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The Long Game

20 Aug

Life is full of details, complications, and unexpected situations. We never know what will happen next. Sometimes things go well and we move along with little discomfort. Other times we run up against a wall or get stuck in a mire of trouble and grief. Everyone has their own plans for moving forward, but we might make a wrong turn that takes us far away from where we want to go. Or something devastating may happen that knocks the wind out of us and we’re sure we’ll never be right again. Life is unpredictable and it’s certain we’ll all face very difficult, even crushing moments. It may feel like the end of the world at first, but we can step back and take a long view of things. Looking at eternity – will this matter? Too big? Okay, think about five years from now. Will what’s happening now affect our lives five years from now? It’s rare to face anything with that kind of lasting impact. Yes, it could happen, but generally what we’re going through is transient and passing. Even when we’re suffering, if we look at the long game, we can be confident that we’ll not only survive, but come out stronger and more confident because of the experience. Everyone gets some paved, easy roads, but with those we’ll also face some hard and rocky hills we must climb. Trouble will come, we will be tried and tested, but nothing can keep us from success. We are stronger and more powerful than we think we are, and will prevail. Every goal, every destination, every dream is possible. We can stay the course no matter what happens, and make them ours.

We all have things we think we could never survive. The death of a loved one, a disaster, the loss of a child, and a thousand other things. There is no way to know what will come, but one thing is certain. There is no problem so difficult or extreme that we cannot find a way through. The answers will always be there for us. We will find the key to every door we need to open, and with patience and determination, will prevail. Life is uncertain, but we are highly capable. Nothing can hold us down forever, and no matter what we’re facing, we will succeed.

We might face a time when we’re facing not one very difficult challenge, but several at the same time. It’s like someone pulled the lid off the trouble box and poured it all over our lives. Everywhere we turn we may run into difficulty and challenge. When we’re overcome and stressed, it can be hard to see the light ahead or believe we’ll prevail. But change is constant, and no matter what we’re experiencing now, it’s not permanent. We can hold on, put our shoulder into the wind, and keep walking forward. Nothing can stay the same forever and we will get through.

Today if you are overcome with trouble and it seems there is no way out, trust yourself. Look at everything objectively and the answers will appear. You are intelligent and powerful, and nothing is strong enough to hold you down indefinitely. Step forward and keep your eyes focused on the road ahead. Every success is waiting and you will reach them all.

The Next Page

12 Apr

As we travel through our lives we go through countless experiences, and with each development learn more about ourselves and those around us. Some experiences are wonderful such as marriage, the birth of a child, or the accomplishment of a long-desired goal. Others are difficult and we may go through events that are extremely painful and leave us devastated. There may be the unexpected death of a loved one, the loss of a cherished relationship, or a severe failure that takes our breath away. Extremely difficult changes in our lives can be so overwhelming we may feel paralyzed for a time and unable to move. It may seem impossible to process what’s happened and begin to figure out how to navigate through. Hard times come to us all and when the bottom falls out of our lives and everything changes we may feel completely lost and unsure. Life is unpredictable. Even if we try to make sure everything goes well, sometimes things will go wrong. No matter what happens or how difficult it is to face, there will always be another day. Extreme changes take us away from where we are but don’t leave us forever suspended in limbo. The book of our lives is long and there will always be another page to turn. We can take the time we need to stand still and adjust to what’s happened, and when we’re ready step forward and begin again. Trouble will come but there isn’t anything too powerful or difficult for us to manage. We are capable of figuring out any problem and finding our way forward. We can adapt and change as needed and walk ahead with confidence. Every possibility will open as we move forward and we’ll reach happiness again. Change is constant. Nothing can hold us in place forever. We are strong and capable, and every success is possible.

We may believe there are some things we could never survive if they happened to us. They are so difficult to imagine they seem impossible to face. But we are stronger than we think we are and even if our worst nightmare became a reality, we would find the way through. No matter what comes we have all the courage and wisdom we need to overcome. We always have enough strength and understanding to get through anything we must face. There isn’t anything too complicated or difficult for us to manage.

In the darkest night when we’re struggling to understand a difficult situation and there appear to be no answers possible, hope may seem far away. We may feel helpless and lost trying to figure out what is happening and what to do. Long, hard nights of despair are painful but no night lasts forever. The sun will rise and the answers will come. There is a new page waiting and we will write it. Every success is possible and nothing is out of reach. We will find our way.

Today if you’re overwhelmed and aren’t sure how to move forward, remember all the times you’ve overcome difficulty in the past. You are strong and wise and there are endless possibilities ahead. Turn the page and start again. You are powerful and precious, and nothing can keep you from happiness and success.

First Rays

4 Oct

During cold months, early in the morning when it’s still dark outside the air can be frigid. We feel the chill as our breath freezes and the cold creeps into us the longer we remain outside. But with the very first ray of sunshine everything begins to warm. The first bit of sun brings with it incredible warmth and before long everything is different. It takes only moments for the sun’s rays to begin to change the entire landscape. What was only visible in black and white before their arrival bursts forth in glorious color and the frost we experienced only moments ago disappears. The first rays of sunshine change everything. What was cold and bleak, and dark and dim, becomes warm and inviting and easy to see. It’s magical when you experience it and it seems impossible the whole world could change so quickly. The sun’s reach is amazing and constant, and we count on it every single morning.

In our lives there will be times that are dark and cold. We may face situations that feel impossible to navigate, where the answers are hard to find and everything seems cloudy and grey. We may feel frozen and anchored, unable to move. There is a chill deep inside and it’s hard to see the road ahead. When we feel isolated and alone, and there is no light, it may seem we will never find our way again. But time passes and as we cope with each step we eventually find an answer – something that opens a tiny crack in the door blocking our way. A small ray of light beams through giving us inspiration. We push forward a little more and as we do answers become available and we uncover the way ahead. Before we know it there is sunshine all around us and we have found our way through. Many problems we face don’t have sudden and quick answers. Often we need to work moment by moment until we find our way back into the light.

No problem is unsolvable. There is no situation we’ll face that will endure forever. Everything changes and nothing is constant. If we remember that when we’re in the dark and everything feels gray and cold, we’ll feel more hope that we’ll find our way. The first rays of sunshine are there for us just on the other side of the door blocking our path. We will get to it and the comfort it will bring. No night, no matter how dark, lasts forever. The sun will rise no matter how tempestuous the night has been. We can endure the darkness knowing the first rays of morning will warm us and light our way forward. We can work toward them, and wait for them patiently until they arrive. The light will surely come. Keeping our eyes focused on it will make the path easier and we’ll have more confidence as we navigate the way forward.

Today if you feel dark and troubled, if you’re in a difficult place that seems impossible to overcome, remember the light is just ahead. Keep moving forward. What is gray and cold now will soon be bright and warm. Everything will change and you’ll thrive going forward. Nothing can stop the sun from shining or from you prevailing. Soon everything will change. Keep your sights set on the road forward. Happiness is just ahead.

Real Life

9 Mar

We live in a real world and it’s not difficult to see and navigate the material things around us.  But we also live in a world with other people we interact with on a daily basis.  They make decisions about what they will do and say to us.  Sometimes they talk to us in truth and other times may say something entirely different.  If we are honest it may be hard to believe that those near us could tell us things that aren’t true.  We all want truth in our lives, but sometimes we may believe in fiction.  It could be a lie that someone we love is telling us because they don’t want to hurt us with the truth, or want us to believe it in order to get something from us.  Maybe we pretend that something is real that isn’t, because facing it as it is, is hard and painful.  Deception and lies, pretending and looking the other way complicate us and make even simple decisions difficult.  We deserve to be happy and live as peacefully as possible.  That can only happen if we’re willing to see and accept things as they really are.  Truth is truth and will always surface.  There is no way to hide from it forever and the best we can do is face it.

If we want we can live our entire lives in the land of fiction, making up stories about what we’re doing, and what’s happening.  We can believe in people that lie to us even when we have the truth staring us in the face.  We might tell ourselves it’s better not to rock the boat and face the truth, but that just prolongs the inevitable.  The problem with fiction is it can’t stand up over time.  There is no way to live a lie forever.  Running from the truth, hiding from it, dodging it, ignoring it, or in any way trying to avoid it, is exhausting.  No matter how difficult it is to face, it’s easier in the end than living a life on the run.  Pretending is just another word for acting, and if we’re acting out our lives instead of really living them, we can’t be who we really are.  It’s best to accept things truthfully, face them head on, and shake away the clouds of deception.  Only then can we live our lives honestly and with clarity.

Sometimes we believe a lie because we really want the story to be true.  If we love someone and they continually tell us things we want to hear, we may go along even if we know it isn’t real.  Personal desires can be very strong and we may believe the story will eventually come true.  But we can’t read the future, and all we can really count on is what is real today.  They say the best predictor of the future is the past, and that’s often true.  If someone has lied to us in the past there’s a good chance they will continue to follow the same path.  Of course, people can change and turn things around, but putting our lives on hold and pretending will not make that happen.  We can only control our own decisions, and choose to move forward with our own lives.  We deserve to make all our dreams come true.  We can do that if we live in the real world and not the land of fiction.

Today if you’ve been hoping for something to be true that hasn’t happened, remember you are worth the best of everything.  You deserve everything you are seeking.  Choose to move forward.  You are in control of your happiness.  Facing truth will help you find it.  You can make all your dreams come true by living in the real world and you have the courage and wisdom to do that.

Yes You Can

9 Jan

Hard times come to us all. We can try to do everything right, we can try to make the best decisions, and we can try to choose wisely, but no matter what we do, things will go wrong from time to time. Sometimes they are minor adjustments in our path, simple annoyances that keep us on our toes for a while and then fade away. But other times, we may have to face very difficult circumstances where everything we thought was real is questionable, and all the security we thought we had seems to disappear. Often we have no warning that the bottom is about to fall out of our lives, and when it comes we can be stunned and frozen, unable to figure out what to do or how to get through. It’s hard to face really difficult times and our pain, worry or sorrow as we navigate them may be intense. It’s like the whole world has suddenly changed and we are in a foreign and sometimes frightening place. It takes courage to face the days, and temerity to keep going forward.

When very hard times come upon us, we may feel overwhelmed, and confused, or if it’s bad enough, we may even feel destroyed. For a time we might think we can’t get through and the situation will ruin us forever. But no matter what comes, even the worst possible scenario, we can face it and we can figure it out. It sometimes just comes down to deciding not to quit. We may not know exactly how we’re going to find our way, we may have no idea how to fix the problem and we may feel completely lost, but if we simply decide we aren’t going to quit, we will eventually succeed. Surrender is never an option if we want to be in control of our lives. We can’t prevent what comes to us, or what goes wrong, but we can control what we do. We can make any decision we want to and even in the face of disaster we can decide not to quit. We can determine to keep pushing forward and working the problem until we find our way out again.

If we find ourselves in a terrible situation that has been caused by someone else in our lives, and we’ve been desperately hurt, our relationship will certainly be affected. If it’s someone close to us, and someone we love, it will take time to decide how to go forward with or without them, and recover. We can’t control what anyone else does, and when their decisions hurt us, it has an impact on our feelings for them. If the relationship is very important to us, we may find a way to continue to be part of it, but if the damage is great, it will sometimes sever all connections between us and them. There is only so much damage any relationship can handle before it breaks. It’s devastating to lose someone close to us because of a bad decision, but sometimes that happens. We must do what is best for us and what enables us to go forward successfully. Sometimes that means changing those we share our lives with. If that happens we may grieve for some time, but eventually we’ll find our footing again and if enough time passes and we choose to, we could try to reestablish the relationship again later.

Today if you’re facing a serious setback, if your world has been rocked by something extremely difficult and you feel lost, you can manage it. You are strong enough to face whatever comes to you and you will find your way. Hang onto your courage, hold on tight, and keep going forward. Nothing lasts forever. You just need to face this moment. Tomorrow things will be better. You are brave enough to manage whatever comes today. Trust yourself. You have everything you need to succeed.