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Back Again

20 Sep

Everyone has their own ideas about how we should live and what we should do. We’re all unique and individual and what works for one, may not even be in the ballpark for another. When we see something in ourselves we want to change, we may think we should be able to change it immediately. We know what we want to do, or stop doing, and may believe that should be enough to facilitate a permanent turn. People are complex and there are many layers of our personalities. Just because we’ve identified something we want to change doesn’t mean it’s going to change today. Habits and patterns are strong, and if we’ve had them for a long time it will take constant attention and diligence to alter them. If we are successful for a time and then revert back again to our old ways, we may feel we’ve failed. It is never failure if we keep trying. Some things are hard to change and take time to accomplish, and if we fall down we can get back up. We have unlimited times to try and will never fail unless we give up and stop. It doesn’t matter if it takes a long time or how many times we have to start again. If we keep pressing forward, we can overcome anything. We know what we want, and already possess everything we need to get it. By being determined and remaining focused on the goal, we will prevail. Nothing is out of reach and every success is possible.

When we want to change something, we may think big moves will help us get there faster. If we want to lose weight, we may cut our diets back severely, and decide we’ll never again have dessert. If we want to be fit, we may decide that no matter what, we’ll go to the gym for three hours every single day. Big overtures look good on paper, but they rarely succeed in reality. It’s hard, if not impossible, to completely overhaul everything at one time. Instead of going for broke, we can take things one step at a time, and make small adjustments that help us move closer to the goal. Everything is possible, and with patience and clarity, we can achieve anything.

Everyone is happy when they are able to move ahead toward a goal they desire. But life is complicated and there are few times when we go from where we are to where we want to be in a straight, unbroken line. Most often, something will happen that gets in the way, or something changes that holds us in place. We can’t control anything that comes, but we can keep our eyes focused on the road ahead, and when things change, move forward toward success. Everything is possible and nothing can keep us from the goal.

Today if you’ve been trying to change something but keep slipping back again to where you were, be confident. Nothing can keep you from anything you desire. Trust yourself and begin again. Every single blessing is there for you. You are more powerful than you imagine, and can accomplish whatever you desire. Stand strong and step forward. Success is just ahead, and you will reach it.

The Best Gift

3 Oct

For many of us, our lives are filled with activity.  There are things we must accomplish, things we want to do and constant responsibilities that take our time.  Many of us stay busy and sometimes our personal needs fall to the end of the list.  We can be so consumed with the needs of others and pending projects we can forget to take care of ourselves.  It’s good to be actively engaged and productive but the quality of our lives may be affected if we don’t remember our needs are important too.  And the quality of our lives is a gift we give to ourselves.  Although others may do things for us that help, in the end how we take care of our personal needs is up to us.  We have control over how we manage our time and we can give ourselves the best care and consideration even when we’re busy.  We can put ourselves first before anything else.  We can set time aside to do something we enjoy that will bring us respite and refreshment.  And we can make the quality of our lives a priority.  If we take care of our needs first we will have more energy and be happier.  We’ll feel more at peace if we’ve taken the time we need before we give the rest away.  The quality of our lives is the best gift we can give ourselves, and it is always in our power.

Nobody knows exactly how our days go but us.  We interact with others who ask for our time unaware of any personal parameters.  Sometimes we can choose to help or not and other times because of the situation we may be expected to agree.  If there is something we want to be involved in the time spent may be rewarding.  But even with the reward if we expend all our energies outward there will be nothing left for us.  It’s possible to give too much.  Every well will go dry if the water isn’t replenished.  If we believe we don’t deserve personal time we may neglect it and after a while that neglect may affect our demeanor and comfort.  We may find situations that used to make us feel satisfied are no longer enjoyable.  We may feel no accomplishment when we complete a task because there are other tasks waiting for our attention.  Constantly doing for others will take its toll and we may feel used up and exhausted, unhappy with our lives and unsettled.

If we want to be happy we must make taking care of ourselves a priority.  If we are pro-active in planning for the things that mean the most to us – getting to the gym, taking a walk, time for reading, just time out – we’ll feel more relaxed and at peace as we attend to all our responsibilities.  Taking care of ourselves is the most important task we have.  If we are tired, unwell, stressed and over worked, we will be less successful in our projects.  Remembering the quality of our lives is important and doing what is needed to honor that will make that quality high.  We deserve the very best we have to offer and we can give it to ourselves.

Today if you’ve got a lot to accomplish remember to take time out for yourself.  You are the most important thing you need to take care of today.  Give yourself the best gift you can by taking care of your needs first.  You’ll feel calmer and happier and everything else will be easier.

For Real

3 Mar

When we have a goal and are eager to accomplish it, we want to get started right away and move forward quickly. We might set a time line to motivate us going forward or determine smaller intermediate goals to achieve as we move along. Steps like these help us keep our eyes on the destination and refine our focus. But sometimes in our eagerness to get the job done we set a time line that is unreasonable or intermediate goals that are too big to achieve quickly. Because we’ve set expectations that are beyond what we can successfully accomplish, odds are we’ll fail trying to reach them. Unrealistic goals can undermine our confidence very quickly. But we can re-think our plan and create another that is more workable. Life isn’t a contest. We don’t have to get everything done today or tomorrow, and there is no need to push ourselves beyond our abilities. Success comes most easily when we plan our course realistically and reasonably. Others may tell us we can do things faster, and we may think we should be able to, but if we’re wise, we’ll plan a way we can manage well, and not get overwhelmed.

We can do anything we want to do, but if we plan to accomplish it in ways that are too difficult to achieve, or too fast to succeed, failure will be the likely result. For instance, if we determine we’re too sedentary and want to get fit, we may decide to join a gym. If we’re very motivated we may determine that we’ll go to the gym every single day and work out for two hours. We want to get fit quickly and this seems like a good idea – at first. But then we start out and it’s harder than we thought to change our personal schedule to accommodate two hours every day, and two hours of exercise is far harder than we thought it would be. After a few days we quickly see our plan is too ambitious and we quit. Because we expected too much too quickly we found failure instead of success. This is a common scenario. We’ve all done it in one way or another. The best we can do when we want to change something or achieve anything is to think clearly and honestly about our capabilities and our expectations. We can and should push ourselves to achieve, but we must find balance if we want to succeed.

It seems everyone has an idea of what we should do with our lives. Some think we should do one thing, others think we should do something entirely different. If we listen to everyone’s opinion it can be confusing, but we determine how we’ll live our lives. We’re responsible for every success. We know our desires and our limitations better than anyone else. If we take the time to think about what we really want to achieve, and then realistically make a plan to obtain it, we can succeed. There is no race. There is no time limit. We don’t have to do it all in one day. We can do it the way that works best for us. Every step we take closer to the goal teaches us something new. We can adjust as we move along. We can change our plans if need be, and we can overcome every obstacle. There isn’t anything we can’t do. We know who we are and we are smart enough to create the best plan going forward.

Today if you’ve been trying to accomplish something and you keep stumbling, perhaps you need a more realistic approach. Think about your time constraints, consider your physical abilities, and modify your plan going forward so you can succeed. You have everything you need. Take it one step at a time and you’ll get there.

All Set

13 Oct

Being busy is just part of life.  We have things we need to get done, and things we want to get done, and there are always complications that eat up our time.  We have tasks that keep us busy, and we have goals for things we want to accomplish.  It takes planning to get everything done, and if we aren’t careful, the daily tasks that pop up will take all our focus and we’ll forget about the goals that are waiting in the background.  We can think about our tasks as short term projects, things we have to address now.  The goals we’ve set for our personal growth are generally more long term.  If we want to accomplish them, we need to manage our time, and make a plan so we can succeed.  Our daily chores are important, but our personal goals are important too.  They help us define who we are and who we want to be.  Although we may think of them as a priority, if we don’t take time to plan for them, they may get lost in the shuffle.

If we have a goal that requires significant time like going to the gym for three hours each week, if we want to make it happen, we need to get it onto our schedule.  If we write it down and decide that no matter what comes we are committed to being there, we have a better chance of making it happen.  If our goal is to have more down time by ourselves it may take careful planning to be absent from our routine.  We can figure out how to excuse ourselves, and find a private location where we won’t be disturbed.  If we want to develop a more extensive social life, we can make plans for local events, and if we invite friends to join us their participation will ensure we actually attend.  No matter what the goal is, if we want to achieve it we need a plan.

Sometimes our long range goals involve a financial aspect.  We may not have the funds for them now but if we commit to a date to be ready, make a plan for saving the required amount, and implement it, we’ll be prepared when the time arrives.  If they require a fitness level we haven’t yet achieved, we can start training and maybe work with someone else until we are strong and ready for the event.  There are few things more rewarding than planning for, and accomplishing a long desired goal.  We feel gratified and happy when we realize we did what we set out to do.  Even very difficult challenges may be attained if we work for them, and plan for them.  If we start out believing we will achieve them, and refuse to let complications stand in our way, we’ll get there.  We can do anything we want to, and we can fill our lives with exciting changes and new experiences.  We can reach for the brass ring, and we can grasp it.

Today if you’re thinking about something you want to do, make a plan to achieve it.  Schedule your time to allow for it, and believe that you will accomplish it.  You can make all your dreams come true one step at a time.  Believe in yourself.  Believe you can, and you will.  You have the courage and determination to get this done.  Reach high and stretch.  There isn’t anything you can’t do.