The Best Gift

3 Oct

For many of us, our lives are filled with activity.  There are things we must accomplish, things we want to do and constant responsibilities that take our time.  Many of us stay busy and sometimes our personal needs fall to the end of the list.  We can be so consumed with the needs of others and pending projects we can forget to take care of ourselves.  It’s good to be actively engaged and productive but the quality of our lives may be affected if we don’t remember our needs are important too.  And the quality of our lives is a gift we give to ourselves.  Although others may do things for us that help, in the end how we take care of our personal needs is up to us.  We have control over how we manage our time and we can give ourselves the best care and consideration even when we’re busy.  We can put ourselves first before anything else.  We can set time aside to do something we enjoy that will bring us respite and refreshment.  And we can make the quality of our lives a priority.  If we take care of our needs first we will have more energy and be happier.  We’ll feel more at peace if we’ve taken the time we need before we give the rest away.  The quality of our lives is the best gift we can give ourselves, and it is always in our power.

Nobody knows exactly how our days go but us.  We interact with others who ask for our time unaware of any personal parameters.  Sometimes we can choose to help or not and other times because of the situation we may be expected to agree.  If there is something we want to be involved in the time spent may be rewarding.  But even with the reward if we expend all our energies outward there will be nothing left for us.  It’s possible to give too much.  Every well will go dry if the water isn’t replenished.  If we believe we don’t deserve personal time we may neglect it and after a while that neglect may affect our demeanor and comfort.  We may find situations that used to make us feel satisfied are no longer enjoyable.  We may feel no accomplishment when we complete a task because there are other tasks waiting for our attention.  Constantly doing for others will take its toll and we may feel used up and exhausted, unhappy with our lives and unsettled.

If we want to be happy we must make taking care of ourselves a priority.  If we are pro-active in planning for the things that mean the most to us – getting to the gym, taking a walk, time for reading, just time out – we’ll feel more relaxed and at peace as we attend to all our responsibilities.  Taking care of ourselves is the most important task we have.  If we are tired, unwell, stressed and over worked, we will be less successful in our projects.  Remembering the quality of our lives is important and doing what is needed to honor that will make that quality high.  We deserve the very best we have to offer and we can give it to ourselves.

Today if you’ve got a lot to accomplish remember to take time out for yourself.  You are the most important thing you need to take care of today.  Give yourself the best gift you can by taking care of your needs first.  You’ll feel calmer and happier and everything else will be easier.

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