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Repeat Performance

27 Mar

People are complex beings with different ideas, interpretations, and beliefs that color every decision and choice. We see the world through our own unique filters, but others, even those very close to us, may see the same situations in completely different ways. We’re all individuals, and our life experiences affect how we see the world around us and color our perception of what’s happening. If we’ve been hurt badly in the past by a particular situation, we may anticipate the same pain if we get close to something similar. While the situation may seem like a repeat of where we’ve already been, nothing in life returns in exactly the same way. Life isn’t a continual round of the same things over and over again. Things change and we gain knowledge as we continue forward. If we’re faced with similar problems we suffered through in the past, how we manage them today may be completely different from how we handled them before. Our past does not determine how things will go in the future. We learn as we go, and every experience gives us something of value to carry forward. As we mature and learn more about the world and those around us, our perceptions deepen and our understanding increases. We learn something new with everything we face. Our ability to grow and develop is limitless. Each day teaches us something new, and we can get closer to the person we most want to be with each choice we make. Every destination we desire will always be possible, and we can accomplish anything.

Making the same mistakes over and over again will never move us forward. While practice may make things perfect, repeating poor judgement will not improve anything. Just because we’ve done something one way in the past does not mean we must repeat it again. Staying on the same road and hoping it will take us somewhere new is useless. We are always in control of every decision we make, and our lives are a reflection of every choice. If we aren’t happy where we are, we can move. If we don’t like where we’re headed, we can change direction. Everything is possible, and when we’re ready, we can have the lives we dream about.

Routines and traditions are powerful motivators, but repeating the same behaviors over and over again does not guarantee success. It only guarantees we’ll get the same result we’ve gotten in the past. If we want something more, or something different, we must modify what we’re doing. Every single goal is possible and nothing is out of reach. We have all the power we need to get the lives we most desire. Success is always there for us, and with focus and determination we will prevail.

Today if you’re not moving toward the goals you want the most, look at all the possible options before you. The road you’re on is only one option, and there are endless others available. Decide what you want the most, and choose the way forward that will take you to it. The past does not determine your future. You are more capable and powerful than you think. Nothing is out of reach. Trust yourself and step forward with confidence. Everything you desire is there for you, and you will succeed.


Again and Again

19 Apr

There is much to learn as we go through our lives. There are unlimited possibilities for understanding and growth and if we choose to, we can master many different things along the way. Learning to do anything well doesn’t generally just happen. It takes dedicated effort and repetition to really understand anything deeply. If we want to play an instrument, it will take hours of practice. If we want to climb a mountain, it will take determined physical training. Things of little worth may simply appear but nothing of value comes easily. We must be determined to work and learn again and again if we want to find mastery and become proficient. We may not see the incremental advances we’re making as we push forward and it’s not easy to stay the course when it seems we’re working hard but going nowhere. But even if we can’t see it, every effort we make moves us closer to the goal. We can do anything we want to do – anything – if we are committed to doing what it takes to accomplish it. We are never too settled or too old to try something new. There are endless chances to open every door. Our world can be as big and broad as we desire and we can step away from what is customary and reach beyond our current grasp. Being open to new horizons and ideas will deepen our understanding of life and broaden our vision. The world offers us everything it possesses. We need only decide what we want, and then move forward to claim it.

There are few times when we do something perfectly the first time we try. It could happen, but generally it takes practice and repetition to find perfection. We don’t know what we don’t know. It’s easy to look at something on the outside and think we know how it works but once we’re involved we see things differently and complex details appear. The more we delve deeper into the situation, the more we learn and if we are persistent, will achieve mastery over it. We are capable of understanding anything we desire and nothing is beyond our reach.

Each experience we have teaches us something. We learn what doesn’t work by enduring failures along the way. Each failure opens new ideas for going forward and if we continue we will find the way through. Every road has passage. We can find our way by continually pushing ahead, practicing what works, and doing what is necessary to find success. We are stronger and more capable than we realize and nothing is too hard for us to overcome.

Today if you want to accomplish something that will require extensive time and effort, make a plan to move forward. Take the first step and learn as you go. There is nothing too far for you to reach or too difficult to achieve. You are powerful and strong. Every dream is possible and can become a reality. Nothing is out of reach and you will gain great satisfaction as you deepen your knowledge and become successful. You can do anything. Start moving forward and all your dreams will come true.

Eenie Meenie

2 Jul

We make dozens of choices every day. Some are inconsequential – what we’ll have for breakfast, what color shirt we’ll wear, or when we’ll go to the gym. Other decisions have more weight, and those take a little more thought. Generally, whatever decisions we have to make, there will be options. Sometimes there will be a lot of options, which seems like it would make the decision easier, but can actually make it harder to choose. Before we start to decide anything we first have to determine where we want things to be end at the end of the decision, and how we want things to look after we’ve decided. If we take the time to think about those things before choosing, we’ll make our decisions more confidently, and be happier with the result.

When we have heavy, difficult decisions to make, the process is usually complicated. Say you’ve been offered a great new job, and you’re excited about it, but the new position requires you to move to another state. Your friends, and family are located where you are now. The new job would be a great change for you, and even though everyone says they would support your move, you aren’t sure. Or perhaps you’re in a relationship that is fine, but not going anywhere. You feel like it’s time to move on but you know if you do that, the other person is going to be hurt. You don’t want to hurt anyone, but you really feel like it’s time for a change. What will you do? These are tough decisions to make. You have to weigh a lot. You have to consider a lot. It will take time to process all the parameters. When we are making hard decisions, it’s important that we give ourselves the time we need to evaluate everything, and then feel confident that we’ve chosen the best road forward. Jumping to answers quickly rarely works, and can cause greater complications in the end. If we take the time we need, and make our decisions after careful thought, we’ll make them more confidently.

There are times in our lives when it doesn’t matter which way we choose. Sometimes whatever we decide will be fine, and sometimes that doesn’t help. If it doesn’t matter which way we go, the decision can actually be harder to make. It seems like it would be easier, but when all the choices are good, it can be hard to choose. But if we take some time to decide what we really want, we will choose well. Making decisions is a part of our lives every day. They take practice, but often before we decide, we already know what we want to do. We already know which way we really want to go. But sometimes even knowing, we still need to take some time so we are comfortable, and then we just need the courage to choose it, and go forward.

Today if you have a decision looming that you haven’t quite determined how you’ll navigate, take some time to weigh all the options. How will your decision make you feel? How will you go forward from there? How will it affect your life? Will it take you closer to where you want to be? Take your time. Whatever you do, if you choose the path you want the most, you will be happy. You are in control of every choice you make. You have everything you need to make the best choice possible, and you will. You know what’s best for you. Choose that.