There isn’t anything you can’t do. The road is already there waiting for you. Take the first step on the journey today. There is sunshine just ahead. You have everything you need to reach it.

My Hero

4 Jul

When we’re young, we are often fascinated by comic book heroes. They have magical, impressive powers, and we love the way they always save the day. There is no end to their bravery, and they always, always do the right thing. As we get older, we may lose our fascination with the comic book hero, but we still want heroes in our lives. We admire people who are brave, who stand up for what’s right in the face of danger, and who risk themselves to protect others. Those qualities are so impressive, and when we see them, it reminds us that we can be heroes even if we aren’t Superman, or Spiderman, or any of the others we used to read about.

We can all be heroes in our lives. We can make choices every day to stand up for what we believe is right. We don’t have to leap tall buildings, or be faster than a speeding bullet. Sometimes all we have to do is speak up when someone is being hurt. Sometimes all we have to do is say no when we’re asked to do something we feel is wrong. And sometimes, we may get the opportunity to do something really impressive – save a life, stop an injustice, or protect someone we love. But those extreme opportunities don’t come along often, so the small decisions we make every day prove who we are.

There have been people in all of our lives who have impressed us. They’ve done things that were noble and inspired, and things that were heroic. I have a friend who works a full time job but finds time every week to volunteer to help the poor and needy. He gives his time at the local food bank, and he and his family regularly help out at the local shelters. No matter how busy he is, he makes the time to help others. He’s a hero to those he helps, and an inspiration to everyone. I have another friend who struggles with a learning problem. It’s hard for her to communicate, it’s hard for her to read, and it’s hard for her to understand complex ideas. But she is always cheerful, always helpful, and always sets an amazing example. She’s loved by everyone who knows her.

In this day and age, where everything is blown out of proportion, where we’re often expected to be perfect, we can feel like our lives are small, and don’t really count. But when we stand up for what’s right, we are noble. When we defend the downtrodden, we are courageous. When we push forward, despite heavy obstacles, we are brave. All of these characteristics make us heroes. We are heroic because we choose what’s best.

Today if you think your life is small, if you think your contributions are minimal, stop, and think again. Think about the times you’ve spoken out for what was right, and helped those around you. You are more courageous than you think you are. You have goodness in you, and when you choose to show it to others, you are a hero. Be the very best you can be. Be an example for the world. You have that in you. Let it shine.