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22 Feb

Our birth and death are singular experiences.  No matter who is with us at the time, we experience them alone.  That singular experience remains with us throughout our lives but we may forget it as time moves forward.  Most of us are born into families who love us and care for us, and as we grow we learn to interact with people in our circle.  We extend ourselves beyond our personal spheres and touch others we don’t commonly share our lives with but with whom we come in contact as we proceed forward.  We make connections, learn to communicate, find resolutions to conflict and understand our place in our world.  Much of the time we may be in the company of others but no matter where we are or what we’re doing, our lives are singular to us.  We have personal goals and desires, thoughts we keep to ourselves, and as we pass each day we decide how we will live and who we will be.  It’s easy to blame circumstance or the influence of others when things go awry or we end up on the wrong road, but ultimately everything we choose we decide on our own.  Our lives belong to us completely and we are responsible for everything we do.  We can recognize our singular responsibility to ourselves and accept every choice we make, and confidently go forward to any destination we choose.

When we’re busy and have lots of responsibilities the time rushes on as we push forward to accomplish whatever tasks are before us.  It’s easy to forget the big picture when there are dozens of details capturing our attention.  If we aren’t careful, we may find years have gone by as we’re distracted by one thing or another and we haven’t accomplished what we most wanted to do.  We have limited time in life to do the things most important to us and nobody knows when their time will end.  If we make our personal goals a focus and every day consciously move forward a little closer to them, no matter when our time ends we will be happy with our accomplishments.  It’s not the things we’ve done that we’re likely to regret but the things we didn’t do.  No matter where we are or what’s going on we can set aside personal time to do the things we most want.  Our lives belong to us and we can manage them in ways that are best for us.

Learning to live on purpose requires planning and thought.  There will always be others around us who will want our time and talents and we can share them.  But we don’t need to give away everything.  We can reserve what we need to ensure we are moving forward on the path we’ve chosen for ourselves.  We can accomplish anything we want but we must choose to get it done.  We are the most important people in our lives.   We can make sure we have everything we need to be successful and happy.  We are responsible for making our dreams come true and if we keep our eyes on the goal we’ll achieve them.

Today if you’ve set aside the things you most want to accomplish, reset your plans going forward.  Make time for your personal goals.  You can manage your life in ways that will bring you happiness and joy.  This is your time.  Make the most of it and your dreams will follow.

Taking Chances

25 Jan

There are limitless choices we can make every day.  We can play it safe and do what is expected, or we can try something new.  We can take a chance on a different experience and stretch our wings a little.  If we want to we can take big chances and really push ourselves.  We could try base jumping, or ice climbing, or sky diving, or we can be a little more cautious and just do something small.  Some people are fearless and will try just about anything, and others of us take a more reserved stance.  If we’re fearless, trying new things may be a common experience, but if we’re more reserved we may struggle to step out of our comfort zones.  This life is all about learning.  Every day we get the chance to learn many new things and if we choose to we can take advantage of those opportunities and embellish our lives.  Taking a chance will open new doors for us, and take us to places we haven’t seen before but we have to be willing to take the first step to get there.  If we are, the world becomes our oyster and we can feast on many new experiences.

Playing it safe and sticking to what we know brings comfort for many of us.  We may not want to venture too far from home plate and risk not making it back.  But we can’t prevent what comes to us whether we take a chance or not, and control is just an illusion.  We can do everything possible to stay within the lines and still face complications.  There is no such thing as perfect safety.  We live in a world with many other people, all of whom are making decisions all the time.  Some of those decisions will impact us no matter what we do.  Unless we isolate ourselves in some sort of fortress and never venture out, it’s probable that the unexpected will come.  And when it does, we will manage it.  There isn’t anything that will happen that we can’t manage.  That being true, stepping out a little and taking a chance on something new is always possible.

When we open the door to new experiences, we discover hidden talents within ourselves.  Our routines only stretch us so far.  If we really want to know what we can do, we need to break the mold.  There is no way to know what we can accomplish unless we try.  We all have skills that lie dormant because our current lifestyles don’t require them.  If we change things up, we have the opportunity to awaken them and learn more about ourselves.  We are complex and capable people.  We can do anything we want to do.  Stepping out, stretching, trying new things, and taking a chance will open our lives up to experiences that will enrich us, and deepen our understanding of our world.  We only get one time around in this life.  If we make the most of it, and try many new things we’ll be more fulfilled and happier with our experience here.

Today if you’re thinking about taking a chance on something new, go for it.  You won’t know what you can do until you begin.  There really is nothing too difficult or complicated for you to try.  Get the most out of your life and stretch your wings.  You may be surprised at how quickly you learn to fly.


26 Aug

The first snow of the winter season is magical. It’s exciting to see the beautiful white blanket as it begins to cover every surface. If we go outside we may see snowflakes as they land on our coats, and marvel at the unique design, and loveliness of each one. It’s amazing to see each flake perfectly formed and different. There are no two flakes the same, but they are all snow. They share the same molecular structure, but their outward designs are completely different. We’re the same way. We are all different but we are all people. We all share the same basic human structure, but our appearances and everything else about us is unique and different.

If you live on one side of the world you may look a certain way. Your skin, your hair, and your eyes may share a commonality with others in your region. But if you fly to the other side of the world, you may be the only one who looks like you. There is endless variety in the human race.  Even identical twins aren’t completely identical. There are subtle differences in their appearances, and certainly differences in their personalities. Every single one of us is a unique work of art. We are one of a kind. There has never been, nor will there ever be, anyone else exactly like us.

Although there are a lot of outward differences, as part of the human race, there are things we all share. We all need to breathe, we need to eat, and we want to love and be loved. In every culture we love our families, and we want to be safe and happy. We may not look alike, we may not speak the same language or share the same customs, but we do share the human experience. No matter where we go, a smile is welcome, and sadness needs comfort. Like snowflakes, we are all different, but we are made of the same things. We are all part of the human family, and we’re all in this together. If we remember that when our differences get in the way, we may more easily find common ground and work things out.

Today, remember that like a snowflake, you are wonderful and unique just as you are. You’re an individual with your own exceptional talents and gifts, and you are part of a huge family. We are all connected in more ways than we realize. Our connections to each other are important, they are valuable, and they matter. Honor them.  We’re all together here for a purpose.  Remember that when problems come up, and think about the connections you have to those around you instead of the differences.