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High Expectations

7 Apr

When we’re trying to do something new or we’re learning a new skill, sometimes we expect to be able to do it perfectly from the start. Even if we acknowledge intellectually that may not be possible, we may hope for it nonetheless. Sometimes our expectations for ourselves are unrealistically high. We think we should be able to do anything we want and do it well. Unfortunately, life doesn’t really work that way. We all do some things well, and some things not so well. But when we want to do something badly we may think we should be good at it from the beginning. Expecting perfection can lead to failure. If our expectations are too high and we fall short we may give up. And giving up gets us nowhere. Just learning and trying something new is enough to start. If we can learn to be more patient and more accepting with ourselves we’ll be happier and more comfortable as we move along.

The world sets high standards. Never in history have we been expected to do more than we are today. The ideals of perfection are everywhere we look. There are constant messages that our appearances, our lifestyles, our finances, and our personal lives should be flawless and accomplished without effort. Of course none of that is possible. If we internalize the messages we see virtually everywhere, we can feel we aren’t good enough, fast enough, strong enough, rich enough, or smart enough. There is no way to be perfect at everything despite the messages we hear. The truth is we will do some things very well, and some things will elude us. We can decide what our lives will look like and what we’ll do. No matter what we hear and see, we can determine how we’ll go forward and find satisfaction in knowing we’re doing things our way. We can set our expectations in ways that bring us success and happiness.

Some people do amazing things that change the world. But those are extreme and extraordinarily rare. We all have successes in our lives but they may not be on such a grand scale. That does not diminish the importance of the success. When we live purposefully, directing our lives on the paths we most want to follow and achieve our goals, we are successful. The goals we set don’t have to be monumental. No matter what they are, if we achieve them, we are successful. We don’t have to do extraordinary things to make the world a better place. Just by living well, being kind and supportive, showing compassion, and taking care of ourselves makes an impact for good. There isn’t anyone else like us anywhere on earth. We don’t have set impossible expectations or be perfect in the eyes of the world. We are perfect just as we are.

Today if you’ve been expecting a lot from yourself and have set your standards high, remember you are perfect just as you are. Your kindness and compassion are making the world a better place. We are all blessed because you’re here. You’re one of a kind and bring a light no one else can offer. Be who you are. It’ll be exactly right.