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16 Jun

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” Henry Ford

No matter what goals we’re striving for or what we’re seeking chances are it won’t just fall into our laps without some effort.  While it’s true some things come more easily than others, it’s also true that what we want most generally takes work.  There will always be complications and unforeseen problems and keeping our eyes on the goal helps us navigate them and move through them patiently and effectively.  But sometimes our vision is blocked and when we see all the things that may go wrong and everything we must overcome to get to the destination we may lose our confidence.  If all we can see are the problems blocking our way it’s impossible to see the road ahead.  If we lose our focus and can’t see the way forward we can take a break.  We can take the time we need to regroup and refocus.  We can recharge and when we’re ready to start again the road will still be there waiting.  We can accomplish anything we want to and if we keep our eyes on the destination, no matter how complicated things get or how many times we have to revise our plans, we will have all the wisdom and courage we need to continue on.  Every dream we seek is available to us.  Every goal can be reached and every destination conquered.  We can plan our way forward effectively and do what works best to achieve anything we desire.

Nobody knows what the future will bring and we may be surprised by something we never expected to stand in our way.  It may be hard to figure out how to navigate around complications.  All the answers we need are available to us but we have to keep our eyes open and be willing to look for them in order to find them.  If we are determined we will find everything we need to discover a way around any obstacle.  We know where we want to go and we can choose the best way forward.

It’s nice to think about things working out without any effort but thankfully that isn’t real life.  The struggle to make something work, and the effort it takes to make our wishes become reality teach us the lessons we need to find additional success going forward.  The challenges we overcome and the trials we navigate give us priceless tools that teach us how to find success.  The experience we gain as we push through difficult situations is valuable and worthwhile.  If we remember what we’re learning when things go wrong we will have more confidence to continue.  There isn’t anything we can’t accomplish if we keep our eyes on the goal and keep moving forward.

Today if you’ve been distracted by all the things in your way that are keeping you from moving forward, focus on the goal you want to achieve.  Complications are just indications that you need to adjust your path forward.  You can accomplish anything you desire.  Keep your eyes on the goal and take another step.  You’ll get there and all your dreams will come true.


Indelible Ink

31 May

When we’re working on a project with ink pens sometimes we might slip and get a mark on our clothing.  If the ink is permanent and indelible we may be stuck with the mark forever.  We could scrub and scrub and try every possible cleaner but if the ink is permanent it will remain.  It’s frustrating to get a mark on something we can’t remove and when it happens each time we see it we will be reminded of when it happened.  We might think of our lives that way.  We make choices and it’s easy to believe the results of our choices are permanent.  While some decisions may bring lasting consequences no matter what has happened often there is a way to modify the outcome.  Life is unpredictable but the one thing we can always count on is everything will change.  Even if we try hard to make the best decisions, there may be times when because of circumstance or unknown factors we may choose something that takes us somewhere we don’t want to go.  It doesn’t mean we are doomed to stay there.  We can evaluate where we are at any time and change any situation we don’t want.  No mistake has the power to hold us forever.  There is no indelible ink involved.  We can change direction, correct any errors, resolve any problems and move forward.  The road to success is never a straight upward line.  We travel here and there as we find our way and when we hit a snag or choose the wrong door we can back up and turn again.  There isn’t anything we can’t change and we can reach any destination we choose by continuing forward with confidence.

Guilt is a self-imposed emotion.  Nobody can make us feel guilty.  Although they may say or do things that trigger that response we decide whether we hold onto it or not.  It does nothing to help us move forward and it can’t correct any problems we are facing.  Sometimes we will err and when we do we can look at the situation openly and then determine the best way forward.  Regret is a common response to a bad choice but it need not stop us from continuing on.  We have the ability to make excellent decisions and we can correct any mistake we’ve made and move forward toward success.

There may be times when a situation arises where a decision has disastrous consequences.  We don’t always have all the facts and sometimes things go awry.  If we’re facing a difficult situation that is hard to unravel we may feel we’ve ruined our lives and there is no way out.  But life is constantly changing and nothing stays the same forever.  If we step back and see the problem objectively we will find a way through and be able to begin the process of rebuilding.  We can be confident in choosing wisely and we will find success.

Today if you’re facing a mess and feel lost trying to find your way through, you have everything you need to overcome anything before you.  You are wise enough to make excellent decisions and correct your course.  There is nothing you can’t resolve and no problem too great for you to manage.  You are strong and capable.  Do what is needed to move forward and be confident.  You have everything you need to succeed.

Brand New

16 Mar

There comes a time in life when we may want to do something new. If we’ve been on the same road for a long time perhaps we are bored or no longer feel challenged. Maybe we feel we’ve done all we can in our current endeavor and want something more. Taking on a new challenge may bring us great refreshment and great change. We can set out on a new road at any time and go forward with confidence. We all have dreams but life can take over if we aren’t careful. We may find ourselves on a road we never really intended to travel because of chance or circumstance. Perhaps a job we took twenty years ago, because it was all we could find, may have turned into a career we never really wanted. There are all kinds of things that happen that create scenarios we may fall into that become habit or patterns in our lives we really didn’t choose. If we aren’t where we want to be we can change our plans, redirect our course and redesign our lives. It’s never too late to change. We only need to decide we are ready and begin. The world belongs to us. We can do anything we want to do and go anywhere we want to go. We are not shackled by restraints so powerful they cannot be changed. Our lives belong to us and when we’re ready, we can try something new.

Routines are great when we want predictability in our lives. We know what to do, we know when to do it and we know where to go. There is nothing wrong with having a life that is settled and familiar so long as it’s the life we really want. But if we yearn for something more, something different or something new, we can turn as we move forward and step away from the norm. There are millions of things to do and learn in life and we can try as many as we like. Everything is available to us and if we want something new, we can get it.

Some people live their lives wide open, trying different things all the time and pushing themselves to learn new ideas every day. If we want lives like that we may certainly have them but we don’t have to change everything to have a new experience. We can take one step away from our normal behavior and try one idea at a time. We can reach for something new and see how it fits and then reach for something else. There really isn’t anything we can’t do and we may embellish our lives any way we choose. Each day is a blessing and there is so much to see and learn. We can stretch a little further and try something new, and see the world a little differently. Our lives can be as full and rich as we want them. We need only decide we are ready to try.

Today if you’ve been doing the same things and feel ready for something new, open the door a little wider and see the opportunities waiting there for you. There is more you can experience and every experience will enrich your life. Do everything you dream of and stretch beyond your comfort zone. You’ll be amazed at what you find and your life will be fuller and augmented by each experience. The world is yours. It’s all there and it’s waiting for you.

Quarter Turn

8 Aug

There are times when we’re working on a problem or dealing with others that things don’t go exactly as we want them to.  If there is contention or complications and they are persistent we can get hung up and stopped in our tracks.  If that continues we may become frustrated, feel it’s not worth the hassle, and consider completely abandoning our plans. Giving up is always an option but we don’t have to.  We don’t have to turn all the way around or exclude ourselves from any situation because it’s not going smoothly.  Sometimes a simple adjustment will change things.  A small quarter turn to the left or right can sometimes be all that’s needed to make things work.  Just a small adjustment in our thinking or our decisions may pave the road forward.  We may overlook small adjustments as possible solutions because they seem insignificant.  But a quarter turn that enables success is certainly worth consideration, and can sometimes change the whole picture and open doors going forward.

We all have ideas about how things should go.  If we make decisions about what needs to be done and are convinced it’s the best way forward it may be hard to hear other suggestions.  But everybody has their own perspective and sometimes we don’t know the whole story.  Others have valuable insight and if we listen and allow our plans to be modified we may more easily find success.  It’s impossible to know everything every time.  When things don’t go easily and there are roadblocks keeping us from success, listening to other suggestions and leaning a little toward them may correct our course.  Instead of completely quitting or giving up, we can adjust our trajectory and successfully get to the goal.

Life is rarely an “all or nothing” scenario.  There are few times when there is only one way to do things or only one option.  Generally there is flexibility in our decisions and more than one method that will bring success.  Being open to many ideas and suggestions will help us going forward.  Everyone has something to offer and different perspectives allow us to see things in new ways.  We can be open enough to hear them and lean a little here or there, perhaps making a quarter turn to enable success.  Being rigid and unwilling to listen gives us only one option – ours.  But hearing other suggestions and viewpoints and embracing them gives us many options, and many options can open many doors.  Success is the ultimate goal.  We don’t have to always do it our way.  We can hear as many ideas as possible to help us get where we want to go.

Today if you’re working on a situation but things aren’t moving as well as you hoped, ask for suggestions from others.  Listen to new perspectives and be open to trying another way.  We all have great ideas.  Hear them and adjust your path to find success.  You know what you want.  Turn a little and let others help you find it.

Head and Heart

24 Sep

When we are attracted to someone, we feel excited and happy when they are near. We feel drawn to them and think about them all the time. We want to be with them and we want them to want us in return. We aren’t thinking about logic, we aren’t thinking about being reasonable, we’re thinking with our hearts. We feel compelled to seek them out, and the pull is physical, and emotional. People say the heart wants what the heart wants, and it feels like that’s true. We’re drawn with our hearts in the beginning, but after a while, our heads must enter the picture. We start thinking about the other person more objectively. We start seeing things we missed at first, and we can then determine if a continuing relationship with them is beneficial.

We have a lot to offer. We have many gifts to present. If we want relationships that will endure, and make us happy, we must recognize not only what we bring but what the other person has to offer as well. We deserve the very best relationships possible. We deserve all the good things we want. If we take the time to let our heads evaluate where our hearts have taken us, and then carefully consider what the long term results will likely be, we can make better decisions about who we want to share our lives with. It’s exciting when our hearts are calling the shots, but it’s important that we engage our heads to ensure we’re headed down a road we want to travel.

Sometimes we fall for people who are not good for us. We all have issues, but if we connect with someone whose issues are hurtful to us, who have more problems than we can handle, or who cannot commit, it’s painful. If we’re wise, we’ll look at these situations openly and without reservation or protection, and let the full measure of their impact weigh on us. We need to see everything clearly so we know what’s best for us. There may be times when we have to leave a relationship because the long range prognosis is unhappiness. It’s difficult to leave any relationship, but our happiness is important. We are the only ones who can ensure it. We need to do all we can to make that happen.

Today if you’re evaluating a relationship, keep your eyes open. See everything clearly – all the good and all the bad. Determine what’s best for you. If you decide to continue it, you’ll have a better understanding of where it will take you. If you decide it’s not going where you want, do what is needed to let it go. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s the best decision for you. You deserve the very best. And you can make sure you get it.

In the Circle

30 Jul

We all have a circle of friends and family that we spend time with. Our circles are filled with people we’ve come to trust, and share our lives with. They can change from time to time as people move in and out of our lives, but we enjoy those we keep close, and appreciate our association with them. Our circles are ours to design and fill with the ones we most want to be around. If we like, we can close the circle off and keep new people from joining us. Some of us like that idea, and the stability of keeping everything the same. But it’s important to think about keeping our circles open. Our lives change from day to day, and there are endless opportunities to meet new people and engage them. If we develop new friendships and allow new people to share our lives, we will be enhanced and enriched.

There are countless varieties of personalities and individual traits in the human race. And each and every one of them has something to offer. When we have dinner, it’s wonderful to have a delicious, savory meal, and then at the end have something light and sweet. If all we had were the sweets, we would miss the pleasure of the savory. The contrasts are what make the meal special. It’s the same with us as people. It’s the differences that make everything rich. People who are like us may make us feel comfortable, but those who are different from us enrich us with new experiences, and new interpretations. If we keep our circles open just a little, and allow new relationships to enter, we will gain a broader understanding of life.

It’s easy to close our lives up, and keep things predictable. We can stick with the same people, go to the all the same places, drive the same kind of car, etc. But if we are able to open up just a little and let new ideas in, let new people get close to us, and allow ourselves to embrace new points of view, our perceptions will deepen, and we will learn more than we may have thought possible. It’s wonderful to meet new people, and it’s interesting when they share their differing viewpoints with us. This life is a great experiment. The more variables we allow, the more we’ll learn.

Today if you feel you’ve kept your life closed in a little, take a chance and open your circle a bit wider. Get to know new friends. Exchange new ideas, and be receptive to differences. Your world will get more expansive, your perceptions will get broader, and you will be richer. Extend your hand. Be welcoming. The more friends and family you let into your circle the greater your life will be.