All Set

13 Oct

Being busy is just part of life.  We have things we need to get done, and things we want to get done, and there are always complications that eat up our time.  We have tasks that keep us busy, and we have goals for things we want to accomplish.  It takes planning to get everything done, and if we aren’t careful, the daily tasks that pop up will take all our focus and we’ll forget about the goals that are waiting in the background.  We can think about our tasks as short term projects, things we have to address now.  The goals we’ve set for our personal growth are generally more long term.  If we want to accomplish them, we need to manage our time, and make a plan so we can succeed.  Our daily chores are important, but our personal goals are important too.  They help us define who we are and who we want to be.  Although we may think of them as a priority, if we don’t take time to plan for them, they may get lost in the shuffle.

If we have a goal that requires significant time like going to the gym for three hours each week, if we want to make it happen, we need to get it onto our schedule.  If we write it down and decide that no matter what comes we are committed to being there, we have a better chance of making it happen.  If our goal is to have more down time by ourselves it may take careful planning to be absent from our routine.  We can figure out how to excuse ourselves, and find a private location where we won’t be disturbed.  If we want to develop a more extensive social life, we can make plans for local events, and if we invite friends to join us their participation will ensure we actually attend.  No matter what the goal is, if we want to achieve it we need a plan.

Sometimes our long range goals involve a financial aspect.  We may not have the funds for them now but if we commit to a date to be ready, make a plan for saving the required amount, and implement it, we’ll be prepared when the time arrives.  If they require a fitness level we haven’t yet achieved, we can start training and maybe work with someone else until we are strong and ready for the event.  There are few things more rewarding than planning for, and accomplishing a long desired goal.  We feel gratified and happy when we realize we did what we set out to do.  Even very difficult challenges may be attained if we work for them, and plan for them.  If we start out believing we will achieve them, and refuse to let complications stand in our way, we’ll get there.  We can do anything we want to, and we can fill our lives with exciting changes and new experiences.  We can reach for the brass ring, and we can grasp it.

Today if you’re thinking about something you want to do, make a plan to achieve it.  Schedule your time to allow for it, and believe that you will accomplish it.  You can make all your dreams come true one step at a time.  Believe in yourself.  Believe you can, and you will.  You have the courage and determination to get this done.  Reach high and stretch.  There isn’t anything you can’t do.

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