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It Doesn’t Just Happen

11 Apr

Everyone decides what kind of life they want. We make dozens of choices every day that define who we are and help us become the people we desire. By paying attention before we decide, we can choose the direction that moves us closer to our goals and further clarifies our personal expressions. But life is busy and sometimes when there’s a lot of distraction, we might choose something in a hurry that turns out differently than we hoped. We can do anything we like but if we want to be the best we can be, and move forward in gaining the attributes we desire most, we must focus on each decision we make. Mediocrity is easy. It comes without effort or attention, but excellence requires thought and consideration. Choosing excellence won’t just happen on its own. We must decide what we want and then pursue the best course of action at each turn. When we do, we’ll move closer to our goals and become more like the person we want to be. There are unlimited things we can do every single day. We can be lazy and do nothing, take the easy road when the best road is hard, or let things simply roll out on their own. We can let life take us where it will and be persuaded by other people’s ideas and decisions. Our lives will continue whether we take ownership over them or not. But if we want to achieve excellence, if we want to get to the goals we really desire and experience personal satisfaction and greatness, we must take control over our actions. Complete and fulfilling happiness is possible. By determining what we want and then focusing on excellence as we push forward, we will achieve it. We can do anything we desire and with focus, and determination, we can have the lives we dream about.

It’s so easy to be average. We don’t have to do much, we don’t have to get involved, or exert our energies above what’s comfortable. We can coast along and pretty much get through without too much effort or distress. But a mediocre life can never bring us the intense pleasure we feel when we’ve overcome something difficult, or the incredible joy that comes from succeeding against great odds. Every single road is possible and even if the journey is hard, if we want the goal, we can achieve it. Nothing is too far to reach and we can do anything we desire.

Routines are comfortable and staying inside what we know is simple. There is nothing inspiring about monotony and we can’t learn anything new by repeating the same patterns. We have so much potential and if we step away from the familiar, even just a little, we’ll discover talents and strengths we may not know we possess. We are stronger and more capable than we may realize and nothing is beyond our abilities. Striving for excellence instead of sitting still will bring us incredible gratification and satisfaction. Our lives will be enriched and we’ll experience complete joy.

Today if you’ve been sitting back and going along with the world around you, remember how unique and incredible you are. You have gifts to offer nobody else possesses. There is greatness in you. Choose excellence and be confident. All your dreams are possible and with determination and focus you will make them yours.


Slightly Committed

27 Feb

Life is filled with all kinds of opportunities and possibilities. We decide what we want to do, where we want to go and how we will live our lives. For some it’s enough to simply get by with whatever comes. Others strive for difficult, hard to reach goals that push them forward toward where they want to go. We’re all different but no matter what our goals are, we will only achieve them at the same level of our commitment. If we’re determined to succeed no matter what and continue pushing forward despite what may be in the way, we’ll likely reach success. However, if we’re only slightly interested in moving forward, chances are we’ll only be slightly successful. Our focus will often determine how close we get to the destination we desire. It’s easy to talk about what we want and dream our days away thinking “if only” this or that happened we would be happier. But talking and dreaming will do nothing to change our situation. Every option is always possible but it’s up to us to actively pursue what we want. Our dreams won’t happen just because we’re thinking about them. Every dream can come true, but nothing will change until we do what is needed to make it real. Every option is possible and if we commit ourselves to doing what is necessary to achieve them, we will succeed. Nothing is ever too far to reach. We can have the lives we want the most and reach every goal. The whole world is there for us and with focus and determination, we can make it ours.

It’s easy to complain when we aren’t happy with our lives. We can bemoan every missed opportunity, and every unlucky break. Life happens and we have little control over anything outside our personal choices. Things won’t always go our way, but no matter how many detours or roadblocks we must face, we’re in control of what we do next. We can always give up and resign ourselves to a life we don’t want, or we can make a plan to push ahead toward anything we choose. Complete happiness is always possible but we must make it happen. With commitment and focus we can achieve any goal we desire and live the lives we want the most.

It’s easy to live a common, mediocre life, but mediocrity keeps us from the intense happiness and satisfaction we gain from personal success. Nothing can compare to the gratification we feel when we’ve accomplished something extraordinary. When we’ve run a hard race and made it to the finish line, we’ll feel great pleasure and fulfillment. Those moments can change our lives and bring us unexpected rewards. We can push further and accomplish more than we think we can. Every dream is possible and with determination and focus we can make them all come true.

Today if there’s something you’ve been wanting but haven’t done anything to achieve it, make a plan to start. There isn’t anything you can’t do. Decide what you want the most and take the first step toward it. Be committed and create the life you want. Everything is possible. The world is filled with opportunities. Be confident and begin. All your dreams are achievable and nothing is out of reach. Everything is possible and you will succeed.

Tapping Potential

25 Oct

To collect the sap from maple trees, a spike with a spout is hammered into the trees in early spring. The sap flows from the trees into buckets or lines attached to the spouts. Some days a lot of sap flows and other days it slows down. Although the flows are unpredictable, without the spike, no sap can be collected. Although we aren’t maple trees and don’t have sap, we do have potential we can tap into. Sometimes we need an event – a spike if you will – to realize the potential, and other times we can tap into it on our own. We all have untapped potential waiting to be realized. We can do anything. Our internal potential is a reflection of our unrealized expectations. When we don’t fulfill our expectations and make our potential progress a reality, it sits, dormant. If we want to live our lives to the fullest and be the very best we can be, we need to consider our possibilities, and then do everything we can to fulfill them.

Living a life of mediocrity can be comfortable. It’s like taking a lukewarm bath. The water isn’t hot enough to soothe tired muscles, and it isn’t cold enough to make us shiver. It’s the same temperature as the air around us, and we can hardly feel it when we step in. Mediocrity is the same way. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, it’s easy to accomplish, and we are hardly bothered or inconvenienced. But a mediocre existence is a life half realized. When we keep everything even and safe, when we take no chances, when we stretch no further than we can reach, we end up with a simple, predictable life. Some people prefer living this way, but when we do, we miss out on the tremendous growth we can make, and the amazing things we can do. Lukewarm means to be indifferent, which means to be apathetic and unconcerned. There are many things we need not be concerned about, but the way we live our lives shouldn’t be one of them.

Imagine what our lives could be like if every day we determined to be the very best person we could be. If we decided to stretch, give, learn, and grow a little more than was comfortable. Imagine the mountains we would climb and the challenges we could conquer. We don’t have to do everything at once, and we can change one small thing at a time. Life is not a race, but it is certainly a journey. Any successful journey needs a destination and a plan. If we want to have a rich, fulfilling life, filled with experiences that will renew and excite us, we need to decide on a destination of personal fulfillment. We can decide to live each day to the fullest and plan our actions accordingly. This life is a gift. Every single day is a blessing. We can waste them, skate through them, and ignore them, or we can face each one with an open mind and an open heart, determined not to lose one moment.

Today if you’ve been going through the motions, just getting through, think about tapping into your highest potential. Decide to stretch and push a little further. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll accomplish. You’ll grow more than you can imagine and gain confidence and grace. You have everything you need to live your life fully and completely. Don’t let another moment go by without embracing it. This is your life. Fill it up with everything you’ve been hoping for, and soon your dreams will become your reality.