At the Beginning

21 Mar

Life can be complex, frustrating, joyful, confusing, easy or hard. The scope of experiences we have is unending and wide. We sail through some days with barely a care and grind through others aware of each painful moment. No matter what we’re experiencing today, it will be different tomorrow. Each day as the sun rises and we awaken to a new morning there are limitless opportunities waiting for us. We cannot know in advance what the day will bring but we can determine how we’ll handle it. If we decide trouble will defeat us at its first opportunity, that is what will happen. If we decide no matter what comes we’ll manage and keep looking forward, that is also what will happen. We can’t control much of what comes into our lives but we always, always have control over how we handle it. If we see our tribulations as temporary passages, we will navigate them more effectively. The only thing permanent in life is death and if we aren’t facing that today everything else will change. Big disappointments may await us, sharp turns to the left may move us and we may find ourselves lost on a new road we didn’t see coming. But those are simply complications and with determination we will find our way through them. Every day is a blessing. Even very difficult days bring us something valuable we can hold onto moving forward. We decide our fates, where we’ll go and how we’ll get there. There is nothing too difficult for us to manage and move through. A new day is a new beginning. No matter what has passed we can begin again and find success.

Hard times come to us all and if we don’t learn what we need from a difficult experience we may get the opportunity to go through it again. Being aware of our situations and learning everything possible for each experience allows us to move forward confidently. Even in our darkest moments there is something that will help us move forward. Keeping our eyes open and being willing to see everything available to us will help us find the message we need to learn.

Our lives are a reflection of everything we experience and that reflection is often colored by how we feel about what we’ve been through. Nobody’s life goes exactly the way they want it to. There are twists and turns and disappointments we all must face. If we see disappointment as a time to redirect our focus and unexpected turns as a sign that there is another way forward we will be happier as we continue along. How we take each step forward and face each new day will determine how happy we’ll be. We can choose to keep our eyes focused ahead and determine to succeed. We have everything we need to be happy.

Today, decide to have hope and determination. There is nothing you can’t do. You have everything you need to become the person you most want to be. The world belongs to you and you will manage whatever it takes to conquer it. Be courageous and wise. Every success you dream of is waiting for you. Look ahead and you will find your way.

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