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Wearing the Coat

6 Jun

Everyone has their own defined ideas about life and how things should go, and we interpret everything we experience through our own personal filters. What looks a certain way to one person can seem entirely different to another. There is no definite right or wrong in the way we translate what’s happening around us and we each decide how we’ll incorporate the outside world into our own personal understanding. If we’re able to be objective, we often find it easier to process whatever is going on, even if it’s highly charged or difficult to manage. However, sometimes our emotions get in the way and we may not be able to see past how we feel to find the way forward. If we’re intensely affected by developments around us, we may feel overcome by our feelings and frozen in place. Like a heavy coat weighing us down, we may be so emotionally involved we can’t think straight. If we’re deeply hurt, feel betrayed or have suffered a big loss, we may feel paralyzed and unable to move. Difficult times and painful complications can burrow deep within us and before we can step forward and begin to dig out from under, we must find a way to navigate through the emotional storm we may be feeling. Deep sorrows and intense anguish take time to process, and we can take all the time we need. There is no need to rush to get back on our feet. We can stand still for a moment, look at the situation clearly, and begin to find our footing. Whatever is pressing before us will wait. We already possess everything we need to get through whatever comes. There is sufficient wisdom and courage within us to find our way forward. Life can be difficult and we may slip under water a little, but we have all the resources necessary to rise above and catch our breath. Nothing is powerful enough to hold us down indefinitely. Every road we need will appear and we will find the way forward.

There are things we may think we could never survive. However, we have all the strength and intelligence we need to overcome anything that may happen. Even if our whole world fell apart and everything we thought was true turned out to be a mirage, we would find our way through. Great sorrows may come, great disappointments may arise, and we may have to face our greatest fears. But no matter what happens we are powerful enough to find the road ahead.

When we’re overcome with emotion, the way forward may be cloudy and unclear. We can express all the sadness we need to, get it all out, and then open our eyes to the possibilities ahead. There will always be another day and another chance to find our way. There isn’t anything we can’t do and no matter how dreadful things may seem, nothing can keep us from finding happiness again.

Today if you’re suffering and are overcome with grief, trust yourself. This is just one moment. Your whole life is ahead and nothing can keep you from reaching happiness again. Every blessing will come and you will find the road you seek. Let the emotional coat fall away and take a deep breath. You are more powerful than you realize and success is just ahead. Take one step forward. Every blessing you desire is waiting.

Roll Over

28 Feb

When we’re facing a big disappointment or difficult development in our lives, our first instinct might be to ignore it, hide from it, or try not to think about it.  It’s hard to look head on at something that hurts us and it may seem stepping back to avoid it is a good option.  We may think if we give ourselves some time to adjust it’ll be easier to go back to it later.  Devastating issues and terrible problems may come to us as we navigate our lives.  There might be times we feel the situation is too painful and extreme to face, and run in the other direction trying to avoid it.  We can ignore anything that happens but the issue will remain in place until we look at it fully and do what is needed to get through it.  No matter what has happened or how bad things seem, we are strong enough to manage it and find our way forward.  Instead of trying to hide, it’s best to stand strong and let everything roll over us, completely exposing every single detail.  A huge, intense wave in the ocean is strong and powerful but all the power is expended when it hits the shore.  Our most serious difficulties may hurt when we look at them openly and let them in, but once they are completely uncovered their power over us will diminish and we can begin to find our way through them.  There isn’t anything too strong or complicated for us to navigate.  We have all the wisdom and courage we need to handle anything we must.  We can be confident even when we’re unsure and step forward knowing we will prevail.

We all have ideas about what we can manage in our lives.  There are possible developments we may think we could never face, and sincerely hope they will never come.  But life is unpredictable and sometimes the very thing we don’t think we can manage actually happens.  If it does, we may be stunned in place and think we cannot survive it.  No matter what we think, or how horrible the situation seems, we can overcome it.  We are strong enough to face hard times and very difficult problems, and successfully find our way through.  Step by step we can move forward and manage anything.

Sometimes we must face many difficult trials at the same time.  When they come one after the other we may tire and feel overwhelmed.  It’s harder to continue forward when there are many struggles pulling on us and it may seem we’ll never get to the end of the trouble.  Nothing lasts forever and no problem can continue indefinitely.  If we keep our eyes focused on the road ahead, we can solve every issue one step at a time.  We are capable of managing anything in life, and even if we feel lost, will find our way through.  The whole world is available to us and we can overcome anything and find success.

Today if trouble is looming ahead and you aren’t sure you can manage it, stand strong and face everything head on.  You are wise and intelligent, and certainly capable of handling anything you must.  There is no problem too difficult or devastating for you to untangle.  Be confident.  Every issue has a solution and the answers are there for you.  Keep walking and you will find the way forward.


16 Jun

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” Henry Ford

No matter what goals we’re striving for or what we’re seeking chances are it won’t just fall into our laps without some effort.  While it’s true some things come more easily than others, it’s also true that what we want most generally takes work.  There will always be complications and unforeseen problems and keeping our eyes on the goal helps us navigate them and move through them patiently and effectively.  But sometimes our vision is blocked and when we see all the things that may go wrong and everything we must overcome to get to the destination we may lose our confidence.  If all we can see are the problems blocking our way it’s impossible to see the road ahead.  If we lose our focus and can’t see the way forward we can take a break.  We can take the time we need to regroup and refocus.  We can recharge and when we’re ready to start again the road will still be there waiting.  We can accomplish anything we want to and if we keep our eyes on the destination, no matter how complicated things get or how many times we have to revise our plans, we will have all the wisdom and courage we need to continue on.  Every dream we seek is available to us.  Every goal can be reached and every destination conquered.  We can plan our way forward effectively and do what works best to achieve anything we desire.

Nobody knows what the future will bring and we may be surprised by something we never expected to stand in our way.  It may be hard to figure out how to navigate around complications.  All the answers we need are available to us but we have to keep our eyes open and be willing to look for them in order to find them.  If we are determined we will find everything we need to discover a way around any obstacle.  We know where we want to go and we can choose the best way forward.

It’s nice to think about things working out without any effort but thankfully that isn’t real life.  The struggle to make something work, and the effort it takes to make our wishes become reality teach us the lessons we need to find additional success going forward.  The challenges we overcome and the trials we navigate give us priceless tools that teach us how to find success.  The experience we gain as we push through difficult situations is valuable and worthwhile.  If we remember what we’re learning when things go wrong we will have more confidence to continue.  There isn’t anything we can’t accomplish if we keep our eyes on the goal and keep moving forward.

Today if you’ve been distracted by all the things in your way that are keeping you from moving forward, focus on the goal you want to achieve.  Complications are just indications that you need to adjust your path forward.  You can accomplish anything you desire.  Keep your eyes on the goal and take another step.  You’ll get there and all your dreams will come true.

At the Beginning

21 Mar

Life can be complex, frustrating, joyful, confusing, easy or hard. The scope of experiences we have is unending and wide. We sail through some days with barely a care and grind through others aware of each painful moment. No matter what we’re experiencing today, it will be different tomorrow. Each day as the sun rises and we awaken to a new morning there are limitless opportunities waiting for us. We cannot know in advance what the day will bring but we can determine how we’ll handle it. If we decide trouble will defeat us at its first opportunity, that is what will happen. If we decide no matter what comes we’ll manage and keep looking forward, that is also what will happen. We can’t control much of what comes into our lives but we always, always have control over how we handle it. If we see our tribulations as temporary passages, we will navigate them more effectively. The only thing permanent in life is death and if we aren’t facing that today everything else will change. Big disappointments may await us, sharp turns to the left may move us and we may find ourselves lost on a new road we didn’t see coming. But those are simply complications and with determination we will find our way through them. Every day is a blessing. Even very difficult days bring us something valuable we can hold onto moving forward. We decide our fates, where we’ll go and how we’ll get there. There is nothing too difficult for us to manage and move through. A new day is a new beginning. No matter what has passed we can begin again and find success.

Hard times come to us all and if we don’t learn what we need from a difficult experience we may get the opportunity to go through it again. Being aware of our situations and learning everything possible for each experience allows us to move forward confidently. Even in our darkest moments there is something that will help us move forward. Keeping our eyes open and being willing to see everything available to us will help us find the message we need to learn.

Our lives are a reflection of everything we experience and that reflection is often colored by how we feel about what we’ve been through. Nobody’s life goes exactly the way they want it to. There are twists and turns and disappointments we all must face. If we see disappointment as a time to redirect our focus and unexpected turns as a sign that there is another way forward we will be happier as we continue along. How we take each step forward and face each new day will determine how happy we’ll be. We can choose to keep our eyes focused ahead and determine to succeed. We have everything we need to be happy.

Today, decide to have hope and determination. There is nothing you can’t do. You have everything you need to become the person you most want to be. The world belongs to you and you will manage whatever it takes to conquer it. Be courageous and wise. Every success you dream of is waiting for you. Look ahead and you will find your way.

High Expectations

7 Apr

When we’re trying to do something new or we’re learning a new skill, sometimes we expect to be able to do it perfectly from the start. Even if we acknowledge intellectually that may not be possible, we may hope for it nonetheless. Sometimes our expectations for ourselves are unrealistically high. We think we should be able to do anything we want and do it well. Unfortunately, life doesn’t really work that way. We all do some things well, and some things not so well. But when we want to do something badly we may think we should be good at it from the beginning. Expecting perfection can lead to failure. If our expectations are too high and we fall short we may give up. And giving up gets us nowhere. Just learning and trying something new is enough to start. If we can learn to be more patient and more accepting with ourselves we’ll be happier and more comfortable as we move along.

The world sets high standards. Never in history have we been expected to do more than we are today. The ideals of perfection are everywhere we look. There are constant messages that our appearances, our lifestyles, our finances, and our personal lives should be flawless and accomplished without effort. Of course none of that is possible. If we internalize the messages we see virtually everywhere, we can feel we aren’t good enough, fast enough, strong enough, rich enough, or smart enough. There is no way to be perfect at everything despite the messages we hear. The truth is we will do some things very well, and some things will elude us. We can decide what our lives will look like and what we’ll do. No matter what we hear and see, we can determine how we’ll go forward and find satisfaction in knowing we’re doing things our way. We can set our expectations in ways that bring us success and happiness.

Some people do amazing things that change the world. But those are extreme and extraordinarily rare. We all have successes in our lives but they may not be on such a grand scale. That does not diminish the importance of the success. When we live purposefully, directing our lives on the paths we most want to follow and achieve our goals, we are successful. The goals we set don’t have to be monumental. No matter what they are, if we achieve them, we are successful. We don’t have to do extraordinary things to make the world a better place. Just by living well, being kind and supportive, showing compassion, and taking care of ourselves makes an impact for good. There isn’t anyone else like us anywhere on earth. We don’t have set impossible expectations or be perfect in the eyes of the world. We are perfect just as we are.

Today if you’ve been expecting a lot from yourself and have set your standards high, remember you are perfect just as you are. Your kindness and compassion are making the world a better place. We are all blessed because you’re here. You’re one of a kind and bring a light no one else can offer. Be who you are. It’ll be exactly right.