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The Tell

10 Apr

Life is unpredictable and we go through all kinds of changes every day. We may feel happy or sad, satisfied or frustrated, or a thousand other emotions. We may believe what’s going on inside us is private and nobody else notices, but how we act around others may give away more about our personal feelings than we may realize. Although we may use the right words, our inflection and demeanor may give away what we’re going through. People are very perceptive and if they’re paying attention, can pick up on the smallest details. It’s like watching for the tell when playing cards. We notice something different, even if it’s very subtle, and know there is more going on than what’s on the surface. If we are struggling or angry, sad or depressed, we may exhibit it as we interact with others. We can keep our personal issues to ourselves but when we’re troubled, chances are those around us will know something is going on. We are all far more connected than we realize and our deepest feelings, even if they are hidden, can affect our personal experiences. We don’t have to share more than we’re comfortable sharing but can recognize that we’re often communicating more than we realize. Our emotions belong to us and managing them is our responsibility. We don’t have to pretend to be happy when we’re not but can remember our behaviors influence those around us. We can cope with whatever is going on and find the way forward with grace and patience. We always have a lot for which to be grateful and no matter what’s going wrong, can focus on the positive and continue walking forward.

The choices we make mold the person we become. Some people like intrigue and drama and create it everywhere they go. We can tangle our lives with dishonesty and trouble and there is no end to the problems we can create for ourselves or those around us if we’re determined to cause disruption and contention. But those behaviors negatively impact us and will never bring us peace or happiness. Our lives are ours to design. We can choose to make decisions that will bring us harmony and peace and help us become the people we most want to be.

Honesty is the most important attribute we have. If we’re honest in all our dealings there will never be doubt about who we are. People will understand they can trust us and have faith that we will follow through. We can openly face whatever comes and work with it no matter the situation. There isn’t any complication we can’t understand and no problem we can’t solve. We have all the courage and wisdom we need to be open and honest and find the way forward.

Today if you’re feeling bad and trying to get through on your own, remember how strong you are. No matter what is happening you have everything you need to prevail. Choose nobility and honesty, and the answers will come. You are amazing and nothing is too difficult for you to manage. Stand strong and step forward. You are wise and wonderful, and every happiness is just ahead.


Somewhere Else

4 Nov

This life is a fluid experience. Everything is always changing and the only thing we can count on is that what we’re experiencing today will be different tomorrow. We are in a constant state of flux and no matter where we are now, we’re on our way to somewhere else. We are always learning and growing, and even if we don’t want to, we’re changing. It’s the nature of life. Time continues on and we move forward. Nothing can stop our continual movement until we reach the end of our days. Whether we’re headed where we want to go, learning what we need to learn, or in command of our direction is often up to us. We are in control of our lives and can direct them any way we like. There will always be complications, others may enter and confound our plans, and unexpected developments may derail us for a time. But if we are determined and focused we can get back to the road we want to travel and continue on. There isn’t anywhere we can’t go and nothing we can’t do.

Some people like everything to stay the same. They want their routines to be solid, their lives to be predictable and prefer not to change anything. They want to wear the same type of clothing, eat the same kinds of foods, visit the places they know, and limit their contact to people in their personal circle. While we may opt for a small life, limited in scope and opportunity, we can’t prevent change. Even if we’re determined to stay exactly where we are, the forces of life are moving us somewhere else. There is no way to freeze time. Each moment brings something new into our lives. Everything is fluid and every moment we’re moving forward. Where we’re headed depends on the choices we make.

We have many kinds of experiences every day. Some are good, some are even wonderful, some are common and predictable, and sometimes our lives may take a terrifying turn. We have no control over what comes to us and as each day unfolds we must find a way to cope and adjust to whatever changes it brings. Every development brings with it the opportunity for growth and learning. There is something to be gained from every experience. If we ignore the chance to learn we lose the opportunity to increase our understanding of life and deepen our awareness of where we are. We will change every single day in some way. How we process those changes is often up to us. We may get closer to the person we want to be or we may step a little further away from our goals. No matter what we choose, we are on our way to somewhere else. We can choose to direct our path to the destination we most want to reach. We can learn and grow as each day passes, and continue on the road we most want to travel. This life is a wonderful gift. The opportunity to choose and learn and grow are the greatest blessings of all.

Today if you feel you’re going in a direction that is taking you away from the where you want to be, turn your course. You know where you want to go and you know how to get there. You are in charge of your direction. Nothing will stop you from succeeding.

Not There

20 Jun

When we look at our lives and who we are it’s easy to compare ourselves against others and expectations we haven’t yet achieved.  We can believe we’re not smart enough, not rich enough, and not successful enough, not wise enough and a thousand other things.  Maybe our careers haven’t gone quite the way we thought they would or we haven’t moved as far down the road as we hoped.  Perhaps choices we made didn’t turn out exactly the way we planned or maybe we’ve gotten stuck.  If we focus on all the things we haven’t yet done and all the achievements we haven’t yet conquered we may lose sight of everything we’ve already accomplished.  No matter where we are right now we’re further down the road than we were before.  We’ve achieved a lot already and there is no end to the road.  It will always be a journey and we will always be pushing forward through it.  Success with one goal leads to setting the next one.  It’s important to honor what we’ve learned so far and celebrate our lives where we are right now.  Perhaps we aren’t quite there yet, where we want to be, but we’re on our way.
As we continue striving we can cherish the growth we’ve already achieved.

Comparing ourselves to others is a risky game.  There will always be those who have accomplished more than we have, who are more secure, thinner, wealthier, more successful and all the rest.  Their experiences are unique to them and there is no way to compare what we’re living to the choices and opportunities they have.  We have no idea what they’ve been through or how they got to where they are.  We only see what is on the outside and visible, and there is no way to gauge if their situation really is better than ours or not.  It may look better but looks are often deceiving.  It’s fine to admire what someone else has done, and if it’s something we want to do we can hope and work for the same thing.  But comparing ourselves and our achievements against theirs won’t help us get to where we want to be.

While we’re working on a goal and we’re focused on achieving it complications will probably arise and we may be daunted as we try to move forward.  When that happens, we may forget all the wonderful things we’ve already accomplished.  Although it’s good to push ourselves, we can acknowledge that we have done amazing things already.  We are already accomplished in so many ways.  As we push forward we can remember how much we’ve already achieved and how far we’ve already traveled.  We are worth so much just as we are.  We are a gift to the world and those around us.  As we strive to be more, do more, gain more, and find more, we can remember we already are more and find the confidence to continue forward.

Today if you feel you haven’t done enough and see all the things you aren’t that you want to be and haven’t yet achieved, remember all the things you’ve already accomplished.  You have come so far already.  You have so much to offer and your gift to the world is priceless.  Keep pushing forward but don’t forget how wonderful you are today.