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The Tell

10 Apr

Life is unpredictable and we go through all kinds of changes every day. We may feel happy or sad, satisfied or frustrated, or a thousand other emotions. We may believe what’s going on inside us is private and nobody else notices, but how we act around others may give away more about our personal feelings than we may realize. Although we may use the right words, our inflection and demeanor may give away what we’re going through. People are very perceptive and if they’re paying attention, can pick up on the smallest details. It’s like watching for the tell when playing cards. We notice something different, even if it’s very subtle, and know there is more going on than what’s on the surface. If we are struggling or angry, sad or depressed, we may exhibit it as we interact with others. We can keep our personal issues to ourselves but when we’re troubled, chances are those around us will know something is going on. We are all far more connected than we realize and our deepest feelings, even if they are hidden, can affect our personal experiences. We don’t have to share more than we’re comfortable sharing but can recognize that we’re often communicating more than we realize. Our emotions belong to us and managing them is our responsibility. We don’t have to pretend to be happy when we’re not but can remember our behaviors influence those around us. We can cope with whatever is going on and find the way forward with grace and patience. We always have a lot for which to be grateful and no matter what’s going wrong, can focus on the positive and continue walking forward.

The choices we make mold the person we become. Some people like intrigue and drama and create it everywhere they go. We can tangle our lives with dishonesty and trouble and there is no end to the problems we can create for ourselves or those around us if we’re determined to cause disruption and contention. But those behaviors negatively impact us and will never bring us peace or happiness. Our lives are ours to design. We can choose to make decisions that will bring us harmony and peace and help us become the people we most want to be.

Honesty is the most important attribute we have. If we’re honest in all our dealings there will never be doubt about who we are. People will understand they can trust us and have faith that we will follow through. We can openly face whatever comes and work with it no matter the situation. There isn’t any complication we can’t understand and no problem we can’t solve. We have all the courage and wisdom we need to be open and honest and find the way forward.

Today if you’re feeling bad and trying to get through on your own, remember how strong you are. No matter what is happening you have everything you need to prevail. Choose nobility and honesty, and the answers will come. You are amazing and nothing is too difficult for you to manage. Stand strong and step forward. You are wise and wonderful, and every happiness is just ahead.




5 Mar

How we are perceived by others is sometimes the result of what we’ve done in the past.  Our personal behavior as we move through different situations may color what other people think of us and how much influence we carry.  We often hear about personal branding and how important it is to make sure ours represents what we want it to portray.  It’s a complicated issue and people may use all kinds of measuring factors regarding it.  We may have no idea how we’re being judged, and who we really are may have nothing to do with the impressions others may assume.  It’s dangerous to label people, and although we can’t prevent anyone from assuming things about us, we can refuse to judge those around us the same way.  Branding is important in business, and how successful we are managing it will sometimes decide whether we are entitled to some opportunities.  But in our personal lives, branding may be harmful and destructive.  Although we need information to make good decisions, basing any judgement on hearsay, or rumor, or assuming people will do anything before they have the chance to try will never bring us success.  We learn about people as we interact with them.  Every time we meet with them, talk to them, or work with them we learn more about them and as we get to know them can decide how our relationship will be defined.  The world is a big place and there are infinite human expressions and experiences.  Instead of believing what we hear, we can allow others to show us who they are, and trust our personal wisdom moving forward to make the best decisions.

Everyone judges situations and those around them.  It’s a natural reflex and when we see someone who is very much like someone else we’ve known we may make assumptions about who they are.  We may instinctively assign all kinds of traits to them simply because they remind us of a previous situation.  If we don’t have much interaction with them, those reminders may stay in place indefinitely.  But everyone is different.  Even people who look alike or act alike are not the same.  Assumptions are dangerous and are sometimes based on fiction.  We are wise enough to set aside any pre-conceived ideas about anyone and let them show us who they are.  We can be open to building relationships going forward.

There may be times in our lives when we may be judged or excluded from something we desire because of a previous situation.  Perhaps we didn’t manage something the way others felt was best, or we got caught up in some drama where there was no way to win.  Life is complicated and sometimes we end up in places that convolute our path for a time.  We all go through unexpected situations, but nothing is permanent.  Change is constant, and we learn as we go.  No matter what has happened in the past, we can be confident moving forward that we will make excellent decisions and choose the right road.  We can find success ahead and achieve any goal we desire.

Today if you’ve judged someone without knowing them, let them show you who they are.  Be welcoming and keep the doors open.  There is great blessing in sharing our lives with others.  Refuse to brand and label those around you, and learn about them as you go.  Your life will be richer, and your relationships will be stronger.


27 Jul

Things don’t always go the way we want them to. There are lots of people around us all the time making all kinds of decisions that may have an impact on us. If those decisions are beneficial we welcome them but sometimes we are affected in negative ways by the actions of others. When our plans get derailed or we must face unexpected complications because someone is in the way we may feel intense frustration or even anger. It’s hard when we we’re trying to accomplish something and there is a roadblock we can’t get past. We always have options and even if someone else is determined to keep us from success we can find a way around them, but it might take considerable time and effort to get there. It isn’t easy to work with difficult people but we can keep our eyes on the goal and do what is best for us. No matter what they’re doing we can find personal success on our own terms. The decisions of others belong to them. We can continue to choose what is best for us even if it means we have to modify our plans to get around someone else. If we keep moving forward no matter what complications are in our path we will win. There isn’t anything we can’t manage and no matter what difficulties arise we can find our way forward.

Not everyone is easy going and some people enjoy creating complications and drama. They may make bad decisions and manufacture problems that don’t exist in an effort to keep the intensity level up and cause stress to those around them. Their reasons are inconsequential. Although their decisions may impact us negatively, if we want to move ahead we can find a way around them. We can exercise patience if we must deal with them directly and ignore them if they are unpleasant. We can always find the way forward by being true to what is best for us and keeping our eyes on the goal.

Some people make bad decisions and don’t care how they affect others. They may create problems to make a point, look for ways to complicate interactions or manipulate the truth to achieve a personal desire. The trouble they cause is irrelevant to them and they don’t seem to care about anyone but themselves. When we must deal with them odds are whatever we’re doing will become more difficult. We can’t change others but we can control how we manage their decisions. We can always make the best choices going forward despite what others are doing. Success is always available to us and no matter what others choose, we will achieve it.

Today if you must deal with someone who is causing complications for you and you feel frustrated and stuck, remember there are limitless ways to reach any goal. Consider all your options going forward and choose the best road ahead. There isn’t anyone powerful enough to hold you back. You can do anything. You have everything you need to be successful and you will win.


17 Nov


“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” Leonard Cohen

It seems our lives would be wonderful if everything went the way we wanted it to. It would be so much easier if there were no complications and things always worked out in our favor. When our lives are difficult and there is a lot of static, lots of things going awry and we’re busy trying to sort it all out, we might wish things were different. We understand that nothing is perfect and we cope with problems and obstacles in our way as they come up. We are capable of managing any complication we face but sometimes we wish it was easier. It’s the nature of life to be imperfect. Very few natural things are flawless and there are cracks everywhere. But the cracks aren’t just imperfections, they are also openings that let light shine through. That light can bring us new ideas, show us new roads, or unveil new destinations for us going forward. When we’re stressed and something goes wrong, often we find information that helps us going forward. We gain strength from the conflict, patience from the endurance, and sometimes find new direction in the experience. Cracks in the plan sometimes open up new horizons and take us places we never dreamed of.

Wood grain can be very beautiful. There are many kinds of woods, many colors and hues, many different types of grain and when they are cut and polished they all have a unique beauty. There are imperfect knots in wood which are formed when branches drop off as the trunk of the tree expands and the grain grows around the remaining base of the branch. Knots are usually considered defects and are generally harder than the surrounding grain which can make sawing difficult. But although they are imperfections, they are quite beautiful and add a lot to the finished product. If the wood were completely flawless with all the grain lines running perfectly straight it would be boring. The knots add interest, beauty and character to the wood. Yes, they are imperfect but that imperfection is what makes them so lovely.

Nobody wants a life filled with problems. We all want things to go well and be able to move forward without a lot of drama. Sometimes that happens but most of the time we have to adjust to one thing or another in order to progress. If we can see the complications as opportunities to learn something new and chances to expand our understanding, we will navigate them more easily. There may be cracks in the armor as we go forward but they will open up new ideas that help us continue. There may be knots in the wood as we try to make something happen, but if we polish them and see how they shine we can find new ways to get to the destination. If we can see beauty in the confusion, and possibilities in the problems, we’ll conquer whatever we must face.

Today if you’re in a situation with a lot of complications and feel overwhelmed, look at the possibilities before you. Each difficulty brings new ideas and opportunities to see things differently. Take a good look at everything. There is light shining through to show you the way. You will see it and find success.

Making it Right

4 Jul

We make a lot of decisions in our lives. Sometimes we choose well, and other times we may struggle to find our way. We make a lot of choices and it seems obvious that choosing the right way will take us where we want to go and choosing the wrong way won’t. But life is complicated and there may be times when we convince ourselves that taking a wrong turn will take us to our destination. We can believe that going one way will eventually take us another. If we only focus on what we want and all we see is the prize, we may choose a path we believe will get us there quickly without seeing the whole picture. We can choose any road we want and do anything we like but a wrong choice, although it might be the quickest answer or the easiest, will never be the best decision. Nobody is immune from making mistakes but we have a better shot at getting things right if we take our time and choose carefully. If we rush, or if all we can see is the finish line we may take a wrong turn that in the end may cost us more than we imagined.

We understand how to get from point A to point B when we plan a trip. If it’s a road trip we plot the course that will get us there most effectively. If we want to travel north, we don’t choose roads that go east or west or south. We choose the roads that take us north to our appointed destination. But it can sometimes be difficult to use the same simple logic when making our personal decisions. There may be others involved, or complications we have to navigate around, and sometimes we only have a general idea of where we want to be. If we are desperate to reach a goal, we may take chances on paths that are undefined or unproven that cause us to fail. We are all capable of making excellent decisions but it takes determination and a clear understanding of our situation to ensure we get there.

It’s impossible to turn a bad decision into a good one. Making decisions are the most important things we do every day. They determine where we go and have influence over what happens next. If we blunder blindly through and carelessly choose this or that, trying to patch our way from one step to another, our lives will be convoluted and confusing. We create unnecessary drama when we don’t proactively choose our course. Bad decisions can be powerful deterrents. They can prevent us from moving forward, hold us down when we want to get up, and create congestion that prevents us from seeing clearly. If we take the time we need to see everything openly and determine exactly how we want to move forward, we can often prevent complications and enable success. We can do anything and we can do it well. If we are careful, we can make excellent decisions that take us where we want to go and bring us happiness.

Today if you’ve been stopped by a choice that took you to a dead end instead of a clear path, redirect your course. Think about the best way forward and begin again. There isn’t anything you can’t do. You know where you want to go and you know how to get there. Change your direction until you find the best way forward and then start walking. You’ll find the right road and every success.


9 May

Our days come with lots of unexpected surprises. We never know what will happen to mix everything up. Other people have influence over our plans, and lots of things can change without notice. We can’t help the things that come to us that are out of our control, but sometimes we unnecessarily complicate our lives by the decisions we make. If we engage in gossip, are dishonest, manipulate others or situations, or play head games things can get complicated.  They can get even more complicated when the situation starts to unravel. If we make a habit of making bad choices, and doing things that create drama and confusion, our lives will be more difficult than they need to be.  And the complications that come from those actions may confound us for a long time, impeding our progress, and preventing us from moving forward. It isn’t hard to live a clean, straightforward existence but it takes continued diligence. If we tangle ourselves up in situations where we have to navigate unnecessary problems we may end up spending most of our time trying to clean up messes instead of focusing on where we want to go. We are capable of making excellent decisions. If we want to live our lives the best way possible we have to be careful before we choose. If we are, even though we can’t prevent things we can’t control, we will be able to do our best to make our lives as easy as possible.

Some people seem to need drama in their lives. They are constantly in difficult situations and continually make decisions that bring confusion and trouble. We’re all in charge of our own lives and can live them any way we want to. If we want to add complications we can. But our actions almost always impact those around us. If we make bad choices, often we aren’t the only ones who suffer because of them. Everything we do has the possibility of hurting someone else. Hurting others hurts us in the end and generally makes it hard to move forward. If we rethink our plans and choose the best answers at every turn, our lives will be easier and more fulfilling.

Drama is great for the stage. It’s terrific in movies and plays. But in our personal lives, there is enough regular drama without adding more by making poor decisions. It’s exhausting to constantly be trying to unravel problems and it’s difficult to get close to others when we’re all tangled up in ourselves. If we want to be happy, we need to find the paths that work best for us and take us where we want to go without adding unnecessary roadblocks that prevent us from moving forward. We all know what we want. We can do anything we like and we can be successful. But we must make decisions that move us closer to our goals. We can do that if we’re honest in all our dealings, and choose to do our best.  We can all be successful and happy. We just have to decide to do what is needed to get there.

Today if you’ve been tangled up in complications because of decisions you’ve made, clear the path and start again. Think carefully before you act and make sure you know where your decisions will take you. You can do anything and do it well. Decide to do your best and move forward. You have everything you need to succeed. Choose well and all the doors will naturally open for you.

The Simple Life

23 May

There is a lot to be said for a simple life. A life lived without complications, without drama, without intrigue – a simple, straightforward existence. Of course, we can only control some of the complications, drama, and intrigue that come into our lives. We live in a world with other people – friends, family, acquaintances, clients – and they all come in and out of our lives on a regular basis. There are all kinds of people, all over the place. They complicate and compliment our lives. And their choices can affect our lives.

Since we can’t control what anyone else does, and we can’t always control circumstances, it’s in our best interest to control what we can. We have a choice each day as to how we will navigate what comes to us. We can face our challenges with a calm demeanor, or we can over react, get intense, and have a more difficult time. It isn’t always easy to be calm, it isn’t always easy to control our emotions, but if we work at it, we can find a place where we feel more comfortable in times of stress.

I have a friend who loves drama. Everything that happens to her is a big deal. Every disappointment is the end of the world. Every situation she gets involved in is filled with drama. She seems to need the stress, and conflict in her life. If she gets involved in a situation where there isn’t any intensity, she creates it. She feeds on the struggle, the intrigue of guessing, and the anxiety of potential disaster. She is rarely even tempered, rarely truthful about what is really going on, and makes up stories to spice up every situation. It’s exhausting to be near her. It’s challenging to work with her. And it’s nearly impossible to trust her.

It’s much more advisable to see, and accept things as they really are. Not hiding when it’s difficult, not pretending the situation is different, not making up stories about what is real – just facing reality as it exists. This is always the best course. It sounds simple, but sometimes our reality is not what where we want to be. Sometimes it’s easier to pretend that it’s different than it really is. But if we want to live an honest, noble life, we have to live it cleanly. Without illusion, without drama, and without exaggeration. We have to live it as it really is.

Today, if you feel the need to pad a situation to make it more palatable, or to cover up what is really happening, think again. No matter what the issue is, facing it openly, scars and all, is the best option. Making up false pretense complicates our lives, and makes it more difficult in the end. What is real is all we need to face. Face that. Keep your eyes wide open. Facing true reality brings us confidence. And with confidence there is no need to dress anything up. It is what it is. And that’s just fine. You can manage that.