First Rays

4 Oct

During cold months, early in the morning when it’s still dark outside the air can be frigid. We feel the chill as our breath freezes and the cold creeps into us the longer we remain outside. But with the very first ray of sunshine everything begins to warm. The first bit of sun brings with it incredible warmth and before long everything is different. It takes only moments for the sun’s rays to begin to change the entire landscape. What was only visible in black and white before their arrival bursts forth in glorious color and the frost we experienced only moments ago disappears. The first rays of sunshine change everything. What was cold and bleak, and dark and dim, becomes warm and inviting and easy to see. It’s magical when you experience it and it seems impossible the whole world could change so quickly. The sun’s reach is amazing and constant, and we count on it every single morning.

In our lives there will be times that are dark and cold. We may face situations that feel impossible to navigate, where the answers are hard to find and everything seems cloudy and grey. We may feel frozen and anchored, unable to move. There is a chill deep inside and it’s hard to see the road ahead. When we feel isolated and alone, and there is no light, it may seem we will never find our way again. But time passes and as we cope with each step we eventually find an answer – something that opens a tiny crack in the door blocking our way. A small ray of light beams through giving us inspiration. We push forward a little more and as we do answers become available and we uncover the way ahead. Before we know it there is sunshine all around us and we have found our way through. Many problems we face don’t have sudden and quick answers. Often we need to work moment by moment until we find our way back into the light.

No problem is unsolvable. There is no situation we’ll face that will endure forever. Everything changes and nothing is constant. If we remember that when we’re in the dark and everything feels gray and cold, we’ll feel more hope that we’ll find our way. The first rays of sunshine are there for us just on the other side of the door blocking our path. We will get to it and the comfort it will bring. No night, no matter how dark, lasts forever. The sun will rise no matter how tempestuous the night has been. We can endure the darkness knowing the first rays of morning will warm us and light our way forward. We can work toward them, and wait for them patiently until they arrive. The light will surely come. Keeping our eyes focused on it will make the path easier and we’ll have more confidence as we navigate the way forward.

Today if you feel dark and troubled, if you’re in a difficult place that seems impossible to overcome, remember the light is just ahead. Keep moving forward. What is gray and cold now will soon be bright and warm. Everything will change and you’ll thrive going forward. Nothing can stop the sun from shining or from you prevailing. Soon everything will change. Keep your sights set on the road forward. Happiness is just ahead.

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