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12 Aug

Personal confidence is a great asset. It’s buoys us up if we doubt and gives us courage for what lies ahead. We feel confident when we know what we’re doing and the outcomes we desire are easy to achieve. It’s easy to feel strong and capable when we know the road ahead and have been successful in managing it in the past. Personal confidence grows when we achieve the goals we desire and move forward down the roads we choose. It’s good to be confident and feel in control, and able to prevail. But life is filled with all kinds of surprises and unknowns, and we will eventually come upon a situation where we have to do something we’ve not only never done before, but doubt we can achieve. Having to step forward when we’re unsure will test our resolve and challenge us in ways that may be uncomfortable and difficult. We don’t know what will happen, and we may not believe we’ll get through. We may not believe we’ll succeed or even survive the test, but we’re stronger than we think we are, and no matter what we must do, can find the courage to accomplish it. We will always have enough strength and determination to face whatever may come. We already possess great reserves of tenacity and fearlessness, and we can pull from deep within to get whatever tools we need to succeed. Nothing is too difficult or complex for us to manage. Even if we’re scared, uncertain or worried, we can trust ourselves to step forward and find our way. We can test our confidence and prevail. There is no road too hard, no hill too high, and no path too steep for us to overcome. We can do anything we desire and every goal is possible.

All our dreams are possible and we can set our sights on any destination we want. Others around us may not believe we can succeed, and may try to dissuade us from pursuing a goal out of fear that we’ll fail. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. We don’t need agreement or permission to go after our dreams. We may take any advice we like, and then continue forward toward the goals we’ve chosen. We are powerful and capable, and nothing is out of reach.

Believing we can win is the first step in every endeavor. If we aren’t sure we can manage it, and think we’ll try but feel pretty confident we won’t prevail, we will fail. It’s unlikely we’ll accomplish anything despite ourselves. Generally, if we don’t think we can do something, odds are we won’t be able to do it. However, if we are determined to prevail, and decide we’ll push through whatever may be in the way, nothing will keep us from our goal. There isn’t any destination too far away, or accomplishment too difficult for us to manage. We are strong and wise, and can have the lives we want.

Today if you’re facing a big challenge and don’t feel confident you can overcome the obstacles in front of you, remember how strong and powerful you are. You are more capable than you think you are, and can do anything you decide to do. Be confident and step forward. The goal is reachable and nothing will keep you from it. All your dreams can come true, and you will prevail.


5 Mar

How we are perceived by others is sometimes the result of what we’ve done in the past.  Our personal behavior as we move through different situations may color what other people think of us and how much influence we carry.  We often hear about personal branding and how important it is to make sure ours represents what we want it to portray.  It’s a complicated issue and people may use all kinds of measuring factors regarding it.  We may have no idea how we’re being judged, and who we really are may have nothing to do with the impressions others may assume.  It’s dangerous to label people, and although we can’t prevent anyone from assuming things about us, we can refuse to judge those around us the same way.  Branding is important in business, and how successful we are managing it will sometimes decide whether we are entitled to some opportunities.  But in our personal lives, branding may be harmful and destructive.  Although we need information to make good decisions, basing any judgement on hearsay, or rumor, or assuming people will do anything before they have the chance to try will never bring us success.  We learn about people as we interact with them.  Every time we meet with them, talk to them, or work with them we learn more about them and as we get to know them can decide how our relationship will be defined.  The world is a big place and there are infinite human expressions and experiences.  Instead of believing what we hear, we can allow others to show us who they are, and trust our personal wisdom moving forward to make the best decisions.

Everyone judges situations and those around them.  It’s a natural reflex and when we see someone who is very much like someone else we’ve known we may make assumptions about who they are.  We may instinctively assign all kinds of traits to them simply because they remind us of a previous situation.  If we don’t have much interaction with them, those reminders may stay in place indefinitely.  But everyone is different.  Even people who look alike or act alike are not the same.  Assumptions are dangerous and are sometimes based on fiction.  We are wise enough to set aside any pre-conceived ideas about anyone and let them show us who they are.  We can be open to building relationships going forward.

There may be times in our lives when we may be judged or excluded from something we desire because of a previous situation.  Perhaps we didn’t manage something the way others felt was best, or we got caught up in some drama where there was no way to win.  Life is complicated and sometimes we end up in places that convolute our path for a time.  We all go through unexpected situations, but nothing is permanent.  Change is constant, and we learn as we go.  No matter what has happened in the past, we can be confident moving forward that we will make excellent decisions and choose the right road.  We can find success ahead and achieve any goal we desire.

Today if you’ve judged someone without knowing them, let them show you who they are.  Be welcoming and keep the doors open.  There is great blessing in sharing our lives with others.  Refuse to brand and label those around you, and learn about them as you go.  Your life will be richer, and your relationships will be stronger.

One Wrong Move

6 Feb

Every single day we make thousands of decisions and most of the time things go as planned. We try hard to make choices that bring us the results we want and don’t complicate our lives with problems. But nothing ever goes perfectly and there will be times when our decisions turn out badly. We might choose unwisely, or decide to do something for the wrong reason and experience sorrow or discomfort. Even if we’ve made 10,000 good decisions before we erred we may allow one mistake to ruin our confidence. If we focus on what we’ve done wrong instead of all the things we’ve done right, we may end up feeling like failures. It’s illogical to base our success on one botched decision when we put it up against the thousands of good decisions we make, but sometimes that’s exactly what we do. One wrong move doesn’t diminish all the good we’ve done. We can keep our focus and remember we are capable and strong and generally do things well. Everyone takes a step backward from time to time but taking a step back doesn’t prevent us from stepping forward again. We can correct any mistake we make, keep our eyes pointed ahead, and continue on with confidence.

There are few mistakes that are so damaging we can’t recover from them. Most of the time whatever we’ve done can be corrected and amended. We may feel great disappointment if we’ve faltered but that will give us added determination to rectify any problems that result. We don’t have to stay anywhere we don’t want to be and we can modify whatever is needed. No matter what we’re facing today, it will change and we can make sure it changes in a way that is positive. We all make mistakes but focusing on them, obsessing about them and allowing them to rob us of our confidence will not correct them. We can be objective, remove our feelings from the situation long enough to find workable solutions, and then proceed ahead sure that we will win.

Everyone has opinions about everything. If we’re in trouble, we may seek the advice of those around us in an effort to find answers. We may listen to all the suggestions and counsel we receive, and determine the best way forward. We can take any advice we’ve been given or after hearing other ideas we may uncover the answers we’re seeking from within. There really is no complication too difficult for us to figure out. Even if we’ve caused a problem we can solve it. There are many roads in life. Sometimes we choose one that ends in a detour or takes us to a ditch too large to cross. But we can turn back around and find another way. We are smart enough to figure out anything we face and wise enough to choose the best way forward.

Today if you’ve taken a step back because of a decision you’ve made, turn around and find your way forward again. You have everything you need to solve any problem before you. You are wise and capable and no matter what the situation is, you’ll find the answers you need. Success is always waiting for you. Walk toward it and be confident.